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Shakespeare's Metrical Art By George Thaddeus Wright,

  • Title: Shakespeare's Metrical Art
  • Author: George Thaddeus Wright
  • ISBN: 9780520076426
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a wide ranging, poetic analysis of the great English poetic line, iambic pentameter, as used by Chaucer, Sidney, Milton, and particularly by Shakespeare George T Wright offers a detailed survey of Shakespeare s brilliantly varied metrical keyboard and shows how it augments the expressiveness of his characters stage language.
    Shakespeare s Metrical Art This is a wide ranging poetic analysis of the great English poetic line iambic pentameter as used by Chaucer Sidney Milton and particularly by Shakespeare George T Wright offers a detailed surve

    One thought on “Shakespeare's Metrical Art”

    1. In general, meter is not an easy topic to talk or read about It is dry, confusing, and subject to individual scansion so a definitive answer is often not readily available Wright does a wonderful job of guiding his reader down the history of iambic pentameter, and explaining its parts and functions to a reader who may not be nearly as interested in this topic as he is As one of these types of readers, I especially appreciated the time Wright took to explain the rise of pentameter from Chaucer to [...]

    2. Blank verse is uniquely versatile long line form Although a long line, it isn t symmetrical like a hexameter or octometer so it doesn t easily lend itself to being divided into two equal halves and thus becoming two tetrameters Yet it isn t so long that you can t say it in one breath And as a long line non lyric song form it is also flexible enough to express a wide range of moods and emotions, from philosophical questions to anguish I learned about the craft of writing poetry here than from an [...]

    3. And I said, with rapture, Here is something I can study all my life, and never understand The epigraph is from Beckett This book, by a poet, is a sensitive study, which is never pedantic Every poet and poetry lover should study it closely.

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