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The Sunfood Diet Success System By David Wolfe,

  • Title: The Sunfood Diet Success System
  • Author: David Wolfe
  • ISBN: 9780965353328
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Since its first publication, the Sunfood Diet Success System has been the definitive book on the raw food lifestyle Now after than seven years, David Wolfe has rigorously rewritten the entire book, beginning to end, in order to offer the most complete, up to date nutrition information possible No where else will you find the kinds of empowering information and insigSince its first publication, the Sunfood Diet Success System has been the definitive book on the raw food lifestyle Now after than seven years, David Wolfe has rigorously rewritten the entire book, beginning to end, in order to offer the most complete, up to date nutrition information possible No where else will you find the kinds of empowering information and insight that is present on every page of this truly inspiring work.The Sunfood Diet Success System is a groundbreaking book in the field of raw food nutrition The book describes exactly how to adopt, maintain, and stay centered on an 80, 90, or 100% raw food diet by balancing different types of foods through David Wolfe s innovative Sunfood Triangle Success is inevitable with day by day menu plans, delicious recipes, and the best information available on detoxification, fasting, mineralization and success technology all neatly bundled into one book.
    The Sunfood Diet Success System Since its first publication the Sunfood Diet Success System has been the definitive book on the raw food lifestyle Now after than seven years David Wolfe has rigorously rewritten the entire book be

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    1. I may have to read this book again before I can give a decent review of it, but here s an attempt any way hopefully I can come across the revised, updated 7th edition without having to pay for it I lived this much better than the book he wrote with Stephen Arlin and that other naked guy in the tree, Nature s First Law It didn t seem as preachy or fanatical I still had issues with the writing style and manner, but I found it to be interesting, convincing at times, and highly informative It seems [...]

    2. An ode to food I m not a raw food vegan, vegan maybe someday, raw foods only, probably not Nevertheless, if you re looking for the passion of an evangelical super church all in praise of food, you ve found your bible.

    3. about halfway through i started skipping the corny poetry that david has interjected throughout the book, but the rest of it is golden an inspiring how to book for raw foodists or anyone who wants to get healthy, connect to the god force and their own potential.

    4. This book is one of my favorite if not for a long time it was my favorite of than 40 books about health that I own.David Wolfe s book dicusses how you can create massive changes in your health using the raw food principles.I ve listened to a couple of his audios and attended some events and workshops in Amsterdam and I find his message to be fresh and mind opening when it comes to nutrition Though I will warn you, that for some people it might be too healthy extreme , especially if you think th [...]

    5. I have had the original edition of this book for a few years This is the kind of bookyou can have on your side table to pick up and randomly open to any page to be re inspiredwith David s words Goes much deeper than just the food we eat It s straight talk aboutliving life to the fullest in all areas I highly recommend this as a book to add to your shelfespecially if you are interested in eating well.

    6. This book makes the most compelling case for raw veganism that I ve ever heard read The author explains why a raw food diet is so important, explains how to go raw and what foods to eat and why I could do without the bad poetry and bible scriptures, otherwise, this was a fantastic book full of useful information.

    7. This book is a raw food Bible I like that it s not a pushy manifesto, but a true and pure in depth look at health in general There is truth in here than in anything your doctor could tell you.

    8. This book is SO packed with wonderful information about the raw food lifestyle, eating raw, what to expect, tons and tons of case studies and science I love science and love it when a book speaks so clearly to me.

    9. The sun gazing and not using spf is unsettling I understand that greens can protect you from sunlight, and the sun is healingI m still going to try to use SPF face and body lotion, though Don t need the recipes in the back, would prefer infoor a less bulky book Beautiful photos, maybe photos of plants or Kirlian photography and less photos of raw dishes I feel like a jerk, but less poetry, too David Wolfes enthusiasm and videos on minerals and such have been great Just try not to go overboard [...]

    10. This is a very interesting book, and it has plenty of content which will keep you intrigued for hours on end, regardless of whether you agree with David Wolfe s complex food philosophy or not As for me, I agree with some arguments he puts forward others, not so much I do not agree with a 100% raw diet After perusing the various menu plans in this book, my observation is that the diet Wolfe proposes is full of salads and copious quantities of fruit and fruit juices, resulting in adequate caloric [...]

    11. This book was better than Wolfe s collaborative effort Nature s First Law it was not as obnoxious and the information was even convincing Although I am not a raw foodist yet I made fun of vegetarians a year before I became one , I am convinced that it is a superior diet IF you can afford it and IF you do it right which almost amounts to the same thing I have learned to enzymes are very important, and from this book I learn a lot things that interest me I especially wish that every green anarch [...]

    12. Amazing in dept discussion and good health principled I ve ever read Boy was this a lengthy book I ve read on the subject and that was even after skimming at times skipping past the poetry Everything in this book made sense to me health indeed has so many aspects than we are taught and David covers each and everyone with nothing left to chance or imagination Many of my own health questions challenges and journey will be aided greatly by this work and no doubt will I be consuming everything Davi [...]

    13. This guy is kooky but I love him He s soooo positive you can t help but smile when you read this, even if you find it impossible to eat an organic raw vegan lifestyle If you re interested in raw food and it s properties this is a fun one, although be forewarned that I can t think of anything new agey Let s put it this way there are many poems inspired by food in here But this guy is a riot.

    14. I do like this book Nutrition is hard everyone has an opinion backed by research Interesting how all opinions n research says such different things That is the only reason I have it 3 stars is because you truly have to take what you like and what works for you and leave the rest All in all though worth a read and I really like how he connects mind body soul as the key to success cause if we get real that s the bottom line Garbage in garbage out

    15. Loved this book Not a fan of the poetry littered throughout but the raw food and superfood information is great There are also meal plans for basic raw food diet, 80 20 and 100% raw big plus There are consistent and persistent messages to love yourself, be your best self, develop your inner awesomeness and any variation of this type of message you can think of, so be prepared for the abundance of positive affirmations.

    16. I like David Wolfe for a variety of reasons He explains in this book why raw food is best It s not all about losing weight, in fact I didn t buy it for that reason It s all about feeding and nourishing your body with all the wonderful varieties of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, seeds, and that the earth offers us It has totally changed the way I view foodmely cooked food.

    17. I love reading this authors books on live foods, and exactly what they do for the body I ve read several dozen books by different healthy eating authors, but DW is by far my favorite He is well informed on all aspects of good nutrition.

    18. Great book if you re a spiritual hippie Annoying book if you re actually intelligent Fraught with logical errors.

    19. The wisdom that lies within changed my life in all ways that it can be changed, and all for the better I reference and recommend it often Review also featured on evolvingthread

    20. Absolut hilfreich, wenn man auf rohk stlichem Lebensstil umsatteln will Bisweilen aber auch etwas dogmatisch

    21. I m working my way through this outstanding book A few chapters a day is all I can handle but it s incredible

    22. best book on how to eat that ive ever read, he also includes the importance of your thoughts and how they affect your body.

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