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The Way of the Witch By Jan Siegel,

  • Title: The Way of the Witch
  • Author: Jan Siegel
  • ISBN: 9780739428498
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Omnibus version including Prospero s Children, The Dragon Charmer, and The Witch Queen.
    The Way of the Witch Omnibus version including Prospero s Children The Dragon Charmer and The Witch Queen

    One thought on “The Way of the Witch”

    1. This is an omnibus so I ll review the three books separately Overall I thought the characters were appealing and the setting or most of it was believable I liked that the timeline started in the 80 s and moved forward from there, basically making the characters my contemporaries The first book brings you into the world where witches and magic have a place, albeit a small one, in the world we live in The family goes to stay in their newly inherited home in the country which makes an excellent set [...]

    2. The first book was phenomenal the second book you just kind of have to endure to get to the third book which, while not quite as amazing as the first one, was much enjoyable than the 2nd, and although I wasn t always sure where the author was going, by the very end it all made sense and the 3 book story was excellent and absolutely worth reading In fact, it may be time to go back and read them all again

    3. I really liked Prospero s Children, and had read it separately, but did not care much for the other two stories I ended up not finishing the book, and may stick with re reading the first book of the omnibus in the future.

    4. A trilogy in one volume which is, perhaps, too much all at once This was a long and dense read because of the author s delight in portraying long dreams in minutiae and honoring us with descriptive passages that went on for pages Pages that actually moved the story along were few and far between because of this energy Siegel spent on telling Siegel s talent as a writer is evident Her writing could be lyrical and beautiful, but the broad panoply of beings from a parallel dimension was the upshot [...]

    5. This was awesome trilogy I have no words to describe how I feel about this amazing books I recommend them to anyone who fancy this type of readings

    6. an omnibus I should know better then to get an omnibus but I ll try again really enjoyed the writing characters, description etc all good due to the nature of the writing, this was a slow read for me in a good way, immersion slow reading kind of way would probably give this of a 4 and a half star but will give it 5 great enough to drag me through the omnibus still hate omnibus shoot me if i ever try it again.

    7. I did read several reviews before I dove into this book, and they were basically on the mark The first and last story are the best, and compelling The second story went slow, but in a way it made sense A young witch learning the ropes does take time It can t be rushed.I really enjoyed the tale, as a whole I found the ending a bit sad for me, but it really was the only way it could end, and still on a good note.

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