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Dark Water By Linda Hall,

  • Title: Dark Water
  • Author: Linda Hall
  • ISBN: 9781578569540
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
  • P.I Jake Rikker has been retained to find a stalker A challenge that could help redeem his life if he doesn t lose it first A private investigator, kayak adventurer, and whale watching to
    Dark Water P I Jake Rikker has been retained to find a stalker A challenge that could help redeem his life if he doesn t lose it first A private investigator kayak adventurer and whale watching to

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    1. Linda Hall s Fog Point series revolves around whale watching tour guide Jake Rikker and his widowed partner, May They re enlisted to help Elise St Dennis, an acclaimed jewelry designer who has been corresponding with a prison inmate named Wesley Stoller, who is released and is believed to be stalking her Jake develops feelings for Elise, despite her erratic behavior she refuses to allow the police to be involved May suspects some locals might be involved the ne er do well Featherjohn family and [...]

    2. I m torn with my ok rating this definitely wasn t my least favorite book ever, but it definitely warrants making the cut.I don t think I ve ever been introduced to a non villainous character who I hated than Elise St Dennis I literally told a coworker that I was hoping for her death rather early in the book This woman besides being an emotionally abusive, manipulative, user, psychotic murderer Woops Ending giveaway is wimpy, pathetic, clingy, just a flat out poor example of humanity Finding out [...]

    3. On vacation in Maine, seeking a new book in a small lending donation based library Never heard of the author but seemed like a fun little mystery Worth the 2 I had on me.It was entertaining but somewhat weakly written Jake, our main character, was a dope I m glad his partner, May, was the real PI because he was pretty useless, falling easily for damsels in distress and overlooking inconsistencies that any normal person would wonder about The mystery itself wasn t great, fairly predictable, no bi [...]

    4. Jake Rikker is a private investigator and a Whale Watching tour guide he is based out of an old purple church, He is caught off guard by his new client Elise St Dennis an up and coming jewelry designer She wants him to find something not an object but an ex con who has traced her to Fog Point She is afraid to go to the police and she is a little desperate Jake senses an attraction to her so he throws himself into helping her Aided by May a crusty Widow and also his business partner But as Jake d [...]

    5. This book has left me a tad conflicted While I did enjoy most of it, I found the main character Elise quite strange annoying from the very start But then with the way it ended, which TOTALLY threw me, it kind of explained her weirdness I guess a part of me knew there was something fishy about her and that s why I disliked her I quite enjoyed the rest of the book though, I always like a good mystery suspense story and if this book was anything it was definitely that

    6. This took me a while to read only because life through us into a loop when my mom got sick and came to live with us on hospice When my mom past it took me awhile to pick it up again but when I did it was like I never put it down I loved the ending because it makes you feel like there is out there It s not the kind of ending that you feel left out there hanging I am now reading the second book in the series and am already enjoying that.

    7. Well, I guess I liked the writing and the action till about 2 3 thru the book Then I felt the author got confused The ending was terrible the villian was framed, the most interesting and sinister character was still unknown by the main characters, I wasn t sure who the main characters really were, and subplots had gotten mixed up in the main plot for no good reason.Too bad The first 2 3 really showed the author could build suspense and action.

    8. This is my second book by this author I really enjoyed seeing some of the same characters I liked Jake and May and how they worked together It was a good suspenseful read I actually read the second book first and then saw this one I look forward to reading about Fog Point.

    9. Second time read not sure Jake, single dad, May, a widow, are PIs who solve the case of Elise, single mom, who seems to be being stalked by her ex husband good plot, characterization, descriptions love Linda s writing kept my interest

    10. The last one hundred pages are the best There seemed to be a lot of distracting sub stories like the author wanted to throw the reader off Instead they were just annoying and made the book longer than necessary.

    11. Starts off well, with lots of twists and turns that keeps you guessing then about 3 chapters from the end all is revealed in such a way that it feels like an anti climax with a dissappointing ending.

    12. I love me a good mystery I really enjoyed how the characters were not all they seemed to be I can t wait to read the sequel.

    13. Private detective finds himself hired by a woman who isn t telling him the whole story But in the end this attempt at small town noir ends up a little dumb.

    14. I enjoyed this book and it was a really quick read The heroine was a bit needy for my taste but all in all I would recommend it Interesting characters and nice story location.

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