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  • Title: Beach Babe
  • Author: Jennifer L. Holm MatthewHolm
  • ISBN: 9780375832314
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • Grab your sunglasses School s out and Babymouse is headed to the beach for a week of sun, sand, surfing, snorkeling, and sharks That s right, folks sharks Looks like Babymouse s summer fun isn t shaping up quite the way she expected Will Babymouse survive her summer vacation Will she be the surfing star she dreams of being or is she sharkbait Find out inGrab your sunglasses School s out and Babymouse is headed to the beach for a week of sun, sand, surfing, snorkeling, and sharks That s right, folks sharks Looks like Babymouse s summer fun isn t shaping up quite the way she expected Will Babymouse survive her summer vacation Will she be the surfing star she dreams of being or is she sharkbait Find out in Babymouse Beach Babe, written and illustrated by brother sister team Matthew Holm and Newbery Honor winner Jennifer L Holm making a splash this summer
    Beach Babe Grab your sunglasses School s out and Babymouse is headed to the beach for a week of sun sand surfing snorkeling and sharks That s right folks sharks Looks like Babymouse s summer fun isn t shapi

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    1. Very funny Babymouse is a complex, likeable character, part adventure seeker, part brat, part dreamer Her drifting back and forth from dreams to awkward reality creates the most laughs, but the omnipresent voice of warning is pretty funny, too, especially when Babymouse talks back to it Hilarious depictions of fellow students, each a very different creature think bar scene in the first Star Wars image error src blogs.e rockford applesauc width 40 height 100 The lesson here from a family summer s [...]

    2. Geared for little learners in the form of silly fun The little mouse girl, obsessed with her daydreams is always dreaming of an heroic act, and being startled back into reality by some jolt She moves fast, talks fast and is a little drama queen With her bent whiskers, she runs hither and froth trying to get away from her little mouse brother who always wants to play He is as obsessed with her as she is with everything but him With no time for him, she gets into one thing after another, usually s [...]

    3. School s out for the summer and Babymouse and her family are off to the beach Babymouse goes surfing, gets sunburned, goes snorkeling, builds an awesome sandcastle, and rides the bumper cars on the boardwalk She s having lots of fun, but she wishes that she had someone cool to play with Babymouse learns that sometimes friends come in weird places Probably my least favorite of the Babymouse series, this still features the best parts about Babymouse crazy fantasy daydream sequences and caustic com [...]

    4. Beach Babe was cute and funny also She was dreaming the whole time Thinking she was a really good surfer It was so funny but it was cute how she was so happy but it turned out to be a dream.

    5. It s summer, and Babymouse is headed to the beach with her family She s having a good time, but her little brother Squeak keeps getting in her way But something can t tell you what, it s a spoiler happens that makes Babymouse appreciate her sibling s company I love this book I m not even going to pretend I m reading this series with the kids any, ha ha Though I still have hopes my toddler might enjoy them when she s older I like Babymouse s over the top personality and her elaborate adventure fa [...]

    6. This book was very different than I thought it was going to be When I first picked it up it seemed that it was going to be a chapter book because it was not very thin, but had some thickness to it But when I opened it I realized that it was in what I would say a comic formation On every page was a different picture that somewhat resembled a comic to me, with little blurbs explaining what Babymouse was doing or thinking I really enjoyed reading this This is because it was very entertaining and I [...]

    7. 1 Genre Graphic Novel2 Summary After everything goes wrong with her family s beach vacation, Baby Mouse learns that sometimes the person you want to hang out with the least can actually make all the difference.3 a Area of focus Illustrations3 b Holm uses simplistic illustrations in bold colors to clearly describe the scenes in this graphic novel.3 c All of the pictures in Baby Mouse are drawn in shades of pink, white, and black This helps to simplify the illustrations and makes the book easier t [...]

    8. This is a great book Before I read this book, I didn t really play with my sisters all lot just try to have fun by myself It was really boring and not FUN But after the book, I changed and played with my sisters It was all lot funner not funnier than before It changed me Sometimes, your siblings can fill in your friend when she s he s not here, or they re your best friends If your not playing with your sisters right now, play with them You ll think it s fun Even if he read your diary Or posted i [...]

    9. The Babymouse series is wildly popular with tween girls, and I can certainly see why For one thing, Babymouse sounds exactly like an twelve year old girl There is a frenetic quality to the way that she talks, and bright pink, stars, hearts, and extra exclamation points are all there, often to almost eye searing effect However, these books are cute, engaging, and tell a story They also address the issues that young girls everywhere face, from frizzy hair or whiskers , bullies, pesky siblings, and [...]

    10. It was about a mouse that is called babymouse and her school is over and shes heading over to the beach.When she gets there she thinks its going to be fun but in the ocean there are a lot of sharks and other type of animals.

    11. babymouse has so much fun at the beach that she forgets where her baby brother goes.She finds him and they enjoy the rest of the day together.

    12. I love that Babymouse had so much stuff in her locker especially the troublesome gnomes It was a sweet ending about family Babymouse always makes me smile.

    13. I so enjoy this fun, light adventures with Babymouse She is a perfect Everykid with the same desires and challenges as her readers She suffers through long car rides, dreams of summer vacation, thrills over beach fun, and fights boredom even in paradise This outing with our mouse is quite touching as we find Babymouse ignoring or pushing younger brother Squeak away when it s obvious that he worships her and just wants to play and spend time with her After a dramatic event she realizes how much s [...]

    14. This book is about a mouse named Babymouse who goes on vacation with her family They go to the beach and because she s read up on surfing, she decides she ll give it a try She s really good at it.I mostly liked this book, however, at times, it was a little confusing There was a narrator who would talk to Babymouse as if he were there with her having a conversation with her The graphics were cute and kid friendly.I think I could use this book in my house if I ever take my kids to the beach to tea [...]

    15. After reading this book, I wanted to be with my siblings I enjoyed it so much I have never read this series of books but I found this book in particular really good I like how Babymouse is so focus on being able to have so much fun in the beach she forgets about her brother but then remembers she can have fun with him too I wanted to be with my sister and brother because they are the ones I have the most fun with as well The book is fun with its comic like illustrations of Babymouse and should b [...]

    16. Babymouse is out of school for the summer It s time to go have lots of fun, and she and her family are going on vacation to the beach When she gets there though, not everything is going as she dreamed What will Babymouse do to turn everything around A quick read of a graphic novel Would be good for Kindergarten through 4th grade because the language is simply and the dialogue plot is not hard to follow I would probably keep this in my classroom.

    17. Beach babe is a fun story about how Babymouse goes to the beach during her summer break She is excited to surf the waves and snorkel in the sea and to watch her brotherwhat Who wants to watch their brother especially when he keeps messing things up She finds out that maybe spending time with her brother isn t so bad after all, if she can find him.

    18. This book is called Beach Babe Baby mouse daydreams Babymouse daydreams about her being the good surfer in town She tries to surf but she always failed I recomed this book to my friends because you always got to keep trying.

    19. Baby Mouse is a very good children s book Very quick and easy comic novel to read Babymouse is a great role model for kids who may feel like the underdog sometimes.

    20. Babymouse Beach Babe follows Babymouse as she vacations to the beach with her family The book bounces back and forth between Babymouse s actual vacation and her fantasy world in which, in this book, she is a world renowned surfer Beach Babe , mermaid Little Mermouse , and an explorer Dr Babymouse In her real life, Babymouse has to try and live out her fantasies while also avoiding her baby brother Squirt, which in itself becomes the real story The graphics in Babymouse appear rough and almost un [...]

    21. Beach Babe is the third book in the BabyMouse graphic novel series These are PRECIOUS books I am not usually a big fan of graphic novels, but I really liked this one It is about a big sister mouse who dreams of being an amazing surfer chick at the beach The book starts out during the last day of school We follow Babymouse as she cleans out her locker and later finds out that they are taking a family vacation to the beach Babymouse and her little brother,squeak, are super excited The book is abou [...]

    22. Comics generally appeal to boys so than girls, however Babymouse is geared for girls A lot of the time comics have a lot going on on each page or even in each frame, but in Babymouse, it is not terribly busy and there are not a lot of words, mainly dialogue so it is a lot easier to follow than some of the other comics I have been exposed to In this book, it is the last day of school and Babymouse is very excited for school to be over so her family can go on their vacation It is announced that [...]

    23. With school out for the summer, Babymouse takes on the beach Babymouse can t wait for summer no homework, no mean classmates, and freedom Once she finally gets to the beach it s her time for fun and relaxation However, she is constantly pestered by her little brother who wants her to play with him Babymouse wants none of that until she finally realizes how much he just wants to be with her and she finally caves to the pressure Turns out she can enjoy summer even with her little brother.I loved t [...]

    24. this book is a comic books about a mouse named baby mouse she dreams and she is a beach babe and she surfs then makes it to the end of the wave but she crashes.when she wakes up its the end of the school year.her mom said that they are goin on a vacation to the beach and of corse she goes surfing and fails again.when shes disapointed her mom asks her wats rong she said i have no one to play with and her little brother squeak is mad because he feels left out.he writes her a note and she goes and [...]

    25. I liked this book very very much I thought that it was very cute and very readable for younger girls, possibly boys This particular one was kind of in a comic format because on every other page, things were being described through pictures I think it is a very interesting way to present literature to children.Babymouse is out of school for the summer and about to take a vacation to the beach with her family She got to the beach but was upset because she didn t have anyone to play with on her vac [...]

    26. These books fly off the shelves of elementary library media centers whenever they are included in the collection, so I thought I would see what makes Babymouse so popular Even though this was the third book of this graphic novel series, I was nicely introduced to Babymouse, a fun loving, imaginative mouse with a little brother named Squeak This graphic novel by a sister brother team deftly weaves a complex story line together through engaging illustrations and minimal text per page that has seve [...]

    27. Babymouse makes me laugh I can t tell you how good these books are, but my 11 year old daughter gets sooo excited when she sees these books that she will run upstairs and read it from cover to cover right away Any book that does that makes a parent feel good that their child is interested in reading Girls love Babymouse as they can relate to what Babymouse is going through We all daydream We all want to be super at everything we try Although in her daydreams, Babymouse is a superstar, in real li [...]

    28. Grade k 2Genre FantasyAward s NoneAlthough the book is pink and many feel like it is geared to girls, this graphic novel is unisex Everyone has experienced some type of a mishap during a family vacation This book can connect to both male and female, no matter what the outside appearance shows With reading this book I would want my students to understand that Plus, this book shows the students that you should not judge a book by its cover Also, the person who you least expect to be of importance [...]

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