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The Master Mind of Mars By Edgar Rice Burroughs,

  • Title: The Master Mind of Mars
  • Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • ISBN: 9780345334244
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. The Master Mind of Mars is book 6 of 11 John Carter adventures that Edgar Rice Burroughs gave to the world It first appeared in the magazine Amazing Stories Annual in July 1927, and John Carter himself only puts in a cameo appearance near the book s end Instead, our hero is another Earthman, Ulysses Paxton, who mysteriously gets transported to Barsoom Mars after being critically wounded on the battlefields of WW1 Paxton becomes an apprentice of the eponymous mastermind Ras Thavas, and from him l [...]

    2. Ulysses Paxton, fighting in World War I, finds himself transported to Mars with no reason than John Carter though this goes briskly than in Princess He finds himself in the lair of Ras Thavas, a slightly mad scientist who transplants organs, including brains, and can often revive the dead He has room after room of bodies suspended as if time did not pass.He trains Paxton, thinking that a man with nowhere to go is the most trustworthy he can find, and knowing he needs someone to transplant his [...]

    3. The Master Mind of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs is the sixth book in the Barsoom series Burroughs moves further away from John Carter by introducing a new hero, Ulysses Paxton, who uses his Martian name Vad Varo for most of the book Ulysses is a much different hero than John Carter, or for that matter Cathoris or Thuvia from Thuvia Maid of Mars or Gahan of Gathol or Tara of Helium from The Chessmen of Mars Ulysses s connection with John Carter is that when on Earth he read the stories of John Ca [...]

    4. Probably like a 4.5 or 4.75 .For this volume we re back to first person narration, but it s not John Carter it s Ulysses Paxton, another Earth man who makes his way to Barsoom from the trenches of WWI era Europe Paxton already has a basic familiarity with Barsoom because he s read ERB s previous books, although he thought they were fiction Burroughs was meta before meta was a thing This is an interesting installment it has much of a science fictional feel to it than other volumes well, a 1920 [...]

    5. review show Fun body switches Do you love the person inside Or does outside inside influence other side Ulysses Paxton narrates death in Civil War, waking naked on Mars, apprenticeship to transplant expert ancient Ras Thavas of Toonol, who calls him Vad Varo Ras does good, giving arm to worker whose own was crushed, new brain to demented child from violent deaths p 394Into lovely body, they put brain of Xaxa, old ruler of Phundahlia although She is an ignorant, arrogant, selfish, stupid, cruel v [...]

    6. The Master Mind of Mars completes the little mini arc of philosophy I ve described In Thuvia, Maid of Mars, we meet a city of realists and etherealists, the latter of whom believe that none of us exist but both of whom are so focused on the creations of their minds as to ignore reality in The Chessmen of Mars, we meet a race of Martians who have developed into all brain the kaldanes and all body the rykors , neither of whom enjoys the fullest pleasures of life and in The Master Mind of Mars, we [...]

    7. Although Burroughs s earlier Barsoom novels are nominally science fiction thanks to their setting, The Mastermind of Mars moves closer to true SF and away from the fantastical romances of its predecessors They still, however, have a lot in common including many of the same basic plot elements ERB recycled throughout his writing career.All in all, I find it a lesser effort The sense of wonder and adventure we enjoyed in the previous novels is downplayed in favor of a slower pace and a smaller spa [...]

    8. This book introduces a new hero, Ulysses Paxton, a young soldier who finds himself on Mars after having his legs blown off in the trenches of WWI Ulysses finds himself working for a scientist in the business of buying beautiful bodies and performing brain transplants for the discontented rich Ulysses falls in love with a beautiful young girl whose body has unfortunately been sold to an evil ugly Empress, and so he sets out to recover it for her and swap the two brains back into their rightful bo [...]

    9. This story follows the adventures of an unrelated hero, Ulysses Paxton, an Earthman Like John Carter, Paxton arrives on Mars via astral projection and ends up being trained by mad scientist Ras Thavas, the titular Mastermind of Mars, in the techniques of mind body transfer Paxton uses these techniques to restore his beloved Valla Dia s brain into her own beautiful body after her brain had been swapped with that of the hideous Xaxa of Phundahl.These stories are not high art, or even good sci fi f [...]

    10. John Carter is not the only one who travels to Mars Enter Captain Ulysses Paxton, US Army While on the fields of battle in the Great War, Paxton suddenly mortally wounded and fixes his gaze on the twinkling red planet in the dark night sky He stretches out his arms toward this sparkling light and in almost a blink of an eye finds himself laying flat on his back gazing up into a bright sun lit sky Standing over him is Ras Thavas, Barsoom s greatest scientist Thus begins the adventurers of another [...]

    11. In this tale of Barsoom, author Edgar Rice Burroughs shifts perspectives again, this time focusing on a newcomer to the franchise named Ulysses Paxton, who became acquainted with John Carter in the autumn of 1917 While on the battlefields of the First World War, with maimed legs, Paxton becomes drawn by the scarlet glow of Mars, where he becomes whole again Paxton first meets an old man on Barsoom, whose life he saves, after which the elder leads him to a cave where he conducts sundry experiment [...]

    12. JJ HillJ Campbell6th Period honors English8 6 17 I thoroughly enjoyed The Master Mind of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs The exiting adventure of Ulysses Paxton, or Vad Varo, joined by one of the weirdest groups of people imaginable, a resurrected assassin, a guy in someone else s body, and a 10 foot tall Martian ape with half a human brain, was to retrieve the stolen body of his love, who was killed and became a test subject and was resurrected in the body of a shriveled old lady They traveled thr [...]

    13. Another great addition to the Warlord of Mars series Unlike the other books in the series, this story delved into science fiction aspects such as false gods and crazy medical experimentation There was a mix of mailicous political intrigue and manipulation with some of the Mars rulers as a result of those gods and experiments which the main protagonist faced in his efforts throughout the book.

    14. It s picking up again There are layers and better story telling I think we may have moved past some of the I want to say lower level descriptions and plot developments hang ups the previous two books seemed to have And I am looking forward to the next

    15. The mad scientist stuff is pretty fun As is the satire of militant atheists and religious fanatics But it s adventure aspect is a bit boring and predictable even if his comrades are interesting The later Barsoom books seem like a cash in and lack the power of the earlier entries.

    16. Another earthman makes it to Mars where he becomes involved in organ transplants that include brains He falls for one of the girls and seeks to get her body back Although written in the 20 s, there is an interesting reference to wireless telephones and cameras.

    17. A TRADE IN BODIESFormer Earthman Ulysses Paxton served Barsoom s greatest scientist, until his master s ghoulish trade in living bodies drove him to rebellion Then, to save the body of the woman he loved, he had to attack mighty Phundahl and its evil beautiful ruler The Sixth in Burroughs Martian series sees a new Earthman, Ulysses Paxton, transported from the Hell of the trenches of World War I to the red sands of Barsoom We know this, because he took the trouble to write a letter to Edgar Rice [...]

    18. Despite being the 6th novel in the series, in this story Burroughs proves that there are plenty of stories left to tell on Barsoom, and that John Carter or Carthoris don t need to be present to have a compelling story.Our protagonist is a World War I soldier with the incredibly badass name Ulysses Paxton When he gets blown in half by an artillery shell, he finds himself on Barsoom, a planet he knows well from Edgar Rice Burrough s stories I like that as with John Carter s original teleportation [...]

    19. The Mastermind of Mars is the sixth book in Edgar Rice Burroughs s Mars series The first is A Princess of Mars If you like ridiculous space opera, I recommend this series The first five are available on Project Gutenberg I got this one and the seventh in e book form from BN, as The Third Martian Omnibus This is one of the better of the seven Mars books I have read The hero, Ulysses Paxton, is another Earthling who, like John Carter, has traveled to Barsoom to find a new life among the red men He [...]

    20. These were considered planetary romances according to one source back when this series from the creator of Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs, was written This series of about 10 books started in 1912 and culminated around 1948 There s an odd mention of a book in 1964, but the other had been dead for 14 years by then Plus there are a few shorts published in some pulp periodicals of the 1940s where many of these stories appeared in years prior.Today we call this stuff sci fi, but it s quite different M [...]

    21. This book had an interesting premise If medical procedures could progress to a point where we could swap out any body part, including the brain, how would that affect society People could live forever by swapping out parts or even entire bodies If this had been a stand alone novel, I think it would have worked better As a Barsoom novel, there are certain things you come to expect My two favorite things about Barsoom are the fantastic world filled with fantastic creatures and the larger than life [...]

    22. Although this struck me as the most focused story in the series up to this point and one that presaged any number of brain transplant body swapping SF stories that would come later, I could barely get through it What I enjoy about Burroughs isn t his ability to write moden, coherent novels, but rather how he packs so much imagery and energy into the earlier parts of this series When he slows down, pins his story to just one or two places and problems, and tries to work out complications of motiv [...]

    23. Burroughs brings up some interesting ideas in this book The switching of bodies and the effect that would have on people psychologically, varying by what they are being switched to and whether it was by or against their will is the most prominent example in this book, but I m sure the talking idol made an impression on some as it was likely less used to that point Still, they are used only as the color in the standard Burroughs fare This is yet another escapist fantasy where a common man usually [...]

    24. We own this as part of an omnibus Edgar Rice Burroughs Science Fiction Classics Pellucidar, Thuvia Maid of Mars, Tanar of Pellucidar, the Chessman of Mars, the Master Mind of Mars

    25. Burrough s Martian stories have increasing put the original hero John Carter, into a marginal role.In this volume, Ulysses Paxton, a soldier who is dying in the trenches during World War I, is transported to Mars, and taken in by master surgeon Ras Thavas Thavas has developed techniques to preserve bodies and use them as organ banks for the living Even going so far as to transfer the brains of the aged into younger bodies Thavas mentors Paxton, and teaches him his surgical methods, but things go [...]

    26. Idealtaan ja henkil gallerialtaan paras t h nastisista Uusi Marsiin siirtynyt Maan mies l htee hakemaan takaisin rakastettunsa ruumista, johon on siirretty vanhan aatelisnaisen aivot, ja apunaan h nell on kuolleista her tetty kuuluisa palkkamurhaaja, v r n ruumiiseen joutunut vartiokaartin p llikk sek ihmisen aivoilla varustettu suuri valkoinen apina Jo kirjan alku, jossa asetelmaa pedataan ja tutustutaan Marsin neron kummallisiin kirurgisiin toimiin, on mit herkullisin, ja erikoisen seurueen pe [...]

    27. I like Burroughs so much that I even like bad Burroughs, but this book the 6th in the Mars series is one of his best Our hero, Ulysses Paxton, a dying soldier on a World War I battlefield, is mysteriously beamed up to Mars where he ends up serving as a laboratory assistant to a weird scientist who has discovered the secret of switching people from one body to another Paxton falls in love with a beautiful young woman who is unfairly trapped in the old body of a mean empress, and vows to restore h [...]

    28. Another American finds himself on Mars in the laboratories of a Martian medical savant who gains wealth by switching out the brains of local aristocrats and jeddaks with those of beautiful slaves or criminals Somehow this works and produces a series of wrongs that must be righted The American Ulysses Paxton sets off with a cadre to the nearby city of Pfundahl to rescue the body of one of these hapless victims That it is now hosting the city states leader is just a minor problem John Carter makes [...]

    29. While the other Barsoom novels are essentially non stop action adventure stories, this one is a bit of a true science fiction story It features a Martian scientist who has discovered the secrets of immortality, by means of transferring the brain between bodies Burroughs investigates the repercussions of this scientific advance while spinning out the usual swordplay, narrow brushes with death, and damsels in distress The book is also noticeably satirical than the others in the series, as the au [...]

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