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The Imagineering Field Guide to Epcot at Walt Disney World By AlexWright Walt Disney Company The Imagineers,

  • Title: The Imagineering Field Guide to Epcot at Walt Disney World
  • Author: AlexWright Walt Disney Company The Imagineers
  • ISBN: 9780786848867
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • This user friendly, beautifully illustrated guides are innovative and entertaining books that will enrich the Guests time at one of the happiest places on earth Who better to tour you around the Disney parks than the Imagineers who created them
    The Imagineering Field Guide to Epcot at Walt Disney World This user friendly beautifully illustrated guides are innovative and entertaining books that will enrich the Guests time at one of the happiest places on earth Who better to tour you around the Disne

    One thought on “The Imagineering Field Guide to Epcot at Walt Disney World”

    1. A sort of just below the surface overview of Epcot Like the Magic Kingdom version, it has plenty of interesting bits of information and even interesting art straight from the imagineer files This is the sort of book that almost needs to be read in the park, so you can see and understand what it s talking about Of course, a hardcore Disneyphile knows the parks well enough to picture them while reading, but they probably know most of this stuff already anyways Epcot has a lot less hidden secrets [...]

    2. Epcot is my favorite place on earth I enjoy reading and watching all things Epcot, and this book is a good addition to my collection The Imagineering Field Guide to Epcot at Walt Disney World was updated in 2010, post refurbishment After reading, I almost wish I had purchased the older edition While this field guide was definitely true to Epcot and all of its attractions, I wish it had included background into each area There is no mention of the late Wonders of Life or World of Motion Pavilion [...]

    3. Just amazing I love these books They are so detailed and really open up your eyes when you go into the Parks However, it just makes me want to go to Epcot all the I had a bit of a difficult time relating to this book because I ve never been anywhere near WDW Resort and I hadn t a clue about the layout of Epcot itself It was still amazing, though.

    4. Now this Imagineering Field Guide was a great fit for me Although it had the occasional flop where there have been updates to the attraction over the course of a few years , most of the book still is pertinent to the real life area still at hand I knew of a few places in Epcot where things have changed, but could work around them I ve always been a Disney fanatic and I still could see many of the items be still in place at the resort Yes, there s talk of stuff changing, but this book still rema [...]

    5. We had the chance to spend New Years Eve 2012 in Epcot, and it really renewed some of the faith I d lost in the park Test Track 2.0 had recently opened, and it s a fantastic overhaul They ve given the experience a very modern, high tech appeal, without losing the commitment to education that has always been the hallmark of Epcot Innoventions has also been given a face lift, and it s in better shape than its been in quite a while.One of the things that has frustrated me and much of the a Epcot fa [...]

    6. While I can t give this book five stars, I enjoyed this even than the Magic Kingdom one All the rides at the time of publication got even coverage this time and much of it is interesting With the World s Showcase and all the rides in Future World, it feels like this book is full than the Magic Kingdom The background information on Walt Disney s idea behind Epcot was also pretty interesting I also appreciated how they talked a little bit about the history of some of the rides that have since be [...]

    7. A great read and a great addition to the library of any fan of Disney theme parks.The Imagineering Field Guides are some of my favorite Disney Imagineering books They not only provide lots of interesting details about the design of the parks, but they are also a great look at the design principles used by Walt Disney Imagineering in the design of all of the parks, resorts, and attractions they create.This is the revised and updated edition of this book I d previously read and enjoyed the origina [...]

    8. This book was disappointing, to say the least I understand that this Field Guide series from Disney is written from a top level perspective and is basically a franchise of books But the amount of PR spin and retroactive rewriting of history was a bit much for me, especially when it came to the origins of what became EPCOT Center I don t expect Disney to dish the dirt in their own book, but they also seemed to apply way too much polish to stores of interest.The inclusion of concept art was the po [...]

    9. I m used to reading books about Disney by outsiders, who are not hesitant to show WDW in many lights I didn t read this book expecting anything but whitewashed Disney PR, because I was interested in the behind the scenes, official tidbits about Epcot that I may not have found out in critical books about the park While certainly most of this book wasn t new to me, there were a lot of interesting facts here and there that have added to my knowledge of Disney trivia, and I look forward to pointing [...]

    10. A tour around Epcot from the imagineers I love these books Full of the little details that you might not notice but you would definitely miss if they disappeared So much work and thought goes into everything Disney does and I ve never been anything but impressed with anything they have made I love Epcot, along with Animal Kingdom it s in joint first place as my favorite Disney Park World Showcase is fantastic I love Japan Only 29 days until I m back there

    11. EPCOT is my favorite park by far Learning about all of the detailed architecture, use of forced perspective and the history behind each country s pavillion in the World Showcase will certainly enrich my experience of them It was also interesting to learn the history of each Future World attraction s corporate sponsorship Disney knew how to get other people to pay for his income generating entertainment.

    12. This very short travel guide is basically a Epcot advertisement put out by Disney It really offers nothing if you ve been to the park before other than a tiny bit of interesting insight into some aspects of the park that may not be there any There s a new edition coming out in 2010, so if you re headed to Epcot, wait for that one.

    13. My only complaint is that I don t think I learned anything new I wish they had in there about the older attactions and went into detail about the attractions themselves and how they run I know its an offical Disney publication so maybe that is its problem, still it was interesting and I always like reading about the World.

    14. My favorite of the series This is mostly because Epcot is my personal favorite theme park in the world, but the concept art included in the book was awesome You can find most of it online, but I found a few gems and cool facts I hadn t heard before Needs an update for Test Track and such, but I highly suggest it Great Book

    15. It s fascinating learning about the Disney parks from the people who design them and the entire series of these books are wonderful I d highly recommend them for any fan of the Disney company and the parks especially The amount of inside information in areas that most people wouldn t even consider is amazing

    16. Solid guide to EPCOT with lots of behind the scenes information for casual Disney fans However, if you are of a diehard Disney fan especially in regards to Disney World , then chances are you know most of this information Nonetheless, still a short and solid book put together.

    17. I thought this guide would be a lot packed with unusual facts than it is as a major Disney fan, I didn t learn much that I didn t already know Fun anyway, though, especially for someone who s been to Epcot a few times but may have missed some hidden treasures.

    18. A great behind the scenes book on how the Imagineers come up with their ideas and bring them to life in the Parks.

    19. A short, informative guide to Epcot Filled with lots of general info and some great hidden gems to look out for.

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