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The Christ of the Prophets By O. Palmer Robertson,

  • Title: The Christ of the Prophets
  • Author: O. Palmer Robertson
  • ISBN: 9780875525648
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Thorough study of Israel s prophetism, including covenant and the law in the prophets, prediction in prophecy, Jesus the promised Christ of the prophets, and .
    The Christ of the Prophets Thorough study of Israel s prophetism including covenant and the law in the prophets prediction in prophecy Jesus the promised Christ of the prophets and

    One thought on “The Christ of the Prophets”

    1. Fantastic overview of the Prophetic books of the Old Testament Robertson focuses on how the themes of exile and restoration were fulfilled for Israel under the Old Covenant He also shows how these prophetic themes provide a pattern that is anticipated and fulfilled in Christ and the New Covenant Finally, he shows how exile and restoration provide the expected framework for the future return of Christ I just wish those obsessed with end times speculation or dispensationalist prophetic interpretat [...]

    2. Very helpful Excellent overview of a difficult and misunderstood genre of the Bible Robertson shows how the prophets message was always in light of the Law and the Covenant, and that both the exile and coming restoration were God s continuing application of his own prior promises Recommended for anyone who s asked what are these books for anyway It is a bit long and repetitive Hard to imagine I read the abridged version But the insights are worth it.

    3. As other reviewers have said, this isn t a light read I m glad I had a flexible time schedule for reading this work took a year to read it and all the OT prophetic books I do tend to double or triple dip in my reading BUT I have a much better appreciation for this genre and the individual books The conclusion sums this book up At the time of Christ s imminent return the exile and restoration anticipated so regularly by the prophets of old shall reach their consummating climax p 378 Strongly reco [...]

    4. This was a really good read, but this book is about 150 pages too long Either it should have been two books one looking at prophecy in general, the other discussion about the prophets themselves or edited down a bit, but otherwise ton of great information that will be very helpful Highly Recommend.

    5. This was a required read for a recent class that I took It teetered between academic and sermonic I feel like I really learned a ton about the literary prophets and how they fit with the New Testament This book is a great example of reading the OT through the lens of the NT.

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