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The Seventh Tower By Garth Nix,

  • Title: The Seventh Tower
  • Author: Garth Nix
  • ISBN: 9780760795255
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Enter the world of The Seventh TowerA long time ago, darkness fell upon the Castle A veil was created over the world, upholding the rule of magic One war endedd another silently began.Tal has spent his whole life in the darkness He knows nothing else of the world Far below the Castle, there lives an Icecarl warrior named Milla Her fate and Tal s are irreversibEnter the world of The Seventh TowerA long time ago, darkness fell upon the Castle A veil was created over the world, upholding the rule of magic One war endedd another silently began.Tal has spent his whole life in the darkness He knows nothing else of the world Far below the Castle, there lives an Icecarl warrior named Milla Her fate and Tal s are irreversibly linked Together they will discover the secrets behind the veil and the forces desperately tryingto tear it apart.From dream worlds to nightmare visions, brilliant magic to fierce combat, this is an epic story of darkness, light, and all the shadows in between.
    The Seventh Tower Enter the world of The Seventh TowerA long time ago darkness fell upon the Castle A veil was created over the world upholding the rule of magic One war endedd another silently began Tal has spent hi

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    1. I ve lost count of the amount of times I ve read these books I lost count around fifty Garth Nix, from beginning to end I couldn t put these books down if i wanted to I found myself absorbed in the flow of this book, in the world of Tal and Milla In the thick plot and in the mystical world of AENIR, a magnificent read with an expertly wound plot and truly unforgettable characters.This book is amazing, especially since it s written, to quote Tal s eccentric great uncle, Back when frogs had legs

    2. I got this book on sale fortunately Its absolutely terrible In a conversation that didn t happen to be about this book, but is totally relevant my sister said to me that I shouldn t judge books written for young audiences so harshly, that you don t have to be a good writer to write for kids I absolutely and emphatically disagree You should be a better writer to write for kids You are part of their education This book was the worst mimicry of every actually good sci fi and fantasy story ever writ [...]

    3. I m going to be truthful here, I don t actually remember everything about these books I read them when I was a wee one I m sure you re wondering why on Earth I d give it such a high ranking if I don t remember much about it Well, I might not remember every detail about the books, but I do remember how much I enjoyed them and how I couldn t wait to turn the page to see what happened next I remember how excited I was after I read the ending and how mock excited my parents were, because they knew t [...]

    4. I read vols 1 3 and really liked the story Going to read 4 6 Like the way Garth Nix develops his charactersey change and behave as young adults while confronting adult problems and dealing with friendships and cultural differences The society is solidly formed and the societal system quite complete The creatures are also interesting.

    5. i read this book in about a month it was really long but it was one one of the best books i have ever read it was very exciting and if you are into the whole fiction thing then this is a really good book.

    6. Absolutely best series I have read Better than Harry Potter So creative, so fun, action, every page you are holding your breath about what will happen Girl and boy heroes who rock Yay

    7. The Seventh Tower series was just not up to Nix s normal standards It was enjoyable, but you could tell he was constrained by the story concept that came from Henson.

    8. Been holding onto this book for years so I thought I d give it a whirl.This is an omnibus edition containing the first three books of The Seventh Tower, a middle grade fantasy series by Garth Nix, commissioned by Lucasfilm s books department.The worldbuilding did not disappoint, which is not surprising for Garth Nix The characters got a little annoying, though I was particularly disgusted that the main character had some pretty despicable first reactions when a companion got injured Maybe I shou [...]

    9. The Seventh Tower, which brings together the first three books in his Seventh Tower series, lots of ice, lots of alien monsters, and the weird trips to magical realms Tal is desperate, his father is mysteriously missing, and his mother is terribly ill The only way he can keep his family from being demoted to Underfolk is by getting a primary Sunstone, and using it to claim a Spirit Shadow in the world of Aenir In my opinion this is a wonderful book to read because of the majestic world that take [...]

    10. Book 1 The Fall 3.5 starsBook 2 Castle 4 starsBook 3 Aenir 4 starsOverall 4 stars.A great though not precisely original story with some interesting world magic concepts, all written in a language which could be easily read by a young audience There was a lot of action happening and a good amount of excitement going around, though the 3rd book ended on a nice big cliffhanger and I haven t got the other books yet which is a little annoying.I look forward to seeing where Tal Milla will end up with [...]

    11. This is a great book with an awesome premise and amazing execution You feel like it s all so familiar , yet so different.

    12. The Veil blocks out all sunlight, locking the world in eternal winter The only people are the Chosen in their Castle, and the Icecarls who roam the icy lands.Such is the setting of Garth Nix s The Seventh Tower, which brings together the first three books in his Seventh Tower series lots of ice, lots of alien monsters, and the odd trip into a magical otherworld It s a less complicated story than his works for older readers, but Nix s exceptional writing and a strong pair of lead characters make [...]

    13. Well I finally finished this book It took me a while because a life and b it didn t hold my interest very well This book was recommended to me by my little brother And while the story is original and contains unfamiliar ideas and creatures which give the story an aura of mystery and intrigue I have to say that it wasn t written very well I understand that this is a series for children, but I also feel like children s authors have that much of a responsibility to write well The books children re [...]

    14. Garth Nix shows his mastery in creating worlds once again, using a combination of magic and sun stones The plot was slow to develop, but as always the characters were efficient, but not too efficient, knowledgeable, but definitely did not know everything, and actually had differences.One thing I love about Nix s books is his character if they can t do something, it s not because the author needed fillers, it s because they literally can t, and are consistent in that The plotline was excellent, [...]

    15. The Seventh TowerI just finished the book The Seventh Tower This book is about a boy named Tal who has a ring that controls a shadow guardian He currently only has the trainer shadow but is about to go through a ceremony where he will get his actual guardian that he picks himself A evil person high up in the kingdom send his shadow guardian after him and he falls down into the ice people village full of people who hate the shadow casters and it goes on from them.I really liked this book It was r [...]

    16. This book is exactly what you would expect from a great fiction novel There is no bumps in the road or even pointless things that would make you close your eyelids The story is original, and is unlike anything you have ever heard of.The characters are unique and well rounded Tal and Milla are completely two different people who find themselves working together in order for a better cause I dislike calling Tal, weak, but it s true But throughout the book, he changes and becomes into what the rea [...]

    17. in these books tal a yound boy of the choosen has found out that his father is missing and his mother is very ill and he requires and powerful sunstone to get into the spirit world but so he sets off to try and win earn and eventuly steal one which in the process causes him to fall off the towers and go onto the ice where he is found by the icecarls who also need a sunstone so he is sent on a quest with a young icecarl named milla who does not like him at all but togerther the get back to the to [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this series of Science Fiction books by Garth Nix, which are aimed at a juvenile young adult audience The author does a good job of creating new, unfamiliar but believable societies, including the privileged Castle dwellers known as the Chosen and the seemingly primitive and clan oriented Icecarls who live out in the frozen wilds of the Dark World Throw in the magical world of Aenir from which Shadowguards and Spiritshadows are bound enslaved to Chosen at age 13 1 2, and you re [...]

    19. The Seventh Tower This is an incredible book that I have enjoyed reading on many an occasion In short, there is a young boy, and he lives in one of seven towers Each tower has a different value to it based on the rank you are These ranks are decided upon your skill level with light, and light comes in many colours Sunstones are what control the light and I ve never had fun reading about the spectrum then in this book, as we watch Tal Main character struggle with the Icecarls People who live out [...]

    20. This book was about how two children whomeet up in the dark world they live in and progress to defeat a common evil They start out as great enimies but soon become good freinds and even better comrades Towards the close of the book you see that they are no longer children but have progressed into young adults in less than what seems like a few months.I would reccomend this book to anyone who is interested in adventure and alot of fighting It also gives alot of thought to magic and other worlds w [...]

    21. This is a great little series of six short books, which I would consider to be at around the middle or upper primary level It has an interesting world, two strong main characters one male, one female and a great story arc in each book, with a long story building through the entire series of six books with a nice resolution at the finish I thoroughly enjoyed this series but for older readers would definitely recommend Sabriel by the same author.

    22. I love this series Garth Nix is in fine form here, creating a fascinating, multi layered world, with its own different cultural groups and complete, believable and unique social systems Add to that the magic and adventure, as well as Nix s excellent ear for human nature, and this is one of the most enjoyable, immersive reads I ve had Both protagonists are likable and also develop significantly throughout the books Highly recommended.

    23. I really liked the book, but it took me a while to get hooked I liked some bits, but mainly wasn t hooked until further into the book It was just luck that I kept reading.Good book but I wouldn t give it 5 stars, because it was boring in some parts, and I only read on because most of it was entertaining.

    24. My 11 year old and my husband really, really enjoyed this series This is probably the only one I will read It is a good story, good characters, etc I guess I just don t have a good enough imagination to fully appreciate it.

    25. it was good the storyline, at least the writing style was a bit underdescriptive but other than that it was good.

    26. It s a book I had always wanted to get and found it for a few bucks I went through it really quickly Even though it is targeted for youth it was fun to read.

    27. You should read this because it has epic fight seens and special shadows that do your will to protect you It is really great

    28. I remember the day that I found this book in the back of the book store with my aunt Reading this book when I was a kid I just loved it

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