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Samson's Deal By Shelley Singer,

  • Title: Samson's Deal
  • Author: Shelley Singer
  • ISBN: 9780312698492
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • A good story of an ex Chicago cop who moves to Oakland where he investigates the murder of a professor s wife What really works here is the well written relationship between detective Jake Samson and his lesbian, poor buddy Rosie The Mystery Lover s Companion, Art Bourgeau
    Samson s Deal A good story of an ex Chicago cop who moves to Oakland where he investigates the murder of a professor s wife What really works here is the well written relationship between detective Jake Samson and

    One thought on “Samson's Deal”

    1. This is the first book of a series but there s no cliffhanger everything was resolved for this story and the murderer was a surprise to me It s a good old fashioned mystery and I liked it.

    2. When a mystery series identifies itself as laid back, a reader has no right to complain when the investigator protagonist seems to lack a certain amount of conviction, professionalism, and motivation Samson s Deal as a title is an attempt to suggest that the protagonist needs to be in control of his life than he usually is at the poker table, but I can t see it I know it s incredibly ungracious of me to accept a complimentary eBook of this mystery and then say that I thought it was, at best, we [...]

    3. I found this in the LGBT section of and thought the main detective would be gay before I read it He s not His neighbour and part time helper Rosie 15% is a lesbian and that s the gay content In fact the detective Jake sleeps with at least three different women in the week it takes to wrap up the case He gets around.I had a hard time getting a read on Jake He s not a detective, he has no licence, so why was he given the case Why was poker featured so heavily on the book cover and in the title and [...]

    4. I don t know how I got through this book The only reason it is not 1 star is because, as much as I didn t like it, I wanted to see if I was right about the murderer I was It was kind of obvious The main character was not likeable at all He basically bumbled through the case and then slept with every woman he came in contact with At one point he was basically raped by a woman he was not interested in sex, but had agreed to stay with her because she was scared to be alone Next thing you know, she [...]

    5. Jake a laid back type of guy, poker and laying out on his patio, makes his time go by A friend refers him to investigate a murder, he was a cop, for awhile He takes the case, and uncovers of what really was going on The group his wife belong to, was there affairs Laid back plot, but interesting, of how he does solve, with the help of Rosie.

    6. Murder AT BerkeleyJake s friend, Rebecca, recommended him to do some detective work for John Harley, a professor at Berkeley College in CA and to be discreet as Rebecca, was John s secret lover John hired Jake to find who murdered his wife, Margaret, a former upcoming artist, to keep the police from knowing about his love affair and suspect him Jake was not a licensed detective but being a former police officer, had experience with this kind of work, and began investigating, which led him to a p [...]

    7. Where do I begin in praising Shelly Singer Samson s Deal was the first book by Shelly that I ve read but it will not be the last Samson s Deal has everything that any reader could ask for, a believable plot, great characters, snappy dialogue, and description that makes the reader feel as if he or she is right there seeing things with his or her own eyes Most writers are either masters of plotting, masters of writing snappy dialogue, or masters of writing description that draws the reader into th [...]

    8. I can t believe that I took so long to read this book I started it just to pass some time in between better books but I must have been very tired each evening as I kept finding myself dropping off to sleep Jake Samson has been hired by a man whose wife has died after a fall from her deck The police are treating it as a suspicious death and Samson is supposed to find out if she committed suicide or was killed and if she was killed to find out who did it before the police accuse her husband Althou [...]

    9. A nice light mystery with little violence and even less sex, at least of a graphical nature The characters were well developed and the editing superb The story got a little long winded near the middle with too many pages dedicated to our laid back hero going out on dates or simply planning dates It kind of drifted away from the story line for a bit there The story was borderline cozy mystery with a hint of noir private investigator I enjoyed it for a non edgy read.

    10. Samson s Deal is the kind of book that kept me guessing I was pulled in from the first page and had a hard time putting it down I liked how the story played out The characters were great Samson seemed to be a trouble magnet at times, which was great I loved Rosie Her whole approach was and will continue to be an asset to Samson This book has a great mystery and is well written A great add to your tbr list.

    11. Fun mystery Jake Samson is a great character, a private detective with two cats and a lesbian neighbor, Rosie, who helps him out in his cases The book was originally published in 1983, and the 30 years time difference is quite evident, certainly no cell phones and different political issues It is part of a series 2 but works well as a stand alone book I definitely would read in the series.

    12. I hesitate to summarize the plot of Samson s Deal because the mystery was fairly predictable I knew who did it, so to speak, within the first chapter The mystery isn t much of one and the lead investigator is a terrible investigator At one point, he removes a piece of evidence from a suspect s home on what planet would he be able to prove to the authorities from where it came Shouldn t he work to preserve evidence, not put his paws all over it In short Yawn.

    13. Took a while for me to get into this book, possibly because the book I read before this The Obituary Society was so enjoyable Jake Samson is hired by the murder victim s husband on the advice of his mistress to find the wife s murderer Rosie the carpenter and his tenant, his cats, her dogs and some strange, sometimes violent characters make this a real world book I did enjoy reading it and once I got into the book read it at every opportunity.

    14. A friend recommends Jake Samson, an ex cop, with a widower whose wife, a former famous painter, was found dead he is not sure whether she committed suicide or was murdered The story captured my interest but gradually characters and different groups of people, all of them intertwined are involved, with the idea of making it interesting to find out what really happened The story gets too complicated and unbelievable Simple is better.

    15. No raw deal hereShelley Singer has created a very likeable and believable set of characters in her Jake Samson series of novels Samson is a reluctant private investigator don t tell the cops because he s working without a license This first story keeps you guessing whodunnit through to the end A quick and enjoyable read.

    16. Not my kind of mystery The story was good I just couldn t get behind Samson s character It was like the early days of fictional detectives when it was cool to sleep with every woman they met For me, it made Samson difficult to like I rated this one 3.9 stars.

    17. Seemed like a nice crime novel I will agree with some reviews that said to much romance in the middle I did like the plot and the pacing actually had to read he whole thing to figure out who done it.

    18. Maybe like 3.5 stars I am interested enough to read the next book in the series I had a little trouble at first figuring out a time frame for this novel I hope the characters will be developed in the next book.

    19. This was an easy, fun read Interesting that it is set in Berkeley, but as I don t really know the area, it s difficult to picture Also, this guy really does sleep around, a lot I m not sure it really adds much to the story, but overall, it was fun and kept me interested while traveling.

    20. Enjoyable mystery Set in the 70 s in Berkeley, CA Not along the caliber of Agatha Christie but enjoyable Only drawback was the main character s rambling tangents from time to time I would read the follow up if I really needed something to read.

    21. enjoyed the mystery of it it was a bit stereotypical of a cowboyish guy who becomes a sleuth and even after so many attempts to kill him, he wants to solve it when not getting paid i doubt thats true in real life but what the heck, a good beach read

    22. Although written in the 1980s, I had never read her books I recently got three of them on Kindle and am reading them All three are featuring Jake Samson and are interesting It is set in a different time, the 1980s, but quite interesting.

    23. Jake Samson is a retired Chicago cop living in CA, doing private investigator work He works to solve the mystery of a murder when he is hired by the spouse, who is a main suspect Jake and the character, Rosie are likeable but I found myself skipping around and bored at times with it.

    24. Please forgive the low stars on this book, it is not due to the quality of writing or the story The reason I could not read this story is that the main character reminded me of someone in my life and the likeness was bothersome I simply could not read it.

    25. Good Book Enjoyable reading though its political correctness made me sick to my stomach Exactly what i would expect of the People s Democratic Republic of California Would inread another book by this author Probably not

    26. DecentEnjoyed Jake and Rosie There were a lot of details which tend to muddied up the plot A little vague in spits

    27. Jake Samson, ex cop, living a laid back life is ask to investigate the death of a professor s wife.An easy read but not difficult to determine the killer.

    28. Interesting book on cards I don t think this will change your life in any significant way, but it is worth a read for sure.

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