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Up from History: The Life of Booker T. Washington By Robert J. Norrell,

  • Title: Up from History: The Life of Booker T. Washington
  • Author: Robert J. Norrell
  • ISBN: 9780674032118
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Since the 1960s, Martin Luther King, Jr has personified black leadership with his use of direct action protests against white authority A century ago, in the era of Jim Crow, Booker T Washington pursued a different strategy to lift his people In this compelling biography, Norrell reveals how conditions in the segregated South led Washington to call for a less content Since the 1960s, Martin Luther King, Jr has personified black leadership with his use of direct action protests against white authority A century ago, in the era of Jim Crow, Booker T Washington pursued a different strategy to lift his people In this compelling biography, Norrell reveals how conditions in the segregated South led Washington to call for a less contentious path to freedom and equality He urged black people to acquire economic independence and to develop the moral character that would ultimately gain them full citizenship Although widely accepted as the most realistic way to integrate blacks into American life during his time, Washington s strategy has been disparaged since the 1960s The first full length biography of Booker T in a generation, Up from History recreates the broad contexts in which Washington worked He struggled against white bigots who hated his economic ambitions for blacks, African American intellectuals like W E B Du Bois who resented his huge influence, and such inconstant allies as Theodore Roosevelt Norrell details the positive power of Washington s vision, one that invoked hope and optimism to overcome past exploitation and present discrimination Indeed, his ideas have since inspired peoples across the Third World that there are many ways to struggle for equality and justice Up from History reinstates this extraordinary historical figure to the pantheon of black leaders, illuminating not only his mission and achievement but also, poignantly, the man himself 20081015
    Up from History The Life of Booker T Washington Since the s Martin Luther King Jr has personified black leadership with his use of direct action protests against white authority A century ago in the era of Jim Crow Booker T Washington pursu

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    1. One of the best things about being an active reader, is getting the opportunity to discover that the foundation of a long held and firm belief, actually rested on pudding To have such shifts in thinking, is what real living should be about No matter how uncomfortable that process can be I always took W.E.B Dubois s side over Booker T Washington I never considered Booker T a sell out or an Uncle Tom But I did think his actions were mostly self serving, and toward the end of his life, he died with [...]

    2. Excellent in its contextualization of Washington s strategies in his own place and time My one complaint is that, in trying to be fair to Washington, Norrell is often unfair to Du Bois, basically painting him as a man with a personal grudge Overall, though, I learned so many interesting historical details about Crumpackerism, the Brownsville scandal, etc that I ll take the bias along with it after all, I ve got a volume of Du Bois s complete writings at home that can correct the misleading impre [...]

    3. Book Review Up From HistoryRobert J Norrell s biography of Booker T Washington is a fresh look at the remarkable African American leader that explores his remarkable achievements in advancing the opportunities available to blacks in the Southern US in the face of nearly impossible opposition Washington was born a slave in 1856 on a Virginia farm and against all odds he succeeded in school, survived the Reconstruction Era following the civil war and established the Tuskegee Institute, a black sch [...]

    4. Booker T Washington was born a slave in Virginia, freed as a child, and was educated first in a rural school in West Virgina and then in a misssionary school in Virginia He was taught the New England virtues of hard work, thrift, hygiene neatness, moral behavior, and self control He emulated his teachers to the extent of losing his black accent In Tuskegee, Alabama, he promoted the same values for emancipated black children, together with an education suited to make them into teachers or artisan [...]

    5. As his title implies, Up From History, seeks to restore our understanding of Booker T Washington by placing him firmly in the context of the post reconstruction South The misrepresentation of Washington began even during his life, as he was under constant attacks from both white supremacists in the south and northern black men who sought to replace him as the perceived leader of his race Sadly, it was the latter who were most effective in tarnishing Washington s reputation for much of the 20th c [...]

    6. An excellent retelling of Booker T s life and work The author effectively demolishes the negative historiographical framework DuBois, Meier, Woodward, and Harlan imposed on the subject While clearly a sympathetic biographer, Norrell s treatment is balanced, critical, and well sourced In my upcoming master s thesis on the past century of historiography concerning Washington, I will offer these criticisms of Norrell s otherwise outstanding work He fails to place Booker T within the penumbra of Ame [...]

    7. A great account of the life of Booker T Washington Very formative and well written book about the struggles and triumphs that occured in his life time All the things I didn t know about the man and I don t know that are well documented in contemporary history It is a pity that W.E.B DuBois and his associates were at odds with Booker Washington and his associates, but he was unable to be aware of the extent of the terrible conditions black Americans were living under at that time He was truly a m [...]

    8. Norrell s revisionist history deserves to be read It allows Booker Washington s life to make the case for his greatness and it gives us a nuanced appreciation of one of the most subtle minds ever to lead black Americans Norrell says we ve allowed modern viewpoints to stunt our thinking about the constrains a man like BTW would have faced in the early 20th century in improving the lot of his race BTW was no Uncle Tom, but a man whose original vision and strategy would be repeated in some ways by [...]

    9. My only criticism of the book is the author sometimes does not do a good job introducing new people The example that is freshest in my mind is the first time the author mentions Woodrow Wilson, the author only used Wilson s last name Only the context election of 1912 gives away that the Wilson the author is talking about is the president.I think Washington was correct in teaching self reliance and economic independence, and I like seeing that the author spent the time and effort to write this bo [...]

    10. I haven t read any other biographies of Booker T Washington so I can t compare Up From History to them Unto itself, Up From History puts Washington s life into the context of his place and time It portrays him as a man who tried to do what he could for his people against incredible odds He worked in a constructive, positive way in the face of monumental hatred and ignorance I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century American history.

    11. In reading this book, I learned just how politically influential Booker T Washington was at the turn of the 20th century This comprehensive biography walks the reader through his life in a very readable way I appreciate now how hard Booker worked to change the public s perspective on blacks in post Civil War America He defied so many odds, in great part thanks to his mother s ingenuity when he was a young boy The title, of course, plays on the title of Booker s own influential work, Up From Slav [...]

    12. A remarkably strong review of Booker T Washington and his significance What really stands out is how Norrell locates Washington within the life and times of the Jim Crow south In doing so, he picks up the tension between north and south among the African American community, a tension also noted indirectly in James Weldon Johnson s Autobiography of an Ex Colored Man.

    13. Although I may question some of Norrell s interpretations of Washington, I greatly appreciated the fact that he treats Washington sympathetically and sets the record straight about W.E.B DuBois falsehoods.

    14. Glad I finally had the chance to read this book It is a much needed reevaluation of a great American figure.

    15. Trying to read non fiction Book was interesting Amazing what the mainstream attitudes were like during those times Got a little repetitive at the end, though.

    16. A good read If Norrell is correct, then a lot of wrongs have been committed against BTW s legacy He should have offered a much thorough analysis of the Tuskegee educational system.

    17. Read the first chapter, then it had to go back to the library I ll finish it when I have time.Who knew, I had one renewal So I m still reading it.

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