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Ansel Adams: Our National Parks By Ansel Adams Andrea G. Stillman William A. Turnage,

  • Title: Ansel Adams: Our National Parks
  • Author: Ansel Adams Andrea G. Stillman William A. Turnage
  • ISBN: 9780821219102
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the century since the establishment of the world s first national park at Yellowstone, no individual has rivaled Ansel Adams in his unceasing effort through both his photographs and writings to support the philosophical essence and practical evolution of the national park idea Here are his greatest images of than 40 national parks and monuments 78 duotones.
    Ansel Adams Our National Parks In the century since the establishment of the world s first national park at Yellowstone no individual has rivaled Ansel Adams in his unceasing effort through both his photographs and writings to sup

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    1. This was a delight Largely because all things Ansel Adams are a delight, and also because these images of the American west speak to me in the language of home, everywhere and always.

    2. The cover alone is enough to throw me into reverie the Grand Tetons and the Snake River My family used to vacation in the West in summertime when I was a child, and my wife grew up in Wyoming More commonly the landscape I paint in my head would involve a lake and pine trees, with a boat somewhere in the picture, but the Rockies have an obvious grandeur that leaves me as most people, I suppose awestruck.

    3. Ansel Adams first personally experienced the beauty and grandeur of Yosemite National Park when he was 14 years old About a decade later, he began his lifelong work of preserving the beauty of nature by photographing as much of the wilderness areas as he could, and by using those photos to lobby Congress to preserve the national park areas Many of the letters he wrote to presidents and to various members of government are included here.The photos in this book remind me of areas already visited a [...]

    4. I obviously love Ansel Adams and his work, but I have never read any of his essays, speeches, correspondence, etc which was the most enjoyable part of reading this book I now have confirmation that he is a kindred spirit of my main man Muir, and must read his autobiography and other things What an amazing soul.

    5. Wilderness, or wildness, is a mystique A religion, an intense philosophy, a dream of ideal society these are also mystiques Ansel AdamsDonald Trump, we the people of this nation will not allow you and your minions to destroy our National Parks This is an amazing book Never have we had to fight this hard to preserve the sacred earth as we have during this absurd administration.


    7. I picked this book up in the gift shop at Zion National Park last week It s fantastic Ansel Adams photographs really don t need any commentary What I really liked about this book is how the author included letters and telegrams that Ansel Adams sent to members of Congress He frequently lobbied for preservation of some of our national parks He wasn t just a guy who took pretty pictures He was the head of the Sierra Club for a time and he was very active in protecting the national parks that he ph [...]

    8. Great book, 80 awesome images of US National Parks and Monuments and excerpts from several of Ansel Adams essays and letters in support of improving the NPS, our National Parks and conservation Whether you are conservative or liberal, I m sure you ll agree with his thoughtful writings I know I do I can t help feel that we ve over commercialized our parks Our family was amazed a few years back when we visited several of Canada s National Parks and saw absolutely no concession stands and very litt [...]

    9. What a beautiful collection of photographs Many of these were popular shots, but I also enjoyed seeing ones I hadn t seen before or remembered, anyway Seeing this book made me want to return to Yellowstone and Grand Teton, and to see many national parks that I ve missed.

    10. Have you looked through this Mom It s everything You could learn everything there is to learn about photography just from this one book my son

    11. I did not know much about Ansel Adams, however, this book not only told me who he was and what he was about, it enabled me to see into his thought process and his idea of beauty.

    12. Ansel Adams does not disappoint His images are amazing, and the stories that he tells about capturing them

    13. Ansel Adams is one of, if not the greatest nature photographers of all time This book is a great look of the US National Parks through the lens of his camera.

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