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Chicks in Chainmail By Esther M. Friesner Roger Zelazny Elizabeth Moon Susan Shwartz Harry Turtledove Holly Lisle Margaret Ball David Vierling,

  • Title: Chicks in Chainmail
  • Author: Esther M. Friesner Roger Zelazny Elizabeth Moon Susan Shwartz Harry Turtledove Holly Lisle Margaret Ball David Vierling
  • ISBN: 9780671876821
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hardcover Science Fiction
    Chicks in Chainmail Hardcover Science Fiction

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    1. While the stereotypical image of the warrior in our culture tends to be male, warrior women were not unknown in the world of antiquity they left their mark on classical, Celtic, and Norse Teutonic legend, and found a literary prototype in the lady knight Britomartis, who rides through the pages of Sir Edmund Spenser s The Faerie Queen The creators of the sword and sorcery fantasy tradition in the early pulps drew on this background to create a few sword swinging heroines such as C L Moore s Jire [...]

    2. How can you possibly resist a short story collection entitled Chicks in Chainmail In fact it s actually a feminist short story collection, edited by Esther Friesner, vaguely inspired I suppose by Xena Warrior Princess it came out in 1995, at the height of Xena Fever The stories all involve warrior women with swords, but while some could be described as sword sorcery and or epic fantasy, others are closer to science fiction, with some even verging on magic realism The main fault of the collection [...]

    3. No This lameass gathering of short stories basically claims to turn female tropes of sword and sorcery fiction on their ears Instead, it perpetuates just about every stereotype there is and is insulting beyond belief Only one of the stories is remotely challenging, and even that one features a bitchy jealous queen, and isn t it funny when chicks are jealous of each other Ugh All the others feature simpering or airheaded women warriors overwhelmingly concerned with fashion, their nails, shopping, [...]

    4. Settings intrigue, but action and surprise weak Some are engaging with fights and magic, but go nowhere Could be rated higher, but not compared to Fredric Brown s From these Ashes Complete aneyespy 2012 03 1 Lady of Steel, Roger ZelaznyNickname proves growing fame of Cora, alter identity so former cook Corak, now taken seriously as warrior.3 Spoiler Older Edwina cleanses his thigh wound, respects what she sees, will keep secret 2 And Ladies of the Club, Elizabeth MoonTo thwart king s new tax on [...]

    5. Overall I loved this book Most of the stories were fantastic, but there were a couple that were disappointing I m definitely looking forward to digging up in this series Lady of Steel by Roger Zelanzy A short scene of a man pretending to be a warrior women Other than the role reversal there isn t much here It s not that it s bad, it s just that it s so short there s no meat there I expect from Zelanzy 3 Stars And Ladies of the Club by Elizabeth Moon Oh this one was great Quite funny and flowin [...]

    6. I ve read several of the anthologies in this series, and I always really want to like them I like the concept, and I very much appreciate the attitude but then I seem to never really love the stories I m just not a big fan of the tongue in cheek humor that the series focuses on.Lady of Steel Roger Zelazny A three page send up relying on reversing gender stereotypes It doesn t really give itself time to do much with the idea.And Ladies of the Club Elizabeth Moon When they try to start taxing wome [...]

    7. I just got Chicks in Chainmail in the mail today, I ordered it after reading Tansy Rayner Roberts great post On Influence I wanted to read some of the older works in the genre this is 20 years old by now so I decided to order it I am reading the stories as part of my 100 Short Stories in 2014 challenge.Don t let the cover fool you, this is a feminist book, but it is is feminism with a big smile on it s face and a wink It is clever and it is funny.The stories take the stereotype of the Strong Con [...]

    8. The title says it all an anthology of tough ladies decked out in armor, whether it be leather or metal, who kick butt and take no names It is also indicative of something lacking in a book like Warrior Enchantresses a sense of humor There is plenty of tongue in cheek action, whether in wordplay, unexpected twists like a First Lady accidentally winding up in Valhalla or the reversal of gender roles The stories are surprising, excellently written and filled with unforgettable characters And, yes, [...]

    9. That title stands out, don t it I like this for the same reason I like thehawkeyeinitiative it pokes fun of all the little things that men do with fantasy and fiction, in regards to women and getting it mostly wrong along the way Oh, I m not saying women don t do it too in some cases, we do it better or worse Still, it s good to have a laugh and not to take things so seriously.

    10. 7 15 15 The newest addition to the series just came out, and I had to go back to re read the first books, from the late 90s I still love the stories, funny and thought provoking.I m a feminist from way back, but Friesner s chicks rock They make me laugh, they kick butt and take names More,

    11. Contents Introduction Esther M Friesner Lady of Steel Roger Zelazny And Ladies of the Club Elizabeth Moon Exchange Program Susan Shwartz Goddess for a Day Harry Turtledove Armor Ella Holly Lisle Career Day Margaret Ball Armor A David Vierling The Stone of War and the Nightingale s Egg Elizabeth Ann Scarborough The Growling Jody Lynn Nye The New Britomart Eluki bes Shahar On the Road of Silver Mark Bourne Bra Melting Janni Lee Simner The Old Grind Laura Frankos The Way to a Man s Heart Esther Fri [...]

    12. Ok, I found this funny as heck, probably because I also read my way through the Sword and Sorcery genre as a kid But who could resist And Ladies of the Club, Elizabeth Moon, where a selective tax on women warriors armor is combatted with reversible reduction mammoplasty or the less funny and charming Goddess for a Day, Harry Turtledove or Career Day, by Margaret Ball, where a multidimensional mercenary warrior is suborned into taking her daughter s mundane world class on a Career Day field trip [...]

    13. Ugh, what an awful waste of my time I kind of expected there to be some action as opposed to a lot of blah, blah, blah And humor I didn t find this funny At all I must have misplaced my sense of humor I should have known to quit after the story with Hilary Clinton in Valhalla rolls eyes I think this was supposed to be uplifting or empowering or some other shit, for women, instead it was rather insulting AND boring And I m probably just being super pissy but it seems really searches for correct w [...]

    14. I m not normally a fan of humorous fantasy and after reading this collectionI maintain my stance There are some good stories here, and some that are definitely humorous, but somehow I felt like I was wasting my time while I could have been reading other stuff The premise of this book and its sequel collections is, of course, the ludicrous idea of female fantasy warriors performing their deeds of daring do in nothing but chainmail bikinis Okay, it s a good launching pad for funny take offs on tha [...]

    15. A collection of short stories that play in the general space of humorous riffs on the fantasy warrior woman trope Some are written by big names, some are not Shortest is a couple of pages, longest nearly 30 As with all collections of short fiction, this is a very mixed bag in terms of quality of ideas and quality of writing Unfortunately I have to say that there is not so good than there is of good, at least in my view, and I certainly was not made to sit up and think, which is one of the main [...]

    16. I thoroughly enjoyed this It reminded me of exactly why I love reading fantasy the creation of new worlds that are different from our own Sometimes I read fantasy to believe in a world with magic sometimes, a world of aliens I read this book to believe in a world filled with bad ass women From the royal guardswomen whose metal bras get taxed not for long, though , to the captive warrior who teaches a harem how to fight, and including the modern day half fairy who rescues her kidnapped son from U [...]

    17. Career Day byMargaret BallOn the Road of Silver by Mark Bourne Maureen Birnbaum in the MUD by George Alec EffingerThe Old Grind bu Laura FrankosThe Way to a Man s Heart by Esther M FriesnerArmor Ella by Holly Lisle And Ladies of the Club by Elizabeth MoonThe Growling by Jody Nynn NyeThe Stone of War and the Nightingale s Egg by Elizabeth Ann ScarboroughExchange Program by Susan M SchwartzThe New Britomart by eluki bes shaharTeacher s Pet by Josepha ShermanBra Melting Simner, Janni LeeWhoops Spri [...]

    18. A varied collection of short stories from well known authors putting the stereotype of women warriors in chainmail bikinis into its grave The variety of stories can be a bit disorienting Still, my personal favorite is Margaret Ball s Career Day about a warrior woman from another realm who now lives in our modern world and commutes between the two In the title character s realm, mathematecal equations are actually magic incantation This eventually leads to Ball writing a stand alone novel about t [...]

    19. I read this book a long time ago, probably 2007 At that time, I loved it Reading it a second time, I feel critical Some of the stories, particularly Career Day and The Stone of War and the Nightingale s Egg , were very good Others weren t I enjoyed the creative storytelling, but for a feminist book I found it odd that pretty much every female protagonist ended up with a man in the end Why couldn t they stay single I attribute this to pop culture s tendency to soften down its feminist characters [...]

    20. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yes, babes in bronze bras wielding broadswords And YOU better not laugh, or you ll get something cut off Esther Friesner edits these collections of short stories yep, there is Chicks n Chained Males, The Chick is in the Mail, Did you say Chicks , etc You get the idea Hilarious, sassy, crass, rarely serious, but sometimes a tiny bit thought provoking Mostly the authors switch out every book but there are a couple that have a story in almost every one Margaret Ball and Elizabeth [...]

    21. I read this on the airplane and it was the perfect setting for the book All of the stories are amusing and a couple are downright hilarious My favorite was Elizabeth Moon s story about the tax on chain mail bras These stories are at their best when they show down to earth, tough, heroines up against all the problems a fantasy setting can provide Not tough or meaningful literature but it makes for great escapism.

    22. Does exactly what it says in the title anthology of fantasy tales about chicks in chainmail Mixed bag Highlight is Elizabeth Moon s And the Ladies of the Club about a king who puts a tax on metal bras We also have have Hilary Clinton manifesting in Odin s hall, a were wench, female warrior cursed to become a slut during a full moon and the only female guards woman who has to find something to do whilst all her male companions go to a brothel Great fun.

    23. I can t complain about any collection edited by Esther Friesner Lots of good stories My favorites were Exchange Program by Susan Shwartz, with Hillary Clinton and the sisterhood of the Valkyries, and Maureen Birnbaum in the Mud, a fun romp through a gamer s world of monsters and magic weapons and treasure Made me want to revisit the Legend of Zelda.

    24. Most of the stories were funny and unexpected I really enjoyed Arlla , probably the best of the bunch.The final story included could have been skipped though Didn t like the tone at all, the shift in narrator was clumsy, and I couldn t figure out what was going on is it routine for this chick to get dropped in video games She certainly didn t seem surprised.

    25. The thing about an anthology is that some stories are good, some less so and some you just plain don t connect with It s tough to give an overall impression However there is some clever stuff here There is a lot of tongue in cheek, a little sass and enough innuendo that you shouldn t hand it to a teenager And guys this wasn t written for you You ve been warned.

    26. There s something bad,in your fantasy.Who re you going to call Trope bustersA lighthearted roasting of all those hoary fantasy cliches by Chrome Not for fans of Gor or the humor impaired.

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