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Sappho's Gymnasium By Olga Broumas T. Begley,

  • Title: Sappho's Gymnasium
  • Author: Olga Broumas T. Begley
  • ISBN: 9781556590719
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • collaborative poems in Sapphic idiom
    Sappho s Gymnasium collaborative poems in Sapphic idiom

    One thought on “Sappho's Gymnasium”

    1. These poems take form the classics in form and motifs nonetheless are deeply modern It s feminism echoes Sappho It includes some poststructuralist hints on language and the construction of gender The tittle series of poems are the best from this collection.

    2. It s hard to distance myself from this incredibly intimate book of poems enough to write a cogent review so soon after having read it The use of language is beautiful in the extreme, the relationship with words and similar sounds profound and positively intoxicating It s a hard book to read, as it is highly evocative, exclusively about difficult topics like sexuality, incest, and intimacy, without ever being explicit, with two or three very striking and powerful exceptions I am very glad I own t [...]

    3. Should have a poetry I don t quite understand but like anyway shelf I saw her footthen a church burning downwith its figure of water then star starknessshe is all I was dead but I was born againhead to guts in her blanket from Helen Groves

    4. Not a translation of Sappho, but a collaboration between two poets in the style of Sappho A wonderful collection filled with bizarre lyric moments that plummet the reader head first into the unapologetic realm of the erotic apocalyptic.

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