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Riggs By Crimson Syn,

  • Title: Riggs
  • Author: Crimson Syn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B073H4GBFP.I m a sick, perverted fuck.I want to defile the only innocent thing that exists in this god forsaken place.Luna is as pure as they come, eighteen, untouched, and beautiful.But I can t have her It s not right.A woman like Luna deserves someone better than me.But the hunger I have for her seeks control,And I don t knowThis is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B073H4GBFP.I m a sick, perverted fuck.I want to defile the only innocent thing that exists in this god forsaken place.Luna is as pure as they come, eighteen, untouched, and beautiful.But I can t have her It s not right.A woman like Luna deserves someone better than me.But the hunger I have for her seeks control,And I don t know if I ll be able to hold back much longer.Jason Riggs is as hot as they come.He s everything I yearn for in this empty life of mine.Hiding away in Ravenous is my only hope for a future, and I want Riggs to be a part of it.But he s hiding something, something wicked and dirty.I won t stop until I find out his secrets.And when I do, he ll be all mine This biker daddy is a sweet bundle of alpha goodness Mature audiences only 18 Explicit sexual scenes and language.
    Riggs This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B H GBFP I m a sick perverted fuck I want to defile the only innocent thing that exists in this god forsaken place Luna is as pure as they come eighteen

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    1. I don t know what it is about this series, the HELL S LOVERS MC, but I am kind of in love with it RIGGS, the third installment written by Crimson Syn really grabbed me from the word go and I couldn t put it down.It s no secret how much I love a good MC story, and Syn does not disappoint Even though these books are short and are really novella s, I still feel fulfilled when I am done reading one I cannot yet say who is my favourite hottie in the series, as I am about to read the 4th installment, [...]

    2. HOT DAMN This was SMUTerrific, SMUTastic and SMUTerful The author gave us plenty of steam and plenty of plot Riggs surprised the heck out of me He and Luna have me reaffirming my affection for Daddy play So freaking hot As the war heats up and gets deadlier by the minute, the club members are all coming home I m excited to see what the author comes up with for Gunner, Diesel, Cain and Seth I also hope to see of Wolf, Grayson, Riggs, and their families I ve gotta say it again Riggs was freaking [...]

    3. I loved Riggs and knew I would He did push Luna away a bit but he was faithful and that is all that matters to me This book was smoking, if your into daddy baby girl play this would be a winner for you I loved Luna she definitely wanted Riggs and stopped at nothing to get him That is my kinda of h Very small epilogue but enjoyable and this is a series so it s takes you into the next book Excited for Cain Safety Note completely safe no ow om dramaARC

    4. 4.5 stars.I freaking loved this damn book My absolute favorite in the series Hhhmmm, hhhhmmm love me some Riggs Riggs saves Luna from her step dad, who was trying to take something she wasn t willing to give She stays in Riggs place, but he doesn t stay with herhe s being the good guy, which I appreciate She s quite a bit younger and he wants to be the good guy Luna is a sweetie and is very open about wanting Riggs, but he holds back for a yearwhich is why I gave this 4.5 stars instead of 5.he h [...]

    5. This author s been on my radar for a while, so I jumped on reading this one Plus, it had those two little words that will get me to one click every time daddy kink Crimson Syn s Riggs is an engaging MC novel with an added erotic flair.Luna s under attack in an alley when Jason Riggs comes to her rescue He takes her in, gives her a place to stay, and offers her something she s been lacking Safety But Riggs won t let himself take the beautiful woman before him After all, he s looking for someone t [...]

    6. I love a hot and dominant MC book and the Hell s Lovers Series always delivers When Riggs rescues a young girl from being raped in an alley, he never expects the turn his life is about to take With his protective instincts kicking into high gear he takes the girl back to his apartment Not trusting himself with someone so innocent and vulnerable, he crashes with one of his MC brothers until he can get a handle on the situation.After the last few painful years of Luna s life, all she wants is to e [...]

    7. I m really enjoying this series Riggs rescues Luna and puts her in his home but he stays somewhere else He fights his attraction, but his Little Girl knows what she wants and she want Riggs as her Daddy There is still trouble for the MC as well as the romance Nice blend and I enjoyed the story.

    8. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT This series just keeps getting better This is Riggs and Luna s story and it s wet your panties set your crotch on fire SMOKIN HOT Lol Daddy and Baby girl set my Kindle on fire At times I laughed and I cried alot but I loved every minute of it Some people may not approve of the age difference between these two but I thought it made the story that much better and I loved how protective he was of her But as far as I m concerned Luna is 18 an adult and knows her own mind and wh [...]

    9. Okay let s start at the beginning, cause that is the best place to start favorite so far is Grayson, 2nd being Wolf he was a bit rough, or mean, but he is the head biker dude, so I guess that is the way the Leaders are suppose to be considering If you have not started at the beginning of this series, best to start there, but I don t think you need to read from the beginning, but I am one who enjoys starting from the start of a series, just saying wow wee Rigg s book is a whirlwind there is less [...]

    10. 3.5 starsABOUT THE BOOK Release Date July 7, 2017I m a sick, perverted f ck.I want to defile the only innocent thing that exists in this god forsaken place.Luna is as pure as they come, eighteen, untouched, and beautiful.But I can t have her It s not right.A woman like Luna deserves someone better than me.But the hunger I have for her seeks control,And I don t know if I ll be able to hold back much longer.Jason Riggs is as hot as they come.He s everything I yearn for in this empty life of mine.H [...]

    11. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest reviewSo to say I was anticipating this book would be an understatement I have been impatiently waiting to read the next installment of the Hell s Lover series and Crimson did not disappoint If you have read my other reviews you will note that the Dd Lg sub genre is not for me, but Crimson wrote it in a way that did not turn me off at all Riggs is focused solely on Luna and Riggs Luna did not have the best upbringing Her parents died at a young age, [...]

    12. Jason Riggs is 33 years old and an ex Navy SEAL and current Road Captain for the Hell s Lovers MC While out Riggs rescues a girl named Luna from her foster father beating her and soon he realizes how much he wants her, although believes that he is to perverted for her and stays away.Luna Cordova is 18 years old and as soon as she is rescued by Riggs she knows how much she wants him Yet he continues to push her away for some unknown reason but she isn t about to give up and tries to discover the [...]

    13. If you don t want to be teased, don t read the note from the author But if you do And the Preface just teases you .Jason Riggs talks right to the reader He s a man you want around when there s trouble Luna has had a tough life but someone enters her life at just the right time I have to say that Riggs is my favorite male character in this series so far He s an alpha take charge male but put a certain female in his path and you have to laugh at his transformation Luna lets you know how much this [...]

    14. Woo Hoo We have Riggs and Luna s story This is book three of the Hell s Lovers MC and I strongly encourage you to read the previous two books as there is a lot of back and forth references Riggs is told in dual points of view and all the naughtiness that Crimson Syn gives us is back Riggs is tough and keeps to himself He is loyal and will do whatever Prez asks of him He rescued a beautiful and innocent and young woman one night and has kept watch of her ever since He would love to really get to [...]

    15. Since Grayson book, Riggs and Luna s attraction was a bit of an enigma They were dancing around with their feelings This book, explained it all Definitely worth the wait This is a sexy, erotic, page turning read I love Riggs alpha possessive protective side, it s well suited with Luna s determined, strong character There s an insta chemistry which builds as the story progresses This is an age play story that is well written What I love most of this series is that it s a continual storyline Each [...]

    16. OMG Riggs is something else He s all sexy, alpha male with one huge secret One he considers makes him no right in the head when in fact it s just a sexual preference that just makes him a little different from most But Riggs is convinced he s messed up so it keep him from claiming Luna, the girl that lights up his world Instead he just watches over her both day and night Luna is one stubborn, headstrong young woman She knows what she wants and she is determined to get it and leave her past behin [...]

    17. Ooohhh this was a hot read when you least expect it Riggs A Hell s Lovers MCJason Riggs ex Navy seal and now surveillance expert, runs across young Luna on his way home one night, Luna is about to get raped by her foster father, and Riggs sees red, he saves her just in time, and takes her home to his arppartment and puts her to bed Riggs watches over her, and his attraction soon turns in too an obsession, but she is too young, and he has a dirty dirty mind when it comes to her, all he can think [...]

    18. 4.5 starsRiggs is book three in the hells lover s series I really like the previous books but Riggs has fast become my favourite book of the series so far In my opinion, this book is hotter than the previous two I liked Riggs and Luna I was rooting for them to get together I will admit that I shouted at Riggs to hurry up and claim his woman I liked the sexual tension in this book I liked how it built up to boiling point The chemistry between Riggs and Luna was clear to see I liked that Riggs hel [...]

    19. Amount of sex 4 5How explicit 4 5BDSM Fetish 2.5 5Story 4.5 5Overall 5 5O.M.G I am LOVING this series Riggs is the third book in the Hell s Lovers MC Romance Series by author Crimson Syn I do suggest you read the books in order to gain the best foundation You maybe a little confused in places if you haven t read the first two books, Wolf and Grayson.This book is hotter than hot and there should be a label in the blurb stating you need a spare pair of panties before reading Phew Fanning self I kn [...]

    20. Holy moly Riggs was hot and steamy Great characters and great story line filled with some hotness and smut woo hoo my cup of tea Each of the Hell s Lovers MC series books are great filled with sexy bad boy bikers and strong female characters We finally get to read Riggs s story and wow just wow I loved every minute of it Riggs is part of the Hell s Lovers MC he has a sick and perverted attitude when it comes to women Luna is a lot younger than Riggs and they both explode into some great sex that [...]

    21. Another great story from Crimson Syn, OMG these Hell s Lovers Series just keep getting better and better with each story thats told.This story about Riggs Luna, Older man Younger Woman, dont let that stop you from reading it form the moment Riggs helped Luna he wanted her and she wanted him The chemistry between them is HOT as Hell.So if you like strong alpha bikers and even Stronger females, Start this series Now I definitely recommend this to everyone I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy [...]

    22. Oh yes daddy Riggs is perverted least he believes himself to be but Luna doesn t see him that way and if this is what he likes, she is than willing to give the big guy everything he wants, any way he wants it This is a wonderfully written storyline that continues from the very first book Wolf The gang is still giving the MC trouble and they are looking for the sicko who attached their strip club and the two women inside This is again a fast paced read that will have you turning page after page [...]

    23. If you have been following this series, you are definitely curious about Riggs and Luna s story Riggs rescued the terrified young woman from being raped by her foster father and set her up in his apartment and working for the club Riggs spends his nights watching her but keeping his distant Luna is getting tired of the cat and mouse games they are playing Yes, she is young but she knows what she wantsRiggs Now if she can only make him see that she wants to help him play out all of his dirty fant [...]

    24. Riggs and Lunas story is the third book in the series and things are still tense with the Mexicans still trying to get to them through their women Luna is falling for Riggs but he s trying so hard to stay away seeing as she s so young but time will tell This is an action packed hot sexy MC series that I m loving Can t wait to read Cains story to find out from these characters and of the story.

    25. Oh lordy Riggs is a loyal, beautiful, dirty dirty man, and innocent Luna is definitely the sweet girl that is ready for him I really like this series I m not a huge MC series reader, but I LOVE these characters, so I ll read anything in this author writes You definitely don t want to miss anything in this series Great book I voluntarily reviewed this book given to me by the author.

    26. 4.5 StarsThis book was definitely different than the other in the series We get to learn about Riggs and Luna s relationship Honestly, it s one of the few stories with the Daddy kink I ve read This story was done really well We still have the mystery and turmoil of being in an MC and dealing with the scum of the earth But the writing is done so well that you love being in this world, and hate t get to the end of the story Now time to read book 4

    27. Riggs from the Hell s Lovers MC is a HOT book I really like this series So far I have not been disappointed with these very alpha men They are rough, sexy, and loyal What could a woman ask for Riggs is a bit of a unique character We don t really know much about him at first other than he has a good heart We get of a back story for Luna as we learn how she came into the Hell s Lovers MC in this book We can thank Riggs for that But, poor Riggs, he is tormented by his attraction to Luna while fig [...]

    28. Fortunate to have received an ARC from Crimson 3.5 stars for me Another quick read, that s packed with a hot alpha biker, and lots of hot scenes I feel that for the shortness of the story, there is a lot of sex, which, I don t mind, but for all that they have each had there only story that differs, there insta love and quick pregnancies for each is becoming a little routine now Thank you though Crimson, I did enjoy the story

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