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Miss MacIntosh, My Darling By Marguerite Young Anaïs Nin,

  • Title: Miss MacIntosh, My Darling
  • Author: Marguerite Young Anaïs Nin
  • ISBN: 9780156607933
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • This novel is one of the most ambitious and remarkable literary achievements of our time It is a picaresque, psychological novel a novel of the road, a journey or voyage of the human spirit in its search for reality in a world of illusion and nightmare It is an epic of what might be called the Arabian Nights of American life Marguerite Young s method is poetic, imagistThis novel is one of the most ambitious and remarkable literary achievements of our time It is a picaresque, psychological novel a novel of the road, a journey or voyage of the human spirit in its search for reality in a world of illusion and nightmare It is an epic of what might be called the Arabian Nights of American life Marguerite Young s method is poetic, imagistic, incantatory in prose of extraordinary richness she tests the nature of her characters and the nature of reality Miss MacIntosh, My Darling is written with oceanic music moving at many levels of consciousness and perception but the toughly fibred realistic fabric is always there, in the happenings of the narrative, the humor, the precise details, the definitions of the characters Miss MacIntosh herself, who hails from What Cheer, Iowa, and seems downright and normal, with an incorruptible sense of humor and the desire to put an end to phantoms Catherine Cartwheel, the opium lady, a recluse who is shut away in a great New England seaside house and entertains imaginary guests Mr Spitzer, the lawyer, musical composer and mystical space traveler, a gentle man, wholly unsure of himself and of reality his twin brother Peron, the gay and raffish gambler and virtuoso in the world of sports Cousin Hannah, the horsewoman, balloonist, mountain climber and militant Boston feminist, known as Al Hamad through all the seraglios of the East Titus Bonebreaker of Chicago, wild man of God dreaming of a heavenly crown the very efficient Christian hangman, Mr Weed of the Wabash River Valley a featherweight champion who meets his equal in a graveyard these are a few who live with phantasmagorical vividness in the pages of Miss MacIntosh, My Darling The novel touches on many aspects of life drug addiction, woman s suffrage, murder, suicide, pregnancy both real and imaginary, schizophrenia, many strange loves, the psychology of gambling, perfectionism but the profusion of this huge book serves always to intensify the force of the central question What shall we do when, fleeing from illusion, we are confronted by illusion What is real, what is dream Is the calendar of the human heart the same as that kept by the earth Is it possible that one may live a secondary life of which one does not know In every aspect, Miss MacIntosh, My Darling stands by itself in the lyric beauty of its prose, its imaginative vitality and cumulative emotional power It is the work of a writer of genius This is a search for reality through a maze of illusions and fantasy and dreams, ultimately asserting in the words of Calderon Life is a dream Anais Nin Marguerite Young is unquestionably a genius Kurt Vonnegut A work of stunning magnitude and beauty The book s mysterious readability is effected through enchantment and hypnosis Its force is cumulative its method is amassment, as in the great styles of Joyce or Hermann Broch or Melville or Faulkner One of the most arresting literary achievements in our last 20 years It is a masterwork William Goyen, New York Times Book Review, 9 12 65 An extraordinary book by a woman possessed of a breathtaking verbal virtuosity She also has quality of heart There are times when her pages surge and beat on the heart and imagination like great music other times when it shimmers motionless like an ancient Hindu painting Lillian Smith, Chicago Tribune The prose is lyric, striking and memorable Michael Dirda, Washington Post Book World, 3 21 93This encyclopedic novel addresses the question of illusion, as Young whose epic vision and exquisite prose are truly awesome dissects the essence of reality and ruminates on where it can be found L.A Reader, 2 93 A n ambitious work of gorgeous fiction, written in wanes of lush, imagistic, even humorous language This is a work of genius Belles Lettres, Winter 1993
    Miss MacIntosh My Darling This novel is one of the most ambitious and remarkable literary achievements of our time It is a picaresque psychological novel a novel of the road a journey or voyage of the human spirit in its sea

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    1. My brain hurts, my brain hurts hold the front page, my fellow scrabblers at the coalface of literature, I think I may have found the worst book in the world An achievement of sorts, you must agree Anyway, for now Miss Macintosh, My Darling is the GOLD STANDARD of total crapness Future terrible novels will be rated thus this novel scores 5.4 on the MMMD scale They call it oceanic It s actually diarhhoeic It took her 18 years to write Excellent Never wrote another novel Even excellent.I will give [...]

    2. I ve never been so full of words as after reading this book, itself so very full of words And yet the words inspired by the reading are hard to grasp, they slip through my fingers, fly out of my grasp, flit away on the breeze of an afternoon, such an afternoon as is pleasantly spent turning the leaves of this book in a garden, beneath a tree, the sunlight stealing through the gaps in the canopy overhead dappling the page, causing the words to shimmer and shift, while the breeze, that same breeze [...]

    3. What a strange, bewildering, unheimlich novel this is At times I felt as though someone was projecting Parajanov s The Color of Pomegranates on top of Bergmans Winter Light, and I was being asked to watch and appreciate them both simultaneously So the question is, and a rather appropriate one it is too in light of the topics discussed below how can a novel be both a success and a failure How can it succeed even as it fails For I do not think it possible to argue that this overflowing text works [...]

    4. It has been several weeks past now that I completed my initial reading of Marguerite Young s Miss MacIntosh, My Darling Reviewing it has been stymied I d really very much like to write something here that might convince you and many besides to read her novel I ve now read all her prose work which managed to find itself published, and decry the fact that our literary world has left so much in the archive still I ve read as much as I could find which has been written about her It is not much She [...]

    5. Is the girl mad Or is the world mad Miss MacIntosh, My Darling is a saga of the mad girl in the mad world I had peered into all faces, seeing none, only those who were already gone, only those who could not answer My illness had been great, dead souls like the autumn leaves stirring where I walked, and could I have believed in the ultimate harmony, I could have been among them, but there had been only, in my narrow experience, the dream of chaos repeating chaos, so what I looked for always in th [...]

    6. I became aware of this book while looking at s list of longest novels ever written and published After reading the description of it as an opium dream I was intrigued, having loved all stream of consciousness modernist writing from Joyce to Faulkner I set about my task, to find a copy of this seemingly out of print book Luckily people seem to be trying to unload the several lingering copies in existence for a very inexpensive price on any online retailer of used books.A month later and a big hea [...]

    7. here is her charmingly unostentatious signature on the front flyleafwhich I thought might be a bit too unostentatious to be legit, until I did a search and found this, which confirmed the signature and also is a wonderful little document all on its own, the manuscript first page 37dia.tumblr tumblr_m8f

    8. msarki.tumblr post 1413621 He is but as the stubble of the field, and yet he has no beard My completed study of this epic novel spanned fifteen months beginning in January of 2015 Almost immediately upon beginning to read I recognized Marguerite Young s genius and realized I would not be able to retain in my body her beautiful words while conducting what has become for me a typically recreational enjoyment I decided I would have to instead devour this 1198 page work in increments of two to four [...]

    9. if you like long, repetitive, poetic sentences and a total lack of interest in plot then boy have i got a book for you there s a 4oo page bit of just a guy fretting over his dead brother the bus ride that starts on page 1 doesn t end until page 900 or so theres also a great bit with a mute guy who keeps a singing frog in his mouth to talk with, and they have a very sad funeral for the frog when it dies.

    10. Volume I of II.At first I was absolutely mesmerized by the elegant,lyrical verbosity of this writer Every sentence is so full of metaphor, simile, and incredible language I know that this novel took the author 18 years to write and that portions were published in magazines along the way I think it may be a novel best read in doses, allowing the reader to savor the writing and ponder the myriad of ideas touched upon throughout the tale The stream of consciousness style takes the form way beyond S [...]

    11. Vol 2 Miss MacIntosh, My DarlingWow What an epic novel I truly took my time reading this one I savored each line over a period of nine months, thirteen interceding books, six birthdays, five holidays, and an anniversary So, what is my point If you have the patience, it is a wonderful read.What I enjoyed most about MMMD is the author s painterly, dream scape imagery She created a panoramic impression of society in all its forms pathological, illusionistic, and beautiful as witnessed and understoo [...]

    12. I had forgotten all about this justification for environmentalism until stumbling upon it in another one of my murkier strolls through , recommended to me over three years ago at a University of Pennsylvania journalism conference, wherein I lectured but twice on the incredible historic feat of Britney Spears sharing her head, comparing it in a sense to God, in actuality, having been a feminist, transvestite dog We bankrupted our funders via champagne, and on his way to the drunk tank an assistan [...]

    13. I feel like this book needs a little bit of cheer leading, so I m throwing in my two bits William Goyen NYT Book Review wrote The book s mysterious readability is effected through enchantment and hypnosis I saw that quote on the back of the book about 1 4 of the way through Miss MacIntosh, My Darling MMMD and immediately thought YES That s the thing about this book reading to one marker begets reading to the next marker and so on until 200 pages are past and you don t know what happened to you M [...]

    14. Really, what s with the value rating fetish, and everybody else I give infinite unstars to everything No superlatives please I m sure nothing I can say is going to convince you to read fourteen hundred pages If you like lists, commas, opium and a little sonic texture, you might get into this There s a good deal of repetition going on throughout, but I think it plays the same role as in a poem, i.e builds tone with emphatic gesture.

    15. Beautiful and ridiculously enjoyable and dreamily digressive and p nunputdownable actual review forthcoming

    16. Margeurite Young, where have you been all my life Well, you ve been deador are you really still alive and tucked away in hiding in some opium den under the sea That is precisely what Miss MacIntosh, My Darling is about, things not always being what they seem and the uncertain, gray spaces in between extremes being the most fertile places to play life and death, dark and light, male and female, imagination and reality, and the pregnant silence between two notes in a musical composition Catherine [...]

    17. Users markjabbour Desktop Movie on 2015 08 22 at 12.01vI m now on page 65 This is the most interesting, boring, tedious book I ve ever read It s interesting because of the detail and the writing style The author writes in extremely long run on sentences, using comma after comma The digressions are amazing and intriguing but in the end it s who cares Where am I Where is the story Oh, that s right it s a character study of Miss MacIntosh, nursemaid to a super rich, opium addicted, delusional New E [...]

    18. Williams come to mind Gaddis, Goyen, Faulkner, Blake lyrical tome a workshop would trim several hundred pages off they won t make books like this any , alas

    19. Just after I picked this wonderful novel up again it is on my ongoing shelf , I read that a Miss MacIntosh reading group might be starting soon Unfortunately, this is a book I could not sit down and read from start to finish Not only is it very long, but Young s habits get to me after a while Her prose is beautiful, especially its rhythms But she employs the same tropes, especially oxymorons and other plays on contradiction, so much that I find it better to dip and slowly move forward than to re [...]

    20. This is a bizarre book, but I love it I ve marked a couple hundred pages to skip for anyone I lend it to, but what s a couple hundred pages in a book 1200 pages long The effect is definitely cumulative and it takes a while to get a feel for how the book wants to be read , but if you like imagery and playing with perspective, go for it There s an interesting message about the essential innocence of humanity in here.

    21. A Waste of CyberspaceTL DR I might have wasted my 7 on this so called novel.Instead of writing something substantive, I ll refer you to an honest review that doesn t eulogise the sheer bulk of words as if it was some kind of godsend.

    22. I tried to read this book many times over the years It is indeed beautiful, but I can t read that many pages as if they were an extended poem I don t have the time or inclination I have always gotten a kick out of the fact that the 1988 movie, The Accidental Tourist, based on Anne Tyler s book, shows the highly misanthropic main character constantly reading Miss MacIntosh as he jets around the world to critique hotels It appears that he has made escaping into this book a life long project Umm I [...]

    23. Longer than Les Miserables, longer than War and Peace, longer than Infinite Jest Young s plotless, visionary ramble looks like an enticing enigma Update I m reading Vol 1 of the two volume edition It s as exquisite as anything I ve ever read These sentences are like symphonic phrases I ve never seen the dream state so perfectly captured in prose This novel s obscurity is understandable, but that still does not make it justified It s far too good to be so unknown Reading on KR KY 2016

    24. I currently read this book when I either a have nothing else I feel like reading or b feel like reading something utterly surreal It s going to take me a very long time to finish but I m really enjoying it.

    25. Distinctly not for me Prolix, not just in its great length, but in any tiny sample The cascades of rhetoric have absolutely no appeal to me.Only read first page and sampled several pages throughout.Just wanna record that for future ref.

    26. My wife I have decided to read this out loud to each other so far it s amazing I think that reading it out loud makes it even of a treat It s very early in the book though, so I ll have to report back laterWell, we drifted away from this, and I hope we can drift back

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