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I Am Third: The Inspiration for Brian's Song By Gale Sayers Al Silverman,

  • Title: I Am Third: The Inspiration for Brian's Song
  • Author: Gale Sayers Al Silverman
  • ISBN: 9780142000755
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gale Sayers book I Am Third, with Al Silverman, is a stirring, painfully honest account of his struggle to become the greatest running back in history and that agonizing moment between immortality and becoming a cripple The New York Times Book Review
    I Am Third The Inspiration for Brian s Song Gale Sayers book I Am Third with Al Silverman is a stirring painfully honest account of his struggle to become the greatest running back in history and that agonizing moment between immortality and

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    1. I ve been a Chicago Bears fan since the 1950s I remember in 1st grade talking knowledgeably about Ed Brown to Harlon Hill the truth is I knew nothing much about football then Over the decades, I have continued to root for the Bears One of those great moments for me was the draft before the 1965 season when the Bears snagged both Dick Butkus and Gale Sayers.This book focuses on a number of different issues, from the knee injury that Sayers suffered in 1968, as he was experincing a monster year, t [...]

    2. I first read this autobiography and memoir when I was in high school I had seen the movie, Brian s Song, and as I often do with impactful movies, I sought out the book upon which the movie was based The book was even powerful than the movie It was an inspiring account, partly of Gale Sayers, a Hall of Fame football player for the Chicago Bears, but about his relationship with his friend and teammate, Brian Piccolo That friendship becomes deeper and stronger as Piccolo helps Sayers recover from [...]

    3. I ve had this book since i was ten years old and never finished it until now, although i grew up a bears fan as a result, i had this weird paradox i always think of sayers as being much older than me, and yet this book was written when he was 27 nearly twenty years younger than me i know, none of this is valuable to you as a review so be it on the one hand, this book reminds you of what a remarkable running back sayers was, and really makes you wish there was video of sayers so you could see som [...]

    4. The book s greatest strength and greatest weakness are that you can tell that Gale Sayers really wrote this book I think it s great that he was the true author Today, his book would almost certainly have a ghost writer However, as he says himself, English was never his best subject There is some lovely information about his life, but to find it the reader has to sift through pages of recaps of football games that Sayers has played in, which would likely be interesting to someone athletically i [...]

    5. I read this when I was a kid I m not a big sports fan, but the whole story has really stuck with me I took Brian Piccolo s adage to heart God is first, my family is second, and I am third.

    6. I wanted to read it because I love the movie Brian s Song Just a chapter was really about Brian and his friendship with him The rest was about his football career.

    7. An interesting, but very dated, read about a guy who I didn t know much about A good look into football at the time.

    8. I am third by Gale sayers was just another average book to me This book lacked the attention getters that i thought it would have Considering i m a fan of football i thought i would really like this book but i thought at too many times in the book the story was or less just dragging on instead of keeping me interested The story begins with a flashback revisiting his past.This book is still an inspiring book to all athletes because of all the struggles he had to face throughout his long journey [...]

    9. Jake BisaillonMr.HermanIssues in Non Fiction20 October 2015I Am Third by Gale Sayers My IRB is an autobiography of Gale Sayers life Gale Sayers was a tailback for the Chicago Bears He played seven years in the NFL from 1965 1971 Out of all his seasons he only completed a full season three times Yet he is still considered one of the best running backs in NFL history He wrote this book with one year left in his career and it is about his life up to that point in his career There are three parts to [...]

    10. I am thirdauthor Gale sayers with Al siver man pages 240ok intended for sports fansin issue Gale sayers triel he had to go through to get to the Nfl and his freind brian picalo who is diagnosed with cancertting chicago where he plays for the chicago bears and where he livesscription he is shy quiet small sometimes freindly if you get to know him African american small built athleticis book is about Gale sayers and his triels he has to go throught to get to the Nfl and when he gets there he is ro [...]

    11. This autobiography by one of the greatest Chicago Bears football players ever was an interesting insight into the life of a black man growing up in poverty and becoming a successful man He really digs into his feelings for football, his wife, and his friends One example would be his retelling of his relationship with Brian Piccolo, a teammate and friend Brian died after fighting a cancer for some time Gale, knowing that this man was brave and strong and pure, gave a huge award, the Player of the [...]

    12. I was too young to understand the writing skills or not but some things of the book stuck with me over the years, so there must be something to it One was How s Your Marlin Where he was so frustrated with people asking How is your knee He went on a fishing trip and caught a marlin and his teammates turned How is your knee into How is your marlin and it was funny to him instead of irritating The other was the dedication he put in to get back He worked out 6 days a week and never missed a workout [...]

    13. I Am Third by Gale Sayers Viking Press 1970 Biography This is the book which was made into a TV movie which made every male in America bawl like a baby Gale Sayers was a running back in the 1960 s for the NFL s Chicago Bears He was the best in the game, and he had a chance to become one of the all time best players In Chicago, he became best friends and roommates with teammate Brian Piccolo who was also a Bears running back and a graduate of Wake Forest University This is the story of their rema [...]

    14. I read this book many years ago, when it first came out Background and context for my interest I have been a Chicago Bears fan since elementary school Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus, on the same team at the same time, are among my favorite Bears of all time the story of Brian Piccolo was poignant as I followed his illness and death so long ago.This book does a nice job showing how Sayers moved from childhood and challenges to becoming a nationally known college football player to joining the Chicag [...]

    15. I AM Third is a nonfiction novel by Gale Sayers and Bill Cosby introduction.This book is about the life of Gale Sayers who his parents died when he was a little kid from cancer.During his teen years,Gale was playing football,but made his team lose almost a streak of luck.Then he was getting tough times when the producer of Brian s Song quit and his wife was at a risk of fatal from after birth to a baby boy.However things went well after he apologized to the entire town The story s moral is well [...]

    16. I am Third is a very good book I would recommend it to anyone who likes sports or in particular football The struggles he had during this book was very hard for him but he always made it through them My favorite part of this book is how him and his family were starting to become an actual family My least favorite part was when he lost one of his best friends I am third was a very good book The best part in the book is when it only took Gale a year to rehabilitate his knee.I would recommend this [...]

    17. I don t know, I was really looking forward to reading this However I just could not get into it I am not one to no finish I book so I struggled though this one I will admit there was many times that I wanted to put this book down and not pick it back up Maybe it was not what i expected, or maybe it was because I felt like things have changed so much since then The injury that he was so upset about is coming in college kids and they still make it to the pros with today s health care I still have [...]

    18. I picked this book up eagerly since I am a Bears fan and have seen it on some best sports books list Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations Is a free flowing book that reads like a journal but without any personality or any revealing It never really grabs you and pulls you in, so I didn t feel compelled to finish it Too many needless details are included too There only so much about yards gained and touchdowns scored before I lose interest Do yourself a favor and hunt down old YouTu [...]

    19. In the book, I am Third, the main character Gale Sayers is a young man trying to find a way to become a pro football player As he goes through high school and college he becomes a top running back who is still trying to find himself Another half of the story is when he is a pro football player who has to deal with the hardships of injuries and a death of his best friend and teammate while still trying to balance his marriage out Overall the book was really fun to read and was a little bit inspir [...]

    20. This is the football team summer reading, and I have volunteered to introduce it to them next Friday I am on chapter five, going at a snail s pace, pausing to clean the toilets and empty the litterbox and preferring those activities to returning to the book I would like to rename it I Am Turd I will do the best I can with what is good in the book the excellent description of workouts in a Chicago gym Don t read it.

    21. Again a biography which arent my favorite Another book where someone tells their life story in a way that is supposed to validate there reasons for writing a story about themselves Gale Sayers is a pretty special guy and this book really brought it out From his very poor and deprived childhood and the death of his NFL teammate it really did add alot of depth to his charactor especially because he is known by so many as one of the best running back the Bears ever had.

    22. This was a good book It didn t keep me to interested Gale Sayers wrote the book about his life through his football career from high school to the pro s with the Chicago Bears The main point of the book was how he puts himself third in life, God is first and his family and friends are second It didn t really get to the point until the last two chapters When I got to the last to chapters it was inspiring and uplifting.

    23. It was interesting to hear Sayers experience growing up, but the I Am Third mentality plays a small role in the overall theme of the autobiography Because of the movie Brian s Song, I think I was expecting development with regard to principles of life Overall, this book was football statistics that I care to know about.

    24. My rating probably is not completely fair, as I love the movie Brian s Song and thought this would be like the film Only a chapter or two inspired the movie the rest was the story of Sayers life.

    25. This book is a touching book about professional football players As touching as that doesn t sound, you d be suprised Brian, get s cancer And effects Gayles life in a way you wouldn t believe.

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