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  • Title: Poems
  • Author: Hermann Hesse
  • ISBN: 9780374508449
  • Page: 454
  • Format: None
  • Few American readers seem to be aware that Hermann Hesse, author of the epic novels Steppenwolf and Siddhartha, among many others, also wrote poetry, the best of which the poet James Wright has translated and included in this book This is a special volume filled with short, direct poems about love, death, loneliness, the seasons that is imbued with some of the imagery andFew American readers seem to be aware that Hermann Hesse, author of the epic novels Steppenwolf and Siddhartha, among many others, also wrote poetry, the best of which the poet James Wright has translated and included in this book This is a special volume filled with short, direct poems about love, death, loneliness, the seasons that is imbued with some of the imagery and feeling of Hesse s novels but that has a clarity and resonance all its own, a sense of longing for love and for home that is both deceptively simple and deeply moving.
    Poems Few American readers seem to be aware that Hermann Hesse author of the epic novels Steppenwolf and Siddhartha among many others also wrote poetry the best of which the poet James Wright has transl

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    1. Starting with the disclaimer that I have absolutely no interest in dissecting poems with respect to rhyme, structure, symbolism, whether the author was suffering from a headache when he she wrote it, and what not A poem either speaks to me on whatever level or it doesn t With Hesse, I was curious to see how his poetry compared to his novels and how his poetry reflected the themes of his novels, because to my mind Hesse s novels are works of beauty but they are also very complex I ve been trying [...]

    2. A slim volume of Hesse s poems 31 poems to be exact , selected and translated by the poet James Wright.The 31 poems are I Know, You Walk , Across the Field , Elizabeth , Ravenna 1 , Ravenna 2 , Lonesome Night , A Swarm of Gnats , The Poet , Mountains at Night , At Night on the High Seas , To a Chinese Girl Singing , Departure from the Jungle , Evil Time , On a Journey , Night , Destiny , Ode to H lderlin , Childhood , Lying in Grass , How Heavy the Days , In a Collection of Egyptian Sculpture , [...]

    3. I work for a Park Recreational District in a Northern California town As I was cleaning up the public park I saw items on a picnic table that looked like books The closer I got I realized there were two lonely books someone had left one of them was this book I am reviewing Little did I know that I had found a treasure of pondering insight I love books like this Hesse s words wooed me caressing my soul I wanted to know these people he talked about lovingly, with sorrow, and longing I wanted to la [...]

    4. How heavy the days are There s not a fire to warm me,Not a sun to laugh with me,Everything bare,Everything cold and merciless,And even the beloved, clearStars look desolately down,Since I learned in my heart thatLove can die

    5. Over the years, I ve gotten into the habit of collecting used, hardbound copies of Hermann Hesse s books This one in particular is quite a gem It was once owned by the John C Hart Memorial Library in Yorktown, New York, so it still has the awesome pocket with the stamped due date card Unfortunately, I enjoyed the aesthetic of the book much than its contents I suppose I was expecting a lot as I m a huge fan of Hesse s Siddhartha and Steppenwolf I was expecting to be inspired and moved, but inste [...]

    6. I know many countries and cities are still waiting,But never again will the night of the forests,The wild fermenting garden of the earliest worldLure me in, and horrify me with its magnificence.Here in this endless and gleaming wildernessI was removed father than ever from the world of men And i never saw so close or so clearlyThe image in the mirror of my own soul Now I drink pain in every delightAnd poison in every wine I never knew it would be so bitterTo be alone, Alone, without you.

    7. Hesse s Poems Gone digging, and cannot verify another English edition of this German master s poems James Wright, circa 1970, at the height of the Hesse craze Magister Ludi on the half shell , brought these 31 poems into English, and the translations are like a combination of Edward Thomas and Rilke, only this enormously sober and cognitively ravishing hybrid also went to the Far East, and reported back, mostly before the European conflict that destroyed eight million men including Thomas I am a [...]

    8. He is homesick But what is home I do not know the answer, but I cherish Hesse because he at least knew how to ask the question James Wright in the Translator s Introduction Wright selected and translated these poems which, yes, could be said to center around the theme of homesickness It is a short book but the poems are well chosen and cohere superbly Few are truly dark but some menace and they all question in the larger sense.I will need to revisit this volume from time to time, no doubt.This e [...]

    9. These are not the best poems you will ever read They are repetitive, juvenile, and excessively obsessed with flowers and death I find such vulnerability appealing, but even I had to chuckle a bit at the third or fourth nature allegory to the impermanence of a man s life Hesse is a long time favorite of mine, and I bought this book mainly to help complete my collection of his works, but this book is way down on the bottom of my list of Hesse favorites.

    10. 3.5 stars I have already died all deaths,And I am going to dir all deaths again,Die the death of the wood in the tree,Die the stone death in the mountain,Earth death in the sand,Leaf death in the crackling summer grass,And the poor bloody human death.I will be born again, flowers,Tree and grass I will be born again,Fish and deer, bird and butterfly.And out of every form,Longing will drag me up the stairways,to the last suffering,Up to the suffering of men.

    11. To Cheryl On The Happiest Of Days, Love Michael that is what is handwritten inside the cover of my copy of this book, which I purchased at a used bookstore I always wondered what the happiest of days was a wedding Birthday Anniversary Well, Michael s pretty cool for having gifted Cheryl this book of poetry it is a wonderful collection of verses.

    12. I felt like reading poetry today so I picked this tome up from my bookshelf I don t know I prefer his prose over his poems I really like his way to depict nature and the seasons though and sometimes his most random poems seemed to appeal the most to me My favorites are probably the one about the oak tree that stands tall and proud although it has been cut short so many times in its life it reminds me of my dad because it applies to his personality and he identifies oak trees with our family beca [...]

    13. Amazing poetry volume Being abroad on Paris, missing my country but at the same time missing Germany and missing all the places I ve been to and all the places I ve never seen, this anthology of poems about Homesickness, Heimweg, has been a perfect reading for me.I love his rhythms, his simpleness, his profoundness, his metaphors I love German I loved them all excepto, maybe, for Elisabeth My favourites, if I had to choose M ckenschwarm, Der Dichter, Bei Nacht, Schicksal, and the masterpiece Die [...]

    14. N m vuosien 1895 1941 v lisen aikana kirjottetut runot tuntuivat hyv ll tavalla vanhanaikaisilta Useimmissa oli riimej , kuvasto ammensi paljon luonnosta Melko simppeli , mutta ihan tehokasta V lill tuli sellainen vaikutelma, ett samaa toistettiin runosta toiseenkin Olisi ollut mielenkiintoista, jos kirjoitusvuosi olisi merkitty jokaisen runon kohdalle, niin olisi voinut analysoida niit esimerkiksi maailmansotien ja Hessen oman el m nvaiheiden kontekstiss selek mmin Valinta tietysti t m kin j tt [...]

    15. There is probably a reason that Herman Hesse is not known for his poetry and I should have realized taht prior to picking up this little book of poems Perhaps the poems really don t translate well or maybe poetry simply is not his forte Some of the poems are boring and it seems impossible they could have came from the same man as Siddhartha But it is Hesse and there are some treasures here He has thoughtful comments and great turns of phrase when speaking about death, the natural world, and the [...]

    16. James Wright has done the world a service in translating this slight but potent volume of Hesse s verse The dreamy tone and fantasy of Hesse s poems are well reserved, and his lyricism shines brightly as ever through the translation While some will find these poems to be simplistic, even juvenile, I think that seeming naivety and emotional honesty is exactly what gives them power Where his novels explore the heights and depths of the mind and spirit, his poetry is pure, heartfelt and impulsive M [...]

    17. Worth it for this poem aloneNightI like the dark night well enough But sometimes, when it turns bleakAnd peaked, as my suffering laughs at me Its dreadful kingdom horrifies me,And I wish to God I could take one look at the sunlightAnd the blue of heaven brought back to light by its clouds,And I want to lie down warm in the wide spaces of theday.Then I can dream of the night.Of course, it sounds so much better in German.

    18. The south winds roars at night,Curlews hasten in their flight,The air is damp and warm.Desire to sleep has vanished now,Spring has arrived in the nightIn the wake of a storm.Be still, my heart, away with pain Though passion stirs againIn blood that now flows slowlyAnd leads to paths once known,These paths you tread in vainFor youth has flown Worth it even in English translation.

    19. 2.5 starssterile poetry, felt like Hesse was just trying some writing exercises and not really feeling it Some were okay, some I genuinely enjoyed, but most fell flat Nothing spectacular about the language, though that might be in the translation as well I did read some of them in German and English, but my German language skills aren t strong enough to say one way or another about the translation.

    20. I feel like he was of a consistent as a novelist than a poet There are still tons of poems from this collection that I will routinely revisit as time goes on He stays consistent in topic existentialism, love, the natural world and it s connection with the human experience, etc , and does a good job demystifying the mystical through poetry make sense In other words, he spends time describing his experiences through poetry,as opposed to ROMANTICIZING his experiences hessefan

    21. Jeder, der einen Roman von Hermann Hesse gelesen hat, wei dass einer seiner Lieblingsthemen die Einsamkeit ist und diese Sammlung durch James Wright von einige Gedichte von Hesse zeigt das Es ist oft gesagt, dass ein Gedicht ist der k rzeste Roman und das ist sicherlich richtig ber einige von Hesse Gedichte Er erreicht der Seele des Leser in weniger als zwanzig Verse und liefert eine kraftvolle Botschaft Ich empfehlen es.

    22. I bought this book in my early 20s, and I am now 59 I have read these poems over and over, and every year they get meaningful and beautiful Some are very sentimental, but hey we are talking about Hesse The poems will make of an impact if you have read at least a couple of his novels.

    23. Anyone that has read any of Hesse s novels knows that the theme of loneliness is one of his favorite one and this collection of some of his poems reflect just that It is often said that a poem is the shortest novel and that is certainly true regarding some of Hesse s poems He reaches the soul of the reader in less than twenty verses and delivers a powerful message once there.

    24. I picked a favorite All Deaths ends with these lines To bend to each other Yet often, and many times over,You will hunt me down from death to birthOn the painful track of the creations,The glorious track of the creations I recommend these poems together with the autobiographical essays to realize how directly intimate are the novels by Hesse.

    25. It s no Siddhartha or Demian, but worth the read Now why did I choose to read the Deathbed, expanded version of Leaves of Grass should have a section on Why read that long winded book Instead read a shorter book that gets to the point quicker These middle schoolers are starting to get to me.

    26. It d behoove me to read this over a second time, let these poems soak, before giving a rating But I got a reading challenge to beat, and I was bored the first time around The ones about death I ll probably dogear and give them a look when I m feeling particularly shitty.

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