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All the Colors of the Earth By Sheila Hamanaka,

  • Title: All the Colors of the Earth
  • Author: Sheila Hamanaka
  • ISBN: 9780688170622
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • Celebrate the colors of children and the colors of love not black or white or yellow or red, but roaring brown, whispering gold, tinkling pink, and .Included in Brightly s 2017 list of recommended diverse poetry picture books for kids, this beautifully illustrated book celebrates the beauty of diversity to the fullest through engaging, rhyming text, commented ChaCelebrate the colors of children and the colors of love not black or white or yellow or red, but roaring brown, whispering gold, tinkling pink, and .Included in Brightly s 2017 list of recommended diverse poetry picture books for kids, this beautifully illustrated book celebrates the beauty of diversity to the fullest through engaging, rhyming text, commented Charnaie Gordon in her Brightly review All the Colors of the Earth would be a wonderful book to use in multicultural classrooms in schools How better to celebrate ethnic diversity than to look to children, the hope of the future This glorious picture book does just that Booklist A poetic picture book and an exemplary work of art The simple text describes children s skin tones and hair in terms of natural phenomena and then describes love for these children with rich colors and flavors A celebration of diversity School Library Journal
    All the Colors of the Earth Celebrate the colors of children and the colors of love not black or white or yellow or red but roaring brown whispering gold tinkling pink and Included in Brightly s list of recommended div

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    1. This book celebrates the diversity of individuals through images of children and families This book is suitable for children aged 4 as there are vibrant colours that engage them and relate to earth and nature.More specifically, the elements of unity and inclusion are portrayed through the story, hence a wonderful book that will allow the understanding of togetherness Children will also recognise the different races and skin colour that exist, which will encourage the development of diversity The [...]

    2. Summary This is a very simple book that compares the colors of children to various aspects of the world It mentions their hair textures and colors, skin colors, and makes comparisons to the sky, wheat, honey, animals, and other natural colors on earth Evaluation This is a very simple book written in poetic lines, that is full of imagery and comparison It is an excellent book to use for children to understand that people have different colors and it is completely normal just like the different co [...]

    3. I absolutely love this children s book I have used this book many times throughout my teaching career The beautiful wording, accompanied by stunning pictures, are really moving I love that the beauty in nature is connected to the beauty of the variety of skin color of children on earth This book also does an amazing job of depicting families of all races, as well as interracial couples It relays a message of pride for all colors All the Colors of the Earth is an excellent book for younger studen [...]

    4. This is a lovely book to read to young learners It is a poetic description of the beauty of all the colors that children represent across the world There is a whimsy to the language that makes this a quick but engaging read and the rhyming words makes this a great choice for the early grades I like the way the author personifies the adjectives when describing different characteristics of children It lends a thoughtfulness to the nature of the story and also makes the story feel playful perfect f [...]

    5. This would be a great book to share in an elementary or even middle school classroom The illustrations in this book are amazing, and so is the moral behind the book It talks about how children come in all colors, but that doesn t mean they are any different We are all still humans Especially with today s world, I think everyone needs to read this book I will be reading this book to my future students.

    6. This book is short and sweet but impactful It tells about how everyone looks different and we are all colors of the earth Not everyone looks the same and it is important to teach that I can use to teach my students just that and how we are all colors of the earth.

    7. This book does a unique job of showing kids that we come in all different colors, from white to tan to dark And, no matter what, we are unique for a reason This is really cool for kids to see and realize that everyone is different, just like nature has different colors.

    8. A celebration of all the different colors of skin and types of hair that kids come with Children come in all the colors of love

    9. This book reveals in verse that despite outward differences children everywhere are essentially the same and all are lovable.

    10. This is a non fiction story that celebrates all the colors of all children It helps children realize that everyone is special and different It compares the different skin colors of children to different elements of the earth, the roaring browns of bears, and whispering golds of summer grasses It is a celebration of diversity The story is age appropriate and children can understand the concept It doesn t have a very rich plot but it does use language that is interesting to children with short rhy [...]

    11. This is a beautifully written and illustrated book that reads like a children s book for adults than a children s book for children I think I enjoyed it than my two year old did She liked the pictures, and she liked hearing me read to her, but it was tough to pause during the course of the book to talk about what we were looking at especially the animals, which she loves without it feeling really disruptive to the pace of the book With that said, the language is poetic, and the theme of everyo [...]

    12. All the Colors of the Earth is a sweet picture book that paints a parallel between the beauty of the earth, and the children that fill it up It describes the brown of bears and soaring eagles, the golds of late summer grasses, and the tickling pink of seashells Even though children come in all colors, they are united by one thing Love for love is amber and ivory and ginger and sweet I love the message this book shares, because it praises the fact that people are made to be different, and those d [...]

    13. All the Colors of the Earth is a book that illustrates the beauty of diversity all around the world There aren t any main characters but this poetic book shows children of all colors and shows that we are all similar even though we look different As a teacher I would use this book to teach my students that diversity is important and that even though we all look different, that is what makes each and everyone of us beautiful I would have them do an activity by drawing their favorite part of their [...]

    14. This children s story paints a colorful pallet of skin tones It is not limited too one particular race However, it embraces the theme of unity, throughout the story This story does not contain any main characters however, there are illustrations of children throughout the book As a literacy teacher, I would use this text in the classroom as a visual aid to depict various physical features ex skin tone, hair, eye color This book could also serve as a transition to a science lesson, because themes [...]

    15. Hamanaka, Sheila, and Crystal Taliefero All the Colors of the Earth Norwalk, Conn Weston Woods Studios, a subsidiary of , 1997 Internet resource Accompanied by music, as well as animal and nature sounds, All the Colors of the Earth addresses the many skin tones and heritages found in our world Hamanaka relates the ideas of diversity to physical entities found in nature The sound of fallen leaves, running water, and the wind enhance the listeners experience Children s hair may flow like water Lov [...]

    16. This book is centered around children and how each one is different from the other, but they all have on thing in common they are loved It describes how children s skin, hair, etc are all different colors, but those colors are beautiful Children share one thing in common besides the fact that they are loved children are filled with laughter, love, and life I really liked this book and the message that it brings Children don t always see different skin color, etc because they are filled with love [...]

    17. I really like how this book uses positive imagery from a variety of sources animals, plants, food to describe a variety of skin colors the hair texture section feels weak, but it does try It gives the true impression that people come in a wide variety of colors and it doesn t exempt White people from that and position people of color as Other Certainly food as color descriptor gets overused in prose, so part of me worried about whether this book was encouraging that trend in its readers, but thi [...]

    18. This is great cultural book to teach children the lesson that we are all different It has beautiful textured looking illustrations The soft feeling images correlate well with the soft tone of the story.The colors of the earth are very nicely related to the variations of skin colors I can see a possibility that young children may unintentionally attach a stigma to some of the skin colors depending on the animal they are related to For example, with the phrase The roaring brown of bears is associa [...]

    19. For a teacher, this poetic children s book would be wonderful to teach children about diversity, and that we are all different The book uses wonderful, descriptive language to tell about the differences children may notice in their classmates, such as hair texture Hair like bouncy baby lambs, or hair that flows like water and skin color The roaring browns of bears and soaring eagles or The tickling pink of tiny seashells by the rumbling sea Sheila Hamanaka teaches that Children come in all Color [...]

    20. Comments on the Story This book really flows the language used is expert There is a great deal of assonance and alliteration used The assonance helps the flow of the story in that not everything rhymes perfectly but it flows well because the different word types are so well selected I also like it how the words on the page seem to bounce on the page because there are not written in a straight line The story could be a poem or a song.Recommended Uses for the Book I think that this book would be g [...]

    21. This colorful, multicultural book uses various literary terms, rhyme, and illustrations to promote global diversity All the Colors of the Earth addresses many differences such as hair texture and skin color, but then makes the differences acceptable by stating that Children come in all the colors of love There is personification throughout the story, for example roaring browns of bears and soaring eagles, whispering golds of late summer grasses, crackling russets of fallen leaves This could be u [...]

    22. Children come in all the colors of the earth and sky and sea All the Colors of the Earth by Sheila Hamanaka is an appropriate book for young children I liked how children are compared to nature Each type of child had a color which relates to nature It seemed to me that the author was saying that all children of all colors belong to the earth When talking of diversity with my students I would introduce this book This book would be great when talking to young children about how people look differe [...]

    23. All the Colors of the Earth is a beautifully illustrated book that highlights the beauty of diversity It tells about the differences in skin color and hair texture, stating out that Children come in all the colors of love The pages are filled with pictures of children of various ethnicities, playing, smiling, and holding hands together, and there is even a picture of a little girl in a wheelchair This is a wonderful book to use when teaching young children about the value of diversity Diversity [...]

    24. This book depicts in rhyme the differences and similarities in children around the world It shows the ethnic diversity of children throughout the world by describing the children s skin and hair color in terms of natural objects It depicts and celebrates the outward differences in children and also shows how each are the same in many ways and are all lovable There are various cultures represented in this book and expressed in a creative, beautiful way Great for a All About Me theme also really h [...]

    25. This book was a beautiful book to read I loved the pictures and the way the Hamanaka compares their skin and different body parts to earthly things like water, lambs, flowers and wheat Throughout the book several children show their excitement for who they are and the things that their skin is compared to The book also shows how love is represented in different races, which is powerful, kind, beautiful and special throughout every race This book can teach that although we are all different color [...]

    26. This was a wonderful book It teaches students bout the diversity around the world The author uses very descriptive writing in this book She uses Sensory Details The roaring browns of bears and soaring eagles , Color whispering golds of late summer grasses And Similes hair like bouncy baby lambs, Or hair that flows like water, Or hair that curls like sleeping cats in snoozy cat colors this book will show students how to produce descriptive writings Tis book shows students how to help people see [...]

    27. I absolutely love this book It is so tastefully and beautifully made What the writer compares the children to are such natural things that makes children feel proud for being the way that they are I found a video of this book with sound affects, music and animation After the book is read the book is then sang and it is lovely Teaching Application This is a great book for young children and can be used to teach appreciation for all the unique qualities we each possess This book can be read and th [...]

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