[E-Book] ✓ ثقوب في الضمير: نظرة على أحوالنا | BY ☆ أحمد عكاشة

ثقوب في الضمير: نظرة على أحوالنا By أحمد عكاشة,

  • Title: ثقوب في الضمير: نظرة على أحوالنا
  • Author: أحمد عكاشة
  • ISBN: 9770921539
  • Page: 205
  • Format: None
  • .

    One thought on “ثقوب في الضمير: نظرة على أحوالنا”

    1. I really enjoyed reading this book But why am I giving it 3 stars I guess because I was deceived somehow The title of the book and the blurb made me expect a detailed analysis of the Egyptian personality and the changes that undergone it however I would define the book as a bunch of articles about different subjects The book lacked unity, which I consider it to be its flaw Dr Ahmed Okasha shared his thoughts, ideas, dreams and also a good some of scientific facts in different subjects.Of them, I [...]

    2. The book is a series of article that has no relation to the book title The book is named after one small article in the book, and it actually does not add anything new to the subject that we do not know before.

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