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Stick Figure By Lori Gottlieb,

  • Title: Stick Figure
  • Author: Lori Gottlieb
  • ISBN: 9780425178904
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • An Alternate Selection of the Book of the Month Club and Quality Paperback Book Club Although it reads like a novel a funny, touching, and absolutely gripping novel Stick Figure is, astonishingly, the diary of Lori Gottlieb in 1978, when, at age 11 and all evidence to the contrary, she decided she was too fat and simply stopped eating Boston GlobeGrowing up in Beverly HiAn Alternate Selection of the Book of the Month Club and Quality Paperback Book Club Although it reads like a novel a funny, touching, and absolutely gripping novel Stick Figure is, astonishingly, the diary of Lori Gottlieb in 1978, when, at age 11 and all evidence to the contrary, she decided she was too fat and simply stopped eating Boston GlobeGrowing up in Beverly Hills in the 1970s, Lori Gottlieb learned the lessons her culture had to teach her for example, that no one could ever like a girl with thunder thighs Lori took those lessons seriously, and saw her world fall slowly apart as she developed a fierce reluctance to eat winding up hospitalized when her diet took over her life Fortunately, she recorded the journey in her diary, and her story is funny, slyly insightful, and surprisingly universal A Los Angeles Times bestseller, Lori s story is being made into a motion picture film by Martin Scorsese s company, Carpo Productions.
    Stick Figure An Alternate Selection of the Book of the Month Club and Quality Paperback Book Club Although it reads like a novel a funny touching and absolutely gripping novel Stick Figure is astonishingly the

    One thought on “Stick Figure”

    1. I want my money back This was HORRIBLE I hate even giving one star to it, but I don t want anyone to think I just forgot to rate this piece of crap I bought it to read a thoughtful memoir on an eating disorder and it is page after page of pure crap the worst book on this issue or, really, any issue I have ever read It just reinforces all the stereotypes and myths of eating disorders and god forbid anyone read this who knows someone struggling with the disorder because this is NOT what it is.

    2. I heard all this hype about this book, so I bought it and read it It was an interesting story, but I found the fact that she cured herself on her own to be quite ridiculous and fake People with real Eating Disorders can t simply think themselves better.

    3. I don t think this book adds much to the sum total of ED literature It s well written and Lori s 11yr old voice is compelling, funny and wise beyond her years perhaps unbelievably so However, it s very triggering and lacks insight Lori s mother is painted as an ogre, the doctors do nothing to really help her and I was left wondering where her apparently spontaneous recovery came from and how she fared after her hospitalisation It s a book mostly about Lori s becoming and being sick, with recover [...]

    4. This book purports to be the actual teenage diary of the author as she struggled through a year with anorexia Having read hundreds of memoirs, I believe this book was heavily edited by the author It does not sound like a girl writing extemporaneously, even a gifted child as she appears to be It reads like a columnist writing for the local newspaper, who has an agenda She wants us to believe that all girls are as weight obsessed as she and her classmates However, they are living in Beverly Hills, [...]

    5. I loved this book This is the polished diary of a 11 year old girl s journey through anorexia An intimate journey into the psyche The disconnect between the child s and an adult s perspective is disheartening The girl was so misunderstood The adults can t even fathom what this girl is thinking or going through This book really gripped and resonated with me Love the humour too One take away is that anorexia is about control The whole journey in this book was a series of power struggles between th [...]

    6. I loved the way that this book was told from the child view point As a parent it allowed me to see how her parents comments and communication was perceived by her as a child It showed how important communication between adults and children and to be aware of language that can be lost in translation to a child For Lori s story and the sake of a quick book review her mom drove me nuts I wanted to blame her so many times and did She made me so sad I caught myself when reading saying, NO, don t say [...]

    7. I think this book was really good I enjoyed hearing Lori go through her story and tell us all the struggles she went through For a while I was getting nervous for Lori because I didn t want anything bad to happen to her Toward the end I started to realize that Lori was coming to see how skinny she was getting and realizing how much it was affecting her in a bad way I will say this book kept me on the edge of my seat for the most part Every time I turned the page it seemed like there was somethin [...]

    8. The book is about an eleven year old girl with an eating disorder in the 1970s As a survivor, the content stood out to me I was also curious about how this disorder was seen in a time when pro ana websites did not exist Lori is a quirky fourth grader with unconventional tastes She likes numbers and asks questions.a lot of questions much to the chagrin of her girly shopaholic mother and her stoic Wall Street dad.At first, one might be tempted to accuse Gottlieb of skimming through her experience [...]

    9. This is a true story about a young girl who becomes severely anorexic The author main character is a pre teen girl named Lori who never thought much about her weight until her mother and cousin started to judge her eating habits The problem with Lori was that she was getting mixed messages about whether it was good or bad to diet Doctors and her dad and mom would tell her to not try to lose weight, but all the while she d be watching her mother not eat This is what drove Lori to being obsessed w [...]

    10. A brilliant commentary on the way that many people respond to eating disordered youth, Lori Gottlieb s bravery in sharing her own personal experiences with anorexia shine a light on societal expectations Rather than encouraging anyone to feel pity or sadness for her, Gottlieb repeatedly encourages readers to examine the world that they live in, and the culture that we are surrounded by that drives us to scrutinize our bodies as though they are entities separate from ourselves This book is defini [...]

    11. A true to life memoir of an 11 year old with anorexia in the late 1970s, it has humor and observations that keep the reader absorbed and is a good primer for understanding anorexia Shows just how warped the mind becomes when suffering from an eating disorder and how the issue of control is front and center Every adult in this child s life is obsessed with what she eats and her mother, in particular, hammers home the message in constant and probably subconscious ways that the only thing that matt [...]

    12. This book was read by one of my students in my Psychology of Women class She brought it for me to read and I was excited to read it.To say I was disappointed with this book would be generous I thought this was an extreme trivialization of anorexia and the body image distortions that accompany it The story is told from the diary of the author as an 11 year old girl However, I really don t believe that these are her actual diaries it s a bit too neat to be completely authentic Even if the diaries [...]

    13. From an 11 year old pure viewpoint Gottleib s journals parents, dieting, expectations, anorexia Parts of the book made me really consider body image and food as related to my daughter Gottlieb wishing to be skinny for her 11 1 2 birthday wish then wonders what would be left to wish for when she is 12 because what else would a 12 yo girl wish for She refers to wedding dresses that of course don t fit because of the need to diet for 6 months first, mother frowns on her large portions but encourage [...]

    14. So.I liked it.I don t think the girl had anorexia I think she had a self perception disorder, absolutely, and I m not an expert or anorexic but I m pretty sure it isn t something you can just decide to snap out of She does thank The Group at the end of the book, so I have a feeling that her struggles were just beginning when she wrote the journals that inspired this book, but I doubt it s anorexia I think she imposed the eating part of the disorder onto herself upon developing an image problem.T [...]

    15. This was mentioned a few times in an Abnormal Psych class I took last year, so when I saw it on the clearance shelves at Half Price Books for a dollar I figured I d give it a shot.I really, really, really want my dollar back now.This was absolutely terrible As many other reviewers have noted, I find it difficult to believe that an eleven year old wrote this book diary It was this weird mixture of all at once being too grown up for an eleven year old, but shockingly devoid of any insight deeper t [...]

    16. This realistic fiction and biography book called Stick Figure by Lori Gottlieb is a book about the authors former life The author and main character Lori had anorexia She was in denial She wouldnt eat and would say she was dieting.Another problem in this story is that Lori starts losing most of her friends Her problem becomes really big and is admitted to the hospital.I recommend this book to anyone who feels that they are not skinny enough I also recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn [...]

    17. This book is one of the bests It is a journey of a girl through a disease known as anorexia This book taught me a lesson about how I should learn to like my self for who i am Lori also learns this lesson in the book One thing i would say is that you should like yourself for who you are whether fat or skinny If friends decide to use you for the diet plans your working on they aren t called true friends So I guess deep inside this book it teaches you what the true meaning of friendship is too

    18. Gottlieb kept a journal of her short bout of anorexia at the tender age of eleven Obviously highly intelligent and blessed with a dry sense of humor Gottlieb s insight belies her young age Unlike many books written about eating disorders Gottlieb s voice is the primary player here as opposed to the intricacies of the disease Because of this, she is easy to identify with even for those who have never struggled with food and weight issues.

    19. It s a quick read, but I ached for the author s 11 year old self It s amazing how little analysis is needed to understand exactly where her eating disorder came from and how the well intentioned people around her exacerbated the problem Normally I d wish that the book did have analysis, but it doesn t need it The diary entries stand on their own.The upshot It s sad, it s funny, it s worth reading.

    20. I enjoyed this book quite a bit Most books about eating disorder experiences are pretty serious, and rightfully so, but this one is written from the viewpoint of a preteen I found her thinking patterns both interesting and enlightening, and could identify, too, with some of her many fears and anxieties I feel this would be a good book for libraries to put in their YA section, so I ll probably offer it to my local one If they don t want it, then I ll release it via BookCrossing.

    21. I had high hopes for this book, and was let down A young Lori Gottlieb was very, very unlikable I ve never been so annoyed with a main character I didn t give it one star because it is a diary of a very young girl and while it s a bit annoying, it does offer a genuine perspective of a mind of a 12 year old suffering from an eating disorder, for better or worse I didn t get anything substantial out of the book.

    22. interesting bookI like it up until the end I thought that there was too quick of a shift in the events described and then it just ended The beginning and middle of the book were better I wished the author, considering she was telling her own story, would have spent time discussing describing certain things

    23. Meh I read it based on a recommendation from a friend I knew the premise, but as I was reading I couldn t help but think it must have been doctored from her original diaries No 11 year old writes that much that coherently, even if she does score well on IQ tests Something about the portrayal of her recovery didn t sit well with me, either.

    24. Gripping and sad story about the author s struggle with an eating disorder, but there was not enough detail to the story or follow through Just okay I heard that Wasted by Marya Hornbacher was better, but I don t know if or when I ll get to it.

    25. A haunting look at anorexia and a teen s attempt to recover from the disease I enjoyed the book, but it would have been better if it offered insight into the psychological ascpects of the disease.

    26. I think is a great book because it though you a lot of a girl of 11 years old that like to be popular, by been anorexic and not realizing the hurt she is making to herself.

    27. There should be a law which prevents the talentless offspring of literary parents from penning memoirs while they are still under the age of thirty.

    28. Lori Gottlieb, nearly thirty years old, discovered her childhood diaries in a closet in her parents home as she searched for chemistry notes to aid in her quest to attend medical school This book is based on diaries she wrote when she was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa It is the writing of a strong willed teen who enjoys chess, being unique, writing, and getting straight A s in school, yet who is lonely and desperate to fit in and be popular Lori is eleven years old,lives in Beverly Hills, Cali [...]

    29. This book is an incredible insight into what it s like in the mind of those who struggle with anorexia nervosa From the view of her parents to the experience she has while being treated in the hospital, this is definitely a tear jerker and eye opening I highly recommend this book if you know someone who is going through the disease to provide a view of what it s like from their perspective.This book is best for mature audiences.

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