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Five Feet or Less By Erik Schubach,

  • Title: Five Feet or Less
  • Author: Erik Schubach
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 275
  • Format: ebook
  • Reese is a programmer and tech geek who was confined to a wheelchair at a young age Since then she has locked herself away from the outside in her virtual world Until that is, a chance meeting with an ex punk rocker girl, Sarah, who teaches her that her world is not defined in five feet or less and the possibilities are endless.
    Five Feet or Less Reese is a programmer and tech geek who was confined to a wheelchair at a young age Since then she has locked herself away from the outside in her virtual world Until that is a chance meeting with an

    One thought on “Five Feet or Less”

    1. this author s books are usually just meh And the characters in this series always seem so juvenile But this one gets an extra star for its realistic portrayal of a person in a wheelchair and the emotional turmoil and social fear that situation can cause Eric is good at presenting flawed protagonists with true to life disabilities, I ll grant him that.

    2. Interesting subject, decent execution.Reese is tech savvy shutin, shy, angry and perhaps a bit lonely Reese however is also bound to a wheelchair at an early age The later aspect reinforcing the former and vice versa That is until she meets Sarah, who slowly brings her out into the bigger world.This one, surprised me The subject is a gripping one I don t often read books about people with disabilities, but this one was definitely an eye opener The story itself is solid and multifaceted, but a wi [...]

    3. Wow Erik Schubach s books are always great but this one was so emotional I wasn t expecting this Five Feet or Less literally had me chocking back tears several times It s a beautiful story about a girl who loses her parents at a young age and the use of her legs She grew up in foster care and didn t seem to have any friends after the accident that put her in a wheelchair She didn t know it, but she always did have two friends looking out for her As an adult, she rarely left the house so she hard [...]

    4. even after the tragedy, none of you are broken because he couldn t take away the one important thinge love Now this was different As I continue with the MOTS series, I was seeing a string of patterns in the story, but FFOL proved me wrong, I hope the same goes to the rest This was beautifully constructed Five Feet or Less was, in my opinion the darkest and deepest story in the series, yet The huge revelation at the end surprised me, the drama and intrigue will surely keep anyone s interest, as t [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book Loved Reese and Sarah especially when they were getting to know each other Also liked how they dealt with things when times were rough The romance was sweet and at times very emotional Past characters popping up is one of my favorite things in series so I loved seeing Mandy Harris again I can t wait to read in this series.

    6. Loaded with emotion, the story kept flashing me to memories of a friend of mine and how they chose to battle on with a similar loss Is it for everyone Probably not But those who have suffered the pain of the selfish act known as drunk driving may find kindred spirits in this tale and a glimmer of hope as peace finally comes.

    7. since im reading all the books in the music of the soul universe one after the other, it s starting to seem that a lot of the characters have similar lines and attitudes, which i don t really like, i d rather see of each s personalities show overall it s still a pretty good story

    8. I truly enjoy Erik s books Creats a viewpoint from a hurt soul, long term friends , new found love, unidentified strength of self Great story, touching, heartwarming.

    9. I listened to this on audiobook The book kind of has a YA feel to it but with some mature content thrown in In that regard it was quite enjoyable and an easy listen, requiring little in the way of concentration I typically prefer a British narrator but the American accent of Hollie Jackson was clear and fit the character of Reese well.Not having read any other books where disability is portrayed as a result of drink driving, I found the storyline intriguing at first and the book generally speak [...]

    10. Good story There are many typos in the book, which, sadly, detract from the story It is, however, a good quick read.

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