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Burnt Orange: Color Me Wasted By Melody Carlson,

  • Title: Burnt Orange: Color Me Wasted
  • Author: Melody Carlson
  • ISBN: 9781576835333
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amber Conrad has a problem Her youth group friends Simi and Lisa won t get off her case about the drinking parties she s been going to Amber chalks it up to jealousy and just pokes fun at their concern even though she secretly wonders if they might be right Everyone does it What s the big deal Up until her senior year, Amber has been the model of perfection just like hAmber Conrad has a problem Her youth group friends Simi and Lisa won t get off her case about the drinking parties she s been going to Amber chalks it up to jealousy and just pokes fun at their concern even though she secretly wonders if they might be right Everyone does it What s the big deal Up until her senior year, Amber has been the model of perfection just like her dad, Pastor Conrad, taught her to be But when Claire Phillips invites her to and parties, Amber s little white lies spark raging wildfire that threatens to overtake her life Will she be honest with herself and her friends before things really get out of control
    Burnt Orange Color Me Wasted Amber Conrad has a problem Her youth group friends Simi and Lisa won t get off her case about the drinking parties she s been going to Amber chalks it up to jealousy and just pokes fun at their concer

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    1. I started to read this book because I am a teenager and now recently driving Amber, the main character, is a Christian girl who s dad is a pastor Amber meets this girl named Claire Phillips Claire starts to ask Amber to go to parties sometimes, and then it turned into her going a lot than she thought she ever would Amber ended up going with this boy and then he left her in a house, in a corner, all by her self with a bunch of drunks While she s sitting there, she notices a bunch of girls with a [...]

    2. I love this TrueColors series While it may seem that everything gets wrapped up in a neat little package when the main character finds God, I still enjoy them tremendously This one is my favorite, even though the dangers of drinking is sort of ridiculous But the ending made me gasp and cry, and for that, I was able to forgive the alcohol preachiness.

    3. This book is about teenage girl name, Amber Conrad Amber is the type of person who follows God She is also the type of person who has a good heart But all of that changes when she met Claire Claire is a girl who is an alcoholic and she is also a rich person Amber started to drink alcohol and she s been going to a lot of parties Ambers friend has been so concerned about her Her best friend name Simi tried to help Amber to change She keeps telling Amber to put God in her heart and also God will al [...]

    4. My thoughts on this should have been written three years ago Oh, well.As always with this series, spoilers ahead.Actual rating 2.5 5 starsWe have been through a few True Colors heroines so far We were first introduced to Pitiful Kara in the first book Dark Blue Color Me Lonely, the girl who cried for a lost friendship Then, it was Bitchy Jordan, a bitchy boyfriend stealer suffering the consequences Then, Self Absorbed Zoe, followed by Whiny Morgan In this installment, we get to know Amber Conrad [...]

    5. Burnt OrangeMacy KeenJanuary 23rd, 2017Pre AP English 10 5Melody Carlson is writer of many book series and people describe her as a person who truly understand teen girls and what they go through Many and almost all of Melody Carlson s novels are directed toward teen girls or women and many of which are part of a series The book was written in the United States in 2004 This time period was when the world was slowly changing, as it always is, but directed toward teen girls and what they go throug [...]

    6. Eighteen year old Amber Conrad is the perfect pastor s daughter Or so she thought she was, before popular and rich Claire Phillips befriended her and invited her to all the cool parties which of course have alcohol involved In an effort to cover up her new habit of social drinking, Amber starts lying to her parents She even lies to the best friend she s had since middle school, Simi Now, one fake ID and many little white lies later, she finds herself getting caught up in a dark web of alcohol ab [...]

    7. This book is about a generally good girl who gets into some bad stuff Amber went to church and she was the daughter of a preast so she was a straight A student But she started hanging out with Claire who was a heavy drinker and the rest goes down hill from there Simi, her best friend, trys to pull Amber out of her rut and things go awall I m not going to give away the ending but it has an unexpected twist at the end and it makes you think really hard about the choices you make and the ones you a [...]

    8. Oh my goodness I m surprised with myself, but this book made me BAWL It was so sad, so sad I think Meloday Carlson got better at writing, at least in skipping a book I ve found out as much Still have to read that fourth one But this book is about alcoholics, can you believe How could a book about alcoholics make me cry Well it wasn t so much the drinking as what the consequences of drinking So sad And to make this book even better, there wasn t any boyfriend breaking up that just frustrates, or [...]

    9. My name is Amber Conrad and I m an alcoholic Amber Conrad announces If only Amber could stop coming to all of Claire s drinking partys then maybe she could stop this drinking habit Amber goes to high school and gets good grades, has lots of friends and is just about everything else except her habits of drinking Good thing there s Amber s best friend Simi who can help Amber stop all of this nonsense What will Amber do after a terrible accident happens to Simi Will she stop going to all of these d [...]

    10. This was a book about alcholism The teenage girl is a senior and has always done the right thing She meets a new friend and is suddenly going to parties, drinking, lying and giving in to peer pressure She gets a fake ID and her best friend is really worried about her THere is a terrible car crash at the end and things will never be the same IT was a good story for parents and teens Many people think that once kids get into high school they can be trusted and left alone If no one is there when th [...]

    11. This book is the fifth book in the True Colors Series by Melody Carlson My Synopsis Amber is a pastor s daughter and starts giving into the peer pressure of drinking At first she thinks it isn t going to hurt anything until it gets out of control and she starts hanging around the wrong crowd.Questionable content underage drinking, partying, being drunk, lying, and a car accident scene is describedPros This book has a very good moral to it It does not promote the drinking at all.Cons While this b [...]

    12. I definitely enjoyed this book I think that it was the easiest for me to relate to in the series so far, which made it easier to read since I didn t have to spend all my time thinking how some of the characters had some of the stupidest social ideas and felt like a waste of my time getting to know I have to say, I was seriously shocked by the ending, and I kind of felt robbed, but I think that it was actually good for the plot line I just get a little carried away with my optimistic endings

    13. This was a fairly good Christian YA novel It shows how a teenage girl temporarily turns away from God due to the temptations of alcohol because of the peer pressure of a friend She gets a total wake up call when her friend gets in an accident while drunk, and the consequences are devastating She recommits her life to Christ and joins AA, bringing her friend who is facing possible jail time with her It was a simply written novel, but it was well done, and the characters were drawn well also.

    14. Burnt Orange color me wasted was one of my favorite books I thought the author did a very good job at making it realistic so that many teens could relate to it This book portrays friendship, alcohol, boys, and etc.I would recommend this book to mostly girls, because the story is about a girl becoming an alcoholic, because she ends up getting in a wrong crowd, the ending is pretty sad I recommend this whole series to Christians also, but even if you re not a Christian, its still a really good boo [...]

    15. I gave this book 4 stars because you could pretty much tell that Amber was going to drink every chapter I almost cried towards the end of this book because Amber s best friend Simi got into an accident and Claire ran into her Claire is Amber s alcoholic friend They couldn t save Simi and she died that night Now Amber and Claire are going to AA meetings to help stop their drinking their addiction.

    16. This was a gift from my aunt which probabably kept me from enjoying it learning from it as I otherwise might have It is a story about a girl who is thrown into the world of alchohol It s a good book, one of those books that encourages you to be a good kid, but a good book none the less I had a problem with it because in the back of my mind I was am contemplating why my aunt would buy me THIS book.

    17. This book really did teach me a lesson and gave me an insight on teenage drinkers I liked how in the end, Amber tried to solve her problem The thing I disliked about Burnt Orange was the fact that the author talked way to much about religion I understand that Amber s father was a pastor and everything, but if someone who is not Christian reads this book there are some parts that they cannot relate to.

    18. Burnt Orange is the story of a pastor s daughter who decides she wants to be friends with the in crowd She starts with one drink in order to fit in with the party crowd This book is written for teenagers and ends in tragedy The first part of the book seemed a little slow but the ending shows how life can get out of control if we don t stay close to God I would recommend this book especially to high school age teens I received this book from Clash Entertainment.

    19. A Quickie ReviewEach of the volumes in Mrs Carlson s True Colors series deals with a specific problem that plagues many young people today this time, it s alcoholism The book does a great job of portraying the problems that drunkenness can cause, and the ending hammers the point home even further Still, some people may be a little unsettled by it.Score 4 5

    20. This story is so realistic to my life in so many ways I knew someone that was killed in a drunk driving accident that was not her fault She died as Simi did and now I see much of the details I never realized before The reasoning behind claires drinking and how much God has a plan were clearly shown not only in this book, but also in my life A true testimony has developed from this book and it has made a huge impact on me.

    21. I do not understand why young people of my generation and past generations are so obsessed with drinking alcohol before the legal age or drinking in excess I think nothing is unattractive than seeing a boy blot toed or a girl drunk of her ass and acting desperate for male attention I think alcohol is okay at the legal age and within moderation A hang over is not cool or healthy.

    22. Aw The ending was so unexpected I put down the book right before where it said My best friend died tonight so when I picked it back up it was upside down and I sort of read that part and while I was flipping it right side up I m thinking OH MY GOD OH MY GOD IT DID NOT JUST SAY THAT Anyways, so far, this is my favorite book in the series But I still have like 7 to go.

    23. Teen alcoholism It s a serious topic, and the author did a good job of showing its many facets and prevalence I am glad I read it since once I start a series I can t stop, but it was not my favorite in the series The book did make me thankful that alcohol has never appealed to me and that the struggles of the characters are not the struggles of my life.

    24. I m really trying to remember what I thought as I closed this book Man why did it end like that was one of my first thoughts Next came I think I get it but still WHY Ok I understand it had to work that way but still WHY I kinda wish there had ben a better way to make them grow up but at least they do

    25. I confess, this book made me cry, which is usually a sign of great character development, especially in a book like this where there is little in the plot for me to directly relate to Another really good installment in the truecolors series, with lovable characters and a heartbreaking climax Melody Carlson is an author I will always recommend.

    26. Surprise ending similar to Jodi Picoult s style The protagonist is 18 and although the conflicts and choices she makes are appropriate for her age, the writing style seems to appeal to an audience 3 5 years younger.

    27. It was pretty sad Makes me think twice about drinking and driving The main character got annoying to me She was Christian and just thought about her decisions to much which I didn t like because I like sort of intense books.

    28. Love this book it shows the effects of drinking so well, the True color series from the ones I have read are amazing and I can not recommend them enough to teens and young adults Melody Carlson is an amazing author and captures what it s like to be a teen young adult so well.

    29. i am very happy that caitlin and josh got married i think they make the perfect couple although they did go through some bumbs in there relationship throught the other four books they made it through and got married.

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