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Children of the Earth... Remember By Schim Schimmel,

  • Title: Children of the Earth... Remember
  • Author: Schim Schimmel
  • ISBN: 0052944152246
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A companion to the author s first book, Dear Children of the Earth, this book tells the story of the one big family of Mother Earth, in a lesson of sharing and protecting our planet.
    Children of the Earth Remember A companion to the author s first book Dear Children of the Earth this book tells the story of the one big family of Mother Earth in a lesson of sharing and protecting our planet

    One thought on “Children of the Earth... Remember”

    1. I read that for the second time to my youngest son, my 4 months old baby I m pretty sure he didn t even care about the drawings illustrations that caught his brothers attention, but He was so calm while listening to me reading it It was a relaxing and delightful experience I feel grateful Al hamdu LELLAH My two sons rated this book 5 stars I bought a copy that is a special edition of the book printed by Nahdet Misr publishing printing under the liscence of Northword specially for USAID and Egypt [...]

    2. Absolutely beautiful book with an important and inspirational message for children and adults alike take care of our planet, and of our brothers and sisters, the animals The illustrations are amazing.

    3. This is one of my favorite books of all time It is such an earthy look at how animals and humans are all connected to this planet The pictures are fantastic I love everything about this book.

    4. A great book I loved it when i was a kid and even when I pick it up and read it today, it is still inspiring.

    5. I reread this book recently and was reminded of how a picture book of few words can contain a truly powerful message Schim Schimmel s illustrations are gorgeous and poignant Children and adults alike will be reminded of the interconnectedness of all things, of a primordial world where all beings intrinsically knew that they were dependent upon one another and part of the extended family of Life This is a reality which the animals, who are tuned in to nature or G d s will, however you define it, [...]

    6. Absolutely mesmerizing The illustrations are outstanding, haunting, colorful, piercing, and draw the reader right in.I would love to have these drawings up as prints in my home.A wonderful way to help our children, and all the people of our planet, that we are all brothers and sisters With the animals, it is important, to take care of our world.And as I have said before, We must take care of all the animals After all, God made them first

    7. Breath taking pictures I read this to a preschool class today They were absolutly captivated by the pictures and the story Even my squirmy kids sat quietly to listen to this story A great lead in with young children to discuss the importance of being kind to our planet and we are all family Many said after it was their favourite book they re heard yet.

    8. The illustrations are the best part Animals and nature are made ethereal by an unusual combination of images dinosaurs in a pristine world overlooking a black starry abyss, a tiger cub curled up with the planet earth, dolphins swimming gracefully through outer space This book is a reminder of the awe that the universe and its phenomena can inspire and that we humans are a part of that.

    9. This gorgeous sequel to Dear Children of the Earth continues the same theme and visual storytelling to act as a follow up reminder of the lessons learned Schimmel s books are as much a joy to simply look at as read.

    10. Gorgeous illustrations and message, of love and caring for the planet and all the inhabitants The animals reach out to the readers, young and old alike, to remind us all of what s precious A wonderful and gentle reminder to be the heart and ears of mother earth.

    11. The art in this book is AMAZING, I recommend this to anyone and everyone Simple and easy for even the smallest readers, and great book to read to your kids at night.Our daughter reads this to her animals and dolls and it is a great way to teach conservation

    12. Beautiful illustrations they look like paintings Not a book that you can easily engage a squirming toddler with.To read the full review, go to The Reading Tub r.

    13. Beautifully illustrated and with a very important message This book never fails to touch my heart and soul.

    14. The illustrations in this are breathtaking, but children would get over it quickly It would engage them maybe a few minutes.

    15. Great children s book with beautiful artwork and a good reminder on why the earth is so important to take care of.

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