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Look Away: Collisions with the ungodly; Based on actual events. (The Looking Series) By Jo Holatte,

  • Title: Look Away: Collisions with the ungodly; Based on actual events. (The Looking Series)
  • Author: Jo Holatte
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tara Sivec USA Today Best Selling Author, I absolutely loved it One of my favorite books for 2017 Emma Chase New York Times and International Bestselling Author, Look Away was amazing I really loved it It s SO GOOD Extremely well written and JUST SOOOO GOOD BRAVO I was pinned to a bed by my arms and my legs by something I could not see It left me scratTara Sivec USA Today Best Selling Author, I absolutely loved it One of my favorite books for 2017 Emma Chase New York Times and International Bestselling Author, Look Away was amazing I really loved it It s SO GOOD Extremely well written and JUST SOOOO GOOD BRAVO I was pinned to a bed by my arms and my legs by something I could not see It left me scratched, bruised and petrified I played with an Ouija board and learned the hard way it is not a game without consequences I have had something vile and ungodly pass through my body causing me to claw at my skin to rid myself of its defiling touch I have watched a demon reveal itself within a minister of my church as it struggled to escape the holy presence of God My skin and body have suffered things that are forever branded into the memory of my flesh What would you do if you found yourself trapped inside of a nightmare while you were wide awake Could you look away From the Author DISCLAIMER WARNINGS This book isn t for everybody It contains some extremely high anxiety scenes that put the reader right there with me during several terrifying moments of my life You are not only reading about these moments in my life but you are also experiencing them with me It has been highly advised to read Look Away during the daylight hours and not if you are home alone Also, it is impossible to speak about the darkness in this world without also speaking about the Light There are very strong elements of my faith in parts of my memoir If you are sensitive to being exposed to a Spirit Filled Christian s experiences and heart while telling of what happened during a church service and beyond, then this may not be a book you wish to read It is not my intention to push my Christian faith upon anyone reading my life stories but to give the reader a better perspective being that they may be an outsider looking in.
    Look Away Collisions with the ungodly Based on actual events The Looking Series Tara Sivec USA Today Best Selling Author I absolutely loved it One of my favorite books for Emma Chase New York Times and International Bestselling Author Look Away was amazing I really loved i

    One thought on “Look Away: Collisions with the ungodly; Based on actual events. (The Looking Series)”

    1. I really enjoyed this collection of stories Well written in an intimate voice, and everything good ghost stories should be spooky, intense, interesting relatable enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up Highly recommend especially at this time of year

    2. A chilling true stories read I didn t want to put it down The supernatural is a mighty thing and real life accounts of it are always fascinating, but Jo s writing style is phenomenal Heart pumping, page turning, and all the feels I want

    3. Time to change your shorts this was scary and thought prevoking ghosts and spirits are around you I wanted stories to read it I read it in one sitting.I couldn t put it down.

    4. 4.5 Crazy Ass Stars Ghost stories and ghost hunting shows have always intrigued me So when I got a chance to review an advance copy of this book, you bet your patootie I jumped at the chance I m a firm believer in ghosts having had a few encounters myself I love to listen to others accounts of their experiences Chill bumps up and down my arms So glad I decided to read this during the day I m not easily spooked but a couple of Jo s experiences were similar in nature to mine They creeped me out th [...]

    5. There is nothing better than a book that stops you breathing I absolutely loved this book, it was a something so different and refreshing, yet my hair his still standing on end I think this is one of those you just have to read it for yourself books where no review is going to do it justice, simply because it is so many things.

    6. There are things in this world that just cannot be explained and when you try to there are always the skeptical people I am a firm believer in ghosts and demons I have actually had an experience with a spirit while on a ghost tour in St Augustine, FL So yes this was a book that I thoroughly enjoyed I love ghost hunter shows and if anyone has a story to tell I m always all ears These experiences that Jo has had are all true events that s what makes this book so incredible She s giving a part of h [...]

    7. This book is not for the faint of heart It is about paranormal experiences witnessed by the author and people that surrounded her As a person who has had paranormal experiences myself, I can relate and even sympathize with the feelings and coping mechanism the author went through I enjoyed reading this book and it really did bring those similar feelings I had throughout my own experiences back As I read, I could tell that Jo is very grounded in her faith and that faith is what brought her throug [...]

    8. First let me say THANK you for the shout out in acknowledgements secondly you are amazing The book is amazing The funny thing is, what happened in your church with the change of power also happened in my church, I was 16 and had grown up VERY much a part of the structure of that building, it was My 2nd home full of Aunts and Uncles my FAMILY Then new pastors came in and I lost my waying was ever the same after that I never found another church where I felt like that so I just stopped trying I fi [...]

    9. This is truly a riveting read I don t usually go for non fiction reads, but I couldn t put this book down and Look Away once I started it For some it can be totally relevant and relatable, and for me that was definitely true If you have ever dealt with encounters of the spiritual world and or enjoy reading about other s experiences, you won t be disappointed I can t wait for the actual paperback to release so that I can put faces to names.

    10. Oh my lord This book Wowza Jo Holatte just blew me away with her tales of the paranormal that she s experienced Do you believe in ghosts and the supernatural I do and this book just made the hairs on the back on my neck stand on end If you are not a believer, after reading this you may just change your mind I was immediately sucked into her stories and felt liked I was reliving the stories with her It was so eerie and intriguing I couldn t stop reading until the very end This is a must read book [...]

    11. I m so glad I was entrusted with an ARC of this book As I have experienced some of these other worldly lessons as well, I was intrigued to find some similarities and some things specific to Jo s life that were entertaining and drew me in What a brave woman to put her life on paper for all to critique This is not fiction It s no bedtime story and it s definitely not for the thin skinned Keep all the lights on And DO NOT LOOK AWAY

    12. Wow this book was amazing it gave me chills I m not very easily scared but I had my fiance check the house before he went to work for a whole week after finishing it What made it even chilling and scary is that all the stories are true I Loved it even if it did scare me, the book was extremely well written.

    13. Breathing is so important This story took my breath away in ways than one, either by holding it, taking a gasp, or a whew in relief that everyone was alright for the moment Nail biting is so nasty I have not done so since I was young Apparently I took it up again, upon reading this book Yes, I know, gross This story kept me on the edge I have always believed in spirits that are stuck in our world, having a few visit me from time to time Ms Holatte does an amazing job of making her experiences m [...]

    14. Upon finishing Look Away by Jo Holatte, I was left pretty much without words my thought was, wowat was intense Although each story in the book is fairly short, it is just enough to keep you engrossed and to have you feeling like you have just experienced what happened for yourself Jo Holatte does not disappoint with her sharing of her Collisions with the ungodly I m definitely looking forward to any future writing from her and to rereading this one very soon

    15. Not for the faint of heart Collisions with the ungodly and the blurb had me hook, line and sinker Once I started reading, I couldn t look away This book definitely isn t for everyone However, if you can read it with an open mind I highly suggest it.I have always believed in the spiritual world good and evil As a child, and a few times as an adult, I have experienced things that others would probably want to lock me away in a padded cell if I told them The first part of the book had me wanting to [...]

    16. Words of praise Very powerful message I was able to feel how scared she was during her encounters Gave me chills Favorite line Man wanted religion God simply desires a relationship Full review I went into this thinking it was going to be incredibly scary and that I shouldn t read it at night or when I m alone So on a Sunday morning, I started reading Look Away in the living room with my husband present What I loved Each chapter title header gave me insight into what I was about to read So if it [...]

    17. Ghost spirits entities, these are things that have always been a part of my life I have seen them, felt them, and even spoken to them on occasion This part of myself is not something that I hide or am ashamed of just part of life and this book will leave you breathless and questioning everything that you know This book is most definitely a for me Jo Holatte debut novel reads like season writing at its best You could feel the story this book does not tell you her journey, it takes you along for [...]

    18. CaptivatingI couldn t put this story down, it made my pulse race and my breath come faster but I couldn t stop reading A must read of the year

    19. I have always believed in the spiritual realm, both angels and demons I loved how the author started out with ghost stories then segued into a demonic story, finishing with a detailed account of both God s spirit and the devil The pictures added a nice touch to the stories, adding even dimension to the characters Her beautiful sentence structure and vivid imagery caused me to interrupt my reading multiple times so I could reread a particular sentence that impressed me, giving it a chance to rea [...]

    20. This was a really really disappointing read for me.A few things to consider before starting this book do you believe in ghosts supernatural paranormal Are you a believer in god regular attendee at church If you answered no to either of those this book is NOT for you.The first part is pretty good Lots of fun creepy ghost stories that caused me to only read in the daylight loved it But then part two started and it was all about church and the change in the pastor I honestly skimmed through the las [...]

    21. Blown Away This eerie , sentimental, and thoughtful read kept me captivated throughout the whole book When I started Look Away I wasn t sure what to expect what I came to believe is that this new to me author is talented This is a spiritual read and even if your unsure of your feelings regarding demons or the here and after you can t help but to be moved by the memoirs depicted in this collection 5 Stars

    22. Look Away This book is a must read I ve just finished this book and am having a hard time trying to progress everything it has made me feel It had me crying, and it also brought me to my knees to thank God for all of the blessings that I have received in my life Please don t be scared to read this, I truly believe that the story s in this book can change lives forever And in some cases I believe it can save someone s life If I could give this book 10 stars I would

    23. I loved this book Didn t want to put it down The stuff that happened gave me cold chills I very much believe that everything in this book happened This is something I would read than once I am not sure what freaked me out e stuff in the house or the church Loved that this book has pictures of places and people Recommend this to anyone who wants to get cold chills and freak out just a little.

    24. WOWI was a very excited to read this book, although I was nervous I grew up to believe what you can t see isn t real No one said if you can t hear it Or feel it It wasn t real Everyone said if you can t see it Or what isn t there I really liked this story about Jo, Thank you for sharing your experiences with us It must of been difficult for you to remember,Brilliant read I woke early to finish when you start to read this book its very hard to put down x 5 stars Jo Holatte

    25. I enjoyed this book it was a bit refreshing from what I normally read and very different but good.I think you have to read this book for yourself to understand how it makes you feel some parts really gave me the chillsThis book is based on actual events The writing was great I did not want to put it down.

    26. Very interesting This book is totally out of my norm, but I really enjoyed this book It talked about unexplained things, faith, struggles This book opened me into thing I questioned in my life and I want to look into and not look away I can t wait to read from her.

    27. Great bookI was extremely skeptical when I read the reviews of this book It took me over a week to read it though, mainly because I kept getting freaked out I finally finished and know these accounts aren t pretend I was truly afraid.

    28. I met Jo at a book signing and immediately picked up this book when I came home It gave me chills It made me paranoid I read it in the dark and then read it under the covers I can only imagine what Jo must have felt living this story Don t look away Look up.

    29. This book had me reading nonstop If I woke up in the middle of the night I couldn t help but open it up and read some The stories told are terrifying but so intriguing that you just can t look away

    30. I am not religious in any way I am usually ok with reading about some faith and experiences, but this was too much for I really wanted to like it Like the description says, it is not for everyone.

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