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Grayson By Crimson Syn,

  • Title: Grayson
  • Author: Crimson Syn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B071RXH2ZL.She s a wildcat in bed and she s driving me insane Ever since that first night I can t get enough of Rahyne Andrews.Her kisses, her body, her moans, drive me crazy I can t seem to say no to her.My only problem is, that she doesn t seem to be interested in than my body.And I m not about to have my control taken aThis is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B071RXH2ZL.She s a wildcat in bed and she s driving me insane Ever since that first night I can t get enough of Rahyne Andrews.Her kisses, her body, her moans, drive me crazy I can t seem to say no to her.My only problem is, that she doesn t seem to be interested in than my body.And I m not about to have my control taken away from me.She either bends to my will, or I m walking.Grayson Carter is everything I ever dreamed of and .He s built like a rock and knows how to satisfy my every need.But the last thing I want is to have another failed relationship.Especially, when it involves a member of the Hellbound Lovers.I m the one in control, I m always in control So why is it that Grayson Carter is the only man who has ever made me beg for .
    Grayson This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B RXH ZL She s a wildcat in bed and she s driving me insane Ever since that first night I can t get enough of Rahyne Andrews Her kisses her body her moa

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    1. 3.5 starsWhen you feel like reading a smutty book and you open said book and there s hot action from the get go, there s nothing better If I feel like a smutty book and I open it up only to read like 40% of background story before I get to the juicy bits, it s quite a let down.Yes Absolutely Hooray for smut This book delivers smut from the get go Opening up with some hot sex between Grayson and Rahyne, the book basically picks up from exactly where the last one ended in terms of events They are [...]

    2. WOWSA Grayson and Rahyne s story was really short but really hot The author did a fine job of mixing smut and plot Who could ask for I was already fascinated with Grayson s happy ending when I met him in Wolf and I m pretty satisfied with the way it was accomplished The Hell s Lovers are at war with the Moreno brothers and I can t wait to see how the story arc will play out when we get Rigg s story in August Release Date May 25, 2017Genre MC Club RomancePOV Dual 1st personSteam 4 out of 5Book T [...]

    3. Loved it The author is definitely rocking these MC bookS and I m loving it This one was about Grayson who we met in book 1 and Rahyne who we also met in book 1 Now like the first one this has some pushing but instead of the hero doing the pushing it s the h I really liked Grayson and I really felt like he loved Rahyne They had hot sex but that is all she wanted It doesn t take long for her to come to her senses and go get her man This is one is completely safe also and hot hot hot Small epilogue [...]

    4. Okay, so here s the thing It s a bit of a secret But I m going to tell you anyway I LOVE everything MC Love it So much Something about the guy Don t give and EFF attitude, total bad ass, rides a bike, kinda dirty and rugged, hot as hell just does something for me Vice president Grayson is ALLL that He s rough around the edges, yes, but he also has a great head on his shoulders He s a total Neanderthal at times, but has a real sweet side which helped rounds off the mean vibe he gives off His love [...]

    5. I was hooked on the men in the Hell s Lovers when I was introduced to Wolf and now hearing Grayson s story I m swooning for this man Rahyne doesn t want to be hurt again and is keeping things strictly physical, the attraction between these two is off the charts Gray is looking for then just a few moments here and there and is determined to have Rahyne give into his wants The Los Perdidos are still determined to start a battle then before and you will not believe what they re up to now I said i [...]

    6. I Voluntarily reviewed a copy of this bookI loved this book This was book 2 in this series Grayson is freaking hot and sexy and so alpha What started out as two people just in it for fun and having sex with no strings, turned out to be something so much .The Club is having problems with a rival club, so things are not so good at the moment One mad man intent on wanting something he can t have.And now Grayson is developing feelings for Rahyne something he didn t expect and even though she didn t [...]

    7. Another great MC story Hot, sexy, panty ripping, dirty, nasty, lustful and a lot of angst and twists.Grayson and Rahyne are sneaking around for months Now Grayson wants and Rahyne wants to continue sneaking but, it s over when Grayson trys to control her Until the rivals appear.Great story love the angst between these two and the sex is mindblowing, nasty and very dirty.

    8. Okay golly gee What is a girl to do out August 2017, Beth is super excited bout that date, thank you I am so ready for book 3 Riggs Luna I wish I could narrow it down to why and how I found Crimson s books But I don t recall but heck I am so glad I did If you have not started this series please do I wish I could tell you what I love most, but this is a biker, bar related book, where there is rough language, biker dudes interacting, cutting it up, acting like silly men, cops and bad dudes, just a [...]

    9. Crimson Syn s novella Grayson Hell Lover s MC Series is a real five alarm, panty melting inferno The story starts off with a ahem let s just say you need to read it to find out and never lets up Raw, gritty, dirty, nasty do I need to use adjectives this MC romance has a real feel no wimpy MC dudes allowed Well written, I found the story line riveting, fast paced and very intense Grayson is swoon worthy does anyone even say that any but unfortunately, I found Rahyne so abrasive she actually gave [...]

    10. I love Grayson You know how in some MC books the guys are just so dominant and alpha and don t like to show their softer side Well Grayson is nothing like those guys Yes, he s an alpha male who takes what he wants but he makes his feelings and intentions completely clear to Rahyne whether she s ready to hear it or not Even with the action and fighting there is just something about Grayson that stays calm, steady and ready to protect those he loves While I enjoyed the introduction into this MC se [...]

    11. I really liked this book Short and sweet To the point and showed raw emotion and eager willingness to fight for the ones you love Grayson and Rahyne started off as each other s dirty little secrets, but it really was a lot than that But can they both get over the obstacles standing in front of them from being together I loved that we get to see all of the characters from there first book Such a great group of people I loved this book, knew what to expect from the writing, and was ready for it I [...]

    12. What a great read I loved Grayson and Rahyne s story The chemistry and interaction between Gray and Rahyne was great I enjoyed the secrecy and hesitation they had towards their relationship Hot sex scenes and the emotional connection made it a great read The plot was great I enjoyed that the other characters were present as was an over arching story line This can be read as a standalone, but better as part of the series I can t wait for the next book I was gifted a copy for an honest review and [...]

    13. Loved this bookGrayson and Rahyne what can I say the chemistry between them was awesome I cant wait for the rest of this series Normally MC books are not my thing but it s open my eyes to how great MC books can be I m hooked.

    14. Four exciting starsGrayson is the VPand he is rough, dirty talking and total Neanderthal He is sweet and is falling for Rahyne big time.It helps having a best friend who is married to the President of the MC club Rahyne is keeping the VP at arms length and is forcing Grayson to play that cat and mouse game Game on sweetheart Keep an eye out for this new authorC R2R received for my honest review.

    15. Wow Grayson is the second installment int he Hell s Lovers MC series Grayson follows Wolf s book and is about Grayson, an officer of the Hell s Lovers MC, and Rahyne, Scarlett s best friend Let me just start off by saying that this book is really hot Grayson and Rahyne burn up the pages in their story I actually blushed a couple of times reading some of their scenes Grayson is a straight up Alpha He is sexy, dominant, and a force to be reckoned with It looks like Rahyne may have gotten in a bit [...]

    16. 3.25 starsABOUT THE BOOK Release Date May 25, 2017She s a wildcat in bed and she s driving me insane Ever since that first night I can t get enough of Rahyne Andrews Her kisses, her body, her moans, drive me crazy I can t seem to say no to her My only problem is, that she doesn t seem to be interested in than my body And I m not about to have my control taken away from me She either bends to my will, or I m walking Grayson Carter is everything I ever dreamed of and He s built like a rock and k [...]

    17. ARC RECEIVED IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW As a female I know how hard it is to not blame a whole group of people when only one hurts you, yes I m talking about men Women, we are emotional creatures and it only has to take one man to hurt us and turn us in raving hateful bitches towards every man out there Of course, not every man is out to hurt a woman and I feel if he shows how much he cares for a woman, then hey after a while those hateful feelings should disappear and be replaced with new [...]

    18. i869otobucket albums abGrayson was a hot 5 star read and the 2nd book in the Hell s Lovers series.All I can say is Grayson is HOT I was pulled right in and couldn t put it down until I was done.Grayson is the VP of the MC and is addicted to Rahyne, the sex they have is off the charts hot, hot, hot They have been hooking up for the past few months She doesn t want than a hookup but Grayson is starting to feel a little something for her.She had me addicted to her body and strangely, I found mysel [...]

    19. This is the second book in the series and they should be read in order.Grayson Carter is the VP of the Hell s Lovers MC He is used to getting what he wants but when he decides he wants from his latest woman she seems to only want him for his body He also seems to find himself and the rest of the club wondering about what is going to happen with Los Perdidos, a local gang that is causing them issues.Rahyne Andrews is not into relationships but she will not turn down good sex She is introduced to [...]

    20. Oh my word Grayson is something else Again, another well written page turner with a bit excitement and intrigue as the story not only deals with Grayson and his lady, but with the gang making trouble, serious trouble The characters are well written and a bit complex as we have Grayson who has a thing for Rahyne, Scarlett s best friend Grayson is hothe is the playboy of the MC and he has been bitten by Rahyne s charms and now finds himself totally addicted to her Rahyne is beautiful and she lov [...]

    21. Grayson A hell s lovers MC We met Rahyne in the story about Wolf, she is Scarlett s best friend, and she is a wild one Her and Grayson Carter hot badass VP of Hell s lovers start a steaming affair, but Rahyne runs every time they finish, and Grayson is starting to feel like he is just a dick for her to get off on, and a playboy himself, he finds he don t like that very much, also he is starting to feel like Rahyne might be the girl for him When Rahyne s boss makes a grab at her ass she quits the [...]

    22. This is one hot story you can easily sink your teeth into Grayson is everything you desire in a man, hot, loyal, confident and can bang like a champ Only Rahyne is having none of his seductions She may be Scarlett s best friend, but she wasn t going to be owned by any man Rahyne has been down that path once before and vows to never give someone that kind of control over her Grayson, VP of the Hell s Lovers, is not one easily deterred though He ll fight for what s his, from his club to his woman [...]

    23. Oh how I love the sexy alpha males that make up Hell s Lovers MC Grayson, the club s VP and Wolf s right hand man, is just such a guy Tough as nails yet tender and delicious when it comes to his woman That woman happens to be Scarlett s best friend Rahyne Rahyne has had a tough go with men in her past She now lives her life in the moment and she lets no man get too close Well up till Grayson She is totally Gaga over him yet won t admit it In fact she pushes him totally away in order to maintain [...]

    24. Amount of sex 4 5How explicit 4 5Story 4 5Overall 4 5Grayson is the second book in the Hell s Lovers MC series by Crimson Syn This story can be read as a standalone, although I do usually suggest reading the series in order Grayson is a dark and gritty short story with plenty of steamy scenes.Grayson is the VP of the Hell s Lovers MC and a possessive biker He knows what he wants and that is Rahyne Rahyne is the main female character and she has had a difficult past We aren t told the reason but [...]

    25. Grayson and Rahyne want the same thing out of relationships A good time and no attachments, at least that s how it starts Grayson is the VP of the Hell s Lovers MC He enjoys his women hard and fast But when Rahyne decides she wants Grayson s body, he doesn t have a chance Rahyne has been hurt in the past and is careful when it comes to men She s having a hard time admitting that she might want Grayson for than his body especially when she likes to climb him whenever she can These two have inten [...]

    26. This 2nd novella in the Hells Lovers MC series is a quick read and so packed full of sexiness and suspense, you can t put it down Rayne Andrews has been hurt before and isn t looking for anything but a good time Grayson Pretty Boy Carter is busy keeping his MC brothers and the rest of their clan safe from the savage gang, Los Perdidos But when they meet through their two closest friends, Scarlett and Wolf, all bets are off The they re together, the Grayson craves Rayne as his own and she puts [...]

    27. I absolutely covet the writing of Ms Syn Her characters come alive and even the meanest biker of the group shines There is always a threat in the MC life and the author brings the reader right to the edge and then keeps them hanging on Grayson is a true man who is willing to admit maybe he had it wrong Rahyne is a woman who finally recognizes losing control is not always a bad thing These two together are explosive and well worth the read.DelaneReviewer for Coffee Time Romance MoreFull Review Co [...]

    28. ARC received in exchange for an honest review I love Crimson Syn s style of writing Just like the first book this book in this series, Grayson was a short, smutty fast paced read I read it one sitting and did not want to put it down.Both the Grayson and Rahyne were likable characters and a suited for each other in every way He s gruff and rough, but she s sassy and headstrong enough to be his perfect match.Told in a dual, first person POV, Grayson had me engaged from start to finish I like the w [...]

    29. Graysonmmy Dibs, just sayin These two were just so damn hot, like grab a fire extinguisher hot Rahyne was a little bit ornery and she just wouldn t commit to Grayson, I understood whybut it s Grayson, that s all I feel needs to be said She finally got smart and worked that out, with a little persuasion from Grayson of course Once these two were on the same page, I loved it There is a little trouble with a local gang, which makes for some interesting parts of the book This storyline us probably g [...]

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