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Fragile Innocence By Dani René,

  • Title: Fragile Innocence
  • Author: Dani René
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Innocence is fragile I learned from an early age that monsters are real They don t lurk beneath the bed, instead, they hide in plain sight I spent two years in hell Then I ran I escaped the monster to find two princes They eased my pain, healed my wounds, and stole my heart Although, monsters never die quite that easy No Mine returned to haunt me the moment I feltInnocence is fragile I learned from an early age that monsters are real They don t lurk beneath the bed, instead, they hide in plain sight I spent two years in hell Then I ran I escaped the monster to find two princes They eased my pain, healed my wounds, and stole my heart Although, monsters never die quite that easy No Mine returned to haunt me the moment I felt safe And that s when the fairytale ended Can I save what little of myself I have left Or will the monster take that too This is a dark m nage romance which has scenes that may upset some readers Includes MMF and MFM scene Due to scenes of an adult nature, this book is for 18 ONLY.
    Fragile Innocence Innocence is fragile I learned from an early age that monsters are real They don t lurk beneath the bed instead they hide in plain sight I spent two years in hell Then I ran I escaped the monster to

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    1. Wow Wow Wow Dani Rene definitely did not disappoint with Fragile Innocence This is a dark m nage romance that is not for the faint of heart, but Dani writes it so beautifully that my heart attached, and I could not tear myself away I can not wait to read of what s to come from her

    2. 2 stars Here we have another case of insta lust love And characters who think about sex 98% of the timeInfelizmente esse livro n o funcionou pra mim A maior parte do tempo eu fiquei entediada e revirando os olhos.O enredo em si bom, mas a velocidade dos acontecimentos n o.Acho que devido ao passado da Ella, faltou uma elabora o maior, um tato e sensibilidade em rela o dela superar seus traumas A atra o entre Ella Carter Bennet foi instant nea e o amor Te conhe o h menos de uma semana e j te amo [...]

    3. When I saw the gorgeous cover and then the blurb of Fragile Innocence, I knew I had to read it now, it s difficult to put my thoughts together, because I have two different impressions between the first 55% and the last 45% of the story.Ella is running from her past Successful at her job, she freshly loved to London There, she meets her new boss, Bennett and Carter, her boss best friends, and her new client Between the three of them, the chemistry is immediate, the lust at first sight Caught in [...]

    4. I m speechless I sat and read half of this last night and as soon as I could this morning I finished reading it Ella s running from her past She needs to so run to keep herself safe Moving to London she hopes for a fresh start and I can t help but giggle at knowing what s ahead for her mostly good Carter and Bennett have been friends since school They are very very close When Ella catches Carters eye and then Bennett s they know they have to have her But is she too broken and has she really esca [...]

    5. I was given an advanced readers copy of this book and have decided to leave a voluntary review First I have to say this book was one of the best menage books I have ever read It s that good, it s that dark and it s that hot From the very start I wanted Carter with Ella there connection was so strong and the pull as well I also loved the friendship between Carter and Bennett it s strong and unbreakable Ella was broken yes When you go through certain trumas you not the same some can even break you [...]

    6. I received an ARC of this novel from the author and I voluntarily reviewed it Thank you Dani Ren This book was a hot tamale So incredibly sexy raw and carnal Ren s writing is simply so vivid and colourful She paints a detailed picture for her readers She sets the scene perfectly, positions her characters, like a true artist Underneath all that sexiness, is a dark and heart wrenching story One that after three read throughs, still breaks my heart still makes my stomach drop Ella is a complex fema [...]

    7. Dani Rene writes some really interesting stories with some dark themes, a lot of hot sex, and strong romances Fragile Innocence is no different To top it off, it s a menage story with MMF and MFM in it In other words, Fragile Innocence has a little bit of something for everyone Ella has run away and is hiding She figures as long as she can stay two steps ahead of the monster in her past, she s going to be OK She s changed her eye color, she s changed her hair color, and she never stays in one pl [...]

    8. A bittersweet, dark and stormy 5 star romance Two hot, super sexy, mega rich guys and one strong beautiful woman who remains resilient despite the very worst of abuse in her younger life I was completely absorbed by this bookI make no apologies when I say that I love books with menage relationshipswhy stick with one when two, or even , can be so much fun The main characters take turns to provide their perspective and the fact that both men are clearly enad with the heroine right from the start [...]

    9. I used to love the dark, when everything is calm and quiet, but now it brings my nightmares When the reader gets further along in the pages we see just how torturous the night becomes for EllaThe is definitely an intense novel, than anything I ve read previous by this author I m surprised but how easy this grabs the readers attention even though at times it s so dark the reader wants to look away My heart broke over and over again for Ella She can take a beating that s for sure Carter and Benne [...]

    10. I received the ARC in exchange for a honest review.I m just gonna say WOW This literally took my breath away It was a short, quick read but I was holding my breath all the way through I was completely taken by Ella s story and Carter and Bennett are two great heroes When I found out there s to come in December, I was shouting for joy I honestly can t wait to read of Ella s journey with Carter and Bennett

    11. Dark and intense is a good way to describe this book Tho you have some classic Dani in here, this one is a lot different to me One, we get a menage This is kinda a first for Dani And oh how I love Ella, Carter and Bennett Ella comes from a dark past, very very very dark And Carter and Bennett come from a place where they always get what they want I love that Dani pushed boundaries with this one It s dark It s intense And it s REALLY good Dani s writing always has a way of making me love things t [...]

    12. Book hangover This is my first Dani Ren book and I knew from the description that this story was going to be dark But this story is so much .It s dark, emotional, disturbing, sad, hopeful, and finally loving So much goes on with these three characters and they are all flawed, but that is why you fall in love them And why they fall in love with each other This story is so real that it takes your breath away And it is true Every person that goes through a tragedy like this and comes out at the end [...]

    13. Wow Ella s story is heartbreaking NO ONE should ever have to endure what she did Carter and Bennett are two men who just sleep with women, they couldn t possibly fall in love Ella is so broken, she hasn t let anyone in, she can t This is by far my favorite book of 2018 I laughed, cried and got frustrated And I didn t want it to end I m so lucky I had a chance to read this story It s one I would definitely recommend Thank you

    14. I m as shaken up as a snow globe could be reading this story Fair warning that this is a dark read filled with delicious MFM and even some MMF delights that were off the charts smoking Ella has been given a horrific past that she fights through daily with the memories that will never leave When she comes the interest of best friends Carter and Bennett truths are revealed and we re taken through a dark emotional past filled with a sexually charged present intertwined Throughout this book I ve gon [...]

    15. I was lucky enough to read a rough draft of Fragile Innocence way before it was called that and way before it went through all the changes It was great then, but now Dani took it and polished it into something even greater She spun these words into something dark torturous, but desirableThis story of hers has stuck with me since way back then for a book to do that it months later is perfection In the story we meet 3 characters Ella, Carter Bennett Ella background is sad, horrendous and heartbrea [...]

    16. Contains some hwat MFM and MMF action, so if you are not into it, this book might not be for you but will still highly recommend this book to the reading adventurers out there Move over Disney s one Prince Wonder, because Carter and Bennet proves that two Princes are better than one Dani weaves a tale of Ella, a girl broken and betrayed by her past and running from monsters hunting her This story is incredibly haunting at its core, and will break your heart and make it bleed for this sweet girl [...]

    17. This book is a dark romance and a menage to boot, what is not to love I couldn t put the book down, it kept me completely hooked from the very fist chapter, my heart was in my mouth and i really felt for the main character, i couldn t stop flipping those pages to find out what happened next If you love dark books that have a brilliant plot, steamy sex scenes and characters you will fall in love with then you need to read this book One of my favourites from Dani.

    18. One of my favorite genres is menage, and this book didn t disappoint It s the story of Ella, a beautiful, guarded woman with a very dark past She doesn t believe in relationships until Carter and Bennett come along They are best friends with a lot in common When they meet Ella, they are entranced Can they change her ways There are many twists and turns in this book and it keeps you guessing throughout This author has a way of making you feel as if you personally know these characters with how de [...]

    19. Did I like this book No I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT Ella the beautiful beautiful girl broke my heart.She didn t deserve the monster that was bestowed upon her.But she s done good for herself,put the monster in the back of her mind instead of front and center and as studied and found her way in a career she loves and is excellent at.Carter and Bennett are princes who are alpha dominant and protective.A lot of females would swoon for one of them I being one of them Carter with his gorgeous blue eyes and [...]

    20. Oh, how I ve been dying to get my hands on FRAGILE INNOCENCE by Dani Ren It s so different than her previous works, yet it is so distinctly her it s uncanny And her books bring the heat This one here is pure raw carnality Wowza And, seriously, you can never go wrong with some hot M M action yum But sexiness aside, this story is dark, intense and emotionally challenging I cannot even begin to describe how uncomfortable certain very explicit, extreme detailed scenes made me It s not for the faint [...]

    21. One thing that is synonymous with a Dani Rene read is HEAT When I pick up a story by Dani I know that I am going to get absorbed into a story line without hope of ever being able to put it down and that I will likely blush a time or two.Fragile Innocence did not disappoint one bit Pulled right in to the story of Ella, I got sucked in when the mysterious stranger appeared and from there it was all over Nothing else was getting done Then Bennett was added to this mix The dynamic between Ella, Cart [...]

    22. This author always delivers hot Alpha Males and Strong Willed ladies and this time was no different Well maybe a tiny bit different because not only does Ella have a hot Alpha this lucky lady scores herself TWO This amazing story touched me from start to finish Told by the 3 main characters, Ella, Carter and Bennett we find out they all have their own crosses to bare Ella has a tortured past she s constantly running from Carter was a wild young rebel who didn t want to be a new model of his fath [...]

    23. Ella was young when her Father died and a year later her Mother remarried Charles She didn t mind because he seemed to make her Mother happy and he was nice to her Everything changed when Ella turned 16 and suddenly she was thrust into her worst nightmare For two years Charles did unspeakable things to Ella and her Mother who was supposed to protect her was usually passed out drunk When she turned 18 she ran away and spent two years on the run so Charles couldn t find her She s now 24 years old [...]

    24. Well I wanted something dark to read and I got it I liked the way it was written I often found myself stoping to think that was nicely said , or I love the way it s phrased It term of storytelling and the writing style it was great But I straggled to believe in what I was reading In my opinion, the book should ve been longer in order to fully unravel the characters and to form that depth of trust between them I ve spent the whole time scrambling to try and keep up with the pacing and what was go [...]

    25. Wow what an amazing book from Dani Rene.I loved every part of this book I found it in my best list.The story starts of with a woman Ella who has moved from america to London She is running scared from her past.She feels broken and dirty I cringed at the story but my heart also bloomed with love of the 2 alpha males in the story Bennett and Carter Best friends.She sees Carter at the airport with Ann instant attraction, starting work she meets Bennett and had a similar atraction.She shocked to fin [...]

    26. So I really wanted to like this but I just couldn t I know I m in the minority, but there was a lot of tell not show and I genuinely did not care about any of the characters The connections felt artificial and I really just didn t buy into it at all minor spoilers ahead They went from I like to have sex with women and I really want to have sex with this particular women to I m in love and she is the one in literally like 2 days, they had not spent than a few hours together and suddenly the h is [...]

    27. 3.6 Burning HeartsI enjoyed the premises of this story The plotline is well developed and engaging The romance and suspense blended smoothly though there where areas I truly wished for with regards to the characters and back scenes but that is me I am greedy that wayI savored the relationship between Ella and Carter and Bennett their relationship was delicate and sensually built I do wish there was a bit detail with regards to Carter and Bennett you have to read it I am not telling Overall it [...]

    28. This may be a dark book but is does pack some MFM and MMF At the beginning you see how Ella has had to deal with a horrible past leaving her with awful memories And you just want to help her and tell her everything will turn out great for her Then you get to know the best friends Carter and Bennett Those 2 hot alpha males are romantic, sexy, strong and very protective It was hard to pick your favourite so I m afraid I ll have to just have both I loved this book, and couldn t wait to see how it e [...]

    29. Absofreakinglutely loved this book These characters Ella, Carter Bennett just were amazing in this story that you can t help falling in love with them Dani has done it again with another story that could melt butter and have you blushing at the same time and crying the next this lady has a helluva way with her words when she weaves her stories which is why I love her book s If you like dark and downright decadent this book is for you, but if it s not your cup of tea move along, but you have no i [...]

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