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Cain By Crimson Syn,

  • Title: Cain
  • Author: Crimson Syn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B0753JQQ8M.Sophia Moreno is a mystery wrapped up in a gorgeous package.She s soft and sweet, but there s something hidden in the depths of her green eyes.From the first instant my eyes held hers, I claimed her as mine.When I finally have my hands on her, she ll know I m not one to play games with.I ll torture her into ecstasy unThis is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B0753JQQ8M.Sophia Moreno is a mystery wrapped up in a gorgeous package.She s soft and sweet, but there s something hidden in the depths of her green eyes.From the first instant my eyes held hers, I claimed her as mine.When I finally have my hands on her, she ll know I m not one to play games with.I ll torture her into ecstasy until she s screaming for me to take her,Because the god she ll worship is one kinky mother f er.Cain Scardino is a wild man with a dominant streakAnd I m than willing to hand myself over to his sensually erotic instructionsHe s a sexual god with a wicked taste for the tabooBut what Cain doesn t know is that I yearn to succumb to his dark desires.As he tightens his ropes on my body, he also secures them around my heart.He s the only man who could take me so completely And I ll do anything to be tied down by him.18 Only Boys GirlsLight BDSM Explicit Sexual Scenes Language
    Cain This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B JQQ M Sophia Moreno is a mystery wrapped up in a gorgeous package She s soft and sweet but there s something hidden in the depths of her green eyes Fr

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    1. Cain is the Sergeant at Arms and the resident master of kink Sophia is the new girl at the club, dancing her way on the poles, and drawing the eyes of every man in the place Cain wants her but doesn t think she can handle him She doesn t give him a choice But see, Sophia s got a secret, which could not only tear her and Cain apart, but it could hurt the Club and put her life at risk Their story is full of pain, sex, kink, angst, brotherhood and love D A Y U M Ms Crimson Syn really outdid herself [...]

    2. 3.75 starsI cannot believe how much Syn has grown in the past 4 books Her writing is smoother, her plot is getting interesting and in the forefront than before You can still get your smut fix but with a better balanced developing background and plot Sophia meets Jade at a pole dancing class and asks her for a job at Ravenous, the MCs club During her audition she sees Cain watching her from the audience and she s captivated The same can be said for him Their attraction is instantaneous and ultr [...]

    3. I don t know if it s because I jumped right into CAIN by Crimson Syn, the fourth instalment in the Hell s Lovers MC right after I d finished reading RIGGS, the third book in the series, but I d have to say this was probably my least favourite book so far I feel like Cain and Sophia really didn t have that much chemistry Yes, there was plenty of sexy time, but I felt blah reading it I did however really enjoy the story line in this one and finally getting some answers as to what s going on with t [...]

    4. 3.5Wasn t my favorite but still enjoyable I m just not that big into BSDM This one is still good and I think that people who enjoy that will absolutely love this book It was very hot and completely safe Ready for Safety Note safe ARC

    5. When Sophia Moreno agreed to spy on the Hell s Lovers MC for her husband she knew it was a bad idea but at least it got her away from Tuco and his gang Maybe she could use this opportunity to escape him for good The last thing she expected was to fall for the Hell s Lover s Sargent at Arms, Cain Scardino Cain has a dark past and enjoys even darker things in the bedroom When he sets his sights on Sophia he knows she s going to be different than the other women he s claimed Can he convince her to [...]

    6. 3.25 starsABOUT THE BOOK Release Date August 27, 2017Sophia Moreno is a mystery wrapped up in a gorgeous package.She s soft and sweet, but there s something hidden in the depths of her green eyes.From the first instant my eyes held hers, I claimed her as mine.When I finally have my hands on her, she ll know I m not one to play games with.I ll torture her into ecstasy until she s screaming for me to take her,Because the god she ll worship is one kinky mother fucker.Cain Scardino is a wild man wit [...]

    7. Straddle that bike and hang on for dear life because this is one HOT read This story continues where the other s left off, with the gang and the cartel coming for the Hell s Lovers MC, and although the storyline tends to be focused on Cain and Sophia, there is a little bit of action dealing with the gang, however most of the action in this book deals with Cain and his BDSM lifestyle and his attraction to Sophia, who just happens to be the wife of the gang leader and the spy that he sends in to [...]

    8. Cain Scardino is the Sargent at Arms for the Hell s Lover MC Cain also runs the strip club Rendevous and has a special room inside the building for his BDSM activities He is yet to find a woman to settle down with but then he sees her and everything changes.Sophia Moreno is the wife of Ramon Tuco Moreno, the leader of the Los Perdidos gang Sophia is forced by Ramon to infiltrate the Hell s Lovers any way she can so she ends up stripping at Rendevous She is instantly attracted to Cain and knows s [...]

    9. Cain is book four in Crimson Syn s Hell s Lovers MC series This is my favorite so far Cain is Sargent at Arms in the Hell s Lovers MC, and he s on a mission to protect his MC from Los Perdidos But Sophia Moreno comes in, and she s a distraction that Cain doesn t need But he wants her Bad So, what can I do you for Anything, I breathed.First, I really liked that both of these characters were in their 30s I love older hero heroines There s a lot of secrets going on and enemies cropping up, and it s [...]

    10. okay you know there will be a warning note, once you get through that only readers will be here that give this a great review, right cause seriously i am having a tough time thinking does this book knock Wolf out of the ratings or what i have always thought i love Grayson and Wolf bestest but then here comes Cain and i am like darn man what is a girl to do yep move out of the way Wolf you will always have safe stop in my heart and Grayson will always be 1st This read will suck ya in and make ya [...]

    11. I really like this series I liked this story I liked both Sophia and Cain I liked the edge they seemed to have that set them apart from other characters I didn t agree with Sophia s actions lies but at the same time she didn t have much choice She did the right thing even when it put herself in danger I liked Cain s kinkiness Although I liked Wolf, Grayson and Riggs, Cain had an edge to him An edge to him that had me intrigued and eager to learn I liked Cain and Sophia as a couple I liked the c [...]

    12. Cain.Really good book to go along with a great series Though I m not a fan of bdsm this was light enough I wasn t so much bothered by it Super steamy book Characters had great chemistry and I love when books incorporate characters from previous books I think my only downside was the way he treated her after finding out the truth Yes he should be mad but he was a total jerk Loved the drama Can t wait to read Seth s story.

    13. Definitely my favorite of the series so far Cain is captivated by Sophia, but naturally cautious Knowing her story, I felt bad for Sophia She had really painted herself into a corner Cain is wonderfully dominant and has found the perfect woman for him But when secrets come to light, will there be a future for our couple

    14. Wow If you re looking for a great story with lots of smoking hot scenes, then Cain is a must Love, betrayal and so much Can t wait for Seth s story Great Job, Crimson Syn

    15. Crimson Syn hit the nail with this book It has an equal balance of both sexy and erotic When her hand is forced to do something she s against, Sophia has to decide whether she follows the man that financially supports her or the man who her body yearns and responds to The thing is, both men are rivals, motorcycle vs gang, and the things are tense on both sides As the Sargent of Arms of Hell s Lovers, Cain, is a natural badass But s that s not all he is, he has taste for the kinkier side of thing [...]

    16. Amount of sex 3 5How explicit 3 5Amount of BDSM Fetish 2 5Story 5 5Overall 5 5Oh My Gawd I am loving this series Cain is the fourth book in the Hell s Lovers MC series and I fall in love with these men as we progress in the series Each book does concentrate on a different member of the MC, but there is a recurring storyline that may confuse those that haven t read them in order So, I highly recommend you read the series from the beginning.I didn t think it was possible to fall for another after [...]

    17. OMG The Hell s Lovers just keep getting sexier, hotter and down right naughtier with every book and Holy Cow I think every woman deserves ones Okay maybe that s not possible but everyone woman really needs to read this series The men of Hell s Lovers MC are most certainly what dreams are made of.Once again Ms Syn has written a phenomenal storyline with characters that you just want to pull close and wrap your arms and heart around Cain s past has made him a hard man with very erotic tastes Sophi [...]

    18. Cain A Hell s Lovers MC Cain is Hell s Lovers MC Sargent of Arms and tattoo piercing artist, he also a Dom Sophia Moreno is Ramon Tuco Moreno s wife Leader of Los Perdidos, Tuco is desperate after the murder of his little brother, so he sends Sophia to spy on the Hell s Lovers, what he don t expect is that Sophia falls head over heel in love with Cain Cain s ex wife left him for another man, so he is so not looking for love, but he also tired of empty pussy, when Sophia walks on stage and takes [...]

    19. A really good story about an MC brotherhood, love, pain, betrayal, angst and kinky sex Definitely some kinky sex that will have you hot and bothered Well developed characters and story line with plenty of action to keep you glued to the pages I, personally, love dual pov and this was delivered well I loved Cain and Sophia s story I became emotionally invested in their relationship and wanted it to work.Cain is the Sergeant at arms for the Hell s Lovers MC, and has been left in charge while Wolf [...]

    20. I m a big fan of this series, but this wasn t my favorite book of the series Sophia is the rival gang leaders wife, sent to spy on the Hells Lovers Her and Cain s attraction is off the charts She and Cain have one wild time togetherere may have been some piercing involved After that he distances himself and is still taking women back to his BDSM room at the club Hhhmmm, as far as I understood it, nothing happened in that room, but I didn t like the intent thereow what I m sayin Not that it shoul [...]

    21. Cain is a great addition to Hell s Lovers MC 4, I really enjoyed this story of Cain and Sophia it pulled me in from the beginning and I could not put the book down, Cain Sargent at Arms also a DOM, Sophia is soft and sweet innocent They were instantly attracted to each other they had chemistry explosive There is some Light BDSM relationship Definitely worth a read, I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy Another great read Crimson Bring on Seth StoryPRE ORDER CAIN a d4hc8NwStart the Hell [...]

    22. Reviewed for SNS Cain is the Sargent at Arms He likes rules and has no problem making those who break them pay He meets Sophia at Ravenous where she works as a dancer like her husband instructed her to do She and Cain quickly finds themselves in the thrones of passion She would love to know what it feels like to be free but she never will When the truth comes out, Cain sees red and and sends her away When she shows back up at the club near death, Cain finally sees the light He must keep her safe [...]

    23. Oh wow this book was smoking hot I loved Cain he was sexy and had a dirty mouth he is now my favorite character in this series I really enjoyed reading about Cain and Sophia I was hooked on the first page and couldn t put it down I had to re read Cain cause I enjoyed it so much Cain is part of the Hell s Lovers MC he is the sergeant at arms and also has a kinky side he likes to play a Dom which is so stinking hot Sophia starts working at the club as a pole dancer she is there to spy on the MC I [...]

    24. Oh oh oh how I love this series I like that these books are short and sweet and get to the point Because they are short, you would expect things to get left out, but it doesn t AT ALL This author gets top the point, moves along in the story and sets up the next characters plot line Love that Cain is a dirty man messing around with a less than kinky woman with a story of her own It was great I can t wait until the next story I voluntarily reviewed this book given to me by the author I ll read any [...]

    25. Cain s story is better than I could have imagined He s the ultimate bad boy with selective tastes in the bedroom Sophia is the last person he should be looking at because he knows she s hiding something But his body reacts to her like no one before her has She can t help but feel safe in the arms of one of Hell s Lovers meanest members She knows he s dangerous but he ll be the only one she can trust with her life Cain is riveting and sensual I am in love with this MC and can t wait for Seth s s [...]

    26. The series gets better with each new book This book is about Cain, the Sargent of Arms of Hell s Lovers and Sophia who is the wife of the gang trying to take down the Hell s Lover s MC and sent to spy on them Cain and Sophia are instantly attracted to each other but with Sophia s secret how will Cain react This book had me turning the pages as fast as I could Can t wait to read the next book in the series.

    27. I binge read this series in a few days and I have to say that Cain s book was my favorite of the series so far There is so much going on that it pulled me in and didn t want to let go I found myself rooting for Sophia even though I couldn t figure out any way that Cain would forgive her for her misdeeds You can see my full review along with a giveaway here nadineisobsessedwithbooks.blo

    28. Okay Miss Syn, i thought Rigg s story was HOT, but you proved me wrong Cain s story is HOT, SWEET, i love everything about it I love the happy ending, they deserve some happiness, can t wait for the next one CrimsonSyn

    29. Cain and Sophia s story is the four in the series and we get to find out about Cain and his secrets Sophia just needs away from her husband but having to try get information isn t helping when she starts falling for Cain This is an exciting hot MC series that will have you wanting I can t wait to read Seth s story and find out about the brothers.

    30. Crimson Syn does it again Cain is a great additional to the Hell s Lover MC This series started my new love of MC novels and what a great series to start with This is a definite must read for those who love MC novels.

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