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Agatha Heterodyne and the Clockwork Princess By Phil Foglio Kaja Foglio,

  • Title: Agatha Heterodyne and the Clockwork Princess
  • Author: Phil Foglio Kaja Foglio
  • ISBN: 9781890856397
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Agatha Heterodyne is the last heir to the Maddest of Mad Scientist families, and on the run from the current ruler of Europe In a fairy tale castle on a mountain pass, she finds herself at the center of an evil plan to bring back one of the deadliest enemies of recent history.
    Agatha Heterodyne and the Clockwork Princess Agatha Heterodyne is the last heir to the Maddest of Mad Scientist families and on the run from the current ruler of Europe In a fairy tale castle on a mountain pass she finds herself at the center

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    1. This is the 5th TP in the Girl Genius series I have really been loving this series a lot It s a lot of fun to read, there is a lot of humor, and I really enjoy the heavy steampunk theme throughout Agatha and Krosp the emperor of cats are still traveling with Master Payne s Circus of Adventure Now the Jaggers have joined the circus too and they are awesome, always itching for a brawl However, during a performance Agatha s voice is recognized and she is kidnapped for evil purposes Who will come to [...]

    2. Traveling with Master Payne s Circus of Adventure has certainly been lively Gil Wulfenbach and his family believe her to be dead so she s safe from them for the time being The action and fun continue as three rescued J gers join the circus J gers are like Klingons only without their common sense and that s saying something They love a good battle and, if they can t find one, they make one That increases the action and madcap mayhem considerably Throw in a grieving machine, love struck actor, sch [...]

    3. Agatha continues on her journey, getting entangled in adventures, but never one perilous than this one A performance with the traveling circus exposes her to someone from her mother s past, a clockwork princess, potential romantic interests, and what may be the greatest danger that s ever faced her, not to mention the world A score of new characters appeared in this volume, bringing intrigue, potential romance, fleshing out this alternate steampunk world in detail Readers meet Prince Arenev V [...]

    4. I actually started out reading the novelization of this you know, the version without pictures When I went back to look at the comics, I hated the art I thought it was cartoony and silly and busy and hard to understand what s going on But I d enjoyed the novelization, so I skimmed the first and second volume of the comics, then skipped to volume four This series had won three Hugo Awards so I figured there had to be something to it By volume 8 I was sold I ve now read the first thirteen volumes [...]

    5. Agatha and Krosp are still travelling with the circus on their way to Mechanicsburg During their travels, Agatha s voice is recognized as a possible Heterodyne the magic of technology , and thus she yet again does not receive a break I am fascinated by the relationship Agatha has with the Jagers It s obvious they have some sort of allegiance with the Heterodyne family, but there has been precious little given about this We did hear a few times that the jagers were once bad, but under a different [...]

    6. Agatha Heterodyne is travelling under cover with her companion Krosp the emperor of all cats with a travelling circus on her way to her ancestral home of Mechanicsburg when they are attacked by a horde of monsters They make it as far as Sturmhalten, a town ruled by a minor Spark, where Agatha s voice is recognised and she is kidnapped for nefarious purposes.The volume ends with a stinker of a cliffhanger as Agatha seems lost to us, but I knew it was coming up having read the webcomic online and [...]

    7. For many years I have followed Girl Genius Webcomic as one of my daily rituals I have been following the Foglio s quirky humour and idiosyncratic drawings.What I really like of the series is the depth of scope and worldbuilding, with many details becoming obvious much later than when they appear As such the recently appeared novels are the perfect complement, as you can finally be inside the head of Agatha, overcoming one of the limitations of comic wordcount So instead of being sparse with word [...]

    8. This graphic novel series, suitable for teens or adults, is the best steampunk comedy in the world.The series is the ongoing saga of a young woman, raised in secrecy by foster parents What she did not know, until the first volume, was her own identity and the reason for the secrecy It takes the lost princess concept and turns it on its head in remarkable ways.By this point in the series, Agatha is on the run from various people who either know who she is, or think they do With the help of a trul [...]

    9. These graphic novels are quite clearly serials I usually get really bored with the comic book serial style Which I would characterize as create an interesting opening, then wander around doing not much for 7 years of real time while churning out issues until we sense that we better wrap up the actual story in a way that might have meant something a while ago, but is pretty anti climactic now I generally dislike the middle part of this process intensely But that hasn t happened so far with Girl G [...]

    10. Oh poor Agatha, just can t catch a break.I loved this volume of Girl Genius I was glad to see a pick up in the action again I enjoyed the previous foray into backstory, but it was great to have the plot developments a little integrated into the current action The truth serum induced re cap was hilarious without really trying I could just see a hovering mother figure shut UP Shut UP ShutUP Spoily spoiler Maybe I should have seen it coming The reveal of Lucrezia as The Other really startled me I [...]

    11. More episodes in the tale Two, in fact, that aren t really connected overtly except in sequence.Spoilers ahead for earlier volumes.It opens with Agatha s having another adventure with the circus, full of drama During a fight, the jagers from the last book show up and fight on their side, and attach themselves to the circus And Agatha discovers the limits of the circus s willingness to act, and why.After that, they go through another pass, where there s a prince they have had an unpleasant past w [...]

    12. I m doing a slow re read of this series not really a show re read in that the books are slow, or that the individual volumes take any time at all, but slow in the fact that I m not moving from volume to volume very quickly.This is still one of the best comic series I ve ever read The art is unique and consistently excellent, the world building is fantastic and captures full societies through a very intriguing steampunk science fiction fantasy alternate history version of Europe, and you have an [...]

    13. Tarvek makes his appearance and Agatha s family history gets a LOT complicated I love that this story just gets bigger and bigger and and creative Of course, that also means it s starting to sprawl sideways I feel like Agatha s story is continuously sidetracking itself into tangents rather than resolving anything that came before, but I m really enjoying the ride.Girl Genius is ongoing and can be read online here Volume 5 starts here.

    14. A novelized version of the start of the Girl Genius comics In many places the comic seems vivid because the Foglio s are such great visual storytellers However I quite enjoyed the few parts that are new material If she writes another book, I d prefer to see something that was mostly original content, perhaps short stories from the back history of various characters Hopefully including our favorite bloodthirsty maniac , Bangladesh DuPree For anyone who has read the comic, this book covers the fi [...]

    15. Originally published online as a Web comic where it can be found at girlgeniusonline , this series follows the exploits of a young woman, Agatha, who discovers she is the lost heir to a long feared dynasty Instead of a terribly serious version of this tale, the author artist stick to humor over horrors Still friends and enemies die, leaving their mark on Agatha as she grows to understand who she is and what she can do.

    16. The best thing about being late to a party like this is having a lot to catch up on That means I can zoom right through the Agatha Heterodyne graphic novels just as quickly as I can get my hands on them I ve probably mentioned this before, but these are the kinds of books I wish comics publishers did of Yeah, I enjoy grim and gritty comics, I ll admit it But I also really like the fun ones.This one is fun And I can t wait until the next one.

    17. Futher revelations about Lucrezia Agatha takes after her mother I m starting to really crave depth and consistency in her character The writers only get away with writing Agatha the way they do because so many things keep happening you never think much about her characterization for long The Van Rijns this volume were pretty though and I like the kitchen sink approach to mythology in this series.

    18. 4 Stars, Buy itVery silly and fun Love the art Agatha Clay is hilarious In fact most of the characters are silly, wacky and fun, even the bad guys.Summary from Agatha Heterodyne is the last heir to the Maddest of Mad Scientist families, and on the run from the current ruler of Europe In a fairy tale castle on a mountain pass, she finds herself at the center of an evil plan to bring back one of the deadliest enemies of recent history.

    19. This book gets a little complicated than the prior versions, so I didn t enjoy it quite as much, but it s still very enjoyable and worth a read Plus, it does set up the events in the next books I ve read through book 7, currently, and am re reading them all so that new to me books 8 9 make sense and so is an important installment in the series.

    20. LOVED IT Started Vol 6 immediately so I could continue the story Now I need to get the next installmentse story keeps me captivated and I love the illustrations comic format I don t typically read comics or graphic novels but since picking up GG I can see why people enjoy them so much This might start me reading a whole new genre.

    21. Agatha is traveling with a rather unusual circus and this book continues her adventures with the circus This book expands Agatha s back story and expands on her abilities as a clank a mechanically minded geek She continues to find herself in situations that require a deft mind to navigate out of Great graphics.

    22. Some very well defined bosoms in this comic Glad to see the return of one of my favourite characters, he had been far too long absent I m not sure how I feel about the Jagerkind though they re oddly animalistic tribalized Othered in ways that I m not sure if I m comfortable with.

    23. In this volume Agatha becomes an actress in the circus and the author use this fact to tell us about Agatha s mother and to underline the similarities between them.The beginning of the volume is a bit slow but it end in a very good way with a hilarious appearance of Gil.

    24. This was one of the prettiest books so far in the series The circus is full of wonderful characters and so much color I wish all of the books could be this colorful Again a very engaging story and I am excited to continue the series So much fun

    25. Meh I hope the others are better The story is disjointed and comes across as chapter 5 instead of a complete, stand alone story That really disappointed me.The drawings are lovely.I was expecting girl power Sigh.

    26. I read all 12 volumes over the space of a few days so can t separate one from the other for the sake of reviews, but can say that I m not disappointed at having had this pointed out to me, only that it took so long for me to get on the bandwagon.

    27. After our brief reprieve in Book 4, the action picks up again and gets weird Agatha finds out who her mother really is, and does not welcome the news This volume contains plot twists than a jumbo bag of pretzels, and it s only going to get worse.

    28. Bringing people back into other forms brings some interesting possibilities I got past the cleavage and underwear in so many drawings because it s definitely an archie comic style and enjoy the storyline of mechanical genius.

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