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Mutt By Naomi Lucas,

  • Title: Mutt
  • Author: Naomi Lucas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 104
  • Format: ebook
  • A novella of Cyborg Shifters Same universe as the Stranded in the Stars series Every book is a standalone that only subtly builds off of the othersWARE OF DOGClara was confused when she encountered the sign outside the Cyborg breeding facility She wanted a child and nothing would stand in her way, not even her own body fighting against her But she didn t heed the siA novella of Cyborg Shifters Same universe as the Stranded in the Stars series Every book is a standalone that only subtly builds off of the othersWARE OF DOGClara was confused when she encountered the sign outside the Cyborg breeding facility She wanted a child and nothing would stand in her way, not even her own body fighting against her But she didn t heed the sign s warning she had important things on her mind and once she was aware, it was too late Her heart was already on the line.Reid was the ultimate protector, the perfect bodyguard, his loyalty was embedded in his DNA The animal his creators chose for him was a favorite, a downright blessing, and an ongoing nightmare He found the perfect reprieve after the Great Galactic War Division Head of the last Cyborg breeding facility on Earth The empty halls offered than silence, they offered him sanctuary.Territory.Until a woman walked through his door, begged to join the program, and wouldn t take no for an answer, her delicate features and desperation awakened a behavior that had long been buried inside him his need to claim.
    Mutt A novella of Cyborg Shifters Same universe as the Stranded in the Stars series Every book is a standalone that only subtly builds off of the othersWARE OF DOGClara was confused when she encountered th

    One thought on “Mutt”

    1. This was my first book in the series I dont know if it is a standalone I enjoyed reading it It was my first Cyborg romance Hero and heroine both are strong and likable characters The writing style and story is good Their love scenes are seriously hot.Still I wasn t completely satisfied by the book Something was missing And i wanted the heroine s delivery scene as epilogue And there was no follow up on secondary characters I thought they Also belonged to Reid s pack.Over all good Cyborg romance.R [...]

    2. I absolutely love Naomi s Cyborg Shifter series, so this novella was a treat while I anxiously await Gunner s book Clara is a woman on the run from her past, a past that is trying to catch up with her She wants nothing than to move on with her life and be happy, and than anything, she wants a child A family When she comes to the Cyborg Breeding Facility and meets Dr Reid Canis, she asks for his help but discovers she going to get much than she s asked for Reid isn t quite the type of doctor t [...]

    3. Sis, let me explain Sis hear me out, ok It felt short, incomplete and repetitive Let me explain The MC was boring, hiding and lacking confidence in the worst way possible She was annoying in the middle, and Reid did not help at all with his actions and words It felt like the author tried to make this book about opposite attracting while also writing the oblivious troupe about Clara being an orphan, making bad exes, and on the run because one of exes is trying to kill her Omg.The writing and the [...]

    4. Usually a 5 star authorLet me start by saying that I ve been a super fan of this author since book 1 Unfortunately this book just doesn t cut it The story feels incomplete in places, there s no feeling of connection between leads, and the male lead is a JERK with NO redeeming qualities This book won t stop me from auto clicking future ones, but I pray there are no like this.

    5. Not a faveThis has to be my least favorite one of all I loved the first three, but this novella fell flat If may be the fact that it was a novella that tanked it Liked the characters terms themselves, but I never once felt the connection Check, their first time Was confusing than sexy Was she saying no Was he ignoring that It was like two virgins coming together very uncomfortably And that was par for the course for all their interactions Not just sex either They never clicked together and we w [...]

    6. A good cyborg read.The story starts with Clara running from her past and hoping by going to Cyborgnetic breeding facility, that they could give her, her future Dr Reid Canis runs the facility and is a cyborg himself and had doubts about allowing Clara into the program Clara will prove to him that she is serious about wanting a child, how much she wants a family of her own It was well written and good characters, but lacked the warmth from the previous books The male lead, Reid, seemed very cold [...]

    7. DifferentI kind of felt like I was missing parts of this story, you know like the part when the characters became than strangers or the section where they fell in love The general premise is interesting, though I can t completely understand how the whole cyborg baby thing works because how exactly do you give birth to a machine The characters were intriguing but it just didn t come together for me because like I said it felt like entire sections of the story just weren t there.

    8. Beware the dogI enjoy the cyborg shifters You get the best of both worlds, cyborgs and shifters Reid Canis is a Cyborg doctor on Earth, running a breeding facility with no patients He is lonely but stays by himself Clara wants a baby She s planning on going to breeding facility so that she can get the surgery she needs so she can have a baby When Reid meets her, he realizes he s in trouble I really enjoy the connection Clara and Reid are eventually able to form There was one part that made me ve [...]

    9. 2.75This didn t seem to have a flow The story was almost disjointed It sputtered and then would race forward just kinda odd pacing Also, the main characters I didn t really get their issues and I suppose that could just be chalked up to the length I mean, I got what their issues were but the emphasis seemed to be on the wrong issues Obviously not my favorite but that won t keep me from picking up the next one.

    10. Always fascinating readsI love this cyborg series The extra DNA makes these books a little bit different from other cyborg series Reid is a sexy cyborg doctor who will be fixing Clara s fertility problem I like how Reid is a take charge protective male hero who cares for and protects Clara Clara has had a rough time and definitely is in need of the good doctor This author is always a guaranteed great read

    11. Not my faveThis one fell short for me I liked it, but I didn t connect with the characters nor did I feel a true connection between them It wasn t as enjoyable as the others and felt rushed, maybe because it was a novella and I didn t get the depth of the story I m used to getting from this author I did love the brief mention of Dommik since he s my fave out of all the cyborgs so far This one left me wanting but I m still looking forward to the next book in the series.

    12. Cyborgtastic10 stars and .Ms Lucas has outdone herself in this one I am hooked Going back to read book 1 Where can I find a Reid in my world This is simply one of the best reads thus far I am half way through and I truly needed to give my input on this AWESOME book Ms Lucas you simply ROCK Thank you for giving me Reid and Clara s story Love it Continue success my friend.

    13. Not sureI liked the thought of this story Not sure if I followed what was happening the whole time Clara was mostly easy to relate to Mutt, even though the author had commentary by him, he was hard to read, hard to get to know As Ms Lucas said in the book, he was hot then cold You can decide.

    14. Loved itI found this author by accident a week ago, I ve been binge reading all she has out, now I am waiting for Gunner s story, I liked knowing what happens to other characters, like Dom and kat, love to see of that, but over all the books are a great read A must have for alien fans,its not the same ole, its better Thank you

    15. It felt short It also had a good base but the romance sucked major balls as it was clearly undeveloped We have roughly 3 day for the characters to fuck and the two months of stalking each other with no talking And then out of the blue an HEA I would stutter at this injustice if you can hear me.

    16. I liked this one okay, unlike the first 3 in the series I never felt the draw between the 2 leads like I did in the others Maybe the H will show us his better side in later glimpses but in this book, he was mostly a jerk The h was a little likable but she kept second guessing her reactions to anything that happened.

    17. Not as good as the other books in the series.I usually like this author s style of writing, missing words and all And I love stories about cyborgs, but this one left a lot to be desired I could not find any to like about any of the characters The ending seemed rushed and not complete.

    18. MuttHoly cow that was fascinating and I can t wait to read the next Please please let us know how they are doing in the next book I am so happy Kat had a baby girl lol I can t wait till Clara has her babies Wonderful couple who truly needed each other I am so glad he got his girl I highly recommend this series.

    19. Nice surpriseThis book was a nice surprise while we wait for Gunners book plus the book has a nice surprise embedded in the story The story is not the intense rollercoaster ride that the other three cyborg books in the series were but still good.

    20. They really didn t seem to like each other much Lust, sure Friendship, not really Love, nope I guess I was really hoping to feel of a connection than I did My outlook on it Not a bad book, will read the next one Just wasn t feeling it.

    21. Didn t enjoy So many things done off in the background The hero never even faced the villain Then he kind of half asses remembers it The heroine didn t run into the villain either The epilogue was about two other characters in another book Just was confusing in several places I m disappointed because the premise was good

    22. Great story I loved this book I will warn you, this one has some intense moments that may not be for everyone Mutt is an alpha male that almost dominates Clara The book is well written and flows well.

    23. So Good I ve really enjoyed all of the Cyborg Shifters Books so far I enjoy the slightly dark but unique spin on them Mutt stole my heart and I m so happy he finally has his own pack Looking forward to Gunner s story next.

    24. She s on the run but she might of ran into something worseReid s tale isn t what you might expect from a cyborg who shifts into a dog While he wants his own pack, he sure doesn t understand Clara They have to work to reach their HEA.

    25. Wonderful and Captivating Lots of action, steamy romance, and awesome characters This story was wonderful and had me glued to the pages from start to finish Can t wait for this series next book and highly recommended

    26. I liked this oneClara and Reid s story was very sweet, even if a bit clich in places I was excited for the end hoping for a tell all, but no such luck I wanna know how the babies turned out.

    27. Another awesome bookAll she wanted was a family one she could love and who would love her and she found him the mitt but do much wow it was exciting thrilling tantalizing sexy steamy read did not want it to end sigh

    28. Great story Loved this story It was well put with a solid plot Story was fast paced and made me wish for when it ended

    29. Such a good story I loved how it connected Dommik s story and this one I m so ecited for the next book to come out

    30. I enjoyed it but it left a couple of questions unanswered Looking forward to the next book in the series.

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