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Med Ship By Murray Leinster,

  • Title: Med Ship
  • Author: Murray Leinster
  • ISBN: 9780743435550
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • Scattered through the galaxy are thousands of worlds colonized by humans Many have native microbes dangerous to the human immigrants Others have diseases brought to them accidentally or on purpose by visiting ships When millions of lives are threatened, it s a job for the Interstellar Medical Service, and a Med Ship is sent to solve the problem Calhoun is the besScattered through the galaxy are thousands of worlds colonized by humans Many have native microbes dangerous to the human immigrants Others have diseases brought to them accidentally or on purpose by visiting ships When millions of lives are threatened, it s a job for the Interstellar Medical Service, and a Med Ship is sent to solve the problem Calhoun is the best the Med Service has, and hard experience has taught him that often the major obstacle to curing the sick is the sick And removing that kind of obstacle may take very strong medicine.This book is a compilation of four books released in the 1960 s The Mutant Weapon, Doctor to the Stars, S.O.S from Three Worlds and This World is Taboo.3 Med Ship Man 1963 57 Plague on Kryder II 1964 121 The Mutant Weapon 1959 231 Ribbon in the Sky 1957 285 Tallien Three aka The Hate Disease 1963 351 Quarantine World 1966 425 The Grandfathers War 1957 505 Pariah Planet aka This World is Taboo 1961 632 Editors Afterword by Eric Flint and Guy Gordon
    Med Ship Scattered through the galaxy are thousands of worlds colonized by humans Many have native microbes dangerous to the human immigrants Others have diseases brought to them accidentally or on purpose by

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    1. This book was in the free bin at the library and I picked it up because I had read some of the stories in the book when they first appeared in magazines As a teenager, I liked the puzzle solving but now, rereading these after nearly fifty years in some cases, I value the underlying perspectives about altruism, the futility of war and the use of creative thinking to resolve conflicts.

    2. Someone else wrote, I have a thing for medical science fiction well, me too I really liked the book, although the writing was not the greatest, the predicted science was awful animalcules, I ask you , and it was terribly sexist But as a period piece, it was just wonderful Most of the movie in my head when I read it was a mix of a Buster Crabbe Buck Rogers and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea That s really all I can say It s not for everyone.

    3. Enjoyable read A nice collection of stories about a doctor and his adventures in space I know others have commented that these seem dated, I thought they held up better than some of his other stories and it didn t detract from my enjoyment of them.

    4. I enjoyed the stories but it s a bit hard for me to read an entire anthology of one author The individual stories are good but after a while it s hard to read the same thing over and over.

    5. Summary This is a collection of stories that follow the adventures of Calhoun and his assistant Murgatroyd, a Tormal In the future humanity has spread far and wide with many different governments and cultures having came into existence over the hundreds of years of expansion Since no one government controls everything the Med Service, kind of a galactic Red Cross, was created to be an impartial entity that serves the purpose of keeping human kind healthy and up to date on the latest and greatest [...]

    6. Med Ship by Murry Leinster is a collection of short stories about a roving doctor Calhoun and his alien companion Murgatroyd I downloaded this on a whim from the Baen free ebook library as a filler book in case I finished reading all the books I d purchased from them whilst away tbh I wish I d read this first At the end of the collection is a note from Jim Baen who describes how Murry Leinster pioneered the field of science fiction and is responsible for a number of the common tropes we see in t [...]

    7. This book is a collection of short stories originally published back in the 1950 s They are among the very first SciFi stories about Doctors in Space, a genre which is popular among many.I found these stories to be quite enjoyable, and easy to read It was like each story was written with a moral in mind, much like modern fables They don t feature medicine, per se, they are about basic human struggles and coping mechanisms, and how one man, the lead character, Calhoun, and his alien animal compa [...]

    8. I really enjoy reading these books which are actually historical science fiction Items which are high tech in the author s era are made to reach ultra high tech in the book the one that I remember is the voice recorder, which was a miniature reel device The author would have had no idea that this would be superceded by solid state devices.However, I m sure Leinster has been a source of inspiration for many of the modern authors For instance, it certainly feels that the treecat in Weber s Honor [...]

    9. As an historical read, this comes close to essential if only to see how far the genre has come both in writing competency and attitudes toward women Holy cats, there were timesNevertheless, the relationship between the Med Ship man Calhoun and his tormal Murgatroyd the likeable member of the duo , is fun Some of the puzzles Calhoun faces are quite interesting And the blending of medical drama with sci fi, possibly for the first time here, is very peanut butter cuppy, if you know what I mean.In t [...]

    10. Series of stories about a physician named Calhoun and his sidekick, quaintly named Murgatroyd Murgatroyd is an alien called a Tormal and is really just a lab animal But he is cute and lovable one and who makes the stories very enjoyable.The characters are one dimensional Especially Calhoun, who even seems to have only one name We learn nothing of his background and he has very little emotion We are told nothing of Murgatroyd s home planet But the medical mysteries that are solved by Calhoun in t [...]

    11. F.Scott Fitzgerald reading Calhoun and his alien companion Murgatroyd travel the galaxy solving inventive medical mysteries with a fast moving prose style from Leinster Some of the dialogue is a bit heavy handed, but the action moves at a fast clip I was drawn to the details of interstellar travel, especially the hazards of space travel as presented by Leinster The invention of the tormal, Murgatroyd, adds humor and is a unique science fiction creation.

    12. This book is actually a collection of stories about Calhoun, a Med Ship Man and his counterpart Murgatroyd, a furry creature know as a Tormal The stories were originally written in the late 1950s and early 1960s It was a very interesting look at some of the early SciFi writing, and fun to see how some of the themes have carried on into today s writing If you are into old school SciFi, then this is for you.

    13. Collection of 1950 s 1960 s Medical Service stories, where Doctor Calhoun and his biological lab and pet travel from planet to planet solving problems not all of them medical.Surprisingly undated, save for a couple of technology references, and with a solid set of plots and mysteries Weak to no characterization, other than demonstrating that Calhoun has fewer emotions than Mr Spock.Nice storytelling overall.

    14. A collection of shorter stories I expect they were never intended to be read in a single go, as there s a lot of repetition of some basic facts near the start of each one Interesting, but be prepared to accept it as a product of its time, with the way it handles technology tapes and women little dears who shouldn t do anything as strenuous as thinking

    15. Thoroughly enjoyable, old school sci fi medical stories These paved the way for such classics as James White s hospital ship stories, and of course the obligatory doctor characters in series like Star Trek The Kindle formatting is irritating, though italics are inconsistent, sometimes changing mid word Still, it was free, so I m not complaining.

    16. Book is a series of connected SF short stories, in which the principal character is presented with situations in which he has to cope with potentially deadly threats with no resources beyond those contained in his ship and his own wits Very clever plotting and effective narrative make for entertaining reading.

    17. This book collects the stories about the Med Ships They are the emergency medical technicians in the rocket age The author explorers a unique area and does it well The stories are well plotted, well paced, the mysteries are interesting, and I liked the characters A fun read especially if you re looking for something a little different.

    18. This was one I picked up from Baen books in the free ebook section, and I truthfully expected it to be crap I am glad I was wrongIt s full of interesting dilemmas, and interesting solutions to solve them I ve even used the Road Building crisis one in real life D It s great fun.I can t believe it was written over 50 years ago

    19. Collection of short stories No medicine involved, really each tale is about a roving doctor with a cute pet who serves as a diagnostic lab shades of Nourse s STAR SURGEON who encounters and deals summarily with greedy or otherwise bad guys.

    20. This collection is showing its age I enjoyed these stories when I first read them in college, but they don t really hold up well The flaws in the writing and the inconsistencies in the main character really interfered with my ability to enjoy the stories.

    21. The complete Med Ship saga The Mutant Weapon, Doctor to the Stars, This World Is Taboo, and S.O.S from Three Worlds is collected in this one paperback volume August

    22. I downloaded this free from WebScriptions Not bad, but the sci part of sci fi didn t age well Finished the first story and stopped.

    23. In older collection, these stories are called Doctor to the stars It collects all the Med Ship books into one volume.

    24. Wonderful collection of themed stories, mostly from the 1950s that feature Med Service man Calhoun and his tormal, Murgatroyd I particularly liked Plague on Kyder II and The Grandfather s War.

    25. A bit dated, but great for its time Full of interesting stories that made for anwas an enjoyable read It s humerous how some of the tech is advanced for its time, and some is not at all.

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