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Dungari Rise By Nikki Landis,

  • Title: Dungari Rise
  • Author: Nikki Landis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Synika was his mate and he didn t give a damn if she refused You re going to be my bride I ll make certain of it Synika has hidden from the dominant alien race that conquered Earth 100 years ago in search of fertile females She s a strong willed and headstrong woman who knows what she wants and it isn t belonging to some Dungari male and auctioned off at the annualSynika was his mate and he didn t give a damn if she refused You re going to be my bride I ll make certain of it Synika has hidden from the dominant alien race that conquered Earth 100 years ago in search of fertile females She s a strong willed and headstrong woman who knows what she wants and it isn t belonging to some Dungari male and auctioned off at the annual Choosing When she meets Tuvari and their worlds collide, Synika is forced to confront her prejudices and decide if the Dungari male is her friend, foe or maybe .Tuvari helped establish the first colony on Earth and works with the Dungari Bureau of Human Affairs He s a soldier and a warrior with a reputation, determined to keep his race from extinction Strong, charismatic, confident, and sexy as sin he s used to getting his way and exactly what he wants Until he meets Synika Tuvari has always believed his one true mate existed but could he dare to fall for a human Is it love, lust, or something that draws the two together In a world torn apart and ravaged by lies, can Tuvari and Synika move past the betrayal of a nation and find common ground Dungari Rise is first in a new exciting series of alien romances with heat, Alien Alphas of Pilathna There is NO cheating, NO cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happy ending
    Dungari Rise Synika was his mate and he didn t give a damn if she refused You re going to be my bride I ll make certain of it Synika has hidden from the dominant alien race that conquered Earth years ago in se

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    1. They came to Earth on a mission They needed females to save their dying race, but the Dungari s idea of how to encourage female participation was both horrendous and barbaric, but, hey, they were the superior race, right As they begin their annual Choosing of young, fertile females of great beauty, there were those who would resist and among those rebel groups determined to take back the planet, Synika hides and so far, she has managed to avoid sexual slavery, until a captured warrior entices he [...]

    2. Synika is a heroine you can admire and adore What she faces after losing her freedom would have taken most people to their knees with fear, but she is brave After being purchased by one of the Dungari and tossed into a harem for the nasty prince, she discovers that her purchaser, could also offer her hope, and perhaps love.Tuvari is my kind of hero Dominate, yet when it comes to his woman, devoted and loving He is captivated by the beautiful and spunky Synika, which puts him on a path that could [...]

    3. A sci fi erotic romance like no other, Dungari Rise will shock and surprise you, transport you into another world, and challenge what you believe Follow the strong heroine Synika as she battles a brutal and terrifying race of warriors whose only objective is the Choosing Where do the lines cross between cruelty and necessity Is love enough to break through the hatred, bigotry, and defilement of a nation Find out in Dungari Rise.

    4. A powerful story perfect for fans of YA Dystopian who are ready for adult content The author uses an interesting tactic, writing the human heroine, Synika, in first person, and the alien hero, Tuvari, in third person Although 21, in many ways, Synika comes across younger due to her years of having been sheltered by her brother in a post apocalyptic world But those days of shelter are over when she is purchased by an alien warrior during the Choosing Ceremony and sent to be part of a cruel prince [...]

    5. Received ARC for a fair and honest review Dungari Rise is a sci fi dark erotic romance The Dungari need women to breed with to save their dying race, and human females are compatible with them After the Dungari take over Earth they begin the choosing , any female must attend the choosing once they turn 18, no exceptions But the females are nothing then breeders, they can be used and abused or killed with no repercussions Synika with the help of her family and the Specters, keep her hidden until [...]

    6. Dungari Rise,Wow, Nikki Landis has done it again I absolutely loved Dungari Rise This story really makes you imagine what the characters and worlds would look like.I This story is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, heartache, and triumph, and of course a love story with some hot and heavy romance mixed in I love Synika, she is an Incredibly strong woman who doesn t take crap from anyone The unthinkable heart wrenching, disturbing sittuations, and reality of Synika s and all the other womens [...]

    7. I wish I could express how much I loved this story Synika and Tuvari are as far apart as two people can be They have absolutely nothing in common, but feel an instant connection anyway The Dungari didn t appeal to me at all when this started, they seemed like arrogant, condescending and not at all likeable Then we get to know Tuvari and his friend Holnar, they slowly swayed my opinion Synika thought she knew everything she needed to know about the Dungari but meeting Tuvari changed her whole way [...]

    8. I enjoyed the story between Tuvari and his Keharna He was caring and possessive and even though the odds were against them they carried on fighting for what they believed.

    9. Dungari Rise is something you don t see too often nowadays, an epic romance It depicts a large and complex world, as Earth has been invaded by aliens who treat humans as workforce and disposable fodder for any interests they may have The crux of this book is the relationship between Synika, a human woman, and Tuvari, a Dungari male Synika is selected for a Dungari prince s harem in a rite called the Choosing Ceremony I loved the way the harshness and pure politics of a harem was illustrated in D [...]

    10. inkedbookdragonWhat a deliciously naughty read Great characters Well written Sexy scenes ensconced in a complex and powerful story Would highly recommend.

    11. Check out this review, and many , on my blog jessjesinghaus.wordpressI ve hemmed and hawed for days, literally, about how to start this review Dungari Rise is a unique romance that manages to blend a plethora of genres and themes Post apocalyptic check Dystopian check Enemies to lovers romance, Science fiction, space travel and aliens, Political intrigue and social commentary check, check, and check I mean, my head is still spinning with all the story elements and I finished reading it days ago [...]

    12. My review Dungari Rise, written by Nikki Landis.Another fantastic read, by the talented author Nikki Landis We follow the story of Synika, kept in hiding since she was a child, to protect her from the blue race of aliens and from the harsh reality of slavery and breeding The Choosing Enslaving young women and forcing them to endure the Choosing Females of the planet earth, once selected soon find themselves never to return to their loved ones Sometimes death is better than being a sexual slave.T [...]

    13. As a Middle High School librarian, I have been a fan of YA dystopian novels for years Now that I ve been introduced to the grown up version, I m even hooked The complex world building, backstory, and erotica blend perfectly as the relationship grows This was a very satisfying read The author provided an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

    14. This book was given to me as an Arc I had never had this type of romance erotica book so Ill be honest I was excited but nervous I definitely shouldnt have been nervous though Nikki Landis kept me hooked from the moment I started reading.Synikas brother had kept her hidden from the Dungari so they wouldnt take her back to their home to mate with her Tuvari found her though and brought her back You could tell he loved her from the moment he saw her The feelings werent mutual at first But as he pr [...]

    15. I absolutely love paranormal Sci Fi stories, and Dungari Rise has definitely been added to my keeper list Nikki Landis has written an engrossing, suspenseful, action packed book that is quite simply a page turner The book begins many years after the Earth has lost a war to the alien race, Dungari The Dungari chose Earth due to Human women being compatible for breeding An auction has been established called The Choosing once a year for all acceptable women 18 and older to be sold The love story o [...]

    16. He played me to perfection His fingers the master of composition, his lips the expert at finding each note, his hips the finest bow upon the strings He brought forth a masterpiece, a unique blend of precision and harmony, as we danced to a song of our own creation Only Ms Landis knows how to spin an intricate tale of love between a man and a woman from two totally different worlds I immediately fell in love with Synika and Tuvari and sympathized with all of the trials and tribulations that they [...]

    17. This is the first book I ve read by this author, and I m definitely a new fan I loved this sci fi erotic romance It was different and exciting Enter a world of fierce alien warriors, where the women are unable to breed successfully They have made an agreement with Earth to take their women for breeding instead Tuvari and Synika may have gotten off to a difficult start, but learning how to trust each other is a must for survival The abuse of these poor women Will Synika suffer the same fate This [...]

    18. She s done it again A fine story with great characters and an ending that touches the heart if you have one.An innocent young woman is taken by an alien race to breed, as well as put up with a lot of harrowing sh t, and falls for a guard who has already imprinted her soul on his They must fight against all odds to bring down the establishment as well as prove their love.With aliens, plenty of action, and tear jerking moments, this is not your typical erotica This story brings the term blueballs [...]

    19. I got this book as an ARC in exchange for a voluntary review Earth has been defeated by the Dungari They come to earth for females and every year in the fall is the Choosing Ceremony where women over 18 yrs old are bought for breeding Synika has been hidden by her brother, Yuri, for 3 yrs This year she is caught and bought at the ceremony by Tuvari for the prince Tuvari realizes that Synika is his mate and he eventually convinces Synika that he loves her.Will they last or will reality convince h [...]

    20. I really liked this book It was a pleasant surprise to me because I don t always like human non human love stories Nikki Landis is a great writer and I was drawn into the story from the time I started it I couldn t wait to find out how the story developed and how the characters developed in the story Tuvari is a wonderful character and I loved his connection with Synika from their first meeting I also loved the way the brother got his I think it was well deserved

    21. Awesome Read, i love it this book was awesome,hot,steamy and sweet intense,exciting and captivating story.d the love Scene just wow it s a page turner.uldn t put it downt time nikki Landis reader and two thumbs up for me well done Ms.Nikki I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book thanks

    22. This book took me a little bit to get into it but once I did, it was a great story The characters were very well written and I loved the story I look forward to the next one

    23. This review originally appeared on BrizzleLass Books.I love Nikki Landis and leapt at the chance to read her latest novel, a standalone sci fi romance Dungari Rise This is not a novel for the faint of heart, it tackles some really tough subjects and doesn t hold back in any way but this is what makes it such a strong novel, we are dealt some brutal blows during the course of this book but they just make what follows all the sweeter.Earth has been taken over by the Dungari, a race of aliens who n [...]

    24. LOVE BETWEEN AN ALIEN RACE AND HUMANS IS POSSIBLEI VOLUNTEERED TO READ AND GIVE AN HONEST REVIEW FOR THIS ARC BOOKDungari rise is a Sci Fi book that shows how true love can lead one to realize the truth that has been hiding within their sight Turning a blind eye to the ruthlessness of his race, Tuvari sees the light when he falls in love with an Earthling He is of royal blood and is shunned and shamed in his choice of wife His unwavering love and strong willed wife lead to the awareness of what [...]

    25. Generally speaking, I m not usually fond of paranormal and sci fi books but I thought I d give this one a go anyway.I m so glad I did Tuvari is one of the Dungari people His alien race has overtaken planet Earth in order to find breeders to help repopulate his home planet of Pilathna by way of the Choosing The Choosing being an annual auction of sorts, where all able bodied women over 18 years of age, are ogled and scrutinized before purchase Synika is a human who has been hidden by her brother, [...]

    26. FANTASTIC BOOK Dungari Rise,Wow, wow wow, I have always loved Science fiction, from my beloved Dr Who and upwards,THE IDEA THAT THERE IS LIFE OUT THERE IS TERRIFYING, EXCITING AND QUITE FRANKLY WE ARE ARROGANT TO THING WE ARE ALONE.Nikki Landis AuthorI absolutely loved Dungari Rise This story really made me think about what the characters and worlds would look like.I it love when a book is so engrossing that life outside that particular book ceases to exist.Thank goodness, it s half term Not a l [...]

    27. PLOT 5 5CHARACTER 5 5FLOW 5 5OVERALL 5 out of 5I will try very hard to give any spoilers except for blueballs of course tag coined by the fantastic D J Doyle lol as I really hate when I see A book that looks like my cuppa tea and delve into the reviews only to get pissed when I see spoilers Dungari Rise is set in the future when man has all but messed the world up and it is not as we know it today, instead it peppered with walled cities and crumbling hovels It was when mankind had reached this p [...]

    28. In this dystopian novel, the Earth has been colonized by the Dungari race aliens whose own planet is under the threat of dying out as their females aren t able to bear children any To use women from Earth as breeders, Dungari established the Dungari Bureau of Human Affairs together with annual Choosing, where girls who reached age 18 are being sold into slavery Synika escaped such unfortunate fate as her brother, who belongs to the resistance, hid her as soon as she reached the dangerous age How [...]

    29. This is the first book I have read by this author and I wasn t sure if this was going to be another one of those taken by the hot alien type reads Whilst there is nothing wrong with those books, indeed I ve read and enjoyed many of them, this had depth and a story line beyond the romance In fact, as much as I love it, the cover does not do the book justice.On the surface this is the story of Synika, a human female, and Tuvari, a Dungari male However it is also about the atrocious treatment of h [...]

    30. Hell Yeah That was effin outstanding I haven t yelled and cursed at the vileness and depravity of a villain and or villains in a novel like this in a hell a long time It was extremely liberating and I cannot recommend it enough I can not imagine withstanding even a smidgen of what the human females suffered at the hands of the Dungari on their world and on ours It brings up a lot of the same problems that women all over the world have experienced since the dawn of man, the same horrors women are [...]

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