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The Dakota Cipher By WilliamDietrich,

  • Title: The Dakota Cipher
  • Author: WilliamDietrich
  • ISBN: 9780061568008
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Dakota Cipher is a supple, elegant thriller that carries the reader triumphantly from one exciting climax to the next Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author of The Jefferson KeyEthan Gage is a fearless adventurer who has crossed paths and, sometimes, swords with the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin and whose unabashed derring do puts even The Dakota Cipher is a supple, elegant thriller that carries the reader triumphantly from one exciting climax to the next Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author of The Jefferson KeyEthan Gage is a fearless adventurer who has crossed paths and, sometimes, swords with the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin and whose unabashed derring do puts even Indiana Jones to shame Now Gage is back for a third time in William Dietrich s The Dakota Cipher, an ingenious page turner that carries our hero to the American wilderness in search of an almost unthinkably powerful ancient artifact No stranger to thrilling action himself, New York Times bestseller James Rollins, author of Black Order, The Last Oracle, and Altar of Eden, is a dedicated fan of Dietrich s Ethan Gage novels, and proclaims that, The Dakota Cipher should be read by anyone who loves adventure at its grandest.
    The Dakota Cipher The Dakota Cipher is a supple elegant thriller that carries the reader triumphantly from one exciting climax to the next Steve Berry New York Times bestselling author of The Jefferson KeyEthan Gage

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    1. This series needs to stop Unfortunately, Dietrich uses this story to nicely set up the sequel as the book doesn t end I was totally uninterested throughout the entire book which is in stark contrast to the first two in the series The secondary characters with the exception of Pierre who may reappear in the next book were totally laughable The action was tepid and believe it or not, the storyline was even outrageous than the others I m not sure if I should continue on with this unsatisfying seri [...]

    2. This 3rd volume in the series shares elements with Flashman, Mitchner s Centennial and Jubal Sackett The hero, Ethan Gage, departs France for early 18th century America He is to perform service for Napoleon and and the recently elected President Thomas Jefferson A sort of diplomat without portfolio His adventures are influenced by the imagined pre Columbian journey of the Knights Templar to North America Sometimes the story, which is well told, seems overwhelmed by Freemasonry gobbledygook and c [...]

    3. It s never fair to compare artists work Saying that such and such a singer is The new Ella Fitzgerald or The British Courtney Love does neither the established diva nor the newcomer much of a compliment Therefore I say this with apology but For those of us who love George MacDonald Fraser s Flashman series, and are lamenting the author s passing, reading William Dietrich s Ethan Gage books is a hell of a good way to wean yourself off of old Flashy, may he rest in peace This is not to say there s [...]

    4. These Ethan Gage books have really grown on me This is book 3, and it s still way over the top, but I ve kind of grown fond of Ethan, even if he is narcissistic and misogynistic That sentence just looks so wrong to me I really shouldn t be saying that I care at all for a character who s misogynistic But I do So weird I counted this book as my roadtrip book for the 2016 PopSugar Reading Challenge, because in it, Ethan goes on a roadtrip through the northern part of the Louisiana Purchase He s on [...]

    5. I read this book after reading What is the What I knew that this book would just be fluff, but I wanted something light after reading something so serious I got light alright The plot was so fanciful that I couldn t believe for even a minute On the upside, the little Frenchman was a funny character I m not going to knock this book too much, because I knew, almost, exactly what I was getting However, this book wasn t as fun of an experience as the previous one The main character spent a huge amou [...]

    6. This is a fun historical fiction series, and I have book 4 ready to go, but I have one consistent complaint As I have mentioned before, I am no prude, but Ethan Gage the hero of these books is a total man whored his unnecessary sex scenes are borderline porn that stick out in these adventures like a sore thumb Mr Dietrich, either write adventure, or commit to a full on piece of pornbut quit trying to combine the two.

    7. Book 3 of the Ethan Gage Trilogy This book was the most bizarre and unbelievable of the three in the series I love drama and adventure but this was over the top in strangeness I plodded through it just to see what the ending would be Read it and see if you agree with me.

    8. As with Ethan Gage books 1 and 2, you have to suspend your view of reality Events are just to fantastic But nevertheless, a good story that is well told.

    9. These books are always entertaining with such colorful characters, such as Ethan Gage, leading the way Gage is like Indiana Jones who just happens to fall into these mythical quests while trying to get into bed with every beautiful woman who passes by In this case, he is roped into exploring the remote Louisiana territory for Napoleon while also scouting for the existence of mammoths and helping a crazy Norwegian find Thor s mythical hammer For me, I enjoyed this unlikely story of Ethan and Magn [...]

    10. Ethan Gage, while an improbable hero, is as entertaining a character as I ve read He is reminiscent of Fraser s Flashman, but less arrogantly cowardly The weaving of fact and fiction is adroit, and there s than enough action to make the Ethan Gage books pages turning.

    11. Oh, Ethan Gage, you are so predictably fun Whether you re chasing after the legendary Book of Thoth as you did in Books 1 and 2, or the even iconic Hammer of Thor as you do in The Dakota Cipher, I can always count on you to keep me laughing.And that is what Ethan Gage does in this third installment keep us laughing The book opens with Gage firmly back on the French side well, as firmly as Gage can be on anyone s side even though he was nearly executed by Napoleon at Jaffa and he electrocuted hu [...]

    12. view spoiler Once again, Ethan Gage is called on another adventure, this time, in North America Sent by Napoleon to report on the situation of France s Louisiana and sent by newly elected President Jefferson to search for mammoths, Ethan makes the acquaintance of Magnus BloodHammer what a name who is determined to prove the Norse arrived first in America Believe it or not, Ethan and his new friend from Norway are also searching for a magical hammer with powers able to change the world Gage for t [...]

    13. The third book in William Dierich s Ethan Gage historical adventure series will appeal to those who liked the first two and as much as it will annoy those who didn t care for the first two Of course, if you didn t like the first two books in a series, why would you attempt a third Many reviewers compare Ethan Gage to Indiana Jones albeit at an earlier time period While both characters are rakish adventurers who utilize a knowledge of science and history to further their fortune and glory habits, [...]

    14. This is the third book in the Ethan Gauge Adventure The first book was Napoleon s Pyramids and the second book was The Rosetta Key.If one remembers, Ethan should be considered an adventurer in the 1800 s He is from America and a disciple of Benjamin Franklin Full of wanderlust, Ethan finds himself in France and becoming a member of Napoleon s entourage He is enlisted as a spy and provides information concerning the English He falls into the hands of the English and becomes a spy for them against [...]

    15. This book is a quagmire I enjoy historical fiction, particularly American History topics, yet this one was a mixed bag for me Dietrich establishes this series character, Ethan Gage, who seemingly works for anyone in power, such as Napoleon and Jefferson Gage is a master electrician, apprenticed by Ben Franklin He is all this and , apparently irresistable to the ladies too He and new friend Magnus are asked to find the Thor hammer, which should provide conclusive evidence that that the Norsemen d [...]

    16. I had the same problem with this book that I had with the others I just cannot get engaged in the story line It is most likely because I hate the main character I m sure the author intended him to be a plucky ne er do well who always gets in trouble, but it is just so hard for me to find him believable as a character when he continually gets in to trouble and doesn t learn his lesson Plus he seems just plain stupid in this book Especially when he attempts to conquer Aurora and she is specificall [...]

    17. A mildly amusing book, it lacks depth While the pace is fast, not much happens or it happens repeatedly The insights are few and the pay off didn t impress me For all the knocks Da Vinci Code received, at least it was gripping The main character, Ethan Gage, is shallow and things happen to him by accident Granted that s the point, but every so often he does something clever and not by accident which makes me yearn for The book obviously sets up a larger payoff in the future, but I have to wonde [...]

    18. This is the 3rd novel in William Dietrich s Ethan Gage series The books are fairly stand along in nature, so it is possible to read this 3rd book without reading the first two.This was very enjoyable to read, as it was a rousing adventure, had plenty of intrigue, and the historical details given by the author to historical figures Napoleon, Thomas Jefferson, etc and historical locations is just brilliant The details add a reality to the book, that helps with the suspension of disbelief.Ethan Gag [...]

    19. Ethan, safely back in Paris, makes the mistake of getting involved with Napoleon s sister this was not a politically good move Ethan makes a quick escape to the relative safety of the US along with his new friend Magnus Bloodhammer Magnus is a deranged Norwegian who thinks the Vikings not only settled in Vineland Nova Scotia , but traveled deep into the North American continent Ethan is soon enlisted by Thomas Jefferson to travel into the Louisiana territory to evaluate if it worth pursuing Lot [...]

    20. This is the third book in the Ethan Gage adventure series Basically, Ethan s an American spy that changes loyalties when ever he needs to save his hide In this book, his journeys move away from France and Egypt and finally bring him back home to America to help explore the Louisiana Territory for Napoleon and Jefferson But instead of surveying the land and interviewing the native people living there, Gage gets side tracked looking for another Templar artifact that may prove that the Norse have a [...]

    21. This was a surprisingly enjoyable adventure yarn, part of a series It s around 1800 and Ethan Gage, who has worked for and against the British, and has been in the employ of Napoleon, leaves the country with Norwegian Magnus Bloodhammer Ethan has been shtupping Napoleon s married sister and Magnus needs him to go to the US to find Thor s hammer Adventure ensues, there are Indians and the British, French and Americans, and Lake Huron and Lake Superior canoe travels Death and mayhem, a big giant t [...]

    22. Well, I just finished this novel I liked it the least of the first three Ethan Gage novels It was painfully slow, but picked up nicely about halfway through I am turned off by what I feel is excessive and unnecessary sex, and also by Ethan s proclivity for stupid predictability His enemies are certainly correct about that Finally, without going into details, I have to say that the ending of this book is most unsatisfying I realize the author planned to and did continue the series, but some villa [...]

    23. Well, this Installment of the Ethan Gage adventures ended better than it began I m not so sure why I care so much about the character, who is Forrest Gump meets Indiana Jones, perhaps the answer is that the historical aspect of this clearly well researched novel is than enough for me to suffer through the travails of the idiot hero who only cares about getting laid Why Astiza fell in love with this loser is a true mystery, especially since she seems so much evolved as a person, but she may yet [...]

    24. This book was excitement and adventure from beginning to end and a darned good example of why William Dietrich is one of my favorite authors Central character Ethan Gage is lucky, witty, enterprising and humerous all of which makes for a wild, rollicking good read He gets into and out of tight spots as quickly as any adventurer I ve ever read I like the way the author weaves his stories around historical fact Yes, some situations are preposterous but it s darned good fun and a read that I just c [...]

    25. Not written for woman readers It is obvious the author has no respect for woman All of the woman in the book were either shrews or empty headed sex toys I picked this up on a whim at a used bookstore, and wish I had left it there The main character is a sorry excuse of a man He thinks only with what is between his legs and getting laid seems to be his only goal throughout the book If I wanted to read a trashy sex book I would have gone to the romance section in the store.The only saving grace th [...]

    26. The Dakota Cipher is a fast paced action packed read It is fanciful than Dietrich s other books as it includes a lot of Norse, aboriginal, and Freemason mythology, including a ridiculously large tree linked to some pretty fancy electrical gadgetry including Thor s Hammer.There is good information about travel in the fur trade days and regarding aboriginal groups of the time Were I an attractive female character I would not want to be involved with Ethan Gage as he usually makes sexual use of th [...]

    27. This third book of the series again puts fictional character, Ethan Gage, in continuous harrowing situations The book starts at the conclusion of book two and has Ethan traveling fron France to his home country of America as a diplomat and explorer From Napoleon to the newly elected Jefferson to the exploration of the great new Northwest frontier, Ethan Gage finds adventure among fur traders and indians as he also finds evidence that connects early settlers to the Knights Templers and a version [...]

    28. W o planning to,I read all these books in their proper order I really enjoyed them Ethan Gage, the early 19th century American protoge of Ben Franklin, is an engaging savant, gambler, ladies man, etc who gets into adventures from the Middle East to the then far American West, meeting with notables such as Napoleon and his sister Pauline , Jefferson, and a host of rascals who all seem to have some association with Templar secrets, much to Gage s amazement Told in Gage s amusing voice, rollicking [...]

    29. This is the third book in the Ethan Gage series The Indiana Jones comparison still holds true in this book Gage is reluctantly partnered with a Viking Norwegian intent on finding Thor s Hammer Napoleon wants Gage to look at Lousianna remember the land included in the Purchase not just the state and Thomas Jefferson wants a report after Gage s travels as well Another entertaining read with sexual encounters not found in Indiana Jones Dietrick sets us up for the next book in the series and I am re [...]

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