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Outlaw Princess of Sherwood By Nancy Springer,

  • Title: Outlaw Princess of Sherwood
  • Author: Nancy Springer
  • ISBN: 9780142403044
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • It has been little than a year since Etty once Princess Ettarde, promised to the power hungry Lord Basil escaped from her father and joined Rowan Hood s band of misfit teens and outlaws in the making Etty is so happy, she cannot imagine returning to her old life That is, until her father appears to reclaim her King Solon is determined to bring Etty back to barter hIt has been little than a year since Etty once Princess Ettarde, promised to the power hungry Lord Basil escaped from her father and joined Rowan Hood s band of misfit teens and outlaws in the making Etty is so happy, she cannot imagine returning to her old life That is, until her father appears to reclaim her King Solon is determined to bring Etty back to barter her hand for peace He will do anything Even use his wife, Ettarde s mother, as bait In a cage In Sherwood Forest In winter Etty will not stand for it Neither will Rowan Hood An intergenerational battle of wit, will power, and wisdom follows in this third tale of Rowan Hood.
    Outlaw Princess of Sherwood It has been little than a year since Etty once Princess Ettarde promised to the power hungry Lord Basil escaped from her father and joined Rowan Hood s band of misfit teens and outlaws in the making

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    1. The third installment in the Rowan Head series comes from the point of view of Etty, the runaway princess and member of Rowan s outlaw band Springer continues her trend just like Rowan Bk1 and Lionel Bk2 before her, Etty has unresolved issues with her father Kings and men at arms Cages and pages Philosophers and tricksters Black eyes and back doors With each new perspective on the members of Rowan s band, I grow attached I m jumping straight into the last two books even though I don t really wa [...]

    2. Beau So on the one hand, after Lionclaw it does feel a bit repetitive to essentially have the same plot again I mean when you have to explain within the book why this similar plot is different and compare and contrast the two evil dads it s a bit of a problem.Aside from that this was a great read and certainly an improvement over Lionclaw It was also less uncomfortable to read that Lionclaw Though Etty struggles with her place among the outlaws her self image is not anywhere near as bad as Lione [...]

    3. Very good, but I m pretty sure its not OK to write go milk yourself in a kids book The writing is great and all the members of the band are very in enjoyable I also love beau To bad she doesn t get her own story I like the slight femist message My main complaints are that I highly doubt that surrendering would save EVERY ONE from the wrath of that spited king And theres not much robbing the Rich to give to the poor.

    4. Spoilers if you haven t read the first two books.I m beginning to suspect Springer had has daddy problems Even Robin might as well be a casual brother, and not Rowan s father And this also seems like a rehash of book two, only tailored to fit the main lead of this book the runaway princess Etty Like Lionel from book two, Etty thinks herself a coward Etty too has daddy issues Etty also leaves the band group to try and do things on her own, only to find out she needs the rest of the group to get t [...]

    5. This installment of the adventures of Rowan Hood, Robin Hood s daughter, tells the story of Ettarde, a princess who ran from an arranged marriage Like in Lionclaw, this book gives us a fuller view of Etty herself centered around a crisis within her own family.I enjoyed the story enough to finish it in one sitting As expected, she is different than the other outlaw s in Rowan s band not only because she is a princess, but also because her scholar father educated her in the classics It made for so [...]

    6. This actually surprised me with how good it was I only picked up the first because I love the story of Robin Hood and a story about his daughter seemed interesting I only read the second about Lionel because I wanted to know what happens to them likewise with this one I found this a pleasurable read and I literally laughed or chuckled out loud while reading this It took about two hours for me to finish this The only thing I didn t like about this book was that it reminded me way to much of the s [...]

    7. Wow, a lot of these characters certainly have daddy issues It makes me glad that my daddy loves me, and isn t a complete idiot like these ones here laughs One of the things that I really like about the Rowan Hood series is that it follows a different character in every book, giving the reader a better opportunity to know and love them It s great because they re all are very unique from one another, and deserve to be in the spotlight as a main character The ending to this story caught me by surp [...]

    8. I like how Springer is continuing the Rowan Hood story through the different main characters, so we get to know all of them really well and can see why they act the way they do and why they make the decisions they make I can t say I loved Ettarde I think Lionel might be my favorite, especially since he s himself and less pretense now but I liked her Her story was interesting to follow, and I liked her loyalty to her mother and the love she had for her father despite what he d done to her and to [...]

    9. The 3rd book in the Rowan Hood series, this one focuses on a runaway princess who is part of Rowan s outlaw band She has run away to escape being forcibly married to a brutal older lord But her father wants her back and to lure her close so he can capture her, he imprisons her mother in a big golden cage outdoors in the cold, clad only in her small clothes, surrounded by guards But of course, the plucky band of outlaws pulls off a rescue Logan likes the adventure and the time period I like the g [...]

    10. After reading books 1 2, I m starting to find this series a little too simple for my taste Sometimes I really love YA books other times they re a little too childish This third book in the Rowan Hood series focuses on Princess Etty as her father returns to Sherwood to look for her I think a young reader would enjoy the strong and educated young girl who sticks up for freedom, but I found her unrealistic I don t remember any swearing in this book BTW, this author likes the adjectives owlish and c [...]

    11. For those of you who like beautiful description and lyrical writing, this is a good book I think I liked it even because I got to listen to the narrator do an English accent Everything sounds better with an English accent, which is why one day I will develop one I must say though that I wanted a different ending I wanted the band of outlaws to somehow find a way to well, I won t add any spoilers here And it is only the third book, so maybe the ending I want is in one of the next books.

    12. The of Springer I read, the better I like her work Her girls have lots of dimensions they are not just strong heroines, but also gentle healers Her young men are courageous too, but don t lose their sense of beauty or fun These are good stories for young people Robin Hood is there, a helpful figure in the background, but the real story is not the Outlaw King, but the band of misfit teenagers that Rowan Hood Robin s daughter has created A nice quick read, perfect for the brain that needs to esca [...]

    13. 2.5The continuing adventures of Rowan Hood daughter of Robin Hood and her own little merry band, this time telling the story of Etty A lot of similarities to Lionclaw, but I liked this one better Lionel annoys me often than not, and I liked the war of logic towards the end I m still waiting for to happen, though, in the wider world Right now it still feels like getting to know you type books, and I m waiting for it to tie in to the larger arena with Guy of Gisborne and Prince John and whatnot. [...]

    14. This book was written for 4 7th graders I read it thinking some of my students might like it This is number 3 in a series which I didn t know about Princess Ettarde is one of the main characters the other is Rowan who is Robin Hood s daughter A nice little books about choices in life Ettarde wants to stop being afraid of her mean father A nice little book with a strong female characters.

    15. I picked 3 stars because it was a sorrow book was sad because Etty s dad was starving her mom in a cage.That s what happend to Etty when she refused to marry lord Basil.But she wasen t locked up in a cage it was in a chamber,the chamber was in the top of the tower.Now they are trying to find Etty s mom and save the day By Jenna Hua

    16. The 3rd in the Rowan Hood series, this book focuses on runaway princess Etarde, or Etty as the band calls her In order to get her back to marry, her father has done a dastardly thing he s put her mother in a cage with no blankets, etc and very little fodd Etty is outraged and compelled to set her mother free on her own terms.

    17. I liked this series a lot Simple, fun, a good read and not quite following what the other Robin Hood Continued books have done This series is about Rowen Hood Robin daughter and her band of outlaws It s cute, but double check to make sure you are reading them in order there are 5 books It gets a little confusing when you don t.

    18. Etty has left her place as princess only to be tracked down by her father She is determined not to return with him But when her mother s life is threatened, she has to make a choice.Very interesting book Love the idea of Robin Hood having a long lost daughter But Etty s dad shocked mereatening his wifes life for the return of his daughter.

    19. This is such a nice audiobook series Alas, I think I will have to read the next book due to a lack of audio at the library, but I m betting it will be just as pleasant and give me the nice feelings I want.

    20. I accidentally started this series in the middle, but I didn t even notice it until I saw Book 3 on Great girl power series and a great audio book The narrator has a wonderful accent

    21. Still enjoying this series a lot At first this book felt very similar to Lionclaw, so I was a little disappointed, but some interesting developments in the second half of the book really caught my attention Lionclaw is still my favorite, but I m excited to read the rest of the series.

    22. i liked this one it was pretty sad but not bawl your eyes out it was mellow it was really good and i really liked it a lot.

    23. Three books in, I m still shipping Rowan Etty super hard, and this book gave me yet another character I can read as nonbinary Yes Good.

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