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Salty By Mark Haskell Smith,

  • Title: Salty
  • Author: Mark Haskell Smith
  • ISBN: 9780802170347
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • Smith gets the details of mid level rock stardom just right mixing laughs and satire like a cross between Carl Hiaasen and Ross Thomas A Entertainment WeeklyFrom the author of Moist and Delicious comes a raucous comic novel where anything goes Turk Henry, an overweight, unemployed rock star married to a supermodel, has discovered that Thailand is probably the last Smith gets the details of mid level rock stardom just right mixing laughs and satire like a cross between Carl Hiaasen and Ross Thomas A Entertainment WeeklyFrom the author of Moist and Delicious comes a raucous comic novel where anything goes Turk Henry, an overweight, unemployed rock star married to a supermodel, has discovered that Thailand is probably the last place a recovering sex addict should go on vacation, yet here he is, surrounded by topless groupies and haunted by the stares of hundreds of luscious bar girls Turk s struggles with monogamy, however, pale beside a greater challenge when his wife is abducted by a group of renegade, shipless Thai pirates As Turk, whose life skills are limited to playing bass and partying, navigates the back alleys of Bangkok and the deadly jungles of Southeast Asia to save his wife, Salty heats up and sweats bullets Featuring skinflint American tourists, topless beaches, a hypochondriac U.S government agent, suitcases loaded with cash, an over eager full service personal assistant, a horny Australian commando, inventive prostitutes, and an urbane pirate with a fetish for alabaster skin, this is a hilariously entertaining, thoroughly debauched caper novel with a happy finish.
    Salty Smith gets the details of mid level rock stardom just right mixing laughs and satire like a cross between Carl Hiaasen and Ross Thomas A Entertainment WeeklyFrom the author of Moist and Delicious come

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    1. This catches me up with Smith s body of work, from his novels to his non fiction In short, I m familiar with what Smith has done and how he operates.When it comes to his novels, SALTY is one of the best.I might be wrong, but it has always seemed to me that Smith s primary goal is to entertain with some nice cultural critiquing as the subtext and he does so with gusto here.The characters are all sorts of fun and over the top in their own ways, yet still human in their wants and needs They never b [...]

    2. This book was so funny it made me laugh out loud many times It is a great, light beach read return return It is the story of a rock star who is recovering from a sex addiction on vacation in Thailand with his former super model wife who is recovering from drug addiction When his wife is kidnapped, he receives no help from the US government and is told that if he pays the ransom, he will go to jail Good old Patriot Act I did not gain any moral from the story, it is just a raunchy laugh out loud b [...]

    3. Mark has completely outdone himself on his third novel Semi retired rock star Turk Henry is finally monogamous, after banging so many women in his history as a bass player for Metal Assassin He s married and determined to stay faithful to his wife They re living the high life in Phucket, Thailand, when all things go to hell.I don t want to give away too much, but if you re looking for literary transgression El Leonard style, look no further This is a must read for your summer reading list.I was [...]

    4. Wasn t sure I was going to love this one, especially because a burned out rocker with a beer gut and his unhappy marriage wasn t quite my thing As usual, though, Mark Haskell Smith managed to hook and reel me in with his crisp, intelligent writing and, at times, bat shit crazy character predicaments An engaging read.

    5. I m not quite sure how I feel about this one yet After reading so many romance novels, this was certainly a breath of fresh air Turk Henry is a semi retired bassist for a heavy metal rock band Sheila is his super model wife When she gets kidnapped in Phuket, Thailand everything just sort of goes to Hell It s an entertaining book to be sure, but very different.

    6. All of my favorite literary elements have come together silliness, debauchery, pornography, ridiculous scenarios, and no metaphysical or spiritual interpretations I read this while in Rhode Island with a wicked stomach flu and this kept me completely entertained while spending the night on the bathroom floor Well done.

    7. Every aged rocker should read Salty Very funny Movie esque vivid visuals, scene driven, great dialogue Mark Haskell Smith is hilarious.

    8. Turk Henry The Insightful AmericanMark Haskell Smith s SALTY delivers a rollercoaster adventure of uproarious humor, exotic locales, intrigue, deceit, murder, and kinky sex Taken in and of themselves, these tasty dare I say, salty elements mixed with Smith s elegant, clear prose, would make for a riveting, breezy read Smith, however, further elevates the material by ensuring every detail, description, laugh, and ejaculation, in one way or another, reveals, develops, and deepens his characters.Sm [...]

    9. Decent story with some raunchy elements An unusual ending for some of the characters including falling in love with a romantic murderer Interesting but superficial take on thai culture.

    10. 4.0 10 I keep coming across these types of books by current authors Once again we have a reformed sex addict who drunkenly staggers from point to point, popping or sniffing, until we have a denouement of a sort with him emerging triumphant And once again it s money here, money there, supermodels here, supermodels there, and name it for sexual preference All this is OK, but somehow I can t relate to big money, big sex, big booze, big drugs, and frankly I don t think most of us can I just don t ru [...]

    11. Salty was much straight forward and direct than the previous two books by Mark Haskell Smith It wasn t that it was a bad or disappointing story But Salty wasn t quite as clever and unique as the previous two.Set in Thailand, a former rock star s supermodel wife is kidnapped by terrorists pirates and the transformation that the two undergo during their forced separation is what drives this story The book, in my view, follows a linear format than Haskell s other work and, I have to admit, it lef [...]

    12. Another fantastic read by Mark Haskell Smith Similar in style to Moist and Delicious, but refined Where Delicious and Moist are character driven Salty is somewhat less so Pardon me if this doesn t make complete sense What I mean is that the story doesn t take as many crazy turns as Smith s previous two novels The plot is fairly simple Kidnapping for ransom The story is spiced up a bit with some interesting characters, but they don t really turn things on their head as much as in Delicious The c [...]

    13. Salty is a darkly comic crime caper set in Phuket and Bangkok in Thailand that follows the travails of Turk Henry, a washed up former rock star and recovering sex addict, as he tries to save his supermodel wife, an ex drug addict whom he met in rehab, from a group of Thai pirates The set up is relatively straightforward, putting the interests of different parties Turk, Sheila, an American government representative, the pirates, Turk s manager and assistant, MaryBeth into conflict or tension and [...]

    14. A definite favoriteOnly the the 2nd book by Mark Haskell Smith I ve had the pleasure of reading through The first being Baked I was pulled in from the start and contained to be thrilled and entertained through the whole ride I look forward to reading books from one of my now favorite authors and highly recommend this to anyone looking for humorous and thrilling experience in there next book.

    15. Among one of the funniest and yet most tragic assortment of characters we re offered a confused rock star, a bewildered supermodel, a courteous yet ruthless pirate, assorted prostitutes, a greedy hypochondriacal embassy security official and much There s romance, greed, theft, murder, some self realization and some peeks into the the business of music promotion Sort of like El Leonard on steroids and Carl Hiaasen on LSD, Mark Haskell Smith is addicting.

    16. I jumped into this book after reading Baked and I enjoyed it Smith has a similar voice to Hiaasen but his stories tend to be not quite as sprawling His humor is apparent on every page and the books read fast that s not an insult They move along and entertain the entire way I can seriously recommend Smith s works at least the two I have read for anyone looking for a quick and fun read.

    17. Another beach read I picked this one up in the bargain bin at Labyrinth s Bookstore in Princeton another awesome bookstore It was enjoyably frivolous and perfectly fit the setting I was in Read the summary and if it sounds interesting to you, it won t disappoint If it doesn t, it s probably not going to be your bag.

    18. I picked this one up because the cover piqued my curiosity I kept it, because the main character is an aging rock star I read it, because the first couple pages were funny It was a good lunchtime read How would I describe Salty Erotica for dudes Even though I myself am not a dude, I could dig it o

    19. Surprisingly enjoyable trashy novel A nice distraction and break from real life Slightly underdeveloped characters stumble through wild circumstances in a sensational story of drugs, sex and rock n roll as well as pirates, corruption, and kidnapping Not for the prude or the pure of heart Makes a good vacation read.just don t bring it to Thailand

    20. Love You have to read for yourself Absolutely unexplainable and amazing at the same time Lots of twists and turns I love this book so much Will continue to read of the authors books.

    21. Salty was a pretty good book, although the title aptly describes the content I guess it s only natural that there will be a lot of sex in a book when your main characters are a rock star and a supermodel.

    22. Absurd but fun story of a has been heavy metal bass player who factions in Thailand with his young, model wife I love how this author kills people Raw was way better.

    23. Very fast and fun read that could only be described as dude lit Perfect for airplane rides, beaches, or lazy summer nights.

    24. This would be a great airport beach read Better than I expected, it kept me entertained but sure didn t challenge me in any way.

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