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Escape From Kathmandu By Kim Stanley Robinson,

  • Title: Escape From Kathmandu
  • Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780312874995
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • Living in the city of Kathmandu in the Kingdom of Nepal are dozens of American and British expatriates who are in love with the Himalayas George Fergusson is one of them he works as a trek guide for Take You Higher, Ltd , leading groups of tourists into the back country and occasionally assisting on serious climbs George Freds Fredericks is another a tall, easy goiLiving in the city of Kathmandu in the Kingdom of Nepal are dozens of American and British expatriates who are in love with the Himalayas George Fergusson is one of them he works as a trek guide for Take You Higher, Ltd , leading groups of tourists into the back country and occasionally assisting on serious climbs George Freds Fredericks is another a tall, easy going American who converted to Buddhism while in college He visited Nepal one year and never went home.The adventures started when George and Freds got together over the capture of a Yeti an abominable snowman by a scientific expedition The thought of such a wild and mysterious creature in captivity in prision was too much for them to bear And in freeing the Yeti, a great partnership was born George and Freds will go on to greater heights as they explore the mysteries of Nepal, from Shangri La to Kathmandu s governmental bureaucracy.
    Escape From Kathmandu Living in the city of Kathmandu in the Kingdom of Nepal are dozens of American and British expatriates who are in love with the Himalayas George Fergusson is one of them he works as a trek guide for T

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    1. Stuff I Read Escape from Kathmandu by Kim Stanley Robinson ReviewSo I read the first section of this book in the Best of Kim Stanley Robinson collection, and I was charmed by the zany story of these people in Kathmandu having crazy adventures Jimmy Carter A Yeti Evil naturalists and some really weird stuff punctuated by booze and boredom If it had been all of that I probably would have liked it But while the adventures are all rather odd and have some really hilarious action to them, they begin [...]

    2. This one goes too far at times, which is why I m on the fence I loved parts of it but at other times the situations crossed from ridiculously funny to just plain ridiculous If you are in the mood for a yarn about a Bigfoot wearing a Dodgers cap being snuck through a hotel lobby under the noses of gov t agents on the hunt for him then you ve come to the right place It is a silly place to be sure and silly works better in some of the stories than others Maybe it needs you to sustain silly expectat [...]

    3. I read this book while I was volunteering at an orphanage in Kathmandu, and I loved it from the first page Nepal is a magical place Kim Stanley Robinson captures its essence in these interconnected stories There s a yeti There s a monk who can sleep outside in the snow without getting cold There s a secret city underneath the streets of Kathmandu Having lived in Kathmandu for several months, I needed only the slightest suspension of disbelief to accept these phenomena But anyone who s stayed in [...]

    4. I love this book It s one of my favorite s from Robinson because it has so much humor to it This is the second time I have read it, and I still got weird looks from my husband as I literally was laughing out loud at parts I recommend this one hundred percent.For fans of video games, I did a short write up for my blog on how this book perfectly compliments Far Cry 4 Check if out, if you are interested jessicabrister 20

    5. Ok I was wrong, there were four parts The first one was the funniest by far The rest are adventure, less comedy but still comical Having no background knowledge on the subject, I had fun with it I read it 20 odd years ago, I remembered it and I enjoyed it again That should say everything.

    6. Kim Stanley Robinson is primarily known as a science fiction writer, but that category doesn t fit all of his work Escape from Kathmandu can best described as a surrealistic fantasy It is a collection of four linked novelas, Escape from Kathmandu, Mother Goddess of the World, The True Nature of Shangri La, and The Kingdom Underground, and tells the story and the adventures of two Americans, George and Freds, who have fallen in love with the Himalayas They both are now semi permanent residents of [...]

    7. Der passionierte Bergsteiger Kim Stanley Robinson legt mit diesem Episodenroman 4 Novellen eine seinter homorvollsten Arbeiten vor Ausgangspunkt des Buches ist ein Backpacker Hotel in Kathmandu, in der die Helden der vier Novellen einige Briefe hinterlassen haben, die von unglaublichen Abenteuern erz hlen.Unter den vielen Tr umern, Aussteigern und Idealisten finden sich auch die zwei Helden des Episodenromans George Fergusson und Fred Fredericks, die sich als Trekking F hrer ihren Lebensunterhal [...]

    8. Four novellas about the Nepalese adventures of George and Freds, a mountaineering tour guide and his stoner buddy who knows the secrets of Shambhala Escape from Kathmandu George and Freds have to save a Yeti from being kidnapped by evil scientists looking to sell him to a corporation or something Jimmy Carter gets involved I first read it when it was collected inThe Best of Kim Stanley Robinson.Mother Goddess of the World George and Freds team up with some Brits to scale Everest and stop an expe [...]

    9. The half dozen or so books I ve read by Kim Stanley Robinson have all been set in pretty interesting locales Mars, the moons of Jupiter, the edges of the solar system, Antarctica This one takes place in Nepal, mostly in and around Kathmandu It s four novellas, each one set shortly after the previous, and featuring the same major and some minor characters I was a bit thrown by the third story, which is narrated by a different first person narrator than the others I had to keep reminding myself wh [...]

    10. The tone of this novel is rather light Some passages are comical, especially later on in the book, when Freds wonders what disaster George is luring him into this time That surprised me a little to be honest Robinson s works are usually full of quite heavy scientific and sociological themes and while this novel doesn t lack that entirely, it is a much relaxed read than the previous books he published Robinson touches on a lot of sociological, religious and political issues in this book but wher [...]

    11. Ex pat American George Fergusson is staying in a Kathmandu hotel until it is time for him to lead his next trek Inquisitively opening a letter addressed to someone with a similar name to him else that has been lying in the dead letter rack at his Kathmandu hotel for months leads him into adventure when the sender of the letter turns up at the hotel, desperately looking for his friend George Frederick I have just listened to this novella on StarShipSofa It is fun and exciting with a bit of suspen [...]

    12. I don t really consider this book to be Science Fiction it s Fantasy Robinson has written 4 novellas or long short stories , about George and Freds , who become friends after meeting as tourists and climbers in the Himalayas Together they look for a Yeti, look for the body of Mallory, try to save Shangri La , climb mountains, and almost overthrow the government of Nepal The stories are inter related, but could stand on their own They book is quite humourous and fairly light reading I have to as [...]

    13. I don t recall how I ended up buying this book, I think it may have been mentioned in another book I was reading late 2015 At any rate, reading the blurb it sounds like a bizarre book and a waste of time.It is however, actually quite interesting and has many an imaginative scene I especially enjoyed the descriptions of Shangri La and the tunnel systems, the tunnel rail chase also brought back memories of childhood novels movies All very pleasing.The book has four sections, the first being the mo [...]

    14. Enjoyable collection of four stories by Kim Stanley Robinson, American science fiction author, born in 1952 These stories are set in Nepal and are based on his experiences in Nepal He actually did a trek to the Everest Base Camp.The four stories focus on two American expatriates living in Nepal and in these stories they encounter a yeti, go for the summit of Mt Everest, and seek the enchanted valley of Shangri La.Hardest of all, they get involved in a battle with the Nepalese bureaucracy, a disc [...]

    15. This book was a best seller back along and it is in a lighter genre than the usual Nepal Guidebook I read it while I was in Nepal on my third trip there The author has a wonderful sense of the ridiculous and a great sense of humor but there are kernels of truth about the country m the customs, the culture and the people, which make this a really fun read for anybody contemplating travel to Nepal In particular, the part where he describes the bureaucracy is maddeningly accurate It s a loosely col [...]

    16. I think I want to like Kim Stanley Robinson than I actually do He fights the good fight for genre fiction, he is formidably intelligent, he writes with authority about this world of climbers and hippies bumming around Nepal The commitment to craft is evident throughout Unfortunately this fix up collection features underdeveloped and or unlikeable characters making absurd choices amidst increasingly absurd situations The humor falls flat The environmentalist message falls flat Kim Stanley Robins [...]

    17. I love Kim Stanley Robinson and have read almost everything he has ever written The style I love is here but I found the theme a bit less interesting than his other stories The apparent level of research and understanding in most of Kim Stanley Robinson s books is stunning but here things seemed fantastical Part of the charm of The Mars Trilogy and other works is the dreaming and predictions about the future that are amazingly, logically consistent In this book however, the imaginative additions [...]

    18. I borrowed this from a guesthouse in Nepal right before we arrived in Kathmandu to get an idea of the city we were heading to The characters are too boastful and dishonest to feel any compassion for, the scenarios are impossibly far fetched oh, you re hiding the abominable snowman in your room from Jimmy Carter s secret service Right , and the writing itself is nothing to get excited about.

    19. This book was really great fun The 80 s setting was perfect though truthfully not that much has changed and each story was highly entertaining Every writer I know thinks about fun stories set in countries they re travelling in, but rarely have I seen it pulled off this well.

    20. Read most of this collection on a long cold night holed up in a tent in one hell of a snow storm Most of the short stories are full of light hearted jokes I d recommend taking this book with you on your next adventure Especially if it s to somewhere cold.

    21. I just love this book I ve re read it several times now, and it always makes me happy The blend of the matter of fact with the mythical legendary is seamlessly done, the humor is wonderful, and even though realistically I know I would not like Katmandu at all, it makes me long to go there

    22. A very interesting way to portray the Nepali government or lack there of from an American perspective, however, the outlandish situations that the characters get themselves into is what held my interest A really fun read.

    23. Story within a story, unfortunately I found it boring and too long, it would have been great had it ended sooner

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