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Past Imperative By Dave Duncan,

  • Title: Past Imperative
  • Author: Dave Duncan
  • ISBN: 9780688143619
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The great game begins with an oracular testament predicting that two people from very different worlds will come together and share a magic fate By the author of A Handful of Men 12,500 first printing.
    Past Imperative The great game begins with an oracular testament predicting that two people from very different worlds will come together and share a magic fate By the author of A Handful of Men first printing

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    1. What happens after depends on what happens during What if there is a form of magic in our mundane world Right before our eyes, but unrecognized What if, under certain conditions and in certain places, that magic swells into something truly supernatural What if but that would be telling Everything has a purpose Good opening to an extended series the Great Game Good world s and character building The protagonists are identifiable, but neither stereotypes nor perfect Their foibles make them that mu [...]

    2. Man, you guys, why is no one reading Dave Duncan I ve only ever met one guy who knew who he was, and he was a used bookstore clerk in Edmonton.

    3. This is August Bank Holiday weekend, Inspector England is closed what an absolutely delightful blend A superb mix of the English crust with a world of Gods and miracles The weaving back and forth between worlds zooms up the tension admirably, leaving one in turns desperately frustrated yet so eager to carry on The universe ought to be logical, and an armed geriatric nun was carrying things altogether too far There are echoes of the Seventh Sword series here, particularly in the ways of the Gods [...]

    4. This books starts out very promising, and then goes absolutely nowhere for at least the first fifth of the book, which is where I gave up It s one of those annoying books that skips between two completely unrelated plot lines I m assuming the two main characters will come together at some point Unfortunately I have very little emotional investment in either one of them.What really kills me is that other than the slow pace, it s a very well written book The dialogue is snappy, the secondary chara [...]

    5. Originally published on my blog here in October 1999.Duncan s novel, first of a trilogy, impressed me deeply despite its rather shaky beginning He uses two ideas which are rather unusual in the fantasy genre The first of these is to vary the standard plot in which a normal Earth person is catapulted into a magical world of which he understands nothing by making the events in the two worlds closely connected the First World War the Great War and a contest between the gods of Nextdoor the Great Ga [...]

    6. I ve had this book for at least 10 years It looked like fantasy but not the standard elves and dwarves Tolkien ripoff and that intrigued me Obviously it didn t intrigue me enough because I never got around to it until I found it on in audio as part of the all u can read buffet program can t remember what it s called I didn t know ANYTHING about the book when I started because I usually like to be surprised It was decent but not great for me It definitely was NOT a Tolkien ripoff but I can t say [...]

    7. I would have given up a third of the way through this book if it hadn t have been for the fact that it was recommended by a friend It was improving slightly by the last quarter of the book, but it s still not one I will ever read again or really recommend.The two main characters are in entirely different worlds, seemingly totally and pointlessly unrelated to each other I guess that is part of the intrigue but there is very little character development that actually encouraged me to like either o [...]

    8. Edward is a typical young British man in Edwardian England The child of British colonial workers who were murdered in Africa, he has gone to a private called public school to be trained to be the next generation to run the empire So when the drums of war start to pound, Edward feels compelled to sign up to fight for king and country.The problem is that in another place and another time, Edward is the proficized Liberator His destiny in the other world is to kill death And the Gods from that worl [...]

    9. Really interesting concept I enjoyed this first book of the series but disliked the second one so much I didn t finish it, so that tarnishes this one a bit as it doesn t really stand on its own Maybe I ll power through the second one at some point and see if the 3rd of the trilogy redeems it.

    10. A good start to what I am hoping is a good series I enjoyed this book but be warned it is a bit of a slow starter Set in two worlds during the first world war, that was enough to get me to read it and it is worth it Have a pen and paper to hand for all the gods.

    11. one f the better books I ve read this year the characters are decently done and don t always follow the traditional role of Kid, hottie, and tough guy I m enjoying these books quite a bit, and the author is doing a great job of hiding the ending.

    12. Definitely not my favorite Duncan book Nothing really happens for the first three quarters of the book, and I got so fed up with waiting for some action that I just skipped ahead to the end The characters are kind of meh, and it felt like I was reading two different books for most of the time.

    13. Fantasy historical, a young Englishman spoiling to fight in World War I instead finds himself the subject of a strange prophecy in another world Smooth reading but very slow to get started the book didn t grab me until it was almost over.

    14. I ve always enjoyed stories where a normal person gets dragged into a magical alternate world This has been a very enjoyable read Reminded me a little of Thomas Covenant.

    15. This is book I of a three part series about how people from our reality can pass through into another where they become gods This was not the author s best work but I did enjoy the story.

    16. excellent plot, excellent characters keep going past the beginning One of the protagonist reminds me of the one in To Kill a Mockingbird

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