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Hunter's Moon By Lori Handeland,

  • Title: Hunter's Moon
  • Author: Lori Handeland
  • ISBN: 9780330451307
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Leigh Tyler was once a nursery teacher with starry eyed dreams dreams that turned into nightmares when the biggest mistake she ever made came back to tear her world apart Now, Leigh lives only for the hunt Werewolves are her prey, and love is no longer an option.
    Hunter s Moon Leigh Tyler was once a nursery teacher with starry eyed dreams dreams that turned into nightmares when the biggest mistake she ever made came back to tear her world apart Now Leigh lives only for the

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    1. I wanted to write well elaborated review of this one but the way I m going with the series currently I m on 4 of the series , it is difficult It is re read, so it is enough proof that I like it very much This is story of Leigh the Jager Suchers agent and werewolf love interest Damien I found few repeated sentences when I compared with 1 but that is okay, it d be okay if someone decides to read it stand alone But I d recommend to read in sequence.

    2. So a long time ago 9 12 years , I read the first book, Blue Moon, in this series I vaguely remember enjoying it, but apparently never moved on to the next book Subsequently I started Handeland s Phoenix Chronicles, but never finished it out either Last summer, I read In the Air Tonight for BSB, loved it and realized characters appearing toward the end of the book were tied to the Nightcreature series Since then, this series has been on my mind and I decide I would give it another try this year S [...]

    3. Liked it well enough, but since this is a series, the rest of the story will continue in the following books and I m not up for reading them at the moment.

    4. Leigh Tyler was once a kindergarten teacher with starry eyed dreams dreams that turned into nightmares when the biggest mistake she ever made came back to tear her world apart Now, Leigh lives only for the hunt Werewolves are her prey, and love is no longer an option.Leigh has been called to Wisconsin for something big As long as it means killing fanged and furry dem ons, she s up for it But the worst is yet to come, because something stronger and smarter than the average beast is on the prowld [...]

    5. After the 2nd installment of this series, I m still feeling the same way I liked it, better story than the first and wasn t as slow as the first but my problem is the H H The H H really don t seem to have much of a connection It s like lust then all of a sudden 3 4 way thru the book, they profess their love, just like that There s wasn t any build up and I didn t feel any emotional tie between these two.Another problem is are the sex scenes They re WAY too short in my opinion I m used to readin [...]

    6. The Book Hunter s Moon by Lori HandelandThe Particulars Paranormal romance, St Martin s, available both in print and e bookWhy was it in my TBR Because I like Lori Handeland s contemporaries.The Review The blurb Leigh Tyler was once a kindergarten teacher with starry eyed dreams dreams that turned into nightmares when the biggest mistake she ever made came back to tear her world apart Now, Leigh lives only for the hunt Werewolves are her prey, and love is no longer an option.Leigh has been calle [...]

    7. Longtime Jager Sucher Leigh is coerced by Edward into training Jessie from Blue Moon which means heading to Crow Valley, Wis where piles of dead wolves werewolves have been found Jessie, and Cadotte, are already there looking into the problem Once there, Leigh starts having flashbacks and nightmares about when her family had been slaughtered and eaten by a white wolf and his pack, leading to her becoming a hunter She also finds herself attracted to and living in an apartment above the bar where [...]

    8. Full review here diaryofacambridgestudent.wordpWho doesn t like bad ass chicks and guys that make your heart swoon This book turned out to be nothing like i have read before From the make your heart melt scenes to the werewolf ass kicking Not that i have something against werewolves but in this book they were shown under a different light as the baddies Leigh Tyler is a former kindergarten teacher whose world is shattered when her family, including her fiance, is murdered by a white werewolf Soo [...]

    9. Leigh Tyler is a former kindergarten teacher whose world is shattered when her family, including her fiance, is murdered by a white werewolf Soon after, she is recruited as a member of the Jager Suchers, a secret organization of werewolf hunters Her leader Edward sends her to the town of Crow Valley, Wisconsin, to investigate unusual werewolf activity, as it appears there is a werewolf killing and eating other werewolves Edward also wants Leigh to train a new Jager Sucher recruit named Jessie Mc [...]

    10. Leigh Tyler s family was murdered by werewolves and she has been on the path for vengeance ever since She s asked to come to Crow Valley to train Jessie from the previous book, Blue Moon and to figure out why werewolves keep showing up dead with no evidence of having been wounded with silver Damien, the bartender working in the bar below the apartment in which Leigh is staying, is extremely mysterious and seems to also have a traumatic past And of course, there s the extreme attraction they feel [...]

    11. Leigh is one of the best Jager Sucher were wolf killers but inside she has lost her will to do anything but seek revenge She is happily killing wolves in Canada when her boss sends her to a small town because something odd is happening here The werewolves are killing each other which cannot be right When she arrives in town she meets Jessie and Will Blue Moon and our leading man Damien The problem is now Leigh has found how broken and cut off she is but can she warm up to new friends or will she [...]

    12. I enjoyed this story of Leigh and Damien They were both very human, flawed, yet struggling to make something of their tragedies The passion is hot and steamy as in all the Handeland s I ve read so far The plot too is well thought out A good offering for the genre.Re read 03 11 2015 Coming back to this after so long made me realise why I enjoy Handeland s narrative of myth and legend turned into interesting supernatural romance The myth of the Power Eater is a chilling one, combining the evils of [...]

    13. Was very much like the first book, sometimes slightly better, but a huge disappointment After the horrible first novel, I gave this and the third novel a chance, because my main problem was the heroine, Jessie Unfortunately the heroine in this book, Leigh, is just like Jessie The plot was just a little better, mostly because it offered a background story Now, what s wrong with the guys in Handeland s books It seems they all say the same stuff Waited for you all my life blah and If you want it to [...]

    14. Well, because of the enthusiasm of the first book I expected a very good continuation But the book disappointed me very much.The beginning of the book is similar to the first one, but in this part it was a big problem of the similarities Often you think that you read the first book and it seems as the author hadn t a idea for this book and write it down without any new thoughts The story has not many suspenses and the erotic scene are very thin and sketchy, too.The flashbacks for the dead of Lei [...]

    15. Another great installment of the Night Creatures series I love how the author uses Ojibwe history, tales and ceremonies to create a plot base that is completely unique The book started off a little slow, as did Blue Moon Nightcreatures 1 We are introduced to a new character, Leigh who has been hunting werewolves for several years for a government organization called the Jager Sucher Society She has been sent to a small town in Wisconsin to help train Jessie, the town Sherriff and her lover Willi [...]

    16. I liked this book better than Blue moon It has actually convinced me to get the next book in the series.It is a nice easy read, still not alot of heart to it but than Blue Moon I actually found myself getting to know Jessie and Will the main characters in Blue Moon alot better, and it wasn t even their book I really liked story it was a little less predictable I and thought that Damien and Leigh were pretty damn cool.One thing I m not used to is the negative speal on warewolves These books trea [...]

    17. I was expecting out of this book because I liked the first one in this series Blue Moon so much I think that this book had too much sex in it I know there was sex in the first one also but it just seemed like this one went a little overboard.That said I still liked the story I liked the character Leigh, she showed what I think most powerful women feel, that there is a soft side to them also no matter how much they try to cover it up I liked that Jessie was still a part of this book While we did [...]

    18. Hold a grudge much The female lead in the book has decided revenge will be her mission in life How long can you have nothing in your life but anger To be honest I would think its plausible given her back story but it makes for a not very likable character So Leigh is sent to small town Wisconsin to solve the wolf problem Enter Damien Fitzgerald, an enigma wrapped in a mystery He seems to be hiding an awful lot, not to mention he seems to be in all the wrong places at all the wrong times Sadly Le [...]

    19. Der 362 Seiten lange zweite Band der Night Creatures Reihe von Lori Handeland ist ebenso furios wie Wolfskuss In Wolfsgesang wird nach und nach die Geschichte von Leigh Tyler erz hlt, die sich durch die Geschehnisse in Wisconsin mit ihrer eigenen Vergangenheit auseinandersetzen muss.Der Leser trifft auch alte Bekannte in diesem Band wieder Und die neuen Charaktere Leigh und Damien sind vielschichtig und spannend Und wer ist Damien berhaupt Wird er es schaffen, die kaltschn uzige Leigh zu erweich [...]

    20. I really did like this book It started out slow enough and didn t think I would get to far, but then the plot thickened, as they say, and held my interest from that point This is about Leigh, who is a werewolf hunter, and has been called to a small town in Wisconsin to help the local sheriff battle the abnormal amount of werewolves there She meets up with Damien Fitzgerald who is also a werewolf but Leigh doesn t know it She knows she is attracted to him but in her kind of work she doesn t have [...]

    21. Again love this book from Lori Handeland There are two characters here that made me laugh between there smart retorts to each other not wanting the other to know that they they really like the other as a friend Leigh and Jessie really cracked me up But Leigh and Damien are really great The chemistry that they share each knowing they can t tell the other anything truthful about theirselves but at the same time having this physical attraction to each other The story and plot was also again so amaz [...]

    22. Like the Dirk Steele books, this series focuses on a different romantic pair of characters, while sometimes including people from previous books This one still had Jessie and Will in it a lot, although the new star was Leigh I did not like Leigh s character as much as I liked Jessie s, but it was still a good story, although I do kind of see a pattern forming It s only the second book, so we ll see where it s going Plus its fun to see how many Ojibwe words I can recognize There s not a universal [...]

    23. I didn t care at all for the main female character, Leigh Tyler She was rude, plain and simple I guess I was supposed to feel sorry for her because her family was eaten by werewolves, but whatever The other female, Jesse McQuade from the first book in the series, was equally unlikeable Once again we have an author who attempted to write strong, independent female characters and failed miserably On the other hand, I found the main male character, Damien Fitzgerald, intriguing I really wish this b [...]

    24. I haven t read the first book in the series and I was worried that I wouldn t be able to enjoy this book Lori Handeland did a good job of making it easy to simply pick up the second book in a series and not feeling like you re on the outside looking in I loved that it wasn t a typically werewolf story There were added elements of legends brought in and that, for me, made it than just a simple story of girl likes boy, girl doesn t know that boy is werewolf, girl kills werewolves for a living.

    25. This book I liked even than the first one.Mostly because there s a werewolf which isn t a bad guy I loved Damien and I loved his sadness I loved even the fact that Leigh fell in love with him no matter what I also kinda hope that there ll be a cure for him and they both can have Leigh s fantasy of a future with kids and everything.The story about the weendigo and the blood moon was quite interesting too I like the myths the author brings together.

    26. Leigh reminded me of Laurell K Hamilton s protagonist Anita Blake, but unlike Anita Blake, whose backlash and banter were witty and only against one particular person, Leigh was just annoying She backlashed against everybody, bickered constantly, and often reminded herself of her past A lot of the time I wanted to slap her across the face and tell her to shut up and move on.

    27. There were a few problems with this book First of all I felt that I was reading the first book in the series all over again It was very similar to the first in the series It felt like the story was just repeating itself but with different characters A lot of similar lines like the first book I liked the guy but for some reason I really couldn t get into the girl character She wasn t my favorite character.

    28. This was a great follow up to Blue Moon, Book 1 in this series This book continues where Blue Moon left off however, it was narrated by a new protagonist, Leigh, a wolf hunter out for revenge, who was not in the previous book The main characters from Blue Moon are still in this book, which was nice It was interesting to see them from the perspective of Leigh this time around.

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