UNLIMITED PDF ë Hitler's Children: Sons and Daughters of Leaders of the Third Reich Talk About Their Fathers and Themselves - by Gerald Posner

Hitler's Children: Sons and Daughters of Leaders of the Third Reich Talk About Their Fathers and Themselves By Gerald Posner,

  • Title: Hitler's Children: Sons and Daughters of Leaders of the Third Reich Talk About Their Fathers and Themselves
  • Author: Gerald Posner
  • ISBN: 9780394582993
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Hitler s Children Sons and Daughters of Leaders of the Third Reich Talk About Their Fathers and Themselves None

    One thought on “Hitler's Children: Sons and Daughters of Leaders of the Third Reich Talk About Their Fathers and Themselves”

    1. Hoher moralischer Anspruch, niedrige AusbeuteMit der Dingfestmachung von Lee Harvey Oswald als Einzelt ter hat sich Gerald Posner ein historisches Verdienst gesichert, das von mir nie bestritten wird, da die Verschw rungstheoretiker vom Schlage eines Jim Marrs ein viel zu schwaches Bild abgeben, auch wenn die Verfilmung von Oliver Stone sch n anzusehen ist.Bei den Interviews mit den Kindern von Naziprominenz schl gt Posner aber derart wild mit der moralischen Keule um sich, dass er kaum bezeichn [...]

    2. For a book that s titled Hitler s Children, I can t help but notice that it s mostly about the Nazi officials SS high and low ranking officers While as interesting as that is, I was interested about their children, so I decided to give the book a shot anyways From the beginning you learn how the children feel about their father s involvement throughout WWII Sadly, I feel like we learn about the Nazis than we do about their kids We get paragraphs about what their father did during specific time [...]

    3. I can t imagine the shame or guilt of being the child of a Nazi particularly one who was guilty of unspeakable war crimes The experience must be the same for all of these children, right Wrong In Hitler s Children, Gerald Posner interviewed the sons and daughters of both leading Nazis and lesser known Nazis Their individual experiences were unique Some expressed guilt Others were in denial Still others were ambivalent These children are interesting characters If you re a World War II buff, you m [...]

    4. I was disappointed in the book I thought that there would be dialog with the children and less history of what their father s had done I have read much about WWII and am very familiar with what the head Nazi s did and were capable of doing What I was interested in was the perspective of the children on what their father s were and on what their father s had done Would not recommend this book to anyone with serious interest in the children s point of view of what the children thought of their p [...]

    5. Interesting interviewsI read the original book many years ago I just got the Kindle version with the new intro The interviews show the fact that s hard to figure most if the Nazi bigwigs and killers were pretty good parents I totally see how the children would be torn, not wanting to reject their father.Each child and each family has different reactions and ways of coping It s a very interesting book.

    6. Interesting to learn about how many parents separated their gruesome Nazi lives from their home ones but a bit dull and not too compelling I kept forgetting which child I was reading about and I happened to even be in Poland at the time of reading about the Polish Butcher It makes me mad to think that some Nazis escaped and never thought they did anything wrong And just being hung or shot doesn t seem like a good enough punishment for torturing 1,000 s.

    7. Veiny interesting book about the children of convicted war crimes.I have often wondered how the children reacted to their fathers crimes How do you react to the victims It was an interesting study of the men who were truly guilty of killing so many innocent people Glad I read this book It was will written and answered many questions.

    8. Hitler s Children Sons and Daughters of ThirdI read and study a lot about Germany and the Jewish people I just came back from touring Germany, Switzerland, and Austria I could picture where they were talking about The book is fantastic I am so afraid that this can happen again We need to know the horrors that were.

    9. This was a very interesting read Not only does this book provide a perspective on this time that is often overlooked, but it also gives one an ability to have empathy for those families of the people who committed some of the most heinous acts in history It was vey eye opening about how these men basically led double lives.

    10. I found this book fascinating You might think the children of the Nazis would all think the same having similar backgrounds, but this is not so Some hate their fathers some are proud, some live their lives trying to make up for their fathers crimes Great insights and totally fascinating if you are interested in first hand history or world war 2.

    11. How do deal with the crimes your father committed Do you love him or hate him That s the main question asked Some loved their dads, while a few couldn t stand them A few found out much later in life The major problem was when the accused don t want to change their opinions of the past That s the hardest part to overcome.

    12. Fascinating read First and foremost, this is a fascinating read on multiple levels Shoddy editing makes several chapters difficult to read, but the breadth of detailed information throughout the book eventually overcomes that issue Highly recommended

    13. Interesting from the standpoint as to how the children and even siblings differed in their feelings towards their fathers and life after the deaths of their parents.

    14. Harrowing detail Superbly written.If you,re intrigue by the resurgence of Nazi culture in modern times and barley paid attention in history class 20 years ago READ THIS BOOK

    15. Interesting perspective What a great perspective from the point of view of the next generation of the Nazis If only the perpetrators could own up

    16. Based on interviews with the children of leading Nazi figures, this book discusses how they judge their fathers roles and cope with a criminal legacy It reveals some of their innermost feelings, ranging from shame and condemnation to strident defence and revisionism.The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children, as the Old Testament, Euripides, Horace and Shakespeare have each affirmed And so they continue to be, to judge from Hitler s Children, a survey by Gerald L Posner, a former Wall [...]

    17. Simultaneously disturbing about the lack of memory in some and simultaneously the efforts of many sons and daughters to not only pay for the sins of their fathers, but try and do what they can to right what they can of what was done by their own blood, via the blood of others He found 30 children 14 agreed to talk.There is Niklas Frank, the son of Hans Frank, executed at Nuremberg for his hideous crimes not only against Jews in Poland he championed, and gained considerable pride that Poland had [...]

    18. Interesting but rather frustrating book about the children of mostly high level members of Hitler s regime, including Goering, Hjalmar Schact, economics minister acquitted at Nuremburg Rudolf Hess and others, and peripheral but highly notorious figures such as Josef Mengele Posner was turned down by most of the children of Nazi elites, but was able to get some notables Fascinating in parts, some children mostly those who were extremely young or at most in their teens at the end of the war rejec [...]

    19. Each of the children in this book deals with his heritage differently, some with hatred Frank , some with ambivalence, some with confusion, and some with downright adoration Stauffenberg and Goring They are the children of Hans Frank, Rudolf Hess, Karl Saur, Hjalmar Schacht, Josef Mengele, Karl Donitz, Colonel Stauffenberg, Ernst Mochar, Hermann Goring and Max Drexel The author makes the point that an entire generation of Nazi children has had to deal with their fathers differently than other ch [...]

    20. This book was about what I expected, as I have read at least one other of Posner s books.It was interesting to read about the families of these famous Nazis and one resistance leader s child thrown in for good measure If you have an interest in this kind of book as it brings a bit of a different lens to famous leasers, you will like this book I thought it was okay with some interesting points, but it is not one I would likely ever need to read again.

    21. Awesome book The author interviews the sons and daughters of some very prominent and powerful Nazis It s interesting to read about the varying reactions among them Some children have an intense hatred for their parent while others insist their father did nothing wrong Still, others feel tremendous shame and embarrassment.

    22. Good follow up to In the Garden of Beasts Larson , though horrifying in the reactions of Germans post WWII.

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