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A Fighting Man of Mars By Edgar Rice Burroughs,

  • Title: A Fighting Man of Mars
  • Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • ISBN: 9780345345110
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Tan Hadron from the realm of Gathol encounters a wide range of enemies in this science fiction thriller of the 1930 s He fends off green men, mad scientists, cannibals, spiders and white apes The main character, Tan Hadron, finds himself an unlikely hero in this pulp fiction classic A Fighting Man of Mars, is the seventh book in the Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian seriesTan Hadron from the realm of Gathol encounters a wide range of enemies in this science fiction thriller of the 1930 s He fends off green men, mad scientists, cannibals, spiders and white apes The main character, Tan Hadron, finds himself an unlikely hero in this pulp fiction classic A Fighting Man of Mars, is the seventh book in the Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian series.
    A Fighting Man of Mars Tan Hadron from the realm of Gathol encounters a wide range of enemies in this science fiction thriller of the s He fends off green men mad scientists cannibals spiders and white apes The main

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    1. A Fighting Man of Mars is the longest, and probably the best, of Edgar Rice Burroughs classic Barsoom science fiction sword operas In this story, John Carter takes a back seat to an ordinary martian soldier The story just gets better for it This is the high water mark of the series, both in terms of imagination and the sophistication of the story telling.The villain of this story is a power mad tyrant who plans to conquer all of Mars using a combination of super science and an uncountable teemin [...]

    2. For something new and different, this time he recounts the adventures of a native born Martian Tan Hadron has no connection to John Carter than being a cousin of his son in law and being in his service in Helium.And he s in love with a rich and haughty woman, Sanoma Tora, in Helium, but his connection means she has entre to the royal palaces there in his company, and she graciously consented to let him escort her.Then she s wooed by the agents of a Jeddak, and she will take him as long as he ma [...]

    3. This is the story of Tan Hadron as related by Ulysses Paxton, the hero from Mastermind of Mars , as Tan Hadron seeks to rescue the beautiful but shallow princess Sanoma Tora In the course of his quest Tan Hadron befriends Tavia the slave girl who assists him in rescuing Sanoma Tora When the princess of his desire proves herself unworthy of his love, Tan Hadron accepts Tavia s love instead, and she surprize surprize turns out to be a princess herself.These stories are not high art, or even good s [...]

    4. It starts to feel a bit of a chore to keep going with this series They re still irreverent, campy, fun But, Burroughs really seems to struggle for a new plot device Each time our hero is in love with a beautiful but unavailable woman She gets kidnapped by hitherto unknown baddie or entire hitherto unknown species of baddies and our hero has to go on a lengthy quest to save her possibly realising he s not in love with her after all Coincidence and repeated set pieces abound, but you re tempted to [...]

    5. The Fighting Man referred to in the title is Hadron of Hastor, a soldier of Helium When the woman he loves is abducted, Hadron sets out in pursuit, leading to a grand adventure.Burroughs once again proves himself a master storyteller, even though some of his plot twists strain logic But if you are willing to go along for the ride, it s an exhilarating journey.

    6. A Fighting Man of Mars is book 7 of 11 John Carter novels that Edgar Rice Burroughs gave to the world It first appeared serially in The Blue Book Magazine from April September 1930, and, at almost 250 pages, is the longest of all the Carter novels As in the previous three books in the series, Carter himself only makes a few token appearances, the action mantle this time falling on a distant relation of his, Tan Hadron As Carter did for Dejah Thoris in books 1 3, and Carthoris did for Thuvia in b [...]

    7. Edgar Rice Burrougs did it again This is the seventh Barsoom book, and still this book is a pleasure to read Once Burroughs created situations, persons and communities on Barsoom that are novel and intersting enough to give you a pleasant time while reading about them It is difficult to realise that this book was written about 100 years ago It is still fresh as were it written nowadays In this book the I is a native Martian although his way of thinking is very earthly and this, but only this, c [...]

    8. Great story The hero in this story is Tan Hadron who is a minor noble who falls passionately in love with a noblewoman who rejects him She is later kidnapped and used as a pawn in a war Tan is called upon to rescue her and would be considered worthy of her Later he meets up with a strong willed but very passionate and devoted slave girl named Tavia In the end I loved what happened Especially the great battle Tan proves to be just as noble a hero John Carter and Ulysses Paxton are The only proble [...]

    9. Another good addition to the mars series This one was a little drawn out that the previous book It had a slightly different type of ending compared to the other books, so that was a nice edge, though you could easily see it coming from 1 4 way through It doesn t live up to the first 3 in the series, but it s still a good one overall.

    10. It s been so long since I ve read these books that the details are lost in the mist of time That said, I m sure there are variations in the quality of story and prose throughout this series it s Burroughs, after all , but I choose to remember the series as a whole, and rate it as I remember it through the eyes and mind of the child that read it for the first time

    11. After the irritating chore that was THE MASTERMIND OF MARS, I swore off the Barsoom books for a while Now, one year later, I ve just finished A FIGHTING MAN OF MARS, and I can say it s a marked improvement.Although FIGHTING MAN is very nearly as dumb as MASTERMIND, at least it recaptures the sense of fun missing from the previous installment The book may be total bull % , but at least it s entertaining bull%.As with several books in this series, Burroughs introduces a new main character so he ca [...]

    12. In this installment our hero is a low ranking officer who has fallen in love with a woman above his station in life His love is unrequited because she is rather shallow and holding out for a man with wealth and status She is kidnapped by an unknown force who has special weaponry that dissolves metal, causing our protagonist to go in search of her.During this search, the protagonist rescues a slave girl who has quite an amount of courage and fighting skills Together they rescue others who become [...]

    13. Either this or Chessmen is probably my favorite non original trilogy Barsoom book In this case, Burroughs mixes up the formula a little it s first person narration but from the point of view of a native Barsoomian Tan Hadron of Hastor is, of course, tall, clean limbed and a dab hand with a sword he s also, in some aspects of interpersonal relationships, dumb as a box of hammers.The set up is pretty much what you d expect a search to far corners of Mars for a kidnapped woman, during which he has [...]

    14. It s hard to beat the original 3 None of the books are as good without John Carter , but besides those, this is probably my favorite in the Barsoom series It comes complete with a love triangle, battling nations, giant lizards, giant spiders, invisibility cloaks That s right, one of Harry Potter s Deathly Hallows was on Barsoom long ago , disintegrating rays, cloaked battleships and so much .I even appreciated the love story Rather than the traditional for this series, or Disney movies love stor [...]

    15. I read this whole series when I was in Junior High and loved them I was bored at work a while ago and decided to see if I still thought they were any good after 40 years, so I downloaded them for free and started reading them on my iPad They are a lot cornier than I remembered and all the plots are very similar, but in spite of that I did enjoy reading them again I hopefully won t start fantasizing about being John Carter and rescuing the Incomparable Deja Thoris like I did as a geeky early teen [...]

    16. Another great entry in the Martian tales of ERB John Carter does not figure prominently in this one, although he does make an appearance or two I find this kind of adventure, fascination, and writing hard to match I know a great deal is based on fantasy and not science, however for pure storytelling, ERB makes a compelling story arc, and includes satisfying character resolutions to boot It s easy to see how science fiction and fantasty films like Star Wars have pilfered this material to populate [...]

    17. Please note, this 5 star rating is based on my long ago memories of this book I may have read it greater than 20 years ago I recall reading and really liking it, and even kept the book to read again in the future something I only do with good, or otherwise significant books The memories of an old man are sometimes faulty so this could really only warrant 3.5 to 4.5 stars, instead of the 5 I gave it Once I re read the book I will update this rating review to accurately reflect my thoughts.

    18. I read this twice because I wasn t sure I finished it the first time , and I enjoyed it again.I love how romantically dense Hadron is He thinks he s in love with the cold, selfish Sanoma Tora while his relationship with Tavia, his female comrade in arms, he considers just a deep, abiding friendship What a dope Every meaningful comment from Tavia he explains away, and he believes his devotion to her is mere loyalty Who can resist a good story about unrequited love

    19. Ah Here we have the tale of a young Barsoomian soldier who sets out to rescue the snobby woman he thinks he loves and in the process encounters all sorts of dangers including the ferocious white apes of Mars, large white lizards, a forest full of hideous spiders, a maniac scientist building death rays, and cannibals and eventually finds the woman he really loves Can there be a better synopsis than that I think not.

    20. It was nice to have a Barsoom story that didn t center on John Carter or his progeny or other Earthly humans I like how there are always tyrannical dictators to be overthrown but it gets a wee bit old Also, the love story was weak and waaaay too heavy handed And why did she have to turn out to be nobility after all

    21. Yup, this is definitely one of the best of the Barsoom series The fact that the story doesn t feature anyone from Earth except by a small cameo by John Carter , is actually kind of a bonus since you get to see an actual Barsoomian acting like a true Barsoomian hero This one has certainly given me a renewed enthusiasm to continue the series.

    22. The strongest of the Barsoom novels, I think Hadron who probably has no reason to know he shares a name with an elementary particle is not the brightest crayon in the box, but he s a good narrator and the political martial scientific arms race stuff going on in this installment are complex and realistic than usual In a good way.

    23. In this riveting Barsoom story, ERB writes about a native son of Mars It s refreshing that not every problem is solved by the incredible strength and dexterity endowed to John Carter All in all a great read, I highly recommend it

    24. Another one of those great old stories where the man finds girl then loses girl goes off to rescue her and finds the RIGHT girl with lots of action and amazing coincidences along the waylove this series.

    25. One of Burroughs best Instead of the typical fight to save the beautiful princess we find our hero falling for a fighting woman while working to save the woman that he sees as a prize This has one of the best developed female characters in the series and offers something new.

    26. One of the better non john carter entries in the series I thought Fairly action packed once it got going The love story was a bit overwrought and all too obvious, but in this respect it reminded me of meeting my wife.

    27. Continues the same mood of the other six Barsoom books with a new protagonist and antagonist I give it a five because it delivered exactly what I expected when I first picked it up I would not recommend it to anyone who did not like any of the previous books.

    28. I love This one too I would definitely recommend these books I really liked them They were fun, exciting, and romantic.

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