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  • Title: Chrome
  • Author: George Nader
  • ISBN: 9780399121258
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Enter the world of Chrome, where nothing is as it seems In the 22nd century, a forbidden love between a man and a machine spins the Earth toward one final war.
    Chrome Enter the world of Chrome where nothing is as it seems In the nd century a forbidden love between a man and a machine spins the Earth toward one final war

    One thought on “Chrome”

    1. M M before such a thing even existed I remember this with great fondness from my teen years A sweet gay Sci fi romance that got itself into print at the most unlikely time Tightly plotted and frankly erotic, this book by fallen star Nader was a bold, me generation exploration of manloving, android style For once gay romantic fiction without tragic closet cases or public shame By situating this story in an imagined future, Nader manages to absolve his characters of lingering guilt about their des [...]

    2. The 1st gay SF novel I read in 1978 It s about a human who falls in love with a robot android actually The book is packed away somewhere and I only have a few fond images Unfortunately the sequel was never published First novel by the late beefcake actor George Nader, a close friend of Rock Hudson One of the few gay science fiction novels George Nader s interesting Chrome Putnam, 1978 is a full bore gay love story, a passionate, sexual romance between strongly written men The treatment of the se [...]

    3. Half of this book is a very sweet and very erotic love story between two men that delighted me I m surprised that nobody has mentioned yet that a little than halfway through, this book becomes the most misogynistic, fascist piece of science fiction I ve ever read.I have no real problems with the book s first half, which deftly uses the metaphor of the forbidden relations between a human and an android to leave its characters free of guilt about the eroticism of male bodies At its best, it dwell [...]

    4. Rating 2.5 of fiveI rounded up because the book was groundbreaking in its time, but it wasn t particularly good at being SF.

    5. The story is narrated by Chrome, a young space cadet, who arrives at the remote facility cabin , though the term couldn t really be applied to this construction, for his final test Space Cadets are chosen and trained by the government, S.O.R.A the Society of Restructured Americas, which is the most powerful organization on Earth For a comparatively short period of time all about to be graduated cadets were required to be attendants, aides, or helpers to serve a particular individual In the cabin [...]

    6. This is a great gay science fiction title from 1978 I got so into the nature of the two main characters relationship that I began to wish I were a skinny twink with a big, tough warrior from outer space as a boyfriend and protector

    7. This book is the worst thing I have ever read and I read My Immortal Part one is funny but save yourself time and pain and don t read any further.

    8. Review as posted on blog blakrayneblog 2014 10 I finished Chrome late last night George Nader s gay interstellar classic about a young cadet, Chrome, and the warrior King Vortex, who create a bond that defies all odds, and the rules.In order to understand this novel, I read the author s biography George Nader was a gay American actor, who was active from 1950 to 1974 with approximately sixty film and television credits to his name After his career in Hollywood ended, he and his life partner, Mar [...]

    9. I wanted to look passed the cover given I d seen it as part of a post on tumblr making fun of the oddly shaped arms on the robot SO I purchased a copy and was highly disappointed I could only make it about half way because the writing was clunky, non engaging, boring to be frank The world is not clearly defined where it needs to be, the chemistry between the characters feels lackluster at best, and if there were meant to be parts later on to clarify the basic functioning of the worldwell too lit [...]

    10. A strange creature this this novel is, yet I thoroughly enjoyed it It is narrated by Chrome of the title, a nineteen year old Cadet of a privileged and select group in a declining future Earth of questionable integrity He is assigned the task of healing a mysterious handsome well built man who is happy to discard with clothing Living with his special patient in a luxury cabin in the desert Chrome quickly falls in love, but it seems to no avail for a their first meeting his patient declared he ha [...]

    11. sigh I really wanted to like this book And for reals, the first like 160 pages were interesting, fairly compelling, slightly erotic without being lascivious, and good spirited.But then in Part II Limbo, things went from dumb to dumber Throw in so many useless unbelievable characters, and subplots, and everyone has like magic powers or whatever, and I totally lose interest Then, in Part III The Suckening, the book went from dumber to actually insulting Everyone has the hots for Chrome, even those [...]

    12. 4.5 stars rounded to 5I really, really enjoyed this story, yet it s been a bit tricky to start it because everything is from the protagonist s view and facts are explained after they happened to him, but once understood the trick it s been really easy to follow.The first part has been a smooth going with raw touches and lot of romance and frustration, the second part has been slower and in rare parts a bit boring because of the reclusion of the protagonist.Interesting story and surroundings with [...]

    13. I read this years ago, I don t remember when I found it at a garage sale for a quarter I have the one where the two characters on the front of the book are massively muscular but apparently less romantically inclined This is a strange book, I can t fathom how it found a publisher, but maybe it road the wave started by The Front Runner a few years earlier Anyway, if you re looking for strange syfy, this ones for you.

    14. Very disjointed science fiction, and didn t seem all that erotic, either though as I m not gay, I m not the best judge of that I mainly wanted to read this because I m a fan of George Nader s acting in low budget movies notably Robot Monster He s borderline as a writer he s got the mechanics down, but his storyline was drawn out and rather confusing There were definitely glimmers of proper SF here, but a reader has to dig to get at them.

    15. This is an odd but wonderful book published back in the 70 ies yes the 70 ies, imagine I love Sci Fi and especially Sci Fi with a gay MM subplot Unfortunately there are not many of those around in which the science part is creditable and well described, but this is one of them.Great and moving Sci Fi romance.

    16. Got about halfway through, couldn t finish it The book is this weird gay scifi novel from a nontraditional author But Samuel Delaney it ain t Sort of a rolicking scifi adventure, with some fun erotic moments, but a whole lot of terrible writing The whole plot took a left turn and left me behind Not interesting, even as a novelty.

    17. A must read for anyone who enjoys their science fiction a little or a lot homoerotic From the endless perfect men being paraded before Chrome to his place in the universe and obsession with malted milk and peanut butter, this is a great retrofuturistic, gay romp.

    18. This was a milestone in the M M genre, and in the robot man romance genre My paper back version fell apart long ago I m trying to find an electronic version for my devices but haven t he my luck.

    19. wow erm Maybe you had to read this at the right time or age, but for 2014 Don t bother badly written and clunky.

    20. Part 1 of this story was a quirky dream like world in which a young cadet falls in love with a Robot Warrior King guy in a lovely oasis with sci fi elements like robotic birds and an emotional exotic cat I seriously have no idea what Nader was going for in Parts 2 and 3 view spoiler It s like he was going for a romance torn apart amidst discrimination and a corrupt government, but hoo boy it didn t read that way It seems that everyone wants Chrome, the young cadet, and I mean want in every meani [...]

    21. By cheap new wave sci fi standards it s moderate, but I enjoyed the characters enough and wanted to see the main characters get together It just tied up a little too quickly after spending the second half of the book milling around before an abrupt ending.

    22. Oddly enjoyable I was so curious after seeing that kooky cover and reading about the author The diction was stilted, and much of the tech described existso now even though the book takes place in the 22nd century.M M scifiwe could use

    23. I read this book in the 80 s and still remember it One very interesting book Will written,very much a grab you book.Everyone should read it.

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