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The Imagineering Way By The Imagineers Walt Disney Company,

  • Title: The Imagineering Way
  • Author: The Imagineers Walt Disney Company
  • ISBN: 9780786856312
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • Famed for making dreams come true, the Disney Imagineers are world renowned for their incomparable creativity and their ability to turn fanciful ideas into reality How do they do this By approaching all projects, problems, and questions with the knowledge that they will undoubtedly accomplish the task set before them.
    The Imagineering Way Famed for making dreams come true the Disney Imagineers are world renowned for their incomparable creativity and their ability to turn fanciful ideas into reality How do they do this By approaching a

    One thought on “The Imagineering Way”

    1. A great book to read when looking for some words of encouragement and inspiration It talks about how many of the Imagineers found inspiration and the process they went through when creating It also talks about some of the Imagineers experiences They share a few tips and tricks about the process of creating and encourage people to never give up.My favorite quote out of this book was Never fall in love with your idea because it will change tomorrow Enjoy the process enjoy the change.

    2. A very helpful engaging book Tells the techniques used by Disney Imagineers and talks thoroughly about creativity and how to show and share your creativity.

    3. The Imagineering way is a collection of essays and quotes written and anthologized the the Disney Imagineers the team of designers, engineers, artists, writers, and , that create the attractions and Disney s parks and resorts Given the unique nature of the work, it is important to remember that this book is not like most, in that it is not designed to be read front to back, or back to front, or in any particular order really The Imagineering Way is designed to read in what ever order, or lack th [...]

    4. This is a really interesting book written by Disney s imagineers the people who dream up Disneyland and Disney World, and all the Magic Kingdom properties and make them happen It was fairly inspirational at times, and a fairly quick read It included ideas and inspirational stories from a wide variety of imagineers I liked the idea from the jacket that they start every project from the perspective of knowing that it can be done, and that they will accomplish it.

    5. The Imagineers have written several great books and this is one of them It is entertaining, creative, and inspiring It is a great teaching tool for how to think and do things outside the box and never give up on yourself or think of anything as being impossible This of course is all done with the Disney twist, which is perfect because they are the greatest at taking the impossible and turning it into reality and this book is an anecdotal version of how it is done.

    6. Taken from stories of when the imagineers were designing theme parks, attractions and other Disney related projects, The Imagineering Way is actually a fairly interesting read It s short and to the point, meaning you can get through it relatively quickly It s no award winning book, but there s some good tips and information here to help you unleash some inner creativity.

    7. When I took a trip to the Disney parks for the spring, I saw this book on the shelf and immediately got it It really gives you a positive boost to get your creative minds working whether you are young or old What s also cool is that real Imagineers wrote their own advice I love Disney.

    8. Definitely the book to read when you re going through a creative block And also shows that the best if the best fail but still pick themselves back up and take another route that makes some of the most iconic attractions Ever

    9. As a fan of the creative process, this book gave me a unique perspective of how to boost my imaginative power With scenarios and exercises that help to stimulate creativity I recommend this book to round out your library on creative problem solving.

    10. I LOVE all the imagineering books If you aim to tap into your creativity for any reason, this books are fantastic Who is creative than the team of imagineers at Disney Fun, fun read.

    11. I remember that after I finish it I felt really good There are a bunch of stories anecdotes and stuff, but is Disney people you just have to be inspired by it.

    12. Great insight and wisdom to the creative process by those who make the biggest dreams happen It was an inspiring and entertaining read

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