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Leonardo: The Artist and the Man By Serge Bramly Siân Reynolds,

  • Title: Leonardo: The Artist and the Man
  • Author: Serge Bramly Siân Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9780140231755
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • A considerable work of assimilative scholarship and common senseraces along merrily The Boston Globe.
    Leonardo The Artist and the Man A considerable work of assimilative scholarship and common senseraces along merrily The Boston Globe

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    1. I think this along with Fox s Alexander the Great was one of the first biographies I ever read I have always been amazed by the genius and legend of Leonardo and learned enormous amounts about him from this beautiful biography by Serge Brambly After reading it, you will want to visit the Loire Valley and enjoy his double helix staircase at Chambord and the love shack Le Clos Luc that Fran ois I built for him In Italy, you need to reserve in advance, but it is than worth it to see The Last Suppe [...]

    2. Serge Bramly s biography of Leonardo da Vinci is a number of very different books rolled into one It is an abstruse, highly literary treatise on a Renaissance artist and scientist, but also a tender, intimate portrait of a man Bramly clearly admired It is a portrait of late 15th century Florence and Milan, and a biography, indeed, of the very conception, in da Vinci s time, of the artist as a tradesperson, rather than the artist construct that exists in the present western cultural zeitgeist.Bra [...]

    3. Honestly, I knew next to nothing about Leonardo going into this, and now I m fascinated by his talent, the breadth of his interests, and his inability to finish most of what he started He was possibly the greatest painter in an age of brilliant artists, but his reputation is based on such a small number of surviving works, many of which suffer from serous issues of decay or poor restoration attempts His insatiable curiosity led him to investigate anatomy to levels which hadn t been done before, [...]

    4. Great book on Leonardo da Vinci s life showing that he really wanted to be an engineer rather then a painter.

    5. Je ne suis peut tre pas aussi enthousiaste que les critiques mais c tait quand m me tr s int ressant, donnant une vue assez compl te du personnage, mais plus de l artiste que de l homme lui m me dont on ne sait pas grand chose

    6. Leonardo The Artist and the Man by Serge Bramly is a biography about Leonardo da Vinci The main character was obviously, Leonardo da Vinci In this book Bramly describes da Vinci s entire life from birth to death, in vivid detail The beginning of the book starts out with describing how da Vinci grew up, and how he was introduced to art Leonardo was born in 1452 on Saturday, April 15, at 10 30 pm, to be precise Bramly 37 That quote states the day da Vinci was born, giving the exact time After disc [...]

    7. A decent biography of one of the great minds of the renaissance This work was an interesting study on Leonardo s passion for engineering and scientific innovation Of course, the author also gives a nice summary of Leonard s artistic works in great detail.

    8. Leonardo the Artist and the ManThis book was an excellent biography of an exceedingly complex man It is very readable While including information on daily life and politics of Italy during Leonardo s life, it avoids going into minute detail The author clearly indicates when he is speculating on some aspect of Leonardo s life and work His life was certainly one of constant investigation and imagination He was an illegitimate child, he worked as an apprentice in Verrochio s studio, he felt unappre [...]

    9. Leonardo da Vinci, was born under the name Leonardo de ser Piero da Vinci on April 15th, 1452 in the town of Vinci, Italy He is famous for his paintings of the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper But he was not only a painter He was a sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist and writer He studied anatomy, biology, astronomy, geology, the movement of water, acoustics, mechanics, general physics For a man who called himself [...]

    10. Bramly embeds Leonardo in the history that he lived I was surprised by how little we know of this history for such a universally revered genius This well researched biography states what we do know, in context with Italian History, while providing likely scenarios to fill in the gaps and providing questions that delve into Leonardo s possible thoughts without labelling them fact This is not quite scholarly book is not for the casual reader that only wants a story narrated to Da Vincis life This [...]

    11. I ve always admired Leonardo Da Vinci and this book gives a closer look into the man himself It s very comprehensive book and the author has a passion for the man It s easy to read and detailed There are a lot of pictures of Leonardo s art The author interprets how Leonardo s life must have looked like and even what he must have felt or thought at certain events in his life This can be annoying for some readers I find it very helpful in creating my own interpretation of Da Vinci and his art It r [...]

    12. This book is an in depth look at the person, the circumstances of his birth, his life and his legacy It is a brilliant biography of a complicated man who was centuries ahead of his time A man with the keenest of observation skills and perhaps the greatest artist in the entirety of history Bramly tries to understand the man behind the genius Bramly deftly illustrates Da Vinci s multitude of interests, hobbies, treatises and accomplishments and failures This book is also a history lesson of Italy [...]

    13. I only read this because my son picked it out for me and I didn t have the heart not to It took me well over a month to finish and I felt every day of it I m no stranger to epic length biographies, but this one was plodding than most It didn t help that the editors made the bizarre decision to not reproduce in color all of Da Vinci s major paintings, despite there being in depth analysis of each one Some, such as the Virgin and Child with St Anne, were excluded all together Very strange But, in [...]

    14. I could not finish this book I read the first 130 pages, but could not make it It is too analytic and scholarly I just want a decent biography I don t need someone to compare three conflicting sources and argue why he believes one way and not the others Not at this point in time, anyway.This is the second attempt to learn about Leonardo that has failed I just want a simple primer an intro in to the life of the man Any recommendations

    15. Of course something may have been lost in translation is the most generous thing I can say about this book The historical research seems shoddy Bramly psychoanalyzes the over five hundred year old artist in the absence of fact I think one could make conjecture with supporting documents about the lives of others living at the same time with the caveat that not all people are the same, but Bramly seems to take a flimsy fact and blow it out of proportion A very disappointing book.

    16. A wonderfully written and deftly translated portrait da Vinci s life story is utterly inspiring Bramly respectfully recounts the multitudes of possibilities in those ambiguous stretches of da Vinci s life that hard records fail to cover, but weaves such consistent threads he can find into a rich and subtle portrait of though I doubt you will forgive the clich a misunderstood genius.

    17. Although not as enchanting as the biographical style of Michael Angelo s, this is a must read for anyone who wants to know about creative genius One characteristic standing out throughout the book was DaVinci s inability to finish things, which comes out as the negligence recklessness of never wanting to finish things towards the end.

    18. Was really excited after my trip to Italy to learn about Leonardo Not sure if my rating reflex the book or the man himself He was amazing just not as amazing as I thought Felt like I had questions about him when I finished than when I started Is that the authors fault or is that all that is know not sure Had great expectations for .

    19. I ve loved reading this biography It s steeped in the times within which Da Vinci lived and well describes the 14 and 1500 s in terms of sexual s, politics, the church and social commentary Great read for those seeking to understand the history of painting at a contextual level as well as gaining insight into his mathematical bent in terms of perspective and geometry.

    20. A fabulous insight to how we view Leonardo de Vinci Simultaneously revering and placing him on a pedestal, yet some how seeming to take his life for grantid Learning about the man, I know how I want to carry my own life.

    21. The worst written book about one of the most interesting subjects in history The writing style here is so ponderous and long winded it s a struggle to read I had to read pages over and over again just to make sense of what the author was trying to say Hence, I say I read this book 125 times.

    22. Broad bio of Da Vinci, but at the same time not very satisfying Explained the incidents and the people, but not not as indepth as I had hoped I learned a great deal about him and the times, but feel that other books on the great man is necessary.

    23. neat author was kind of a snob, but gave pretty full coverage of his work less focus on bio mostly method and comprehensive.

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