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Slam By Nick Hornby,

  • Title: Slam
  • Author: Nick Hornby
  • ISBN: 9780399250484
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bestselling author Nick Hornby delivers his first novel for young adults.For 16 year old Sam, life is about to get extremely complicated He and his girlfriend make that ex girlfriend Alicia have gotten themselves into a bit of trouble Sam is suddenly forced to grow up and struggle with the familiar fears and inclinations that haunt us all.Nick Hornby s poignant and wittBestselling author Nick Hornby delivers his first novel for young adults.For 16 year old Sam, life is about to get extremely complicated He and his girlfriend make that ex girlfriend Alicia have gotten themselves into a bit of trouble Sam is suddenly forced to grow up and struggle with the familiar fears and inclinations that haunt us all.Nick Hornby s poignant and witty novel shows a rare and impressive understanding of human relationships and what it really means to be a man.
    Slam Bestselling author Nick Hornby delivers his first novel for young adults For year old Sam life is about to get extremely complicated He and his girlfriend make that ex girlfriend Alicia have gotte

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    1. Re SlamTo Nick HornbyFrom Bonnie LumleySent September 30, 2009Hi Nick, Glad to hear you re back to writing adult fiction now I hate to say it, but I don t think writing young adult fiction is your strength Slam was a worthwhile experiment but you ve done better, and maybe could have done better here Maybe if you d written it from the POV of Sam s mum instead of 16 year old Sam, you d have been able to offer your readers a pleasing, polished novel No offence, but it seemed to me as if you d writ [...]

    2. Wow, this book was ATROCIOUS It s like Nick Hornby sat down and thought of all the worst cliches about teen books and then decided he could write a teen novel The main character is a teenage skater who s so obsessed with Tony Hawk that he dialogues with the Tony Hawk poster above his bed on a nightly basis He asks the poster questions about life, and the poster responds with parts of Tony Hawk s autobiography that the kid has memorized from reading so many times I didn t buy it c mon, Tony HawK [...]

    3. So it just may be that Nick Hornby is overrated He did spark quite an interest and I m counting myself in this category, while everyone else was probably in the post Bridget Jones and Pre Stephanie Meyer stage About a Boy , though the movie surpasses book in myriad ways, was incredibly original The duality of both the man boy and boy man was absolute perfection.I have read only The Polysyllabic Spree , which was about the love of books pretty good, swift nonfiction to pass the time and his lesse [...]

    4. English author Nick Hornby has dutifully produced vox populi fiction about contemporary men struggling to grow up, cope, and accept responsibility for the better part of fifteen years Often these males are self absorbed, id driven, and change themselves for others Readers respond with great enthusiasm men read them as how to manuals His latest offering, Slam, follows the same formula but it s written in the sprawling vocabulary and context of a teenager.Hornby s writing style has always been con [...]

    5. I m a big Nick Hornby fan but this was crap Crapity crap crap crap probably didn t help that i was pregnant when i read it its main character is a teenage boy who gets his girlfriend pregnant and has a fit with his leg in the air then legs it It uses a very annoying bollocks plot thing as well, and i can t remember the proper term so you won t know what i mean unless you read it but i seriously don t recommend you do but if you choose to you can have my copy cause i stupidly bought mine a moment [...]

    6. I am an enthusiastic fan of Nick Hornby, having read most of his fiction and non fiction books, with High Fidelity a clear favorite both the book and the movie He has demonstrated repeatedly that he is funny and smart and insightful Which makes writing the review ofSlamall the difficult Is this the same guy who penned Fever Pitch and A Way Long Down Why is Slam such a trainwreck It s not the Y.A content, at least not on principle I admire John Green, Catherynne Valente and I had fun with Submar [...]

    7. I wasn t particularly looking forward to reading Nick Hornby s Slam , his first teenage novel It was nineteen years since I was last a teenager and even then I think I was probably too old for the term to really stick However this was a novel by Nick Hornby whose High Fidelity is my favourite novel whose Fever Pitch is my favourite memoir I think you get the idea, I like Nick Hornby, I don t however like teenagers Anyway there was nothing for it, I had to roll up my sleeves, grit my teeth, grasp [...]

    8. Accattivante e gradevole come al solito lo stile di Hornby, ma la storia presenta innegabili forzature, rivelandosi nell insieme alquanto artefatta e priva di spessore L argomento non certo dei pi semplici da trattare e l autore lo affronta con il consueto buongusto, in un mix perfetto di concrete considerazioni e trovate godibilissime Ci che non funziona, a mio avviso, la banalit del ricorso al flashforward premonitore per anticipare gli eventi che, unito ad un troppo manifesto intento didascal [...]

    9. Reviewed by The Compulsive Reader for TeensReadTooSam figures that his life is going pretty well He s doing all right in school, he gets along with his mom, he has a great girlfriend, and is getting good at skateboarding He has aspirations of attending college, unlike his mom, who had to drop out of school when she became pregnant with him But all of his dreams come crashing down when his girlfriend, Alicia, tells him that she s pregnant And she has no intention of getting rid of the baby Sam sp [...]

    10. Lettura godevole ma abbastanza inutile I due piani, la storia e la scrittura, non sono funzionali l uno all altro Cio , sono stati pensati per esserlo ma la cosa non funziona Hornby ha scelto di scrivere il libro in prima persona, mettendosi nei panni di Sam, come se fosse un 18enne che ripensa agli ultimi due anni Usa un linguaggio volutamente semplice scrive come pensa e non come si presume parli Sam in tutto il libro credo di non aver contato pi di 3 4 parolacce e la cosa un po incredibile vi [...]

    11. Just before he turned 16, Sam s life was going pretty well His mother who was only 16 years old herself when she had Sam just dumped her terrible boyfriend, his teachers began encouraging him to seriously consider studying graphic design in college, and his skateboarding skills were slowly but surely improving after years of practice at the local skatepark in his working class London neighborhood He even met a really cute girl named Alicia at a party his mum dragged him to, and they began seeing [...]

    12. I think I d read a Nick Hornby Novel even if it were just his characters reading ads from a phone book Part of it is the cool way that those Brits sound when they talk about anything, but the voices of a Hornby character will stay with you for a while His Narrator in this book, Sam, like the narrators of High Fidelity and About A Boy, has many chuckalicious turns of phrase But few writers are going to attempt the first person narrative if they can t manage to handle one distinctive voice If you [...]

    13. 2.5 starsThis book was okay, but only okay Slam is the story of Sam, a sixteen year old boy totally obsessed with skateboarding and the pro skater, Tony Hawk Sam meets Alicia at a party and they quickly start seeing each other and almost as quickly stop seeing each other Then it turns out that Sam and Alicia have got themselves into trouble, and Sam is suddenly looking down the barrel of having to grow up quite quickly.The plot of the book was okay and centred around Sam coming to terms with the [...]

    14. There was a character in this book called Rubbish , which would have been an apt title for the whole mess.

    15. This book is very interesting becuase it almost connects to a real life situation that happening between you and the book itself This book mostly talks about relationships problems For example Sam and Alicia were facing some problems at the end of the book because Sam was relizing that he didnt know what got into him so was facing some tough times But at the end he fixed their problem and they both contined their lifes together.

    16. Che tenerezza infinita questo libro Divertente, tragicomico, a tratti commoventevo dire che mi proprio piaciuto Mi sono affezionata a Sam, ad Alicia, alle loro strampalate famiglie e a quella che stava per crearsi Bello

    17. Sam is a skater Not a roller skater, but a skateboarder He loves Tony Hawk and working out new skateboard tricks He also loves his mum, even though she s young enough to be an older sister But everything changes when his ex girlfriend delivers the news she s pregnant.Now that he faces fatherhood as a very young man, Sam must make adult sized choices He s determined to do the right thing His father didn t, and he s grown up seeing how it has affected his mother But sometimes doing the right thing [...]

    18. Someone maybe Greil Marcus once said something to the effect of I d listen to a record of Bob Dylan reading the phone book Well, I used to feel that way about Nick Hornby I love his writing so much that I figured I d read his children s books, his cookbooks, his YA fiction Well, scratch the latter, for sure Yes, he gets inside his teenage hero s head and he captures the way teenagers probably think But what s the fun in that I loved his other books because they seemed effortless as they took con [...]

    19. I think it was a good book because it shows what will happen to a teen in real life that actually gets a girl pregnant.Also because the boy goes to the future and sees his future with the child.

    20. This book I read in guidance was pretty good and I enjoyed it There was some parts of the book that did have somewhat inappropriate This book was bout a teenage boy who thought h would never fall in love with any girl that he met, but his mother disagreed So they go to a party and he falls in love.

    21. Non so se fosse pi la noia atroce o il fastidio per la stupidit agghiacciante dei personaggi, unita a un linguaggio finto giovanilistico francamente irritante.Aggiungiamo il fatto che non mi piaceva la lettura, e mi trovo ad abbandonarlo senza rimpianti.

    22. Written by Nick HornbyNarrated by Nicholas HoultLength 7 hrs and 17 minsUnabridged Audiobook Slam was the 2007 contemporary young adult novel from Nick Hornby, and I ve been meaning to read it ever since Hornby said this very intelligent thing about YA books I see now that dismissing YA books because you re not a young adult is a little bit like refusing to watch thrillers on the grounds that you re not a policeman or a dangerous criminal, and as a consequence, I ve discovered a previously ignor [...]

    23. Hornby je izvrstan pripovjedac i uglavnom pise o problemskim temama Volim njegov osjecaj za situaciju i likove koji pokazuju zbilja uvjerljive emocije i u potpuno su pogodenim unutarnjim sukobima i sukobima s neposrednom okolinom I volim to sto on to sve nekako poravna na kraju, pa premda nema nadrealno sretne krajeve, uvijek se nade vise optimizma Mislim da je problem tinejdzerske trudnoce razlozio na skroz primjeren i realan nacin, ali jedina moja zamjerka ide onim vizijama s TH jer mi je u ti [...]

    24. In this Novel set in the present, Sam is a 16 year old British skateboarder had a life that was starting to turn out well for him His mother dumped her terrible boyfriend, and he had a gorgeous girlfriend named Alicia, but most of all, a poster Sam s favorite skater, Tony hawk nickname TH had conversations and gave him great advice daily After he impregnates Alicia, TH made Sam have a dream that whizzed him into the future showing Sam how things would eventually turn out with his new son and Sam [...]

    25. Siento que le este libro demasiado tiempo despu s de su momento indicado puede que la edad precisa para leerlo fuese a los 18 0 19 a os Sin embargo, no me he quedado del todo imp vido tras su lectura de hecho, puede que me sienta m s tranquilo de ver que ciertos miedos que poseo no son del todo nicos una gran ingenuidad en la que suelo recaer Tras apelar a la fantas a y la met fora, Hornby parece querer dar a entender algo que, a m parecer, es sumamente acertado no interesa el recuento de los he [...]

    26. Slam looked to be a solid 4 star rating book, until I completed two thirds of it and started wondering as to why it was not ending The last one third of the story was a complete drag, written with the idea to achieve a certain number of pages than to add anything interesting to the story As far as the first two thirds of the book goes, it was great fun to read about this 16 year old London lad who is coming to terms with his new relationship and the complication it provides Nick Hornby carves o [...]

    27. Starting out, it seemed that the thoughts and words of a 16 year old skater boy, Sam, were going to hold a bit of charm If it was my mum s idea, then I wasn t interested Right on track, no Early in the book, Sam says something about his mum laughing like a drain , later on he runs into a woman with an offending odor he describes thus It s like she had been boiling cod or whatever for a thousand years That cracked me up Unfortunately, these fun little bits and pieces did not prove enough to count [...]

    28. Dei libri di Hornby letti finora questo quello che mi piaciuto di pi.Si legge in un soffio e, per chi stato sedicenne tanti anni fa come me ma a contatto con sedicenni tutti i giorni, fa sorridere ma fa anche riflettere sull adolescenza e i suoi problemi, sulla vita, le sue pieghe e le sue curve.Sam, il protagonista, un sedicenne timido e silenzioso, che vive un et in cui non si n carne n pesce , alle prese con due genitori pi immaturi di lui, che l hanno avuto a 16 anni, l et fatidica, quella i [...]

    29. I loved the voice of Slam I thought it was so fresh, and I can see how it would appeal to teens as well as adults This book deals with teen pregnancy and its aftermath in a way that s real it s not just another morality tale for teens in which their lives are completely destroyed by premarital sex.You get to go along with 16 year old Sam as his and his girlfriend s lives are turned upside down by her pregnancy You get to experience her labor and the birth of their baby through Sam s eyes And you [...]

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