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Breakfast at Sally's: One Homeless Man's Inspirational Journey By Richard LeMieux,

  • Title: Breakfast at Sally's: One Homeless Man's Inspirational Journey
  • Author: Richard LeMieux
  • ISBN: 9781602392939
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One day, Richard LeMieux had a happy marriage, a palatial home, and took 40,000 Greek vacations The next, he was living out of a van with only his dog, Willow, for company This astonishingly frank memoir tells the story of one man s resilience in the face of economic disaster Penniless, a failed suicide, estranged from his family, and living the vehicular lifestyle iOne day, Richard LeMieux had a happy marriage, a palatial home, and took 40,000 Greek vacations The next, he was living out of a van with only his dog, Willow, for company This astonishingly frank memoir tells the story of one man s resilience in the face of economic disaster Penniless, a failed suicide, estranged from his family, and living the vehicular lifestyle in Washington state, LeMieux chronicles his journey from the Salvation Army kitchens to his days with C a philosopher in a homeless man s clothing to his run ins with Pastor Bob and other characters he meets on the streets Along the way, he finds time to haunt public libraries and discover his desire to write.LeMieux s quiet determination and his almost pious willingness to live with his situation are only a part of this politically and socially charged memoir The real story of an all too common American condition, this is a heartfelt and stirring read.
    Breakfast at Sally s One Homeless Man s Inspirational Journey One day Richard LeMieux had a happy marriage a palatial home and took Greek vacations The next he was living out of a van with only his dog Willow for company This astonishingly frank mem

    One thought on “Breakfast at Sally's: One Homeless Man's Inspirational Journey”

    1. As a person living in Bremerton, WA I found this to be an extremely interesting book as the author lives here It is well written by a homeless person who lived with his dog Willow in his car for over a year after loosing his lucrative business His battle with depression is an issue that is frequently overlooked and not understood by many who cast the homeless aside as being lazy and not worthy of assistance The generosity of the poor to give to each other is a memorable part of his saga as well [...]

    2. I give my book group s May selection, Breakfast at Sally s, a 1 star It did encourage compassion for homeless people but it offered the wrong answers and dragged me through too much crud It is very sad that the world is so unfair, that some people struggle with such difficult circumstances, addictions and bad habits but the hero, C, is covetous, ungrateful, slothful and misguided I was insulted by his misunderstanding of Christ Christ did encourage care for the less fortunate, but he had very ha [...]

    3. Call me insensitive call me unsympathetic call me jaded but don t call me someone who thought this book was inspirational I usually get my book recommendations from other reader friends or from high ratings from other reviewers In this case, I got this recommendation from one of my doctors who told me the book was terrific After he said that, I immediately came home and checked out the reviews and it looked like all of the reviewers concurred with my doctor Why is it then that I don t agree It s [...]

    4. As with most non fiction that includes significant conversations in direct quotes, I wondered how accurately recalled some of the dialogue in this book was But then again, the author, who lived mostly in his van for than a year after losing his business and his family and succumbing to depression, was meeting some striking people and living in an American culture that most of us only brush up against uncomfortably.The stories in this book are like something out of a modern day Oliver Twist a fa [...]

    5. I dislike this time of the year It always takes all my internal strength to get through it Perhaps, it is no different from the rest of the year, except, it seems that the stage lights are always on and it is very bright, from November to January There is no darkness to escape to.It reminds me of a Woody Allen joke When you go to have a colonoscopy, right before the procedure, they inject you with Propofol, a drug that allows you to experience the most delightful and restful sleep, while the pro [...]

    6. Richard LeMieux was a successful college educated business man He lived in a lovely home, took vacations to Europe and had a weekly golf date with his buddies He had a loving family and had the typical Hallmark holiday gatherings But when his business failed and depression overcame him, he found himself homeless, living out of a van with his only companion his dog Willow I found LeMieux s story extremely compelling Not just because of his own story but the story of the many other homeless men, w [...]

    7. I really enjoyed Richard LeMieux s book except for the last chapter because that meant the book was coming to the end He is, however, working on a second book about a woman he met while homeless.We all think we know what it means to be homeless or think we know why people are homeless Read this book I think we can all learn something from it.I don t like being cold, wet, or chilled What determination to go on it takes to be in that condition endlessly Putting myself in Richard s place was not a [...]

    8. This is an excellent book about being homeless, written by a homeless person He was once a very successful, wealthy business man who even had traveled abroad but when his business failed, he lost everything His wife left him and his grown children didn t want anything to do with him All he had was his van, some clothes, an old typewriter and his dog, Willow It s an inside look into the homeless way of life and their community I will never look at the homeless in the same way again after reading [...]

    9. Some interesting portraits of the homeless and those who reach out to help, yet at times I felt like it was just another attempt to capitalize on an author s misery while down and out What redeemed it all were the uncomfortable truths about those of us who are among the privileged and our attitudes towards the homeless, whatever the causes of their condition It certainly gave me pause for thought

    10. This is the story of a man who lost everything home, job, family and was left with his car and his dog They lived in his car and ate at shelters The book is based on the people he met and experiences he had.After reading this I will never look at a homeless person the same What an awesome book

    11. This book made me very angry It was suppose to be 98% true Really I think it is like 48% true I believe that he was living the good life and lost it all I believe that he and his dog lived in the van I believe that the basic story is true but then I start having a hard time with it I think he fabricated and sensationalized a lot for the sake of the book For instance He just happened to be sitting in Bill Gates seats at the opera and then saw a murder of the person they were going to visit on th [...]

    12. this book made me very mad at first There were some true sad tearjerker moments, but the whole book felt false Not hearing Richards complete story made it not ring true for me, Jagged little pieces I do believe that giving people dignity is the only way to save them, but they don t want to play by the rules.The biggest biggest bunch of pcky in this book is C i m assuming he is a totally made up character, and illiteration of Christ A drug dealer that preforms miricles and has the cash or enough [...]

    13. This book shook me up And I know why If you ve ever worked on the behalf of someone who was close to losing it all, and who would be out on the street if not for the efforts of a few family members, you realize what the existence of a homeless person could be like.Richard LeMieux lost it all, and came perilously close to ending his life Thankfully, with the help of angels like his friend C and women who gave him all the money they had in their purses, he kept putting one foot in front of the oth [...]

    14. OK, I m done and my feelings for the author are unchanged He apparently suffers from debilitating depression and for that he has my sympathy That s where my sympathy ends, however I believe he wrote this book to illuminate to the rich, selfish public how prevalent homelessness is and how deserving of our sympathy are the homeless Sorry, Richard, you failed to make me a believer.The author never tells us precisely how he came to be homeless, but he did let us know that he was also once a rich, se [...]

    15. Such a beautiful storyI saw this book on and decided to purchase This story was so beautiful and heartfelt, I found myself actually shedding tears on the train as I read it Richard s story could be anyone s story Most people live paycheck to paycheck now, and most of America is a whisper away from being homeless and losing everything Richard Le Mieux,s story touched me so deeply, I now have empathy and understanding for the homeless Not all are addicts, or alcoholics And if they are, they are tr [...]

    16. Richard LeMieux had everything or so he thought , nice home, a good business, cars, boats, family When he lost it all including the family who turned their backs on him , all he had was his van and his dog.The dog who saves Richard s life , the amazing people he meets both those with and those without, the care and love of the fellow homeless friends he makes, all go to make this a wonderfully inspirational story I thoroughly recommend this book I gives us all a wake up call or it should do.

    17. If this book does not open your heart and your mind then nothing will This is a well written true story of the author s fall from wealth, lavish vacations and huge homes to becoming destitute and homeless The real inside story of how the homeless try to survive, wondering where the next meal is coming from and whether they will find a warm dry place for the night.

    18. This book is about a lucrative business man that ends up, in one year, losing his lively hood and is out on the streets in Bremerton, WA Richard s experience makes you think about appreciating what you have and to also recognize the simple gestures and gifts around you sometimes these get things get lost in our daily hustle.

    19. I cried I appreciate the human face the author gives to those experiencing homelessness I felt his emotions, the devastation to the rediscovery of true hope and love Thank you for sharing this journey which is one that is misunderstood and ostracized daily I learned so much.

    20. Richard tells a very moving rendition of his experiences as a homeless person Although this makes out a proportionally small part of his life, I think it is one of the most significant At times I had to remind myself that this was not the writing of a man who s been homeless all his life He was intelligent, well spoken and a known entrepreneur in his field Homeless is not who he is or was his identity but rather a set of circumstances that he found himself in and had to deal with All the element [...]

    21. I changed my rating from 2 to 3 and back at least 7 times I did learn a lot but I ll keep it at 2 because of the very offensive language in some parts I enjoyed reading the first 100 pages and the last 100 pages The middle was pretty depressing and confirmed the rough stereotype of mental illness and drug alchohol addictions among the homeless I am glad that Richard LeMieux was able to beat the odds and get back on his feet after losing everything I believe 5 factors made that possible he sought [...]

    22. I was overwhelmed with emotion through this entire book If someone asked me what book I would recommend for reading, this would be the one I live in Tacoma, which is about 45 minutes from Bremerton and I know Tacoma has a huge homeless population and of course Seattle does too I did not know Bremerton did too Richard LeMieux puts faces to the homeless and words into their mouths It is a heartbreaking story But the fact that he has written this book and he and the book are truly making a differen [...]

    23. A very engaging book which turns the homeless into people as the author interacts, helps and receives help from the very homeless community in which he finds himself Everyday dealing with clinical depression and suicidal thoughts with Willow the Wonder Dog looking after him and giving him a living creature to care for With the help of a local minister and church he managed to get off the streets and this book has been a great success He told his mental health therapists that it would be read by [...]

    24. Inspiring This book made me cry, laugh, grieve, pray, and pray again for all the people in our world who are homeless, hungry, suffering, and hoping Richard LeMieux experienced what we all fear But, you can see the love of God that was with him every step All the angels sent to him to help him through his journey are well described in his story I loved this book I applaud his bravery to put his humbled life on pages Thank you for sharing your life, for allowing us to meet all the special friends [...]

    25. Inspirational Made me glad that each Christmas I ring bell at the kettle actually playing guitar and singing wish you a merry Xmas for Sally SALvation ArmY.Provoked me to reconsider the importance in my life of relationships, rather than things and accomplishments I can t imagine owning only what I can stuff in a shopping cart not knowing where I ll sleep tonight if I ll eat tomorrow begging on street to survive I read library copy, and had to buy the book, to underline and study .Compassionate, [...]

    26. I am not drawn to memoirs for various reasons but this one is an all church read so I wanted to read it I was very engrossed for the first half and was especially impressed with the support the homeless get from one another The stories about the various individuals were interesting and heart wrenching, but they went on and on and there seemed to be a lot of repetition I think Le Mieux needed an editor who would have cut out at least 100 pages.

    27. After reading this book I have of an understanding what it must feel like to be homeless there were parts of his journey however that did not seem important to the theme of the book, however they were important enough to him to write about them with that being said.e book still kept me interested.

    28. I loved this book I thought it showed so much insight to the plight of the homeless Also, our attitude concerning the homeless made me realize how biased we are, or at least I am A very inspirational book My husband is reading it now I have recommended it to many people, and also enjoyed that the setting was in Bremerton and could picture some of these places.

    29. The spirit of the human soulThis is a great read that truly captured the spirit of the human soul This book mad me laugh, cry and broke my heart What a great read

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