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Swords of Mars By Edgar Rice Burroughs,

  • Title: Swords of Mars
  • Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • ISBN: 9780345329561
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Swords of Mars is the eighth book in the Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian series It was featured in six issues of the Blue Book magazine in 1934 1935 John Carter reprises his role of hero as he vows to bring an end to the Assassins Guild He must travel to one of the moons of Barsoom, Carter then creates a race of secret super assassins to destroy this powerful Guild of Swords of Mars is the eighth book in the Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian series It was featured in six issues of the Blue Book magazine in 1934 1935 John Carter reprises his role of hero as he vows to bring an end to the Assassins Guild He must travel to one of the moons of Barsoom, Carter then creates a race of secret super assassins to destroy this powerful Guild of Assassins He ventures to the city of Zedong in a fierce attempt to overthrow Ur Jan the leader pf the Assassins There are many fantastic characters and galaxies in this compelling spy story in this edge of your seat science thriller.
    Swords of Mars Swords of Mars is the eighth book in the Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian series It was featured in six issues of the Blue Book magazine in John Carter reprises his role of hero as he vows to br

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    1. For its first couple chapters, SWORDS OF MARS tricks you into thinking you re getting an atypical John Carter adventure, of a spy novel than a princess in peril yarn Alas, however, the book quickly falls back on repeating all the usual John Carter cliches, with Edgar Rice Burroughs basically writing on autopilot Especially disappointing was the book s final chapter, which felt like a whirlwind summary of what would normally be an additional 100 pages of story.Here are John Carter s stats for th [...]

    2. After a long hiatus from having John Carter as the central character, he s back Going to the city of Zodanga in disguise to dismantle the assassins guild, Carter encounters a scientist who has built a ship for interplanetary travel that can be controlled with the mind A wonderful tale that brings us from Barsoom to it s moon, Thuria, once again in pursuit of John Carter s beloved princess, Dejah Thoris I almost feel guilty liking these pulp stories so much but they re just so damn fun

    3. Swords of Mars is the 8th of 11 John Carter of Mars books that Edgar Rice Burroughs gave to the world It first appeared serially in the Blue Book Magazine in six parts, from November 1934 to April 1935, and is one of the best in the Carter series For the first time since book 3, The Warlord of Mars, Carter himself takes center stage, rather than making a brief cameo appearance, and his return as the lead character is perhaps the best single element of this book This time around, Carter goes to t [...]

    4. In my mind, the best John Carter book He s the main character in the first three books, and then functions as a King Arthur figure when he shows up afterwards he wraps everything up after the main actors have already done everything Perhaps Burroughs realized this, and wrote this one to make John Carter front and center again Entirely successfully, I might add Carter really drives the action even than in the first trilogy In this book, he s taking the fight to the assassins, instead of reacting [...]

    5. John Carter returns to the series in this story of his personnal war against the Guild of Assassins, which takes him to Thuria, one of the moons of Mars, and back The cliff hanger ending leaves John Carter separated from the incomparable Deja Thoris who is still held captive on Thuria.These stories are not high art, or even good sci fi fantasy but they are terrific yarns with exotic Barsoomian locales, fantastic beasts, flamboyant princesses, dastardly villains, and cliff hanging adventures in w [...]

    6. This tale of Barsoom opens with a prologue narrated by an unidentified character whom John Carter meets at his cabin in Arizona, after which Carter himself begins to narrate the main chapters for the first time since The Warlord of Mars On Barsoom, the city of Zodanga is home to one of the most powerful Martian assassin guilds, and is resistant to attacks by Helium John Carter thus goes to the city alone, wanting to sneak in during the day, going by the alias Vandor and meeting Rapas, who propos [...]

    7. An enjoyable story filled with pulp adventure and inventive, creative ideas Published first in 1934 35 as a serial, you can tell where the breaks were, but the story flows well despite its original format of one section per edition of a monthly magazine.John Carter seeks to clear out a nest of assassins in a nearby city, gets involved with a demented inventor, has to rescue his kidnapped love, and visits one of the moons of Mars The tale is told from the perspective of Carter who oozes confidenc [...]

    8. It s pretty fun and has some interesting new set pieces and races All the typical Burroughs flaws and strengths Really makes you want to visit Barsoom.

    9. Great to have John Carter back in the driver s seat as the protagonist in this Mars episode The story starts out as a sort of unconventional for a John Carter story undercover cop story with Carter working the underbelly of Zodanga Unfortunately the story reverts to type about half way through The ending was abrupt but I liked it.

    10. Disguised as a mercenary warrior, John Carter sought to break the power of the Assassins of Zodanga Spying on their councils, the Warlord discovered a plot to kidnap his beloved Dejah Thoris But it was too late to save her She was already in space, on the way to Thuria, Barsoom s nearer moon Blurb from the 1980 Del Rey paperback editionJohn Carter is again the central figure in this story which starts when Carter returns to earth in the documentary prologue to tell his tale of the kidnap of the [...]

    11. The hero of this book is John Carter himself, so it is inevitable that the incomparable Dejah Thoris gets herself kidnapped once again, and Carter must pursue her captors, while every beautiful woman in sight falls madly in love with him This time the chase leads him to the moon Thuria, which is not the tiny misshapen space potato we know in our universe, but an inhabited world with air and water and people, both human and weird It turns out that due to a little known scientific principle everyt [...]

    12. I cannot give this book 8 from the Barsoom series than 3 stars Why Because contrary to most of the preceding Barsoom books this story could for 80% or have been set on Earth or anywhere in the Universe, if it comes to that All the characters with the exception of one newly invented one behave like Earth people and there are even hardly any non earthly events or settings The inhabitants of this book eat in eathouses, walk home through small streets, the houses have doors and windows, that are n [...]

    13. In this eighth Barsoom novel, John Carter returns to center focus and is off on another rip roaring adventure If you re up to this point in the series, you should enjoy another great Martian journey This time, mighty JC is on a quest to assassinate the leader of the assassin s guild because assassination is wrongwait a minute Invariably, he will be lead through fantastical locations and situations, encounter nefarious fiends and damsels in distress, and show off his legendary sword dueling skill [...]

    14. Not the best of them The Barsoom series in my mind is notable for the pure inventive malarkey that Burroughs spreads liberally over the entire work, whether it be how the protagonist John Carter is spiritually transferred from a cave on Earth to the distant planet Mars for no adequately explained reason, a discussion of the extra colors of the spectrum that propels their air ships through the stratosphere or the calm revelation that the near human Red Martians are actually oviparous It s done wi [...]

    15. Another fun volume in the Barsoom series This one started out going in an interesting direction John Carter goes undercover in the Zodangan criminal underworld to infiltrate the Assassin s Guild Lots of intrigue and distrust, like a Martian gangster novel.Then about halfway through Spoiler Alert the assassins strike back and kidnap JohnCarter s mate, the incomparable Dejah Thoris From here the story devolved into Burrough s tried and true pursuit and rescue formula The setting is completely new, [...]

    16. Arguably the last of the truly good Barsoom novels John Carter is the narrator for the first time since Warlord, but this is or less a standalone adventure, much in the template of the last few books a princess Dejah Thoris in this case is kidnapped and the hero has to rescue her in the course of a series of increasingly improbable adventures This one begins in the city of Zodanga which Carter conquered waaaaaaay back in Princess of Mars before proceeding to exotic climes, and offers a glimpse [...]

    17. Swords of Mars is another of Burroughs s later, science fiction infused, tales of Barsoom It also marks the return of John Carter as first person narrator, though it makes little difference to the narrative there is little of the man who was exploring a new world in the first novels.He is, however, discovering a new world one of Mars s moons in this one, via some of the most preposterous pseudo science ever created And Burroughs was a bit of a master at doing just that The story is so so and se [...]

    18. John Carter, Warlord of Barsoom, is having trouble with the assassins of Zodanga so he decides to solve the problem with a little extra judicial killing of his own He forms a one man death squad and heads for Zodanga to kill the assassins, but the assassins counter attack by kidnapping his princess, Dejah Thoris, and hiding her on the moon Luckily Carter knows an evil inventor with a ship that will fly to the moon so he sets off to rescue her Dumb as it all sounds, it is actually entertaining st [...]

    19. Definitely in the top half of the Mars series up to this point, Swords of Mars has signs of structure and plotting almost throughout the book, and that wasn t so good for books 4 6, because they lacked the unpredictable momentum of the first three But there s a lot to like about this one adventures in ordinary Barsoom not seen much since the first book , plenty of John Carter himself not seen much since the third book , and also adventures out in exotic locales featuring both mad science and ne [...]

    20. John Carter decides it s time to get rid of the Assassins Guild on Mars, something they are un surprisingly not OK with Moon shots ensue.Huh, what How you get from an anti assassin crusade to flying to Mars s moon is a bit of a stretch Nonetheless, John goes to one of Mars s moons, and magically, it s as big as Mars itself don t ask, the explanation is beyond silly So, cool, lots of new races and monsters and stuff to fight and kill.The book wraps up the ending in 5 pages where 50 would have bee [...]

    21. Written in the 30s, well before the age of space exploration this book appealed to me strongly, like ERB s other Mars books, in that it is the furthest thing you can get from hard science SF Heavy on pure imagination and swords planetary romance, it s a captivating read and one of the better books of the series Where it suffers is its oddly rushed ending and also its curious, sudden intro Burroughs seemingly in a hurry to get these details out of the way in order to get to the story That and Joh [...]

    22. And just when I thought that John Carter wold not return as the principal character of the books, this book left me astonished I would say I m not very fond of the detective like books, but in the beginning it were better than that But the thing that attract all my attention, was the travel to the nearest moon, Thuria or Ladan Again the narrative of Mr Burroughs makes a fascinating landscape of a totally new world hoping to be discovered but in the end turn to be a world totally developed and ig [...]

    23. I think it was really fun, having John Carter as the main caracter again in this book I find it funny how he never relises that literally every woman falls in love with him.The concept of going to Thuria was interesting, although I would have liked it better if they had found it to be an uninhabitated piece of rock I really don t know how the Barsoomian scientists study the other planets and moons and I think they should be mistaken often.All in all, it was just as good as the previous books.

    24. Please note, this 5 star rating is based on my long ago memories of this book I may have read it greater than 20 years ago I recall reading and really liking it, and even kept the book to read again in the future something I only do with good, or otherwise significant books The memories of an old man are sometimes faulty so this could really only warrant 3.5 to 4.5 stars, instead of the 5 I gave it Once I re read the book I will update this rating review to accurately reflect my thoughts.

    25. Hmm A good story with John Carter saving Dejah from Zodangan mercenaries while pretending to be a Barsoomian bounty hunter I found it a little odd that they traveled to the moon of Mars, kind of had to suspend a little to the imagination While there is a possibility of life on Mars its not very likely on their moons I mean look at our moon, pretty lifeless Ending is almost abrupt Still a good start with all the adventure that E.R.B can bring B

    26. Not the best in this series, but entertaining John Carter sets out to bust the assassins guild in the city of Zodanga, then the plot takes a 90 degree turn involving a computer operated spaceship, a trip to one of Mars moons and a battle with the moon s invisible inhabitants The space travel and technical elements make it closer to the mainstream SF of the day than most of this series fun, though not first ranked.

    27. John Carter is the prime hero in this episode He travels to a neighboring city to end the Assassins Guild While in Zedong, his Love is abducted to be held for ransom on Mar s moon Carter follows in a stollen ship that is controlled by mind waves, captured by a Jeddack, escapes, and returns to Mars to find his wife in the clutches of the kidnapper Of course, all ends well and they are reunited.

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