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The Cave By Kate Mosse,

  • Title: The Cave
  • Author: Kate Mosse
  • ISBN: 9780752884509
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is March 1928 The Great War has been over for ten years, but Freddie still hasn t recovered from the loss of his brother Even now, on holiday in south west France, he cannot escape his grief When his car crashes, Freddie stumbles down the hills to a village nearby There he meets Marie, a beautiful young woman, who is also mourning a lost generation Her story of theIt is March 1928 The Great War has been over for ten years, but Freddie still hasn t recovered from the loss of his brother Even now, on holiday in south west France, he cannot escape his grief When his car crashes, Freddie stumbles down the hills to a village nearby There he meets Marie, a beautiful young woman, who is also mourning a lost generation Her story of the fate of her family moves him deeply But it will also lead him to the caves above the village and to the heart of a shocking secret.
    The Cave It is March The Great War has been over for ten years but Freddie still hasn t recovered from the loss of his brother Even now on holiday in south west France he cannot escape his grief When h

    One thought on “The Cave”

    1. This book is a earlier version of The Winter Ghosts The first half of the book is not so interesting, in the later half the story matures The Winter Ghosts is a far polished version of this story.

    2. I have copies of her two most well known books, Labyrinth and Sepulchre, but I haven t gotten around to reading them yet People rave about her work This book was ok for a lazy afternoon s read, but it wasn t anything amazing, and to be honest it was a bit something and nothing.It s a short story, a ghost story set in the south of France Not the frightening kind of ghost story, but the connecting with history kind of ghost story Just after the first world war, Freddie, a what ho English lad, is o [...]

    3. Kate Mosse writes stories about different time periods touching each other about lives that just briefly become intertwined The Cave is a novella featuring two people that are connected through their loss es and grief The idea is quite lovely, and the story leaves the reader with a sense of satisfaction Sadly the author is occasionally too heavy handed, spelling out themes that could better be left suggested.

    4. I think these quick reads books are produced to encourage non readers to pick up a book that isn t too long and intimidating However I don t think that is an excuse for poor writing I have read both Labyrinth and Sepulchre by Kate Mosse and really enjoyed them but this one felt like she had dumbed down her writing style There were obviously constraints on the length of story, but I felt this was rushed and not particularly good And the use of the main character s name was grossly overused.Theref [...]

    5. It was an enjoyable read In the quick reads size it was a perfect book for a book to read in circumstances where you could not devote your entire energy to reading due to frequent disturbances It was NOT a romance and was well written It provided total distraction for me as I became absorbed in the story of post world one ten years since the death of his brother in France and still grief stricken he has a chance encounter with a beautiful young woman after he has been involved in a car accident [...]

    6. Meh.Read this at work today what can I say, it was a slow afternoon , and can t say I was hugely impressed with the story or the writing It was predictable, cliched, and ham fisted in its execution, but it killed an hour or so, I guess.Doubt I ll pick up anything else by this author.

    7. Reading this was an experiment to see if I would enjoy Kate Mosse s writing enough to embark upon one of her epic novels It was okay, although I didn t enjoy the ghost element, so it is looking rather unlikely that I will read any of her stuff in future.

    8. Not much suspense I could see where it was going early on in the piece, but I did enjoy the descriptions of, not only World War I, but also 14th century France Tickled my history bone, if nothing else.

    9. A nice, quick read which was a little predictable but thats possibly because it would seem I ve read it before

    10. Not awful but really not great, it s a bit too simple to be truly interesting and the twists are not surprising Feel a little cheated but at least it was only short

    11. I picked this Quick Read up and read it in a little over an hour It had me enthralled right from the off, I have a couple of Kate Mosse s longer books in my to be read pile which have shot up to the top.The story line it s self is very poignant and highlights the importance of the so called lost generation and the impact it has on those left behind As well as, the surprising unity that can be found in grief Which is amazing given the book itself is only under 100 pages If your looking for a quic [...]

    12. Good short story slightly obvious the clues are all there but interesting Take a couple of hours off and read it.

    13. At just under 100 pages, this little gem of a novella lives up to its Quick Read origins very well you can easily read it in your lunch hour and it would certainly entertain you admirably well through that time, so it s probably just as well it s short or you might forget to go back to work It s very predictable, especially to those who have already read Labyrinth, and as the reader you are constantly several steps ahead of the protagonist, but it doesn t matter events unfold exactly as one hope [...]

    14. This book was read by student Vanda Kovacs as part of her Six Book Challenge here is her review I really enjoyed this book I didn t put it down until I finished it First it confused me a bit but at the end it was all clear The story is very interesting as it starts with an old letter of someone who is hidden in a cave Then there is a man who is going to a motoring holiday but a storm stops him so he goes to the nearest village where he met with a lady, but she is not just a lady.In this book I p [...]

    15. I did enjoy the time spent on this book It was predictable to be sure but still had a small surprise for me in the resolution I ruined the experience a little when I read a review comment here on that remarked how this story was later fleshed out into a longer novel under a different title That piece of information left me feeling like this was an outline or a fragment of a larger tale I still enjoyed the process of healing that the main character experiences.As I read through it I had M R James [...]

    16. The Cave by Kate Mosse was my first and last Kate Mosse.I have heard good things about her other works but I cannot bring myself to trudge through one of them.The story basically is a guy is grief stricken about his brother dying in the war, this never comes up again until the very end, and he crashes his car, gets drunk at the local hotel and meets a ghost who tells him she and her family are in a cave He finds the cave breaks down in tears about his brother and then cut to waking up in a hospi [...]

    17. After reading her first two novels, I was anxious to find from Ms Mosse I ordered this through from England and read it in a day The story was a short one, and I understand that she has since expanded it I have not read the expanded version As always, her descriptive writing made you feel as though you were in the mountains with her characters However, this was not one of my favorites Though I m not a big fan of short stories I feel they re too rushed , I have to say that I was left feeling as [...]

    18. Originally reviewed at mightylewry.wordpressThis was a great story, centered around the aftermath of the Great War, and Freddie the story deals with the tragic loss Freddie s brother who was never recovered and links in with the middle ages of all things and the horrific acts soldiers undertake during the war.n t worry nothing graphic at all.This is great for a lazy afternoon read or something you can polish off in your lunch hour I haven t read any of Kate Mosse work before but based on this li [...]

    19. I see this as an unexpected tale It is not easy to put in a good plot for less than 100 pages I would say the author has done a good job The first half of the book is predictable and easy to read You know what s coming and the readers start guessing the possibilities and imaginatively craft the twist of an ending, eg, is Frederick s brother showing up in the end, dead or a live will frederick find the brother s body instead of marie s mmm i guess thats good about reading the readers get to parti [...]

    20. This is a short book that was good for reading at work during lunchtime.Story of Freddie who got lost in France just after the first world war His brother had been killed during this war and he had never got over it His car crashes and he finds a small village inn to take refuge until he can get his car fixed During the evening he meet up with Marie in the lounge who tells him about her family having to hide from the soldiers Nice short story which could be developed if a full book was to be wri [...]

    21. A quick read Interesting storyline, where history and the present meet to a dual resolution It is a good book to read after a heavy one It isn t a light book by any means, but is a quick easy read Freddie has a car accident and is visited by a woman one night after drinking too much, who tells her tale to him and he tells her about the loss of his brother He tries to find her the following day, but there is no trace of her He follows the directions and description she gave him of a cave where sh [...]

    22. A ghost story set in the south of France In 1928, Freddie, mourning the death of his brother in the Great War, meets Marie whose family was trapped in caves above the town by soldiers and he agrees to help find them for her.A quick read book from the library because I m so busy with work that I haven t had time to read anything longer A good little story, though it was obvious where it was going pretty early on.

    23. A great book if your looking for a quick fix and love short stories but not if you like to get emotionally invested in a book.The storyline is good but could have been amazing as a novel like Labrynth and Sepulchre I dont think i have ever given a short story than 3 stars and so it shows you the rating reflects my personal prefrence to novels rather than short stories 0

    24. The Cave is a light well written, well though out, and very enjoyable but predictable short story I understand she has now written a full length book based on the short story The full length book is Winter Ghosts I intend to put it on my to read list since I enjoyed the premise and have enjoyed both The Labyrinth and The Sepulchre by Kate Mosse.

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