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Three Plays: Rhinoceros / The Chairs / The Lesson By Eugène Ionesco,

  • Title: Three Plays: Rhinoceros / The Chairs / The Lesson
  • Author: Eugène Ionesco
  • ISBN: 9780140181043
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • These three great plays by one of the founding fathers of the theatre of the absurd, are alive and kicking with tragedy and humour, bleakness and farce In Rhinoceros we are shown the innate brutality of people as everyone, except for Berenger, turn into clumsy, unthinking rhinoceroses The Chairs depicts the futile struggle of two old people to convey the meaning of lifeThese three great plays by one of the founding fathers of the theatre of the absurd, are alive and kicking with tragedy and humour, bleakness and farce In Rhinoceros we are shown the innate brutality of people as everyone, except for Berenger, turn into clumsy, unthinking rhinoceroses The Chairs depicts the futile struggle of two old people to convey the meaning of life to the rest of humanity, while The Lesson is a chilling, but anarchically funny drama of verbal domination In these three antiplays dream, nonsense and fantasy combine to create an unsettling, bizarre view of society.
    Three Plays Rhinoceros The Chairs The Lesson These three great plays by one of the founding fathers of the theatre of the absurd are alive and kicking with tragedy and humour bleakness and farce In Rhinoceros we are shown the innate brutality

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    1. These are my two Rhinoceroses They guard my fridge from, well I m not sure, but they do guard it They have also adopted a baby hippo into their family, but the hippos not in the picture The play is called Rhinoceros, not Rhinoceros and Baby Hippo, so that s why the Hippo was kindly told to go away for a bit He did not like being told to go away, and is in the process of writing a musical about hippos, which he says will make money than some stupid play where everyone is a Rhinoceros Fucking Hip [...]

    2. Three dramatic works by the master of absurdity, of which Rhinoceros is the most successful, although The Chairs has its moments of humour, melancholia and nonsense.When faced with the threat of becoming a rhinoceros, do you cling to the real world or find it preposterous

    3. I had to perform a scene from the Rhinoceros with 3 classmates for a French class and it was certainly a great introduction to Ionesco s work It gave us time to contemplate and embody the scene and I fell in love I have great respect for absurd humour It is difficult to pin down why it works so well when an author or performer pulls it off It is a certain kind of intelligence that requires an understanding of the culture, the ability to read people and some another element that I like to think o [...]

    4. I really hate reading plays, but this was very funny and thought provoking I m excited to watch it, even if I didn t love reading it.

    5. Totalitarianism, nuclear war, ideology prompted Ionesco to pen these confusing black comedies I recommend you review the history of Europe during and after the Second World War to contextually comprehend these plays.Of note, read Rhinoceros This particular piece of dramatic literature is humorous, and is the most accesible of Ionesco s absurdist literature.

    6. Read it in class taking parts Great fun, good discussion Stuck with me since high school Can t say that about some of the other stuff we had to read.

    7. Hen z sadece Rhinoceros u okudum ama dersler ve di er yo unluklardan bir s re di er iki oyunu okuma f rsat m olmayaca i in finished diye i aretliyorum Puan m Rhinoceros a zg d r.

    8. The Absurd World Is Alive and Well, But Not on the StageBack when the avant garde theatre revolved around Eugene Ionesco and other European playwrights, with a few Americans thrown in for good measure, Rhinoceros was one of his comprehensible plays It has a minuscule plot, an anti hero of sorts and Ionesco s logical conundrums are comprehensibly centered in a few characters, rather than taking over the whole play, as they do in Bald Soprano Similarly cliches point up the limitations of the char [...]

    9. Originally published on my blog here, here, and here in October 2001.RhinocerosIonesco s most famous play may have a surreal idea at its centre that people are turning into rhinoceroses , but he uses this to say something about human nature while at the same time creating a drama which is by turns funny, surprising, and fascinating.In the first act, the main characters, Berenger and his friend Jean, are terrorised by the first rhinoceroses, running around the streets of the town causing lots of [...]

    10. The Lesson by Eugen IonescoSince we re dealing with absurd theater, I guess I could write anything I want and sell it for a review After all, this not so much about a lesson as about the absurdity to claim that we know so much it crossed my mind, or maybe the ridiculousness of some people who take degrees, without knowing the basics The student in the play knows nothing about four minus three, but has learned by heart two billion seven hundred million twenty multiplied by something similar.I wil [...]

    11. The great thing about absurdist cinema or drama or literature is that sometimes for me at least , you don t have to truly get it to enjoy it, be appalled, shocked or creeped out by it, or even be entertained Ionesco is definitely one of the kingpins of absurd theater, and I found Rhinoceros to actually be the most normal , metaphorically obvious of the 3 plays here Rhinoceros is existentialism through and through, where the main character is left isolated as the only human in a world that has tu [...]

    12. Where to start with this Absurdist masterpiece Maybe with that the fact that it s absurd in a good way People turning into rhinoceroses, flawed logic, break down in communication, a trampled cat it gets pretty crazy On the page it s thought provoking and intriguing, but I feel it s something you need to see on the stage which I intend to do The sounds of the rhinos, for example, are absent when reading one can imagine the trumpeting, drums and roars but this should definitely be experienced in t [...]

    13. This review is purely of the play The Chairs I do at some point want to read the other plays within this collection, but I had to read The Chairs because I am studying it in drama at college.It is probably the weirdest play I have ever read I get that it s meant to be abstract, but still I don t know, my rating will probably go up once I ve studied it in class and understood it a bit , but I just found it really weird, and I had to force myself to read it It is definitely not something that I wo [...]

    14. This is one of my four literature books I have to have read prior to the end of next month and since I ve only completed one other than this so far see Pygmalion , I ve been concerned that I was not going to have enough time So, as I am thus 338 pages into Jane Eyre another literature book , I figured that Ionesco s three plays would be an easy enough read I do not give this book two stars, I give it at least two and a half Never has a book been able to evoke such giggles, discomfort and confusi [...]

    15. More absurd drama Rhinoceros is an effective metaphor on totalitarian regimes, The Chairs ponders how we can make what we leave behind be heard, how to leave an impression, and The Lesson is a or less humorous take on the abuse of power Ionesco is self referential, witty and than amazing His plays take on a large number of thought provoking topics while never leaving out humour The Chairs is certainly the hardest play to grasp, leaving the reader behind with a speech by a mute and the phrase A [...]

    16. Frankly, I haven t read the book but I saw the play and I loved it A bit on the weird side ok, on the very weird side but I love the absurdity of it One of my friends who came to see it with me said it was stupid, and I suddenly realized that I was one of the few people laughing at the theater It was funny how society was slowly turning into Rhinoceroses, leaving the protagonist the only normal person left, only to realize that if everyone was a rhinoceros, doesn t that make him the abnormal Tra [...]

    17. The master of the Theatre of the absurd If you want to delve into the genre, this collection containing three of Ionesco s best is the best place to begin On the surface, absurdist behaviour, making sense of a universe without an order structure but underneath, we see the difficult human drives which make us being explored society and its values, age, sexuality, religion As Jean says in Rhinoceros There s an Ionesco play showing I think you ought to see it Change that to read it.

    18. Rhinoceros and The Lesson were both very interesting plays to read However I found that The Chairs would be far engaging performed than read as it would have a greater effect on the audience than trying to imagine it Of course,all of the plays would be quite interesting seen and even if the chance arose, to perform.

    19. The Rhino is the symbol of a sudden wave that attacks the society It is like the book La Peste Of Albert Camus They talk about the same thing.In Rhinoceros the only character who is rejected by the standard of the society doesn t convert to a Rhinod that shows there is nothing as a reality of livingwe just make it the way it is.

    20. This captivated me when I first read it, which was sometime between high school and getting my own apartment, I think I saw the play performed somewhere, too where Entirely different beast than the one in The Gods Must Be Crazy Sort of a non sequitur, but really, how many rhinoceros stories are there Is there one by Kipling

    21. This is theatre of the absurd at its finest Ionesco has such a gift with words and knows how to use them and sometimes seemingly misuse them to evoke rhythms, strange meanings, and some of the most humorous plot lines, while still contributing to the ever present absurdist questions how can we make sense of a universe that gives us no answers

    22. I reread this wonderful play a few weeks ago and found it as funny and satisfying as ever Inonesco has his dark gluey view of the world but also a comic touch that is accessible even in translation But of course great in French A great book to teach with as the language is easy and the dialogue fun.

    23. Rhinoceros about rising of a totalitarian political system The absurd craziness of sudden changed status quo The paranoia.The Chairs and The Lesson drifting in time and insanity Difficulties in communication.

    24. Ionescu is considered to be one of the forerunners of, what Martin Esslin termed, The Theatre of The Absurd.What that title doesn t give you is just how sociopathically, relatably, human the plays are.These are a great companion to the plays Camus won the Nobel for too.

    25. I read it really fast because it s easy to read and it was easy to get the main idea of the author The idea of people becoming all the same during the process of globalization will always be up to date The book does have, of course, a lot of other themes, which are important to be discussed.

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