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The Wainscott Weasel By Tor Seidler Fred Marcellino,

  • Title: The Wainscott Weasel
  • Author: Tor Seidler Fred Marcellino
  • ISBN: 9780062059116
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • While other young weasels dance under the pines, Bagley thinks about Bridget, the mesmerizing fish who lives in a pond down the brook from his den Only a true hero can save Bridget from the gruesome death that awaits her and this is exactly what Bagley, much to his own surprise, proves himself to be.Notable Children s Books of 1994 ALA 100 Books for Reading and Sharing 1While other young weasels dance under the pines, Bagley thinks about Bridget, the mesmerizing fish who lives in a pond down the brook from his den Only a true hero can save Bridget from the gruesome death that awaits her and this is exactly what Bagley, much to his own surprise, proves himself to be.Notable Children s Books of 1994 ALA 100 Books for Reading and Sharing 1993 NY Public Library 1993 Pick of the Lists ABA
    The Wainscott Weasel While other young weasels dance under the pines Bagley thinks about Bridget the mesmerizing fish who lives in a pond down the brook from his den Only a true hero can save Bridget from the gruesome d

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    1. This book deserves its comparisons to CHARLOTTE S WEB as it manages to elegantly graft a slyly written social satire onto a daring rescue story worth of John Ford Wainscott, Long Island is the 21st century, musteline version of Jane Austen s Bath, England, and Seidler deftly delivers a complete universe filled with animals that are driven as much by their natural instincts as they are by their familial responsibilities, hidden desires and social ambitions Even though this works as a comedic piec [...]

    2. This is a beautiful story.I read this book for the first time as an adult, days after my boyfriend now husband broke up with me At the time I had a hard time expressing how I was feeling about the breakup and this book was incredibly significant in helping me process the feelings of deeply loving someone I couldn t be with, feeling alone even though I had support from those around me, and altogether getting over feeling sorry for myself.

    3. Oh for the love of weaselsis book is right up there with Wind in the Willows and Charlotte s Web Set in the Wainscott Woods on Long Island, this story for the 7 12 year old crowd tells of Bagley Brown, Jr, Zeke, and Wendy weasels living, loving, rescuing, dancing it up in silly, scary, witty words and illustrations Frogs, fish, turtles, and birds both good and bad , plot twists you won t see coming, and did I mentionWEASELSa great read alone or aloud.

    4. A good story, just bittersweet than I was expecting from a children s book The premise of the story sounded funny so I wasn t expecting it to leave me kind of sad I could see it being an interesting book to read with a kid and talk about some complicated life questions with The story provided a lot of fodder for that without being over the top.

    5. I got into Tor Seidler in elementary school because of A Rat s Tale I had pet rats at the time, and once wrote him a letter about them that he very graciously and personally responded to But it was this book that won my heart.

    6. This was one of my family s favorite read alouds My younger son was 6 when we read it, and my older son was 8 All 4 of us really enjoyed the unusual and clever story, and it s also beautifully illustrated We ve been occasionally calling one of our cats a white bellied weasel ever since.

    7. This was the first book I ever read I believe I was in elementary school and have loved it ever since This book made me fall in love with reading.

    8. Entertaining book, but I kept waiting for it to go somewhere, and it never really did And a weasel falls in love with a fish Crazy.

    9. One of my favorites from childhood Sweet story and gorgeous illustrations Will be reading this one to my own kids one day

    10. Oh my, mywhat a weasel will do for impossible love The Wainscott Weasel is a lonely, yet revered weasel who falls hopelessly, madly in love with Bridget, the fish When Bridget s pond is threatened by non existent rain and a lurking osprey, Bagley Brown Jr will go to even impossible lengths to save her from the talons of the osprey Bagley s dad, a fine up standing weasel was a legend of the highest rank after he organized the moles and dug a tunnel from the Wainscott Woods to the farmer s chicke [...]

    11. Read Aloud While at times Bagley Brown, the main character, was likable, those moments could not overcome the weirdness of some details and the scattered action of the overall story It took half of the book for the plot to develop sufficiently to draw us into the story and, even then, the author had to abandon one plot line for awhile then later artificially tie the two stories together again.What really kept me from liking the book, however, was the unsettling attraction that Bagley had for Bri [...]

    12. I got this book at a used book store in East Hampton because I can t pass up local books about the East End This one, with all it s charming pictures, isn t really a children s story I mean, it would be a long one But I found it quite enjoyable It s about these little weasels who live in the Hamptons snobby yuppie weasels perhaps They fall in love, get married, and have drama In fact, one brave little weasel falls in love with a fish from the local pond Rightick with me There is an osprey terror [...]

    13. Written with grace and great good humor, The Wainscott Weasel is a rollicking adventure, a comedy, a love story, and most assuredly a book that will live on in children s memories The Five Owls A cute and unordinary book that I enjoyed as a kid Now that I ve re read it I see it is much complex than I d taken it for that first time I read it, at about 8 9 years old I didn t remember anything about it except that it was about a weasel with one eyeBut I read a lot of books then that I didn t remem [...]

    14. This is one of my all time favorite books I had this book read to me as a young child and have read it so many times since that it is falling apart I read this book when ever I am going through a rough patch and it has always helped me get by This book means so much to me and no matter what age you are it is just a satisfying read It makes me feel at ease and content and it will always be in my heart.

    15. Adorable little book with a charming cast of characters, who even if they appear for only a few pages, you enjoy their company Had me smiling through and through through each narrative arc and every brilliant illustration It s a simple story about love and friendship, weasels dancing in the moonlight, a fish, frog legs, an eyepatch, and some eggs I ve heard that this shall be turned into an animated movie someday and I hope that it shall capture the subtle charm that this tale spins.

    16. A perfect sort of chapter book I loved this book as a kid, and now as an adult reading it for nostalgia s sake It s a sleepy sort of adventure book, with problem solving and task doing than battles or grand gestures, but the story is intriguing A lovely weasel community with a cast of fun characters, including a famous weasel with a mysterious childhood incident in his past The illustrations are beautiful, too An underrated novel, for sure

    17. Trying this as a bedtime read because it is set right near where I grew up Cute story so far, based on a weasel community that has a tunnel straight into a chicken coop, so they have an endless supply of eggs This means they don t have to work much, and spend a lot of time at spring dances, relaxing and swimming.

    18. Comforting old fashioned anthropomorphized animal tale, accented by beautiful illustrations This comes from 1993, but it totally works today It feel sophisticated and rich, and has a depth to it How does a weasel fall head over heels in love with a fish Like a warm snuggly blanket, but not without its quirk.

    19. This is a book that my mom read to me and my younger sister at night and I just remember it being quite wonderful and transportive at the time I have no clue how it holds up almost ten years later but at the time, it was a favorite.

    20. Just finished reading this beautiful, funny and heartwarming story to my almost 8 year old granddaughter and we both enjoyed it very much Wonderful to read aloud The illustrations are delightful, too Looking forward to reading Tor Seidler s other stories.

    21. I loved the ideas of the animals the author uses Weasels So original They have their traditions just like we have and it was so fun to have the weasel with the patch I did feel as if the book moved a little slow I think it would have made a better picture book but I really did enjoy it.

    22. This is a completely charming children s book with fantastic illustrations by one of my favorite illustrators, Fred Marcellino Also see the book A Rat s Tale for another wonderful story by Seidler with Marcellino illustrations.

    23. I ve loved this book since my mom read it to me it s kinda like charlotte s web, but with gorgeous full page illustrations and no human characters two reasons why it s better it s a hilarious and beautiful love story between a weasel and a fish.

    24. I loved the characters, each of them is great I noticed the resemblence with humans the traditions, the idolization of the ones who did great things, the love etc It was quite predictable, but then again, it s a childrensbook I liked it, but not too much I had to push myself to read it.

    25. I think L was a little too young for this yet Or maybe it was just too boring for him In any case, he lost interest.

    26. 2 stars for the story and 3 stars for the art The first half of the story was great and then it kind of went downhill

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