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Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania By Andy Behrman,

  • Title: Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania
  • Author: Andy Behrman
  • ISBN: 9780140288858
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
  • Put sex, drugs, art forgeries, and manic depression into a blender, run it at top speed for 10 minutes, and out pops Electroboy, Andy Behrman s high octane autobiography The story begins as an exhilarating view into the manic s world, with spontaneous flights to Tokyo, sketchy East Village bars, and a nonstop inner dialogue that makes your pulse race just to keep up ThePut sex, drugs, art forgeries, and manic depression into a blender, run it at top speed for 10 minutes, and out pops Electroboy, Andy Behrman s high octane autobiography The story begins as an exhilarating view into the manic s world, with spontaneous flights to Tokyo, sketchy East Village bars, and a nonstop inner dialogue that makes your pulse race just to keep up The remainder of the book slows down considerably, starting with Behrman s New Jersey childhood and winding through a successful education, a rapid accumulation of debts, a forged painting scam that lands him in prison, and finally a series of electroshock treatments that allow him to find some balance in life at last Between titillating tales of stripping for extra cash and excessive drug use, Behrman charts his experiences with therapists and a wide variety of prescription medications No clear picture is presented of his attempts at counseling there is much skipping around between therapists, from whom he manages to hide the extent of his difficulties In his first experience with Prozac, he doubles his original dose to speed up and later fires his psychiatrist for medicating him like an absolute lunatic This tale alone makes his doctors come across as sympathetic characters than Behrman might have intended Like many confessional memoirs, Electroboy is a blunt tale that relies heavily on the shock value of his ber yuppie behavior, which ends up detracting from the potentially fascinating story of his illness Jill Lightner
    Electroboy A Memoir of Mania Put sex drugs art forgeries and manic depression into a blender run it at top speed for minutes and out pops Electroboy Andy Behrman s high octane autobiography The story begins as an exhilar

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    1. I wrote a really insensitive review of this a couple years ago you can see in the comments some people reacting to my bone headed ness with grace and sensitivity, just the opposite of the way I reacted to this book its author I feel shitty about it, so I m redoing this review Sorry if that s a bit revisionist history of me.I also want to say that I don t have any kind of psych background, and little context to understand manic personality disorder To be completely honest, I think my longtime par [...]

    2. Sometimes, being a therapist, you forget what real true mania looks like because you don t get to see it too often Granted, you see some hypomania, but you don t see the graphicness of true mania 20,000 Barney s shopping sprees, prostitution, 3 a.m random travel to wherever, or lying, cheating, and stealing without fear of getting caught Reading this book was like watching a horrible TV special on fast forward horrible because it made you feel uncomfortable for Behrman and also for the people he [...]

    3. A memoir by one of those 80 s yuppie schmucks This one is afflicted with manic depression, emphasis on the manic part, so the interesting parts of the book deal with his crazy, obsessive, reckless, scamming, over sexed, money burning frenzies Oh, and he was involved in a major international art fraud case.I didn t like him, his writing style, or aspects of the book, but it was still interesting, and it reminded me of some of my manic friends, except on a grander, screwed up scale.I checked out [...]

    4. One of my absolute favorite books Fast paced and highly entertaining I read it for the second time this year.

    5. Electroboy is one of the better Bipolar memoirs I ve read I d rank it up there with Marya Hornbacher s Madness I love the prose s frenetic pace that accurately captures mania the racing crowded thoughts, the embers inside your overstimulated brain, the compulsiveness and impulsiveness, the agitation, sleeplessness, etc Behrman trusts readers to pick up on the style s expression of theme as another reviewer wrote, Behrman shows mania If you want mere information, try Google or a brochure, not a m [...]

    6. This is a weird book It claims to be a memoir about living with manic depression mania, but it s not very memoir like at all, and the day to day life described doesn t sound a whole lot like bipolar depression either The weirdest thing is the way it s written Even though the guy is doing some really high stakes and sometimes outrageous stuff and staying up for days at a time, the events are told in a sort of monotone, and the excitement of what s going on isn t really captured at all It s sort o [...]

    7. Electroboy A Memoir of Mania by Andy Behrman hooked me in from the very start with his childhood obsessions, his manic episodes and shocking behaviour One minute I was cringing, the next totally engaged with his art forging escapades and electro shock therapy Always emphathising with Andy Behrman the person, praying that he would somehow Recover and lead a normal life.Electroboy, the MOVIE comes out soon.

    8. Omg This was a total piece of garbage I am so sick and tired of memoirs that have no depth This was just a recounting of his awesome times and how much money he made and how he barely even was punished for art fraud Oh, and he had electroshock therapy He kinda threw that in there as a sidenote AWFUL

    9. I get it, a bipolar memoir is bound to be a little difficult to follow I m sure it was no accident that the the author understand and successfully treated his mental illness, the the narrative became simplier, easier to follow It is an accurate depiction of bipolar and how difficult some cases are to manage and medicate.

    10. I forgot about this one, red it years ago But on my quest to find a new crazy book, I remembered this little gem I thoroughly enjoyed it, perhaps because of my own identification with a lot of it I think you d have to really WANT to read about mental illness and how entertaining it is to enjoy it

    11. Andy Behrman hasn t quite written a memoir of bipolar disorder as much as a retelling almost a reliving of his dissipated life He has the excuse of a serious mental disorder to lessen his culpability or even assuage his conscience But I got the feeling culpability or conscience weren t necessarily things of importance to him, regardless of mental health In the end, Behrman s story didn t justify itself at least as far as my expectations It s like a modern American Gigolo with a strange denoument [...]

    12. Actually, it is 3.5 stars Let me start by saying I rarely read non fiction, let alone memoirs This genre tends to not appeal to me, since nonfiction can be very dry and hard to read However, this is not the case with Electroboy At times while reading this, I had to remind myself that these events had really happened to a real person Writing some of these events had to be extremely tough, and the struggles with his illness had to be hard to offer up to the public in his novel The novel was able t [...]

    13. 18 He talks about Middletown which was pretty cool because I was just reading Hillbilly Elegy the day before This book was hard for me to read as I also have manic depression Certain parts made me absolutely cringe I also had a hard time following along with a choppy dialogue Still I m glad I read it.

    14. I can t rate this book because it triggered so many things in me It reminded me of when I was first diagnosed bipolar and support groups told me I wasn t bipolar enough even though the docs and psychiatrists that saw me were 100% in agreement There are people with bipolar disorder who hate mania and will do just about anything to avoid it I m one of those people I can t really rate it fairly because it s hard for me to read and I m definitely not the audience it was written for.The other thing a [...]

    15. This is great Andy really did a great job structuring his novel He gets the right amount and type of details in at the right time You follow both the progression of his disease, but also the progression of the major points in his life all dictated by his disease It s a disease I share, so this book definitely has an extra appeal to me and other sufferers of mental illness I think this is a great novel for friends and family of people with bipolar disorder to read It s a well paced, and well orga [...]

    16. Andy Behrman brilliantly captures the mania part of his bipolar life There s not much in the way of story when it comes to the depression part, but Andy points out frequently that he actively sought ways to stay manic sex, drugs, shopping, drugs, sex, travel, shopping And, in fact, at times his tale s exhausting he jumps right from one exploit to the next One minute he s making a film, the next selling art in Japan He leaves big holes in his timeline, which normally would bother me But, in th [...]

    17. This started out reading like a non homicidal American Psycho and I enjoyed it Then it got real and watching Behrman trip, fumble, sprawl and crawl became a bit painful I understand why other readers were disgusted with the author but the reality is that Mental Illness strikes you no matter who you are, what you do, what you were born into or how you go about living your life I have friends with Bipolar Disorder who have luck that any gambler would pay their life for Not all people with Mental i [...]

    18. Electroboy is an emotionally frenzied memoir that reveals with kaleidoscopic intensity the terrifying world of manic depression For years Andy Behrman hid his raging mania behind a larger than life personality He sought a high wherever he could find one and changed jobs the way some people change outfits filmmaker, PR agent, art dealer, stripper whatever made him feel like a cartoon character, invincible and bright Misdiagnosed by psychiatrists and psychotherapists for years, his condition exact [...]

    19. I ve heard about this memoir for years, and finally read it I like to read memoirs of people with mental illnesses It was interesting enough to get through and it had many colorful moments But as I started reading it, I realized something It seems like all of the people with mental illnesses who write memoirs always come from very privileged backgrounds Essentially, they are rich kids who go to ivy league colleges I ve never read a memoir of a person with mental illness who grew up poor It seems [...]

    20. Electro Boy ReviewBy Mikel KIt s called, Electro Boy, a memoir of mania , and a wild manic roller coaster of a book it is once the author leaves home and gets out on his own and becomes a drug ingesting sex fiend selling art that is not his to sell Having fucked my life up quite a bit as a dual diagnosed bipolar alcoholic who can t stay off a pot pipe if there is pot around, I found myself ewwwing and awinng at Andy s adventures and the amount of medication that they finally put him on, and the [...]

    21. This memoir was really interesting because it took place in New York City Even though it was a slightly different time frame, I liked that there were places that Andy went to that i could relate to since I knew what he was talking to I liked that this memoir did not hold back and even in the moments that were really intense and could be embarissing, he did not hold back to write them even if it meant he would be judged differently I think the title was very intersting and the reader did not real [...]

    22. Behrman is an intelligent, extroverted, manic depressive who allows his illness to lead him to commit art fraud and forgery The prosecution and imprisonment for the crime leads him to finally confront the illness and find a new way to be himself but without the destructive aspects of the illness This is a much easier read than Madness A Bipolar Life, by Marya Hornbecker, because Behrman s troubles are along the lines of drug abuse and sex addiction which leads to prostitution, while Hornbecker [...]

    23. Mania is exhausting for all involved, even if you are just reading about it This book wiped me out totally It s a great book for truly showing what life can be like for someone who is battling maniac depression I can t say I loved reading it, or that it was enjoyable But I also don t think that s the point If you know anyone who is dealing with this diagnosis, or suspect someone that you love may have some maniac traits, this book will help you walk in that person s shoes I really appreciate tha [...]

    24. I m generally not a fan of paragraphs that run on for a page or , but in Behrman s case, it makes sense, serving to underscore this masterful account of his maniacal, overcharged life both the internal one that had him hallucinating tattoos erupting on his skin and the external one that sent him jetting around the globe, fistfuls of cash in hand powerful, stunning memoir Behrman is jaw droppingly brutal in his self exposure It takes real guts to hang your sins and shortcomings out on the line fo [...]

    25. This book is what you get when you reduce bipolar disorder to pure shock entertainment value and little I ve talked to Andy by phone, and I believe that he means well, but you have to question the motives of someone who is willing to sell his advice to people in need for literally hundreds of dollars an hour with almost no mental health credential Andy is a gifted writer, and an even skilled promotor, but this book left me wondering what might have been had he written a narrative aimed at help [...]

    26. A whirlwind of a book detailing Andy Behrman s life in NYC in the nineties and his attempt to come to terms with and learn to live with his manic depression.Not what I was expecting but the details of ECT were interesting to say the least It does bring home beautifully how useful manic episode can be to some people and how they can learn to use them to their advantage, but also how put of control the whole thing can get.More of a memoir of life in NYC than a memoir of manic depression really.

    27. His childhood touched my heart as it mirrors my own It s as if I ve told him my secrets and he s written them I this book It pains me to see such an exceptionally bright individual become consumed by sex and drug addiction As someone who s bipolar and cognoscente of my weaknesses, I see some of his in me They are largely dormant but still existent when I m manic By comparison, I must admit to being a coward in comparison to Andy I could never strip myself bare so publicly and for this we must gi [...]

    28. Great book Grants you a direct view into the mind of a manic depressive Most interestingly, he doesn t even realize that something is not quite right with him, until the very end of the book Meanwhile his supposedly all too normal story takes you on a roller coaster ride involving international art forgery, side gigs as a stripper, being the best dressed student on his campus, all related in a funny, exciting, and breathtaking way.

    29. Interesting look at bi polar disorder, which I didn t know much about I assume the author s behavior was so out of control due to this illness, but I had a hard time relating to his choices I don t think his illness completely explains his self indulgence and he was in PR and honestly I feel it, the way the book is written feels like it s been crafted a bit for a marketing effort In the end though, it s pretty clear, Andy had a hard time and I wish him insight and wellness.

    30. Electroshock Therapy has been shrouded in intense controversy since its first appearance and use in the 1930 s Andy Behrman describes his life as a manic depressive and the struggles that accompany such a diagnosis Ultimately, he receives Electroshock Therapy than anyone could deceive themselves into believing is healthy That he is still alive and healthy is nothing less than shocking no pun intended.

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